July 4, 2011

"I want people to listen to me, because I have, perhaps, finally, a chance to be heard."

Tristane Banon, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's other accuser.


Kirby Olson said...

There are three novels in French listed at Amazon.com attributed to Tristane Banon. They all cost at least 45 dollars.

One of the titles could be translated, "I forgot to kill him."

She will be put down as a psychotic feminist.

But it's good to get more witnesses into the fray. I don't think money should buy the creep his freedom. This is another inner socialist party scandal along the lines of Spitzer or Weiner. Total denial is usually the first m.o., followed by a confession, followed by therapy, and then pseudo-rehabilitation.

S. said...

Why didn't she think she could "be heard" 8 years ago? I think I'm missing that part.

mesquito said...

No. You don't get to wait eight years.

Phil 3:14 said...

she remained silent on the advice of her mother, a prominent Socialist.

boy, does that say a lot.

Fred4Pres said...

Hey, if it sort of worked for Anita Hill, what the heck. She should go for it.

Meanwhile back in Frog-land, the french remain all fucked up.

Cedarford said...

It is so long ago, 10 years, that the allegation can neither be proved or disproved.
It will serve as a vehicle to get writer/journalist Banon some decent money selling her wares to media - help make her "name".

Could it have happened?
But you don't get to wait 5 years before mentioning it to someone. Or 10 before making it a formal legal matter. France has a statute of limitations as well - 3 years for filing a sexual assault complaint..though an "attempted" assault, curiously, has a 10-year statute of limitations.

The 32-year old Madamoiselle should get money and publicity and revive her TV chat host career...but now KSM is saying she made most of it up and is countersuing for slander.

Ahh, those French!

But better Dominique or Tristane as guests or residents of America than some criminal, parasitic, illiterate piece of 3rd world whore trash.

Cedarford said...

Ahhh, I forgot about Anita Hill. Hill waited almost 10 years to lay it on.
But Victimhood made Anita Hill a very rich person after that, with a seat with tenure bought for her by grateful supporters.

Then again, unlike Europe and most of the rest of the world, the US does not take defamation and slander seriously. We forget the rest of the world does allow recourse, even for celebrities and public officials. With big fines and jail sentences not that unusual.

Anonymous said...

No. You don't get to wait eight years.

Eight years? That's an eyeblink.

A man in Scotland is being forced to defend himself against rape charges nearly 37 years old.

Anonymous said...

Darn. Shoulda searched before I posted.

He's been convicted.

Shouting Thomas said...

Ain't got a dog in this fight.

But, a 10 year old he said/she said doesn't seem to carry a lot of weight.

On the other hand, if DSK is ruined politically, so much the better.


In politics, the problem is almost always that there is no better alternative.

Carol_Herman said...

Good for you, Ann!

Cyrus Vance is dumber than a box of rocks! The case against DSK rested on the evidence! Physical evidence. Not on the immigration status of the maid!

From a link at Glenn Reynolds, I found out that the french have not been willing to cooperate with the DA, in Manhattan! To the contrary. They think the DA is incompetent.

There's good evidence backing up Ms. Banon, too. Since she blurted, out loud, and on (french) TV that DSK had attempted to rape her. And, that he was a "rutting chimpanzee!"

Then, Ms. Banon's lawyer, said he didn't want to be "manipulated by the Manhattan DA's office!

The DA's office has been running amok! The knives are out. The woman who led the "DNA" evidence department was fired. (Or she resigned.) After the case against the two cops for raping a drunken woman, was LOST!

All Cyrus Vance can say ... other than his desire to un-do Morganthau's staffing arrangements. Is that he "modernized" everything. And, gave his lawyers "Smart Phones."

Idiots on parade.

The judge is now in the hot seat.

And, the maid's attorney, Mr. Thompson, has gone public with his complaints against the DA's office BOTCHING this case.

One thing about men who use violence as part of their sex act, have a known history. And, I doubt if the French are just smooching this news up. On the contrary. They will laugh their heads off at Americans. And, Sarkozy will see to it that Dominique gets to fly home a hero.

Sure. He may leave NYC a hero? He's a big spender, there, so why not?

Cyrus Vance is dumber than a box of rocks!

Maids at hotels are generally illegal. And, in Harlem you cannot escape "being around drugs." This is also true of 42nd Street.

Wait until we hear from the management of the Sofitel.

Carol_Herman said...

Ms. Banon was told by her mom to shut the fuck up.

Then, on TV, in 2007, Ms. Banon told the story of how she had this violent attempted rape encounter. SHE BLURTED DSK's name out! The producer "beeped out" the name.

But this isn't a new story in France. Now, however, Ms. Banon has stepped foward to file a complaint.

Well within the ten year limit France puts on rape assaults. Go ahead. Go there.

