July 3, 2011

"I guess, in a perfect world, they would not have had to arrest him right away... They could have checked the evidence and everything."

"But I guess they figured they had to get him off the plane. It changed the circumstances quite a bit."

They could have checked the evidence and everything. So says "a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case against Mr. Strauss-Kahn."
The case exposes the “punish first, figure out what happened later” state of American justice that is usually visited upon “ordinary schnooks,” said Eugene J. O’Donnell, a professor of police studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan....

“I think that any high-profile case exposes routine police work, and when you get into the guts of routine police work it is often not a pretty picture,” Mr. O’Donnell said. “Not all the ends tie up neatly, and when you are racing that clock, that is even more possible.”
Also in the linked article: the report that the hotel housekeeper, telling her "life story" caused "senior people... in each of the agencies" to cry. I'd like to know a lot more about why those "senior people" were so vulnerable to what was, apparently, a phony story. What was it about this particular woman that lowered their usual defenses? Why was it possible to play them?


Seven Machos said...

Any of you zealots from a few threads ago still defending this woman?

The Crack Emcee said...

Answer: she was so cute.


Fred4Pres said...

The arrest was totally justified.

Sanddog said...

In a perfect world, one scumbag making a false accusation about another scumbag wouldn't be front page news for weeks.

Lisa said...

What I really want to know is where those large payments in bank accounts came from? Did someone pay her to take down DSK?

Fred4Pres said...

I am glad that the cops took her seriously. DSK is not just some random guy who was accused, there was evidence to tie him to the woman. Then in a matter of six weeks they found serious problems with her credibility. And then they turned that exculpatory evidence over to the other side, as they are supposed to do.

What bothers me is prosecutors can seem a little more lax when the accused is not a high profile guy like DSK.

Fred4Pres said...

My first reaction was DSK who? My second was a thought a BJ seemed a risky manuver in a rape, but given the initial reports had him as being a groopie frog-pig with some history and the cops said she was credible, I figured there was something to it. He does not have to stick it in her to be a crime, just a fat naked socialist milionaire frog-pig waiving it around and squirting out body fluids is enough to be criminal (maybe not rape, but sexual assault).

But we will see what the story is. Obviously we are going to get a lot more of it.

Fred4Pres said...

As for Ben Stein.
Ben, you were partially right but you are still wrong.

No apologies.

27183 said...

Here is a Rolling Stone article on Amanda Knox -- she should've fled Italy:


Knox should've fled. And Strauss-Kahn should've fled.

Regardless, because he was fleeing, I don't fault NYPD at all for taking him off the plane, even as I think much of their case is problematical.

27183 said...

Compare DSK with this guy:



And this random schmuck:


The problem here is Prosecutors.

Joe said...

I thought they were just trying to return his cell phone.

Joe said...

And if what this guy is getting is punishment, sign me up!

Lem said...

Why was it possible to play them?

To the left DSK was suspect as a rich white male class warfare.. and to the right DSK was suspect as a Frenchman.

Kahn got caught up in a perfect prejudice storm.

To cap it, to seal it, the victim was an African immigrant.. a maid.. hearkening back memories of Leona Helmsley and 'the little people'.. Even further back the phrase commonly misattributed to Marie Antoinette.. 'Let them eat cake'.

It was 'kinetic', make you feel good, kind of prejudice.

Seven Machos said...

I worked as a consul and managed to help one American out of a jam. Like DSK, he had been jailed. He asked me what he should do. I told him to get the hell out of the country and never come back.

That's very good advice. There's no reason to face any court if you that court has no ability to make you show up.

nevadabob said...

"So says "a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case against Mr. Strauss-Kahn."

Yet again, we see single-sourcing media reports of a single "law enforcement source" supporting the rapist.

This is the third media report that is based entirely on a sole anonymous law enforcement source in support of an accused rapist.

Why, Ann?

Why are you so focused on helping Strauss-Kahn escape justice?

He's been indicted. The victim is willing to testify. His own goddaughter reports that he tried to rape her too.

Why Ann?

Why are you so determined to see that this man escapes justice?

Do you have no faith in our system of trial, Ann? That this man cannot withstand a courtroom?

William said...

