July 29, 2011

"If it wasn't for race, if it wasn't for class, do you think [Nafissatou Diallo] would be treated this way?"

Actually, I don't. But not in the way that Diallo's lawyer thinks we shouldn't.


edutcher said...

I think her gender also had something to do with it.

A woman points at a man and screams and it's a very different ball game these days.

traditionalguy said...

So when did control over billions of dollars in IMF pay for play slush funds become a racial category?

But it is a relevant category.

It may only appear racial to African immigrants who came here to serve the White masters of money.

She is practicing for her Civil suit.

The Crack Emcee said...

I got as far as a member of the New Black Panther Party and checked out:

Things are bad enough, racially, without bringing those assholes into it,...

Carol_Herman said...

You mean destroy her character after she reported being raped by a hotel guest with political connections?

You know, if it wasn't for the BLUE GAP DRESS ... spritzed with the bent one's cum ... Monica Lewinsky would have been thought to be TOO FAT ... AND TOO UGLY ... to be screwed in the Oval Office.

Diallo wasn't willing! And, yes. The democraps are on the side of the french socialist. All that needed to be done was get to the SCHMEARING MACHINERY! And, to the cops (remember HALF MOON HOTEL). And, to the DA. Whose dad worked for Jimmy Carter. And, this Cyrus Vance is also in the same league of incompetency.

Carol_Herman said...

You've heard, too, that Diallo "lied." HELLO! The woman is illiterate! She cannot read or write. The IRS says, though, that she "lied on her return."

Not really. The woman had pay stubs for all the taxes that were taken out of her wages. The tax preparer asked her:


And, she said: TWO

This isn't a lie! The woman gave birth to a daughter. And, the baby died at aged 4 months.

Most moms who are asked ... HOW MANY CHILDREN DO YOU HAVE ??? Will remember to say they had a live birth in the count!

Diallo in fact birthed TWO children.

There are no rape records from the African country where she was born. This is what the DA points to when he says "there's no record that she was raped."

At age 7,by the way, her clitoris was cut off. She's been MUTILATED. She fears that if she were forced back ... her daughter ... who is now 15 ... would be mutilated too. She has a good cause for staying in America!

Mutilating females is a terrible thing to do!

As to the calls Diallo got from someone she knew ... who got arrested in a big cannibus bust ... and, is in Arizona ... made those calls ... looking to earn bonus points with the police! (That's where things get dirty!)

Carol_Herman said...

Let's take a look at those phone calls one-at-a-time.

Because, yes, the Black community in Harlem helped this woman hire a fantastic attorney! So, it was Ken Thompson whose been pushing the DA to release those tapes ... and not just a FAKED SUMMARY!

There are 3 tapes ... done over a period of the first crucial period of time.

CALL #1: Diallo says "I WAS RAPED AT WORK. A guest put his penis in my mouth. And, I got scared I'd lose my job. So I ran out of the room.

CALL #2: 24-hurs later. When the world knew it was a prospect to become the president of france. TO DIALLO: "HE HAS MONEY" ... And, she replies "WAIT, WAIT, WAIT."

And, then she adds: Don't worry, I am taking care of that" ... meaning she had HIRED KEN THOMPSON.

The spin? From the NY Post ... where they said two cops told them she's a prostitute. And, the NY Times ... which folded against the maid right away.

No. The story is not over, yet! Diallo has a fantastic lawyer! And, she is telling the truth. Because she's illiterate ... anything she signed she could not attest to as reading. Not even with granny glasses on!

CALL #2:

traditionalguy said...

Go get em, Carol.

Carol_Herman said...

And, the biggest issue of all.

That a man can come "fast." It's called premature ejaculation. It doesn't even take five minutes. Some men can't even get into a woman's vagina! They're close to getting in. And, their penis spritzes.

TIME LINE: Plenty of time for this woman to be jumped.

But what if the powerful french connections overcome ALL?

Then, I think, Oprah will come back out and tout the book about a rape to a black woman. By a man who had enormous political power.

OR? How about a Blue Gap Dress moment? Carpeting and wall paint have been scraped off the hotel room. And, the DNA evidence shows saliva coupled with spit.

I don't know about you. But when someone like KEN THOMPSON comes out ... you'd be surprised how you can shake a stick at the truth. And, the truth gets told.

Carol_Herman said...

There are informers in prison.