Cyrus Vance is dumber than a box of rocks. The DA's office in Manhattan is in open revolt. And, the "DNA expert just stepped down. After the case against the cops had the DA losing the battle.

Man, this story continues to have legs.

If at the end, all DSK had to do was throw a few Jackson's on the bed, he is one stupid, arrogant putz. Who has now taken apart the DA's office, as well.

But he can't leave for France, just yet. The case opening there will be very serious.

Hey. What if the french ask for DSK to be extradited?

Would you like a few mints on your pillow with that?

The Crack Emcee said...

In France, several women confided in me that, as an American and a gentleman, I did not understand the rules they lived under. Women are expected to put out on dates, etc. My own wife was assaulted by the mayor of her village, who was married, which she explained was one reason why she no longer wanted to live there. (That she now lives there, with another predator, is a subject you'd have to get her to explain.)

Contrary to what Americans think/imagine about the French being anything like us, it is very weird over there. Authorities I know, on several occasions, publicly proclaimed their sense of fairness, only to reveal in private it was all for show and they despised the people they were to judge. This is "how it is done." France can be a delusional hall of mirrors.

Many have asked why my own case over there hasn't followed the through-line we Americans expect. But it can be difficult to answer unless they have some real familiarity with France, beyond a two week stay in Paris.

The French are a peculiar people, with a complicated history filled with war and attempts at covering over depravity of all kinds. The Germans are much better at that kind of thing because, to a large extent, events forced them to be. The French are able to, and do, play fast-and-loose with the truth.

Two last thoughts:

Unlike us, France has had two major wars on it's land. We seem naive and optimistic to them, partially because "playing for keeps" - life and death - is very real to them. When this woman says she could not "be heard" for a long while, she is referring to unseen forces at work, not just attitudes, unlike almost anything we know here. i believe her as far as that goes.

Yes, I am biased. I do not like the French, for more reasons than just my marital break-up, and these types of issues only hint at why. I see the French as a dishonest people in need of psychological help of some sort. As I said, the Germans were almost done a favor by losing the war. The French are still in it. I switch between feeling sorry for them and hating their guts for that. They can be sweet, but mostly they are deceitful, and as long as the proper facade is in place, they will allow you to never know which aspect of themselves you're dealing with. This is sincerely how I see them as a people - not just my wife.

And anything that pulls the layers away is fine by me. They need it, badly.

Carol_Herman said...

Add "not" ... Sarkozy is NOT going to give Dominique a free ticket "home." The socialists in france are doomed.

EDH said...

Evidently, the NYT doesn't have a problem calling a political figure a "Socialist," as long as the word is capitalized and the person is from France.

Carol_Herman said...

Oh, Crack, did you have to learn french to have conversations with the old wife of yours? Was her cooking worth it?

Do language barriers matter? Or do they help?

And, back to this case at hand. We're told the maid spoke "Guinea." I've never heard of such a language. Does it sound like french?

Since the cops say they have a tape of this woman talking to her boyfriend, who is in Arizona ... the language was in some sort of dialect that needed an interpreter.

Right there, I've got a problem.

What interpreter interprets emotions? We're told she said something about "being okay." Or knowing what she was doing.

Well? When you got married "did you know what you were doing?" Or did that come later?

I think your wife lost out by going back to france. I know, I wouldn't.

And, I don't think this maid wants to go back to Guinea.

Up ahead we'll probably hear more. Her lawyer, Thompson, thinks Cyrus Vance is a schmuck.

I believe Ms. Banon. And, I think france just lept ahead of us. For no sane reason at all.

Cedarford said...

In other news:

1. Reports Sunday that the Accuser secretly married the ilegal alien drug dealer - the one she talked to on the phone after he was caught with 400 lbs of marijuana and suitcases full of counterfeit designer clothes he was trading for weed purchases. The marriage is probably for payment made from the Guinea gang to her, to get a fellow gang member naturalized status if her asylum claim was granted. She did not declare she was married on her asylum, housing, food stamp, and tax paperwork. (money and benefits lost).

2. Joan Illuzi-Orbon, the Chief of the Hate Crimes Unit newly created by Cy Vance Jr, and senior prosecutor on the DSK case, talked Sunday. "Everything was by the book. This is not a failure by the DA's office, but a success by all the dedicated people working here. It is all about finding the truth."
She denied they were about to drop the case, stating more information will soon be available...

3. A source within the prosecutors office called rumors the gang associates of the accuser new about DSK's other accuser and that made him an even better whale to take..unfounded. "There is no evidence this woman was being advised by a gang in this matter, no evidence the woman knew anything about that from anyone".

John said...

So Ann, should DSK get a pass on this one too?

He is famous, afterall. Laws should not apply to people like him, right?


Anonymous said...