In narratives involving sex, race, class, and religion the human race is seldom objective and logical. We are all on the side of pretty women and against fat, rich people....I can answer why DSK was not questioned. He's no dummy. He wanted a lawyer present. The cops are no dummies either. They're not going to work him over to get a confession. If you're the head of the IMF, you get a certain amount of deference even while in police custody. Rich, important people get treated deferentially until such time as they lose their wealth and influence.

MarkG said...

C'mon, admit it: He looked like a lecherous old perv and guilty as can be.

Seven Machos said...

I see our resident moby Bob is still at it. Very well then. Carry on. Turn out the lights when you are the last one to leave this woman's defense.

traditionalguy said...

When a set of known facts adds up, then it is probably true. A new witness or a bad cross-examination flub may later reopen the original reasoning. In this matter the set of known facts have yet to change. There are no new witnesses. There has been no cross examination in open court. So why should any thinking person change their mind? All we hear are dozens of new "sources" rumoring that someone said that someone else said that all allege the maid did this or said that until she has been repainted into a career criminal rather than a maid who got her worthless self sexually attacked by a visiting World Ruler from IMF who holds immunity during visits to World money centers he claims to have extra authority to rule over.

nevadabob said...

"I'd like to know a lot more about why those "senior people" were ..."

But you don't want to know who the sole anonymous law enforcement source is of this story?

Why, Ann? Why do you want to know everything about the people who support the victim, but you accept unchallenged everything said in praise of the rapist by the defense team?

God this is fucking icky the way you're cheerleading for Strauss-Kahn.

It's just fucking gross and sickening to see you prostrating yourself this way.

God woman. Have you no shame?

The man has been indicted.

He has been publicly linked to the attempted rape of his own goddaughter.

You're sickening, Ann.


Lucius said...

Vis-a-vis the teary-eyed cops: are cops prone to sentimentalism like this?

Is it the prosecutors who are sentimentalists?

Was the emotion provoked by peculiar circumstances of the case: the idea that this powerful foreigner was some sort of all-mighty evildoer, like Goldfinger or something, and this woman a completely hapless victim, the humblest of the humble; and therefore, for once in their careers, they could enjoy a moment of virtuous triumph over evil-- the antithesis of the "Forget it, Jake" meme they have to deal with every day?

Seven Machos said...

Bob -- There will never be a trial for Strauss-Kahn. This case has fallen utterly apart in a number of ways. This case is completely, totally over.

You can find another topic to moby about.

nevadabob said...

"And an accused man, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, with a ticket for a flight to France, approaching boarding time at Kennedy International Airport."

Al Baker makes a rookie journalistic mistake here. A factual mistake.

Strauss-Kahn did not have a ticket for that flight. He is not required to have a ticket to fly Air France.

Because he is who he is, he is allowed to board any Air France flight that has a seat open in first class without a ticket and without paying for the flight.

A perquisite no other person on Earth enjoys.

And this part is crucial: he was not originally scheduled on that particular flight.

He was trying to escape.

That's why they arrested him. He ran out of that hotel room without even taking all of his stuff and he got on the very next flight to France from the US without a ticket and with no luggage.

Man was running.

But not fast enough.

Seven Machos said...

and without paying for the flight

This is not true. He pays for the flights.

Also, no jury is going to convict Strauss-Kahn. No group of 12 people trying to be objective could have no reasonable doubt that Strass-Kahn raped this woman given all that has recently transpired.

It's over, dude. There will be no trial. At least for him. This woman will probably end up in jail.

nevadabob said...

"There will never be a trial for Strauss-Kahn. This case has fallen utterly apart in a number of ways. This case is completely, totally over."

Yes. I know that.

I predicted that back on May 19, 2011. Long before any of these stories from the sole law enforcement source started mysteriously appearing in the Socialist NY Times in coordination with the defense team DSK has hired.

From Inwood said...

The Manhattan DA was faced with a problem: The Roman Polanski precedent.

In a reverse "Roach Motel" situation, once DSK checked out he would never check back in.

And NYC being the PC madhouse that it is, meant the DA having to explain to the feminists, his supporters, why he didn't believe the woman.

So, It was right to take DSK off the plane.

But, & I'm not a criminal lawyer, one of the oldest stories in the police book, I'm told, is the prostitute who screams rape: As some wag said; we know what happened; we're talking about the price.

And now the Great & Powerful DA is now shocked, shocked to find that prostitution goes on in NYC Hotels.