So, I want to be clear about how the DA got to have the phone calls ... records he kept hidden from Ken Thompson for weeks! While the schmear began.

Those calls could ONLY be made by the prisoner TO Diallo. Because the Arizona prison does not allow phone calls IN.

So, the INFORMER was told he could soften the expectations on his crime ... if he played ball. And, called Diallo.

The maid didn't know these calls were recorded.

And, Ken Thompson just got to hear these calls, yesterday. Over 8 hours. Where he took his client, Diallo, PLUS an interpreter of the "Falugi" language ... and ...

all together now ...

They finally listened to the tapes held by the DA. And, used by the DA to tell the judge Diallo isn't credible.

I have no idea how this is going to play out. The judge hasn't dismissed the case! And, the frenchman, DSK, is due back in court on August 23rd.

He also can't quite go and "fly to france," because the french ... who think the NY DA is a nincompoop, have filed their own rape charge case against Dominque.

Dominque's chances of getting elected president of france, have weakened, somewhat.

And, anyone in DC who hands the IMF money, now, will be shot out of their fancy offices like dreck out of a cannonball.

Heart_Collector said...

Take out french blah blah blah guy. Insert Crack, insert me, insert garage mahal or insert sixtygrits. I bet we would be in prison for rape.

Michael said...

There was no rape. Illiterate people of all races lie. The racism here lies with those who think black people incapable of mendacity and who are convinced that the evil forces of white capitalism have overcome, once again, the system of justice.

Phil 314 said...

I see you picked up on the same quote I did. I shouted back at the radio

race and class ALWAYS impact the way cases go!

If not for race and class, OJ would be in prison now.

Carol_Herman said...

Sixty Grits is a guy?

So sayeth "heart collector" @ 7:36 AM

Well, I don't believe it.


If you go back to that one ... you'll see a schmear that portrayed her as a STALKER.

Saved by the BLUE GAP DRESS!


And, Linda Tripp's warning to her that she'd face death if the dress disappeared from her closet.

How quickly you forget!

Because this isn't your "standard rape" charge at all! It's an attempt by very powerful forces ... who own how stories get spun ...

Against a woman who cannot read or write. But who worked hard every single day. And, was a cheerful employee to boot.

I also know that there are Blacks in New York City. Not just Harlem. You might as well have gone in with a bomb to blow up one of their churches ... thinking you were in Mississippi ... and Blacks couldn't take charge!

MLK, Jr. proved the south wrong.

This poor illiterate lady has moxie! She's not a prostitute. And, down the line her WONDERFUL attorney (in the realm of Gerry Spence) ... will prove a great Black lawyer is better than most schmucky white lawyers you find in high powered partnerships. And, on the golf course.

Cyrus Vance? WOW! If Blacks are asking him to resign as DA ... there are democrapic operatives who are feeling the heat ...

This is a great thing!

Diallo is gonna make a better defendant than Martha Stewart.

And, yes. Being EXCELLENT while BLACK gets Americans to notice.

We're on a very fancy ride, now.

Crunchy Frog said...

"If not for race and class, OJ would be in prison now."

He is in prison now, for trying to steal back his collectible crap.

Justice delayed, but still justice nonetheless.

Carol_Herman said...

Marcia Clark was a female skank ... who got to try the case "her way." And, her way was terrible.

Yes, there was convincing evidence to the TV audience that OJ was as guilty as hell.

Inside that courtroom, though, if truth be told, Marcia Clark BLEW HER CASE!

Sure. I didn't like the result.

But I'm glad jurors can NULLIFY the insanity when a prosecutor is as terrible as Marcia Clark WAS.

It was a fight she should have lost! Or why go to law school? Why learn law as if it were a trade?

Mary Beth (the commenter) said...

The tax preparer asked her:


And, she said: TWO

You have to provide social security numbers for all children that you are claiming as dependents. It seems to me that any misunderstanding about whether the child is alive would be cleared up at that point.

Mary Beth (the commenter) said...

IANAL but I don't see the problem with the DA not giving her lawyer the records of the phone calls. It's my understanding that they have to give evidence to the defendant's lawyer but since she was the accuser, is there still the same obligation? Also, since she took part in the phone calls she was able to tell her lawyer about them if she chose to.

If you blame the DA for not providing her lawyer with this information you should also blame her for not providing it.

William said...