I'd like the regular commenters here to pay particular notice how Ann Althouse has no comment on this part of the Strauss-Kahn story.

Doesn't fit her narrative.

Ann's narrative so far has been that the black immigrant is some sort of official Sofitel Hotel prostitute - a liar who just made all this up as part of an extortion plot.

But then along comes Dominique Strauss-Kahn's own goddaughter to tell us of the time he attempted to forcibly rape her.

What has Ann to say?


Ann Althouse has suddenly gone silent.


Tristane Banon is not a liar.

Tristane Banon did not lie on an immigration form.

Tristane Banon can afford an an attorney to sue for libel.

Tristane Banon isn't black.

Tristane Banon isn't dating a drug user.

Tristane Banon isn't helpless.

Before you donate more of your money to this rich entitled government worker, I think you should ask yourself why Ann has gone so suddenly quiet.

Shouting Thomas said...

My God, Althouse.

The Carol Herman, our resident 40 year old white guy living in his mom's basement, has just tripled his output in response to your praise.

Better load up on bandwidth!

What's you're real name, Carol? Bubba Jones?

Shouting Thomas said...

nevadabob is even crazier than Carol Herman!

Seems impossible, I know. But, it's true.

Every once in a while, nevadabob a squeezes out an anti-Semetic remark that just makes the entire world cringe.

Althouse's cesspool of comments has taken a severe turn toward mental illness.

I'm enjoying it. How about some depravity?

ricpic said...

Le cause, she must go on, say ma mere la Socialiste. Et tous, ma fille, weel be le sacrifeece.

Carol_Herman said...

Shouting Thomas,

My real name is NOW Carol Herman. I married into it.

Before I got married, I practiced writing it on pieces of paper.

And, I only look 40 years old.

Except that I won't dye my hair. So it got white ahead of the rest of me.

The Crack Emcee said...


Oh, Crack, did you have to learn french to have conversations with the old wife of yours?

No - she spoke english - but to speak with her family, yes.

Was her cooking worth it?

To our guests, it certainly was. As I explained on a previous thread, beyond enjoying it, food has never been high on my priority list.

Do language barriers matter? Or do they help?

You're going to have flesh out that one a bit more: matter how, or help what?

Carol_Herman said...


Does it matter to a man if a woman understands what he says, or not?

Gosh, I'm not so sure I agree with you about french food. All you need to serve to me are portions of butter on one side. And a pitcher of heavy cream.

On the other hand, silent men are very attractive to me. But you know? I always thought what I said was understood.

Until I decided that my cats and dogs have no idea of what I'm saying. Even when I speak to them, directly.

Scratching them behind their ears, though, brings expressions on their faces that look like pure enchantment.

Never had that luck with men.

Shouting Thomas said...

Carol Herman, there is not enough bandwidth in this universe to contain your novels.

Gigabytes are useless. Terabytes will not suffice.

Althouse may be a wealthy public employee with gold plated benefits, but no way she can afford the bandwidth your comments will demand.

Althouse, you don't know what you have done. Better be prepared to buy stock in Seagate.

Fred4Pres said...

Is DSK a Catholic priest? There is no statute of limitations for going after a Catholic priest (at least for money from the Catholic church). In fact, it better to wait till the accused is dead, because it makes proving a case simply a matter of showing it could have happened. Ka-ching!

Oh wait, he is a socialist billionaire? That makes him a target in the states, but he is never going to be touched in France or the EU. Then again, Cheney and Rummy are safe from prosecution here, but watch out if they ever get picked up on some terrorism charge in Europe.

As far as French justice...think Les Misérables, or better yet, think Bart Simpson going on a student exchange and forced to work as a slave on a vineyard. Bart manages to escape and even manages to speak french to a gendarme. The gendarme is completely bored with his accusations until Bart mentions the people holding him are adulterating the wine. The gendarme perks up immediately: "Aldultering the wine! That is a serious charge!"

ricpic said...

There is nothing lower than the human race except the French.

--Mark Twain

ricpic said...

...silent men are very attractive to me.

What man could ever get a word in edgewise?

ricpic said...

Speaking of Bart Simpson:

We can stand here like the French or we can do something about the problem.

--Marge Simpson

Shouting Thomas said...

Speaking of French jokes, this one seems pertinent to DSK:

Q.How do you castrate a frenchmen???

A.Kick his sister in the jaw.

Anonymous said...

"nevadabob is even crazier than Carol Herman!"

I could care less about DSK. I know he's fine. He won't see the inside of a courtroom in this corrupt country. Not with corrupt Socialists controlling the White House and committed Socialists owning the New York Times and readying their long knives for the prosecutor Cyrus Vance.

What interests me is how quickly Ann Althouse attacks the black immigrant, but is silent about the white journalist alleging a horrific attempted rape.