Seven Machos said...

Bob -- If there was any setup, it was to bring Strauss-Kahn down politically.

nevadabob said...

"He pays for the flights."

No, he doesn't. And he wasn't previously ticketed for this flight. He showed up, presented his special Air France credentials at the gate, and they boarded him. He did not buy a ticket for this flight.

He was running from the rape.

Trying to escape.

But wasn't fast enough.

rcocean said...

So, I assume "Carol" won't be showing up on this thread.

Seven Machos said...

The weirdest thing about this story from the start was the blow job rape. Without a gun and brass balls and a psychopathic mind, that's ridiculous.

Seven Machos said...

Bob -- He pays for the flights. It's essentially a line of credit for airfare.

Lem said...

Now that I have a more balanced story, Cracks theory that the maid is cute is very possible.. actually.. its the only explanation.

The fact that DSK is an older man (meaning dirty old man with a history) made it impossible for me to even consider the victim.. and the fact that her identity was concealed made her in my minds eye.. a.. a maid.. whats a maid supposed to look like?

A Maria Shriver safe maid made.

See? Its not like its something we haven't heard before.

Whenever we read, see, hear something "new".. we are probably not.

Shouting Thomas said...

Have any of you ever met a desperado?

This woman, Nafissatou Diallo, is probably a desperado.

Part of the role is being a good actress. She seems to have a hand in all sorts of rackets. So, she's been in a lot of tight spots. She's probably come close to being busted on both sides of the law... by cops and by gangsters she's crossed.

This role requires damned good acting skills as a means of survival. I'll bet she's good.

She could probably make me cry.

nevadabob said...

"If there was any setup, it was to bring Strauss-Kahn down politically."


That's why the maid was working at the Sofitel for years and years and years.

Waiting for him.

To trap him. With his own sperm.

OK dude. Jet fuel can't melt steel. I get you.

nevadabob said...

Hey Macho,

If you were innocent of the rape you were accused of, would you quit your job?

Mark said...

Oh, I assume he pays for the flights. He's just in the class of people who can do so after-the-fact.

If this were a political hit the people staging it could have gotten a better broad.

Seven Machos said...

Moby -- Did I say there was a setup? I merely suggested that it is much more likely to have a political fixing (against an important politician) than to somehow force this woman to change her story as a defendant.

But moby on. Moby.

Rialby said...

Btw - I just googled that name that someone posted - she is pretty good looking for a maid.

nevadabob said...

"He pays for the flights. It's essentially a line of credit for airfare."

He does not pay for the flights. The World Bank pays for the flights.

It is not a line of credit.

It's a get out of jail free card.

Or so he thought.

The takeaway is that he was not originally scheduled for that flight. It was an impromptu boarding. He was fleeing.

Not quick enough though was he?

Shouting Thomas said...

And, I'll bet she's a very engaging, charming woman.

I can't believe how wet behind the ears you guys are.

Sometimes, I'm really glad that being in the music biz has kept me firmly one foot in the gutter.

I'm not unsympathetic to Diallo. She probably really does have a life story of intense struggle, drama, danger and tragedy. People don't, generally become con artists and schemers for no reason. They do so because they come from tough circumstances and they've adapted.

Diallo knows how to play men. It's part of her job description. And, I don't entirely mean this as a criticism. I'll bet she's a lot of fun if you're her friend.

Seven Machos said...

If you were innocent of the rape you were accused of, would you quit your job?

Your lack of understanding of high-status employment is touching.

Random Arrow said...

... as if she wasn’t primed as a pro (if she was a pro) by meme primes Weiner and Spitzer ... and hopes for the Koby Bryant jackpot day ... waiting for Godot ...

Rialby said...

"Also in the linked article: the report that the hotel housekeeper, telling her "life story" caused "senior people... in each of the agencies" to cry. I'd like to know a lot more about why those "senior people" were so vulnerable to what was, apparently, a phony story. What was it about this particular woman that lowered their usual defenses? Why was it possible to play them?"

Umm, the agencies are full of career government workers who are Liberal and never saw an immigrant sob story they didn't nod along with??

nevadabob said...

Hey Macho,

If you were innocent of the rape you were accused of, would you quit your job?

Seven Machos said...

The World Bank pays for the flights.

