July 31, 2011

"There is caution on Capitol Hill about a tentative deal being reached."

"As the mantra here goes, 'nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to.'"


vet66 said...

Brinksmanship and timing rule this homage to Thelma and Louise politics. This is all posturing and 'sky is falling' rhetoric aimed at the perceived public who, by beltway standards, live at the back of the flyover "cave" oohing and aahing over the dancing figures projected on the cave wall by the entrenched poseurs of our republic.

traditionalguy said...

Obama will kill it.

He only wants reelection so that he can finish us.

Ergo a financial crisis that his media enablers can pin on the GOP IS WHAT HE WANTS.

rhhardin said...

Obama gets a trillion dollar coin.

NYTNewYorker said...

GOP, hold your ground. Prevent that which Obama covets most, no, nothing to do with improving the plight of the nation.

Reelection, yeah, that's the ticket!

Obama will need 4 more years, this time unfettered by reelection politics to deliver his coup de grace to America, his socialist legacy hangs in the balance.

Kill it.

singleton said...

This piece does not identify some of the worst parts of the deal, a committee that if it cant agree on cuts automatically triggers deep cuts in medicare and defense

I would prefer to let him have his one time increase in exchange for the media having to tell the truth about what the TeaParty is trying to do (reduce current year expenses, not pretend to reduce future year expenses that will never be reduced) and protect our children and grandchildren for having to pay for the debts being incurred today.

Carol_Herman said...

You can't play Christmas Eve, and the suprise Obamacare package, in the middle of the summer. The gimmick melts.

Doesn't mean there isn't a trick, ahead, where the bamster comes out. Reads his teleprompter. And, the line says:

"Hello, Americans. Today, I am Abraham Lincoln."

But of course, he may get shot.

So, maybe, he is?

Would you mourn?

Are you looking forward to a 14th Amendment Claim?

Do you believe anything your watching and hearing is the truth?

NYTNewYorker said...

"As of now—Sunday morning—word is there’s a deal between the White House and Republicans on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. No tax increases. $1 trillion in immediate budget cuts. A required $1.5 trillion in cuts by November as designed by a bipartisan committee or (if the House and Senate do not agree on them) automatic cuts to Medicare (to scare Democrats) and Defense (to scare Republicans).

If the details are true, and the deal holds, it’s an astonishing achievement for the Right—the most significant conceptual shift in American politics since Bill Clinton​ announced his support for ending welfare in 1996."


Titus said...

No deal!

We must learn.

edutcher said...

Apparently, Boehner and McConnell dealt directly with whatever adults still inhabit the White House - Dingy Harry was sidetracked.

Professor Jacobson says this is the end of Harry. If so, given that Chuckie Schumer was the one really calling the shots in the Senate, could this also be the end of Chuck?

(be still, my heart)

PS If NYTNewYorker is right, the people get to win one, for a change.

F said...

Legal blogger William Jacobson is reporting that the negotiations that appear to have succeeded were notable for leaving Harry Reid out. As a Nevada voter I am sorry we don't have two good senators, but I don't think we're any the worse off for Reid's marginalization.

viator said...

The Facts of Life


Simon said...

NYTNewYorker said...
"No tax increases. $1 trillion in immediate budget cuts. A required $1.5 trillion in cuts by November as designed by a bipartisan committee or (if the House and Senate do not agree on them) automatic cuts to Medicare (to scare Democrats) and Defense (to scare Republicans)."

That is an acceptable deal if the automatic cuts are to the tune of $1.5 trillion and proportional between Medicare and the military. Personally I find the argument that military spending needs to be cut to be specious (it represents only ±22% of the budget), and would rather just deal with the real problem, but if the cost of tackling the real problem—entitlements—is to cut military spending, then, unhappily, so be it.

Curious George said...

We'll be okay when this guy's
at the wheel

NYTNewYorker said...

"We are on the verge, it seems, of a deal on the debt ceiling that would embody two essential goals of the Tea Party and the GOP more generally: no new tax revenues and significant spending cuts equal to or greater than the size of the debt-ceiling increase. The White House, liberal pundits and most Democrats will tell you that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is in the grips of “Tea Party extremists” or that the freshmen Tea Partyers are holding him hostage. But what the debt-ceiling debate has shown us so far is that the “Tea Party” is no longer a designation that has a single meaning. Or put differently, there are very different kinds of Tea Partyers."

HT said...

My head's spinning. Is he a socialist or a capitulator? Or does it depend?

Real American said...

no matter who wins, we lose.