I find Ann's almost gleeful attempts to demonize the black immigrant fascinating when juxtaposed against her utter silence with respect to the white victim, Tristane Banon.

I think it reveals a latent Wisconsin racism that is quite ugly. And I think most of her regular commenters are very disturbed by what she's transparently been doing.

Cedarford said...

Mrs Banon, the woman who said she is going to file a charge in France works for atlantico.fr, a pro Sarkozy website which is co founded by Arnaud Dassier, the man behind Sarkozy's web campaign of 2007, and the man who started the smear campaign against DSK a few weeks before May 15th.
One can ask oneself: 9+ years after the alleged assault, what can this woman resonably expect to win in court ? I don't see it. (Yes, she gets media facetime, appearance fees, maybe better purchase of her books and articles - but also has to face a defamation lawsuit)
This change of mind appears when polls show that DSK is still popular enough in France to be dangerous to Sarkozy (49% of the French want him back in the presidential race). Such a move can only serve gaining time, adding to the character assassination, and nothing else.
DSK has immediately filed a charge for defamation.

Why do I write about that ? Because the more the events advance, the worse they smell. Now I am not usually used to plot theories, but here, I must say many questions must be examined.

The timing of Tristane Banon charging now, is either an opportunity seen by her to make some money on this, or have her career advanced by powerful sponsors inside France.

edutcher said...

If she can't get a little justice, at least she can let the world know what a sack of slime he is.

And it sounds like the French Socialists are interchangeable with the Democrats.

Funny about that.

Maybe that's why Lurch was so concerned about their opinion of our foreign policy.

Carol_Herman said...

Add "not" ... Sarkozy is NOT going to give Dominique a free ticket "home." The socialists in france are doomed.

You say that as if it's a bad thing.

Except that I won't dye my hair. So it got white ahead of the rest of me.

You mean you look like Crack from the hairline down?

Shouting Thomas said...

What interests me is how quickly Ann Althouse attacks the black immigrant, but is silent about the white journalist alleging a horrific attempted rape.

Listen, you could say a lot of bad things about Althouse... and I've said them all.

But she didn't attack the black immigrant and she just posted a fucking post about the white journalist alleging a horrific attempted rape, so she's hardly being silent about that.

Ground control to Major Tom, nevadabob... I like to keep the craziness down to a level where it doesn't break down into unintelligible monkey chatter.

Could you move on from the insanity for a while? Try depravity.

Kirby Olson said...

I think Ann should put up a poll:

How many

1. Believe Banon?
2. Think she's capitalizing on the PR?
3. Believe she's got it in for DSK for political reasons?
4. Have no idea?
5. Think France should have been bombed in WWII, not Germany?
6. Thank France should be bombed now, not Libya?
7. Love France, love Banon.
8. Love France, love DSK, and believe he's completely innocent, and this is a capitalist plot against the socialists?

Cedarford said...

ricpic said...
There is nothing lower than the human race except the French.

--Mark Twain

That of course, was said before Twain in his "Innocents Abroad" line of Travelogues, visited the Middle East. And found the Arabs smelly, paranoid remnants of a decayed civilization with grievances against everyone. Elaborate grievances. Starting in the family and working outward. And visiting the Holy Places themselves, the degenerated Ottomans, Jews, Arabs, Copts, and Orthodox Greeks all living together but hating one another, in a seedy dilapidated Jerusalem. All wanting money to either be guides or paid to go away and stop pestering the travellers.
What travel he did take to subsaharan Africa and Latin America appeared to be too disgusting to him to write about.

And of course, in his day, the cities had gangs, but not whole swaths of territory looking like bombed out wastelands and garbage dumps , dominated by devolved thugs and they welfare mommas.

France might be just fine with a resurrected Twain.

Carol_Herman said...

You know the one thing about france, george soros can't buy anything there.

Unlike here. Where we get Code Pink, and an assortment of lunatics, like nobody's business.

While Cyrus Vance ruined a perfectly well running DA's office! Make fun of Morganthau all you want ... but the DA's office wasn't mismanaged!

Now, Cyrus Vance comes along and is trying to sell the idea that he "modernized" the place. Turned employees against each other. And, the cops. While supplying all his attorneys with Smart Phones.

Oh, yeah. And, Thompson, the maid's attorney is gonna be busting Cyrus Vance's chops.

Son is as incompetent as his dad. Who was the Secretary of State under Carter.

James Baker came in, with Reagan, and "revamped" that entire department.

Cyrus Vance should'a stayed in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

" ... she just posted a fucking post about the white journalist alleging a horrific attempted rape"

She posted a silent link, deliberately without comment.

Yet she's spent days and days alleging that the black immigrant victim is part of some mythical Sofitel Hotel prostitution ring - with no real evidence whatsoever backing up such a ridiculous contention.