Are we arguing now about the difference between salary and benefits? Hilarious. Okay, yeah, Moby. The World Bank employed Strauss-Kahn and one of the payments he received was airfare to travel around representing the World Bank. Exactly like the company car for an assistant vice president in Akron.

You got us, dude. You got us good.

nevadabob said...

"Your lack of understanding of high-status employment is touching."

I know human nature.

No person I've ever met, accused of a heinous crime they were innocent of, would ever quit their job willingly.

They would hold news conferences and proudly proclaim their innocence. They would not hire lawyers to slime their accuser in the press.

DSK acts like a guilty man.

I don't KNOW that he's guilty, but he certainly is ACTING like a guilty man would act; whereas the victim is acting exactly like a victim would act.

It's telling.

Seven Machos said...

If I was president of the World Bank, or Ambassador to Colombia, or anyone important, and my position became politically untenable because of a criminal prosecution, I would resign. Particularly if, as was very nearly certainly the case here, the alternative was being forcibly removed from my position.

Of course, since you are a moby, you actually understand all this.

Rialby said...

Oh, and to append my earlier comment, she's black and from Africa. She could have said she was wounded in Darfur and the idiots with the rubber stamps wouldn't have guessed there's 4000 miles between her homeland and the Sudan.

nevadabob said...

"Your lack of understanding of high-status employment is touching."

I notice that you dodge questions you can't answer.

I asked you: If you were accused of a heinous crime that you did not commit, would you immediately quit your job?

Nobody I know would.

Seven Machos said...

No person I've ever met, accused of a heinous crime they were innocent of, would ever quit their job willingly.

You've simply never met anyone important. That's all.

Also, since Strauss-Kahn is loaded and since he will get another job easily without a problem if he wants one, doing the right thing by the World Bank was easy for him.

Shouting Thomas said...

Men, you're ignoring the question and focusing instead on your testosterone fueled battle over who's more chivalrous.

Read my two posts. I've most likely answered Althouse's question, which is why Diallo was able to con law enforcement.

She's a pro at doing precisely that. It's a matter of professional survival in the rackets she pursues.

It's funny to watch this battle of the bulls butting heads over who's the more chivalrous, but it's also kinda stupid.

Want to come up for air for a minute boys and address the question?

Seven Machos said...

I'm just fishing with a moby at present.

nevadabob said...

"You've simply never met anyone important. That's all."

I see.

Do you think that spin helps DSK, or hurts him?

Because I think pretty much anyone who reads this blog would agree with me that it's not normal for a person who is innocent to quickly quit their job when they get arrested.

I know I wouldn't. And I don't think you would.

A guilty person might though.

Like I said; I don't KNOW him to be guilty. We won't know that unless there's a trial. But he's ACTING just like a guilty person would.

And no amount of your spinning for him will change that.

William said...

nevadabob illustrates what a pickle Cyrus Vance is in. If the case goes to trial, there's a good chance that someone like nevadabob will end up on the jury. I would say a probability. If DSK gets convicted, it will be considered worldwide as the greatest miscarriage of justice since Dreyfus. On the other hand, if Vance loses the case, nevadabob will claim the fix was in, and many others will wonder why Vance even bothered to take it to trial. Finally, if Vance drops the charges, again he will be charged with being deferential to the rich Frenchie. All of this is going to cost him at the next election. Is there any way Cyrus Vance can clear his good name and restore his reputation? I think not.

fafhrd said...

This sounds more like the Defense using DSK's oodles of money to buy news articles that defame the alleged victim, all to sway a jittery prosecution (with a case against a really powerful and rich guy) in the court of public opinion.

nevadabob said...

"I'm just fishing with a moby at present."

You're not very good at it.

You're just helping me prove my point.

So thanks!

Random Arrow said...

Seven, c’mon, when you grow up to know human nature like human nature pro’s know human nature, then human naturally-knowing knows that everyone is acting guilty who cannot prove a negative, and resigning/not-resigning are both equally proofs of guilt because both do not prove the negative ... so the guy is guilty, guilty for resigning, guilty for not resigning ... badda, badda, bing ...

Seven Machos said...

Do you think that spin helps DSK, or hurts him?

There will be no charges pursued against Strauss-Kahn, so none of anything you are ranting about matters.

You can go about your sad, sorry, meaningless life now. He'll go back to France and live in opulence and be treated like a star.

traditionalguy said...

