July 25, 2011

Michelle Goldberg searches for a feminist theme in the Norwegian massacre.

Feminism is hard!


Widmerpool said...

Thank you for this Ann. I long ago concluded that Michele Goldberg is one of the least thoughtful or informative or persuasive or interesting personalities with wide exposure on the web. Her relative success mystifies me. No need to revise.

MarkG said...

When she speaks, I hear crazy.

Shouting Thomas said...

Does somebody actually pay this woman?

In real money?

What does she do to pay her bills?

Daddy or the government must be sending her a check to cover expenses.

Scott M said...

Can't really listen to audio where I'm at right now. Is there a money quote or two?

chickenlittle said...

Evidence for the alleged misogyny?

The prime target happened to be a woman. Is that it?

She must have read that in the manifesto.

Trooper York said...

Why do you keep inflicting these people on us?

What did we ever do to you?

Rialby said...

That's what she said.

Royce D. said...

Credentialed Tard.

Phil 3:14 said...

I don't want to say this horrible tragedy proves my theory....

but I'm going to say it anyway

To quote Joseph Welch

"Have you no sense of decency"

(PS "Did I mention I wrote about this in my last book. Did I mention you can buy it on Amazon.com today only for $10...
Did I mention that?"

And yes I want to know why bloggingheads doesn't have those cool hyperlinks that gets you right to the mechandise.)

Christopher in MA said...

"Whiny, feminist and stupid is no way to go through life, Michele."

- Dean Vernon Wormer, Faber College

Trooper York said...

You know I bet you could do a better boringheads with the two pigs from the County Fair.

Scott M said...

In any case this act was the expression of immense frustration/rage. Which pretty much blots out thinking.

Maybe, but the topic would have to be compelling.

MarkG said...

When are we going to have another Althouse/Goldberg bloggingheads? Does Goldberg keep refusing?

Quaestor said...

MarkG wrote:
When she speaks, I hear crazy.

When she speaks, I hear crickets...

Ah, the machinations of the intellectually desperate.

Carol_Herman said...

Looking for a PC life raft right now ... just means "something" besides kids ... got all shot up in Oslo.

The whole thing is a local problem, now.

And, they're more than welcome to figuring out HOW one lunatic came upon so much weaponry.

Madmen, abound. Executing this schtick, however, has made it appear you can't cover up this thing as if it's just a "mishap" on the peace road.

Just as you can't squeeze out "more democracy" from a monarchy. And, people who've been loaded up on a PC diet.

Maybe? Maybe, it will be like Lillihammer? A lesson learned there, has helped the Mossad to learn everything it needs to know about Norway.

Home to terrorists who got rewarded. Arafat wasn't enough. They had to go an award one of these prizes to algore. Nu?

Will the elites in Oslo lose any power? You know, I doubt it.

Will they try to figure out how to grow their own "money trees?" Sure. It's like believing in gnomes. You scatter them about your garden. They never grow. And, they don't need fertilizer.

To learn anything at all, first, the people who rule in Norway, would have to venture abroad. But they won't.

While if I had to guess ... the real nightmare is that the shooter got himself a full 90 minutes ... before anyone (except a few german's on a nearby island, rowed over to help.)

Believe it or not, that's the record that's gonna undermine the whole "love boat" themed "peace proscess."

And, yes. Like Tip O'Neill once said "ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL."

Good luck to those people who think PC can come along and save them, now.

traditionalguy said...

What? Did the Norge Nazi killed women unequally?

What she is correct about is that the Norge Nazi is male and he doesn't care about human life that does not serve and obey him, a lot Like DSK.

And half of human life are women.

There, it is a feminist issue.

Pogo said...

I'm guessing that it's also not Michelle's job to get men laid at conferences.

TMink said...

She got nothing, nothing. And she is not particularly good at having nothing. A Nazi nutcase kills 80 something innocents, and she says this is of course about misogyny? With no references to what, you know, actually happened?

What blather. She would look better at saying this was a tragedy and not every horrible thing in the worl stems from misogyny, but no.


bagoh20 said...

I know homeless uneducated alcoholics who could argue her point better for her, and they need the money for for Cheetos and liquor instead of wasting it on hair and makeup.

I get the impression she spends more time preparing for these than doing them, and by "preparing" I don't mean research.

Pogo said...

Michelle has a hammer and everything looks like a nail.

Quaestor said...

Ann wrote:
Feminism is hard!

Well, of course! It's a variety of comedy.

wv: wapmama - what you'd call my Italian mother if you wanted some ad hoc dentistry.

Titus said...

I wouldn't mind seeing her naked.

Tits looks like they may be perky and the twat is sheered. Just my guess.

I can't watching any of those head videos. I don't care or know who these people are who supposedly have important things to say.

Less talk, more tits.

LordSomber said...

At the risk of sounding flippant, sometimes a massacre is just a massacre.

edutcher said...