Ann has so far been completely SILENT about Tristane Banon's experience regarding her horrific attempted rape at the hands of her own godfather - the Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Her silence has spoken ugly volumes. It's distressing and disappointing that Ann has adopted the narrative in support of a man with a long public story of sexual abusiveness against women.

Ann has probably more female readers and commenters than male ones and I'm sure watching this has been painful for them.

I'd think long and hard before I gave any more of my hard-earned money to support this.

edutcher said...

For the record, France was heavily bombed in WWII.

PS If we are, as the Lefties and the Libertarians (funny how those two groups keep overlapping) say, an American Empire, we should have done the world a favor and absorbed France as an American Protectorate and thoroughly Americanized it, in the manner of Ann Coulter.

We only acted as if it was protected.

Penny said...

There's good evidence backing up Ms. Banon, too. Since she blurted, out loud, and on (french) TV that DSK had attempted to rape her. And, that he was a "rutting chimpanzee!"

OK, so judging from the comments, we're gonna have some fun then?

Then let me add that Ms.Banon seems a bit naive about her monkeys. A "rutting chimpanzee!"???

My dear, were you ignoring his testosterone soaked, tie-dyed "Bonobo" t-shirt?

From Wikipedia..."Sexual intercourse plays a major role in bonobo society observed in captivity, being used as what some scientists perceive as a greeting, a means of conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconciliation."

SEX! It ez ze Franch peace sign!

ndspinelli said...

Gee...I thought socialists didn't let socialists rape their daughters[allegedly].

Carol_Herman said...

Penny, maybe it sounded better in french?

I do remember seeing a couple in a car, driving through one of these nature preserves, when what looked like a band of monkeys attacked them. While their car was stopped.

Some monkeys fucked on the car's front hood. While others scampered up to the top. Opened the luggage that was there ... and proceeded to entertain themselves with articles of clothing.

Even though I don't speak french, I had no trouble understanding what Ms. Banon said.

I also understood that her mom would carry great weight with her, when she told her daughter "to shut the fuck up."

Now. Back to America. Where if you go to the police, please be sure your income tax records are in order. That you haven't put in any paperwork that would "look funny" if your IRS returns stuck out.

Oh, and don't be an illegal!

What if the crime happened while you were at your job at a 5-star hotel?

Oh, that's easy for journalists to portray as a whore house. And, your 3 year work record was only part of a union scheme for you to scam rich travelers out of their money.


The DA's office in Manhattan is turning into a skunk factory. With "credentialed, no less" attorneys attacking each other's throats. Who knew?

You know, I don't even believe there's a translator out there ... who can translate emotions ... when they are translating dialogue.

I think the NYPD either fucked up giving the maid protection from hordes of media. Or the DA's office fucked up. And, thought this case was about illegal immigration.

Cyrus Vance is a putz.

the likelihood that he has an "easy road" to re-election in 2013 looks a bit dim.

On the other hand, even if the lawyer, Thompson, had no political ambitions at all ... he could challenge Cyrus Vance! Given how this "tale of woe that happens to an illegal immigrant" gets to pass the smell test ... in Harlem.

Which I doubt.

All that's lacking is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to see a chance to hold a parade that gets them to the limelight as in days of old.

Sad, too, that the french get to move ahead of the Americans on defining what men shouldn't do ... when they've got their erect penises out ... looking for pleasure.

Imagine that we've given the french a chance to win, here! Hell, they may even ask for DSK to be extradited! That would be the icing on the cake.

Carol_Herman said...

DSK buggered the maid!

You haven't heard the full story.

All you know is that the Manhattan DA decided they had "no case" because the maid's complaint can't withstand immigration scrutiny?

Oh. And, even though she filed a tax return! All this did was provide ammunition against her credibility?

While up ahead we're probably going to see the french asking for DSK to be extradited ... even before the judge hands him his passport back!

You think this isn't a diplomatic fiasco?

You think the judge can just hang up the phone when he is told that "diplomatically speaking" ... that tomorrow ... with Ms. Banon's filing of rape charges ... That DSK can avoid being shipped back to paris?

You think he wants to go to paris?


Can the french ask for the DA's photographic evidence, that was collected at the crime scene?

What happens if the DA's office decides to throw out the bedsheet?

Will summaries really do?

Is the judge now scared shit-less?

Man, every day the legs on this story take on speed and distance.

Saint Croix said...

I think DSK is kinda like Bill Clinton. A lot of smoke, and probably some fire, too.

The one big difference is that Bill Clinton was President. The rape charge against him was never investigated seriously. Probably for that reason.

DSK is a wannabe and now a neverwas. He could be convicted.

The other interesting thing is that his French accuser is not anonymous.