If a people can no longer protect their women from sexual assault from another people, then they have been destroyed. That is rule #1 in the the middle east's wars. The issue at stake here is the reputation of the USA to the rest of the world that we act legally upon a Judeo-Christian belief that says foreigners sojourning in the USA are to receive justice here. Believe it or not, but that issue will be what destroys the USA.If we surrender our tradition and revert to the rest of the world's standard of money paid to the Judges is all there is, then no more money will seek safety here. We must stand up for the maid here, or we will be ruined by a currency collapse faster than Obama and Soros and the IMF can arrange it using a man made energy price squeeze.

Shouting Thomas said...

I'll go even further.

I'll bet when Diallo tells her lies, she believes them.

Because she really has been dealt a bad hand in life, fucked over a lot and left to fend for herself in a wide variety of bad situations.

So, she just funnels her anger and sorrow over the general bad hand life has dealt to her into those occasions when she's got to play men.

And, she's working with the material men give to her. She knows that men love to play the rescuer, just like our commenters do. So, she appeals very cleverly to her potential rescuers and flatters them with gratitude that they, big important men that they are, would rescue a poor, helpless woman.

I'll bet she believes it when she's doing the act. Works best if you do.

nevadabob said...

"This sounds more like the Defense using DSK's oodles of money to buy news articles that defame the alleged victim, all to sway a jittery prosecution (with a case against a really powerful and rich guy) in the court of public opinion."

Yep. All the stories have been thinly sourced and all using anonymous sources.

Virtually every allegation against the victim has been from one single unidentified source and almost all of the slime stories are coming from the New York Times, a noted Socialist rag.

This is about two things:

1) Threatening the prosecutor's political career

2) Tainting the jury pool if it ever gets to court.

That Ann Althouse, a law professor, is actively helping the defense to taint a jury pool is simply unconscionable.

It's profoundly unethical behavior for a law professor.

It's sickening and pitiful.

Lem said...

Now, having said all that.. I would not change a thing.

The arrest was spot on.

Seven Machos said...

No one who has followed this case with any perseverance to this point can honestly say that it's possible for 12 people to agree that Strauss-Kahn is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of raping this woman.

Thus, there will be no prosecution.

Seven Machos said...

almost all of the slime stories are coming from the New York Times, a noted Socialist rag

Poor Moby hasn't been following the case very well.

Shouting Thomas said...

And, I'll repeat.

I bet she's one hell of a lot of fun.

I'll bet, if you are her confidant, that she's one hell of a good friend.

I think I would probably like her.

But, I would also watch my ass.

Craig said...

Did Bubba Watson forget to tuck a twenty for the housekeeper under his pillow this week when he missed the cut in France? The tooth fairies in the gallery were merciless.

Lem said...

Its funny how before it was the French that were tied up in knots reconsidering how their men treat women bla bla bla..

And now.. we seem to be in the midst of a re-evaluation..

Why are we so quick to judge?

I say a "rush to judgement" has not been properly credited as well as it should.

MarkG said...

Here she is: Not too shabby.

Shouting Thomas said...

You've got to remember, too, that part of her job as a con artist is to study the sob stories that appeal to Americans.

Don't really know her native culture, but I bet Ghana is a pretty hard ass place. I doubt that the standard feminist sob stories work there. I've been in a few third world countries, and those stories generally don't resonate the way they do in America.

Mainly because the "it's not fair!" thing isn't very important in a dirt poor country. Nobody cares that life isn't fair.

So, I'll bet that Diallo, since she targeted the U.S. and moved here, has been studying the standard feminist sob stories very closely.

She knows precisely what works with American men. American men are very soft and sentimental. They worry a lot about the guilt trip feminists have aimed at them.

This is a lot of material for Diallo to work with.

Lem said...

A rush to judgement has been getting a bum rap.

Think of all the things you have to hastily judge everyday and tell me where would you be w/o it?

In the age of the unmanned drone, and the TSA, a sharp rush to judgement can be the difference between our enemies dying or a NYC suicide bomber dying.

Which would you rather have?

Doug Wright said...

Anyone ever hear of Roman Polanski, he of the raping under age girls Polanskis, the one that France would not allow to be extradited back to the USA to face justice for the crimes for which he had been found guilty! Yeah, that's the one. That's probably a reason why DSK was arrested as soon as he was. Of course, the NYPD could have allowed DSK to return to France and then to wave innocently at American courts.

