July 9, 2011

"It's ironic. There is relative peace in Somalia where I live."

"But we are still fleeing."


edutcher said...

FWIW, this is what the War on Terror is about, the one Little Zero thinks exists only for him and the rest of the Demos to gain a quick political advantage. These are the cutthroats Zero and the Lefties want to give a free pass.

Be interesting to see what they say when the barbarians are at their door.

PatCA said...

Another article that reminds when I won the life lottery by being born in the U.S.

Fen said...

Yup. When we (Marines) went into Somolia, we soon discovered that the "pillars of the comunity" had already fled. Its like taking the spine out of a city. And they never really came back.

The result was Al Queda moving in and Pirates moving all along the coastline.

Obama has his handicap down 2 points.

Look, we are in a race to eliminate the terrorists before they acquire and use WMDs on some Western city. And this guy is not a wartime consigliere.

Operation Fast & Furious? Team Obama could not even set an effective trap. In fact, its all blown back in their face:

"Obama's Department of Justice has purposefully armed narco-terrorist drug cartels that have been accused of bombings, ambushes, mass murders, public executions, and the assassination of police, politicians, and civic leaders."

Team Obama supplied automatic weapons to terrorists operating inside of Mexico. And they killed a lot of people. Smart Diplomacy? Its an act of terrorism. Its casus belli. Its an invitation to appear before the ICC.

The Democrats need to challenge him in the primary. For the good of the Nation.

MnMark said...

"We are still fleeing".

Because it's still full of Somalis, peaceful or not.

That sounds ugly but that's actually pretty much the reason they're leaving.

A. Shmendrik said...

If I lived in Somalia, I'd be thinking "Feets, don' fail me now!'

Dustin said...

"The Democrats need to challenge him in the primary. For the good of the Nation."

Amen. For their own good. The democrat party lately has been like a ridiculous satire nightmare in Rush Limbaugh's head, but there are plenty of democrats who don't really enjoy radical political activism, flip flops on constitutional powers, or playing chicken with the debt ceiling. They want progressive policies, but within reason, and with a sense of patriotism.

The soul of the democrat party seems to have gone to Chicago, where it's really all about collecting power and screwing over the voters. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The democrat party shouldn't listen to me, a Republican, but I do think they would be better off if they repudiated this administration. They wouldn't win 2012 if this happened, but they would be much more credible as a brand. From 1992 until 2006 or so, Bill Clinton defined the idea of Democrat. That was a big help for them, despite my views of the man.

How long will Barack Obama define the idea of democrat? It could be twenty years, or it could be four.

Anyhow, we're involved in hostilities in six countries right now. I'd venture 95% or more Americans are unable to name them.

Obama was elected partly because he was so stridently anti-war, promising the nation he could solve our security problems while withdrawing. Instead, he's both made things worse and failed to withdraw. He's played the issue on both sides, and yet been the worst of both worlds instead of cleverly triangulated.

caplight said...

Many in those camps will convert to the Christian faith. I was in the Horn of Africa a while ago. I was told how much of the Muslim faith among the populace is very weak. Not among the radical Muslims that keep the others in line.

PatCA said...

Thank you for your service, Fen, (and caplight?).