I think the anonymous rape charge is a relic of the past and opens the door to a lot of bad behavior. A defendant charged with a crime has a right to face his accuser. Period.

Carol_Herman said...

No. Not bill clinton. Anthony Weiner, maybe?

I'd like to see immigration, now, try and deport this woman!

I also think her lawyer, Mr. Thompson, is gonna thump Cyrus Vance silly.

And, yes. There really was a case! There was evidence in the room. And, on the bedsheet! There was Dominque's sudden flight to paris. Getting on the plane without luggage. And, without a ticket. (You know, the french have collected their share of evidence just from Air France's records.) Can't spoof me.

Did DSK get to thrust his engorged penis into the maid? You bet, I think so. Both holes. Front and back. Then he didn't even leave the housekeeper a tip. Nu?

Of course you know I think Cyrus Vance is a putz!

The only thing, worse, is for the Manhattan DA's office, to actually lose the evidence they collected.
But sure. Why not? Where you've got incompetence, you can expect a few files to get lost. Explaining this to the press, however, is the kind of news conference I think Cyrus Vance will want to avoid.

Expecting this story to go south because it's a long long weekend?

As I said. Cyrus Vance is a putz. And, he's about as dumb as a box of rocks.

He didn't think his office had a case. How did he figure that out?

Jose_K said...

She will be sued for slander by DSK.
If he aquitted ,she could be tried in France for calumny

Jose_K said...

On the other hand, if DSK is ruined politically, so much the better
So was said of ted kennedy, Arnie, Profumo.

Jose_K said...

management of the Sofitel? They are frenchs

Shouting Thomas said...

Did DSK get to thrust his engorged penis into the maid? You bet, I think so. Both holes. Front and back. Then he didn't even leave the housekeeper a tip. Nu?

Carol Herman turns Althouse into a porn blog.

His engorged penis!

Too funny.

Shouting Thomas said...

Ann has so far been completely SILENT about Tristane Banon's experience regarding her horrific attempted rape at the hands of her own godfather - the Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Hmmm... Could this be because Althouse, like the rest of us, doesn't know any of the facts of this case?

Ann has probably more female readers and commenters than male ones and I'm sure watching this has been painful for them.

What in the world is this supposed to mean? In solidarity with her female readers, Althouse should prejudge a case when she has no knowledge of it?

Penny said...

Over many years, I've learned how to handle the DSK's.

But the Carol Herman's?

Not so much.

Penny said...

Pretty darn cool, Carol.

If I had a hat, I'd tip it your direction.

traditionalguy said...

All she wants is to be heard, Courts of Justice are in the sole business of Hearings in which victims supposed to be heard. Blackmail from Union Thugs, ChiTown thugs and Socialist Party thugs exist to silence those who want to be heard.

Penny said...

Carol? OK, now you got me thinking.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you were echo-friendly?

I mean I don't go overboard on this kind of thing, but I guess I do see myself as being somewhat "green".

Can you imagine what that might mean?

Shouting Thomas said...

If Carol is really a 72 year old woman, she's a very horny 72 year old woman.

Ann Althouse said...

"Ann has probably more female readers and commenters than male ones and I'm sure watching this has been painful for them."

Why do you assume that? The fact is 75% of my readers are male.

Carol_Herman said...

Penny, if you buy Kosher Salt, by Diamond.

And, then throw out any box of table salt you have in the house. Along with shakers.

BAM! Emeril works for me. His cooking always has that extra dash of flavor.

And, not all Kosher salts are
the same.

I learned long ago NOT to put table salt on my greens. And, I also rub the garlic clove on my wooden bowl. (Which never gets washed). Just mix some olive oil together with a splash of vinegar. After you've gently tossed this into your leaves ... sprinkle the Kosher salt on top. And, add a frew grinds of fresh pepper.

I hate wilted salad greens. That's all I meant by my comment.

Carol_Herman said...

Shouting Thomas, aren't people always horny? Desire doesn't disappear with age. Only looks, so cultivated by cosmetics, drops off.

Do you know the money a woman saves when she stops using cosmetics?

Shouting Thomas said...

Shouting Thomas, aren't people always horny? Desire doesn't disappear with age. Only looks, so cultivated by cosmetics, drops off.

Well, most people are always horny. I've known some who aren't.

I'm 61, and I'm still horny. Just not much to do about it, since my wife is long gone to the grave.

The flesh is, indeed, weak.

Trooper York said...

Carol Herman and Shouting Thomas sitting in a tree...


Trooper York said...

It's like an epsiode of the Golden Girls on the Spice Channel.

Shouting Thomas said...

xCarol Herman and Shouting Thomas sitting in a tree...


Damn you, Trooper!

Just when I thought I might be getting some 72 year old nookie... virtual nookie at that!

Shouting Thomas said...

We need some private rooms here at Althouse.