The woman needs to go steady with an platoon back from A-stan for about a year before she says anything more about "gender".

I don't think she knows what hers is, let alone anyone else's.

traditionalguy said...

Now if Palin runs, Goldberg will have her feminist work cut out for her.

And our Titus will get more Tits-R-Us material than he can process.

What could be the downside?

Oh yeah, what will we do if she wins?

Quaestor said...

Nouns and electrical couplings have gender. People have sex. Whenever I hear some blatherskite use gender when the correct and succinct word is sex I know that good brain hygiene requires a tune-out.

Kovacs said...

Feminism is hard!

Though not as hard, perhaps, as trying to explain away why a mass murderer quotes your website approvingly.

MadisonMan said...

Why is she looking off camera to her right? Her picture should be on the right side of the imagery.

And I disagree that she doesn't want to use this disaster to prove her thesis. She is very much salivating at the thought, but it appears to disgust her. Good.

Triangle Man said...


In re: hammer - nail

To quote Crack MC: "Goddamnit! You beat me to it!"

Bob said...

Diarrhea of the mouth, defined.

Carol_Herman said...

Traditional Guy @ 12:30 PM

If Palin wins ... it means she gets to live in the White House. And, ALL the elite heads explode!

As her popularity picks up ... that's one of the potentials of a tsunami. It knocks down the waterfront. And, then the tides pull a lot of the garbage out to sea!

In a 3 way race ... Clinton got in with 37% of the vote.

And, I think Sarah Palin can do way better than Perot!

I think there are plenty of disgusted Americans who would love to see the elites get it in the jaw.

Some of them will be republicans. Oh, well.

Sarah will not be selected by the stupid party! So, yes. Just like when Teddy Roosevelt got disgusted with Taft ... where the stupid party came in 3rd.

And, the "wave" of success not only went in with Woodrow Wilson ... they've hardly have had to move out ... since then.

The good news? The Taft family and the Dewey family got finished politically.

If Palin wins it's gonna look like high tide at hyannisport, too. And, a harvahd credential will also be worth much less.

Palin would make a better president than Bill Clinton ever did.

Alex said...

This Goldberg woman literally is batshit fucking insane. Padded room time.

X said...

She once told Matt Welch on BH she could not conceive of any reason besides racism to oppose Obamacare. Matt gave her a chance to walk it back even a little but she stuck to her guns. I don't think she was lying. I think her brain is literally unable to conceive a different reason.

Alex said...

Madison Man - I'm not buying the idea that Goldberg is relishing the politicization of this and at the same time disgusted by it. Why are you so hot to trot to vindicate her? Lefties stick together?

The Crack Emcee said...

Can't do it. Sorry, but I just can't:

That woman's voice - even more than her opinions - is too much.

rocketeer67 said...

Nouns and electrical couplings have gender. People have sex. Whenever I hear some blatherskite use gender when the correct and succinct word is sex I know that good brain hygiene requires a tune-out.

God Bless You, Quaestor. You and I share a pet peeve, sir.

EDH said...

Michelle Goldberg suffering a familiar yet still painful to watch mix of verbal diarrhea and intellectual constipation.

Dust Bunny Queen said...


It is like she has a bunch of buzz words on tiles in a big sack and is randomly pulling...throwing them together in a mish mash of unconnected thoughts.

Garble garble garble.

What an idiot.

T.K. Tortch said...

A political ideology that pretends its tenets and principles must and can produce an interpretation of every human event and action that conforms with those tenets and principles, demonstrates their truth, and compels adherence to them, is a totalitarian ideology.

Scott M said...

Are you suggesting, T.K., that feminism is a boot stomping on a human face forever? A boot at the bottom of a severely unshorn leg, to be sure, but still...

madAsHell said...

I'm thinking a little candy apple red for the hair, eyeglasses to match, and an overbite, then she might have a chance at the atheist convention.

David said...

How she gets face time on the internet is simple.

She's halfway good looking, at least.

Her posts always have photos of her perky face and pretty eyes and her latest hairstyle.

She will deny it of course, but she knows what she is doing.

traditionalguy said...

Carol---The white house menu under Palin will be:

Salmon and potatoes,
salmon and rice,
salmon and carrots,
Salmon and peas,
salmon pizza,
salmon sandwiches,
salmon and eggs,
salmon and ice cream,

and repeat the above with variations of smoked salmon, baked salmon, boiled salmon, broiled salmon and salmon sushi.

At least the Japanese will be happy coming to a White House dinner,

And she will have one upped Michelle Obama's healthy diets big time.

dash said...

I thank you most gratefully for the pithy post title which saved me from playing the damn thing. Because just no.

And speaking of post titles, would you consider reintroducing a bit of orange? They used to pop nicely, but now seep bilge-like into the body text. And this saddens me.

ajcjw said...