It is quite possible that DSK raped her. But this woman is a liar, and it would not be fair to convict him based on her word alone......Just recently there was a case of a drunken woman who accused a cop of raping her. The cop and his partner were on videotape going back to her apartment repeatedly. They said they went back to counsel her for alcoholism. She said they came back to rape her. The jury believed the cops. The woman was white and well off. The cops were Hispanic. The moral of the tale is.....

Phil 314 said...

Just when you think Carol will be a women's advocate she comes out with this:

Marcia Clark was a female skank ... who got to try the case "her way." And, her way was terrible.

"Can't we all just get along?

(PS: above quote: race and class again.)

bagoh20 said...

"I got as far as a member of the New Black Panther Party and checked out"

Exactly my reaction. Those three words changed me from a believer to I don't care. If she hooks up with them, it's gonna be a net loss for all involved. I hate racist fucks.

TMink said...

What? He is slow (thus can't win a race) and has no class?


Carol_Herman said...

There was an assault!

And, there's tremendous political pressures on the DA ... to get rid of this case!

Oh, by the way ... the maid left her cart in the other room (#2820). She went and knocked on the door of room #2806. Because she was told by a room service waiter ... that the room was clear of the guest. It was empty.

The housekeeper did what she was taught. KNOCK FIRST. And, then she slid her plastic card key in. AND, LEFT THE ROOM DOOR OPEN!

Yeah. It's easy for the big press honchos to smear someone without political power or clout. Because that's what happened to Monica!

No one wanted to believe the president of the United States would start sticking a cigar into one of Monica's bottom holes.

Surprise. Surprise. Look at what you came to believe, after all.

Heck, if I said "the bent one." You'd connect those words to Bill Clinton, too. How come? Did you ever stand next to him at a urinal?

Carol_Herman said...

You want another fact?

More people LURK ... coming to Althouse ... where they do look at all the comments.

Those who refuse to read my comments? I could care less.

Go call on your friends. I've never been intimated by the remarks of bullies.

And, ya know what else? A lot of people are still thinking that there's a possibility the french guy took advantage. And, wasn't even willing to live the maid a tip.

This story is one of the best legal stories getting told. Ken Thompson is an unbelievably good attorney! And, yes. He must have been an ACE student to have in class. (Unlike obama, who just used his "influence" with the harvahd credentialed types.)

You bet. I expect Ken Thompson to win BIG! And, I'm glad Ann ran with this story. (I've been bothering her enough about this one through emails.) She's a great listener.

No qualms about posting.

madAsHell said...


An entire thread of Carol_Herman. A one woman dynamo.

You are just one woman....aren't you?

w/v: shodic - If DSK had just showed a little more money, then dick.

Trooper York said...

Carol_Herman said...
Sixty Grits is a guy?
So sayeth "heart collector" @ 7:36 AM
Well, I don't believe it."

Oh snap!


Phil 314 said...

Carol said:

Go call on your friends. I've never been intimated by the remarks of bullies.

You're so brave.

Keep fighting the good fight.

But a more forceful retort would be:

"I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!"

Carol_Herman said...

Mary Beth @ 12:37 PM

Social security numbers? ONE OF HER KIDS DIED!

The woman is illiterate. She doesn't fill out forms! She can't read or write! HELLO.

She paid taxes because the money is taken out of wages.

She was asked "HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE" ... and said TWO.

The DA is a scoundrel. He's been told by the "powerful" ... to take a crap on this case. And, he did!

Ken Thompson is a brilliant attorney!

It's gonna make the difference! You're not dealing with a hack that got credentialed at harvahd. Those "honors" go to Cyrus Vance ... and his connections to "power." That landed him in the DA's seat.

If the case goes south?

Watch the fireworks.

Carol_Herman said...

Mad As Hell #3:36 PM

It's never going to be Dominque's money! He's a gigolo ... You know the type. When they need money they take it out of their wives pocketbooks.

I'm not impressed that at some point in time Ken Thompson will walk this case into Civil Court.

We live in a world, in America, where everybody can sue.

To win, hoewver, you need a top notch attorney.

Don't underestimate the Black man on this case!

Skyler said...

William posited, "But this woman is a liar, and it would not be fair to convict him based on her word alone."

Good thing we have more than just her word. There is DNA, there are witnesses to her reactions. There is his attempt to flee without his luggage. There is his character and reputation.

That's plenty to convict. Her word is just icing.