David said...

Don't count on it, sweetie.

Titus said...

That Frenchie accuser is hot.

I want to see her tits.


4th of July patriotic tits.

I would enjoy seeing sparkler/firework tits in honor of the 4th of July. That would be hot and very supportive of our troops.

Titus said...

I'm watching the Boston 4th of July fireworks and I can't wait to get back.

One month!

Although, they are playing Yanni music while the fireworks go off.

Whassup with that?

Did you all know the Esplanade on the Charles River is really cruisy at night?

Shouting Thomas said...

That Frenchie accuser is hot.

I want to see her tits.

Gotta disagree with you on this one, Tight Ass.

Looks like a very spoiled bitch to me.

Titus said...

Carol Herman has overtaken me as the whore of this blog.

Whoever thought it? I certainly didn't.

But now I must demure to Carol Herman.

gadfly said...

Back in the days when she was attacked by the "horny monkey," Tristane Banon was a skinny bee-eye-itch.

She said she was attacked while interviewing DSK while researching her first novel, which I believe was entitled "Daddy Frenzy!!!" She is the Godchild of DSK's second wife. "Curiouser and Curiouser."

Carol_Herman said...

Now, I have some "what if" questions of my own.

Given that the Sofitel is owned by the french. What if the french police called the Sofitel headquarters and asked permission to fly in some investigators of their own?

Who would turn down the trp?

The police, "eventually," after gathering evidence inside the hotel room ... had to leave.

What if nothing got touched. The hotel management left everything just as it was when the American police left the building ...

And, the french police come in to gather evidence? Who'd have stopped them?

Given that the french lawyer for Ms. Banon totally refused to cooperate with the DA ... Why assume the Americans were trusted at collecting evidence? It seems to me the french were saying the Manhattan DA's office was "skunked" by incompetence.

What if the french police were good at collecting evidence? They weren't going to assault the maid's immigration status. They weren't going to be "confused" by reports that the Sofitel was a whore house, in disguise. With $5000 a night hooker service. Which was deductible!

In other words where can a man go to a whore house. Pay a large fee to be "serviced" ... And, no one would suspect "even the maid!"

The french police must be having a field day. Waiting for the Americans to screw up this case so badly ... that DSK doesn't even want his passport back, now!

Who has the bedsheet?

Was the NYPD allowed to remove the bedsheet? They did remove pieces of carpet. They did search for evidence. Who said they were able to take it all away?

Who says all Cyrus Vance has to do is drop the case? Then, have his office hide some files. And, wave around a deportation order to send the maid packing?

Oops. You don't know Harlem, like I know Harlem.

It's almost interesting. Because you're also pitting union interests against the elites.

It may even be better than just ordering out for more popcorn. So, we shall see what's ahead, No?

Clyde said...

@ Cedarford

DSK is the pervy Frenchman; KSM is the rumpled Arab terrorist with the hairy back.

Glad I could clear that up for you!


Clyde said...

Can we assume that Ms. Banon gives good tete, considering that she has completely worn out the knees of those blue jeans?

edutcher said...

Titus said...

I'm watching the Boston 4th of July fireworks and I can't wait to get back.

One month!

Although, they are playing Yanni music while the fireworks go off.

Whassup with that?

It is the People's Republic of Taxachusetts, after all.

Carol Herman has overtaken me as the whore of this blog.

Whoever thought it? I certainly didn't.

But now I must demure to Carol Herman.

Not a nice thing to say about a lady. Carol just calls 'em the way she sees 'em; stream of consciousness - The Blonde's nursing papers were like that, I had to go through and keep them on point.

And the word is, "demur".

Demure is sweet and innocent.

And that's as far as I'll go.

Penny said...

"The fact is 75% of my readers are male."


Sounds more of an opinion piece to me.

Of course as a blogger, Althouse is free to editorialize...so?


Carol_Herman said...

Sarkozy would have been motivated.

Why not think that the pilot of the Air France plane wouldn't have called home?

And, given how fast news can travel, wouldn't the french have known of the arrest ... even before this story showed up on Page One, at the NY Post?

Since the Sofitel is managed by a french corporation ... why not think that the management had to "call home" ... before they called the cops?

Who even knows who had "first access?" You think no one in the hotel has a camera?

If all the conversations can occur in french, who would even need translators?

Did you know the maid was fluent in french? (Why do you think the hotel wasn't thrilled to have her on their books for 3 years?)

What makes you think that the maid's hysteria didn't rub off on the french staff, including management?

What makes you think the judge is now in a rush to return DSK's passport?

Maybe, it's even possible Cyrus Vance will be forced to resign?

You know what I think of "grandma masks," and "nanny masks" ... and, everything.

About the only place the veil of secrecy has held up is over at the defense. Things there "leak" only when they want them to leak.