Maybe Goldberg hasn't heard that Breivik's "manifesto" talked about his hatred for his father (who apparently disowned him when Breivik was fifteen)and his close relationship with his mother. That doesn't suggest misogyny but it probably wouldn't have stopped her from trying.

Lem said...

Michelle Golberg reminds me of when the Clintonistas lamented that they were not in power when 9/11 happened.

They were left wishing they could have bathed in that camera ready emotional ocean.

Jason said...

She seems like a sweet, if misguided young woman, who is not accustomed to disciplining her thought process. Indeed, she's a textbook well-meaning libtard.

It never ceases to amaze me how people average intelligence and with VERY limited critical thinking skills, with zero intellectual discipline, can make middling media careers as authors and columnists, as long as they share the correct set of biases.

Any conservative author would have to have 20-30 IQ points on the average liberal author just to have an outside shot at a parallel career. Even then she'd be the "token" hire.

WV: "Coates." HAR!!!

Lionheart said...

Jeebus Althouse. You show us an idiot and there is one possible response: Yup, she is an idiot. Purpose?

dbp said...

When Michelle Goldberg says that she doesn't want to point out that this tragedy proves her thesis, what she really means is that she would like to do exactly that!

The only problem with her desire, is that, if anything, this event cuts against the grain of her thinking. The attacker was pushing back against Muslim influence in Europe. The Muslims are a great (meaning large, not good) force for misogyny. To resist them is to resist their backward ways.

Quaestor said...

traditionalguy wrote:
...salmon sushi

I've never had that, at least I've never eaten a piece of raw salmon served on rice. Every sushi bar I've ever visited has a bit of lox pinch-hitting for the raw fish whenever salmon is involved. Ditto eel. I think there's some kind of health hazard associated with eating the raw flesh of fish that spend at least part of their life-cycle in fresh water.

Jose_K said...

here is one:

reader_iam said...

What the hell is she talking about?

William said...

When environmentalists like Al Gore stop flying around on private jets, I will believe that they are sincere about cleaning up the environment. When militant feminists like Michelle Goldberg start giving blow jobs to sullen postal workers, I will believe that they are serious about removing the root cause of male misogyny.

grackle said...

First, brows furrowed, eyes narrowed, she attaches misogyny to the Oslo murderer all the while protesting she isn’t … but then near the end the eyes widen and blink and she realizes she better throw in not sharia or Islam itself, but “Jihadist terrorism” in order to retain her credibility.

Quaestor said...

What the hell is she talking about?

If Michele Goldberg stopped to think "what the hell am I talking about?" then there wouldn't be much written or spoken by Michele Goldberg.

slatconsulting said...

And I thought Watson was an unlikeable shrew.

damikesc said...

That dude put the "dough" back in "Dougherty".

That is all.

I can't watch these tedious videos any longer.

Peano said...

"Feminism is hard!"

No. Feminism is blonde.

Synova said...

I can't watch it. I don't want to, you can't make me.


Synova said...


It is not!

pbAndj said...

Did Althouse watch this whole thing?

a) In a clip not shown, Dougherty agrees that this guy was strongly against women having such a prominent and influential role in modern society. It sounds like it's impossible to read this manifesto w/o seeing that it's anti-feminist. Where's the difficulty?

b) Goldberg also suggests that this manifesto sounds like it's mobbyish, because it proves a bunch of stereotypes that libs have re con nuttiness. This sounds like a Althouse approved angle.

c) Apparently this manifesto talks about the sissification of men. Obvious question: was Crack quoted?

Synova said...

It is *hard* though.

At least, finding the mysogynism is so hard that there must be a large number of women engaged in the full time occupation of locating it.

If they weren't out there doing that we might miss it altogether.

T.K. Tortch said...

Scott M Said: Are you suggesting, T.K., that feminism is a boot stomping on a human face forever? A boot at the bottom of a severely unshorn leg, to be sure, but still...

Naw, not really. It's a scalable totalitarianism. Here it's only stomping on her powers of reason forever. And she could always get wise to it, who knows.

Dana said...

I must have missed it: were only females slaughtered in the Norwegian massacre?


Goldberg and her ilk are what killed feminism.

Lucius said...

Salieri to Watson's Mozart as it were.

Seriously, I'm sure Watson's lifestyle is mere slumming compared to the august circles where Michelle is wined and dined.

In Goldberg's mind, she's some kind of Woody Allen heroine, but the feminist revamp where her neuroses are heroic and her wasteful decisions are always right. And every stutter is golden truth.

Alex said...

You can count on the hysterical left-wing media to gin up the hysteria bout "American right-wing groups" in the coming days.

rhhardin said...

I say fjordism is at fault.

Laika's Last Woof said...

As a feminist crusader for social justice, it should be obvious that anything that takes the spotlight off Michelle Goldberg is social injustice.

Michelle Goldberg is the real victim here, wherever "here" may be.

Down with patriarchy!