Ms. Banon did not find out she had a case just yesterday! She found out about this early ... through whatever channels french politicians have. Where access to information is golden.

Sure. The New Yoke Times will throw spitballs. So what? Those schmucks have already been accounted for by the french.

If Cyrus Vance was running a competent DA's office, they wouldn't have been side-tracked off the evidence ... to go and look up the maid's bonafides.

And, up ahead ... there's one bouncing ball in the maid's lawyer's court! Mr. Thompson just got angry enough, too ... to tear into Cyrus Vance.

You think Cyrus Vance gets a free hand at political cover? Or a bus ticket back to Seattle.

Will the next Manhattan DA be Black? Stay tuned.

Ralph L said...

The fact is 75% of my readers are male.
Or say they are.
You've checked?

Ralph L said...
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Titus said...

educther did you know are taxes are lower in Massachusetts than Montana, Wisconsin, and Colorado?

Taxachussetts is worn out.

David R. Graham said...

Very entertaining, certainly, but materially, much ado about nothing. Comments enthralling but subject inconsequential.

Trooper York said...

You have to understand where people are coming from. Cedarford has always had a soft spot for the French ever since his unit served with the Charlemagne Legion.

Kirby Olson said...

I lived in Paris for a year. My French male friends routinely visited prostitutes. It wasn't considered unusual. I don't know any American men who visit prostitutes, or have ever visited one. I think prostitution makes every woman a potential prostitute, just as slavery in the south makes everyone a potential slave. It's a side to French life that isn't legal but is still widely accepted (brothels were made illegal in the 1950s in France).

I think Banon is just outraged and is being brave. We should support her. She'll lose a lot of sleep in this, and get next to nothing in terms of her books. The socialists own the publishing and the newspapers and most other stuff. She's going to get creamed.

I say bravo for Banon.

Let's be serious. She is a human being standing up for another human being (the maid).

Bravo for Banon.

It's very difficult to stand up against socialism. They will probably kill her, and she knows this. She's going to speak about it just the same.

Elle est une Jeanne d'Arc contemporaine.

Carol_Herman said...

You know, if Ms. Banon is risking her life to tell this story, then it isn't inconsequential. By definition, inconsequential stuff doesn't put you in the line of fire.

Meanwhile, I think Ms. Banon's books could get translated into English, no? I think there will be market for her "trapeze" fiction. Dated 2006. Where she tells her experience being assaulted by DKS. And, now, instead of a name that gets "bleeped" out by french producers of TV shows ... It is up there, virally being circulated.

And, I still think that at the Sofitel, this story got told to upper management, in Paris ... where it circulated some more ... before the NYPD was called in.

The evidence in the room must have been overwhelming.

And, then you get to the Air France plane. What if the pilot, hearing from the stewardess that Dominique had boarded his plane ... Didn't call home? You think he only communicates with the Control Tower?

I'm no longer making any assumptions.

The man in charge in France is Sarkozy.

If Dominique was the "best" candidate the socialists, there, could come up with ... wouldn't you say something "special" happened to their best choice?

What makes you think the socialists aren't doomed?

What makes you think French women, who vote, aren't taking this matter seriously?

I've learned from American politics, voters can go south on ya.

Just as they can, too, in Madison, Wisconsin. NYC. And, Taxachusetts.

Do you think Teddy Kennedy's fine Catholic funeral brought him up to heaven's gate? How so? Because there's something special in the water that got sprinkled?

Rumsfeld was right. As much as we know, there are whole areas where the unknowns remain unknown.

I still believe the maid was raped. Her varacity? Look at the evidence in the room. And, DSK's behaviors.

Oh, yeah. Now he says he's gonna sue Ms. Banon. Well, isn't that just the ticket?

Barbara said...

Elle est une Jeanne d'Arc contemporaine.

Oh, please.

Every woman has had men come after her like "rutting chimpanzees." That's a fact of life. A normal female either learns to handle an unwanted and aggressive approach by the time she's 17, or she's in for a lifetime of helplessness and distress. To initiate a lawsuit then or after many years is utter folly, or more likely a wish for publicity or cash. You slap a face, you make clear your absence of interest, you level an insult and you depart, never to see the individual again. Please stop talking as if an occurrence so common is equal to rape.

Anonymous said...

"The fact is 75% of my readers are male."

And precisely how do you know that, Ann, since Blogger does not provide any means for you to know who your readers are, or what their sex is?

Pretty loose with your "facts" there counselor.

Anonymous said...


The hotel maid raped by former IMF director and Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn has sued the New York Post for libel after it alleged that she is a prostitute.

Will you address this issue, Ann? Since you suggested the Sofitel Hotel was involved in running a prostitution ring. "Is this what "turn down" service in fancy hotels is really about?"