Boohoo, the French are so anger with the USA, we actually charge miscreants with crimes and investigate those alleged acts to determine what to do about the charges.

Too darn bad that the NYPD likely wanted to avoid having another Roman Polanski type episode.

Shouting Thomas said...

OK, Althouse, I answered the question. Nobody else even wants to try.

Do I get an A, teach? Gold star?

Seven Machos said...

I don't have any problem with the way Strauss-Kahn has been treated. He spent little time in jail. He has lived in a gaudy townhouse. He has been full accorded a vast number of rights -- many of which are not available elsewhere, including France.

That said, all of this appears at this point to be a miscarriage of justice and this woman certainly should go to jail for a long time.

SteveR said...

how was this "routine police work"?

Random Arrow said...

New book title:

Prostitutes and Prosecutors: Deadheads - Composition and Performance are One

O’Donnell has a point about sloppiness ...

“Somewhere in the middle of the second set of every Grateful Dead show the band turns a corner. They enter a musical environment without walls or structure. The song form is abandoned, and the very elements of music may be called into question. The only mandate is to explore new territory. It is an environment where rhythm, tone, color, melody, and harmony can be explored without rules or predetermination, a musical adventure where composition and performance are one" (Bob Bralove).

Michael Haz said...

No man ever got in trouble for keeping his dick in his pants.

Dust away all the secondary and tertiary circumstances in this case, and he's still a jerk, a jerk who was very lucky that the woman he (may have) raped has a criminal record that makes her a disaster as a witness.

Lem said...

Al Qaeda, 9/11 has made our guys, at home and abroad, high on "rush to judgement".

IMHO.. that's a good thing.

fafhrd said...

Nevadabob has it right; every source has been anonymous and thinly sourced, and it's ALL in one direction.

And none of it has been corroborated by the Defense, Prosecution, or Judge. It's all been very, very public.

And considering the defendant, it makes me wonder (especially considering DSK's past history with these kind of shady political shenannigans).

HT said...

The head of the World Bank is Robert Zoellick. DSK was head of the IMF.

Seven Machos said...

Dude -- Why was Strauss-Kahn's bail bond reduced so dramatically? That was a telling event, requiring some reading between the lines and acumen.

But, really: aren't you just a sock puppet for Bob the Moby?

Seven Machos said...

HT -- I thought World Bank sounded fishy. Thank you for correcting that.

Shouting Thomas said...

You see, this is the problem.

Diallo, con artist that she is, is a more sympathetic figure than DSK.

Diallo really has been dealt a bad hand in life, and she's conning and cheating and whoring to try to get by. Probably through no fault of her own.

So, we all tend to cheer for that kind of underdog.

DSK, on the other hand, is an overfed, pompous piece of shit who probably never faced a really tough spot his entire life. On top of that the SOB treats the hired help bad.

Just like the rest of you, I'd get some satisfaction out of seeing him get fucked up the ass, whether he deserves it or not.

I think we want some cosmic justice here that is entirely unrelated to the specifics of this incident.

William said...

@MarkG: There was a photo posted on another site. In the comments section someone observed that the picture was of a Sengalese beauty queen. We should all withhold a rush to judgement on this woman's beauty. By and large, women who look like Naomi Campbell do not work as hotel maids.......I came of age in a number of bad neighborhoods. I've always been honest. This is not a reflection of my character so much as it is of my intelligence. I was smart enough to realize that I wasn't smart enough to get away with it.... This woman has a certain amount of cunning and guile. She's gotten away with quite a lot. Her success was her undoing. She became hubristic and thought that she could take on a man as wealthy and powerful as DSK with all his lawyers and investigators. Maybe something happened, but I don't believe it went down the way she says.....Still this is NYC. Who knows? Maybe DSK will give her a payday just to make the case go away. In which case, she's not so dumb.

Carol_Herman said...

Well, I'll bet after the maid reported what happened to her in that hotel room. And, the manager came upstairs. He knew, right off the bat, that DSK would never be coming back, again, as a guest.

Then, what follows is a call to police. And, a trip for the maid to the hospital.

Maid's worried, right off the bat, that she could lose her job!

DSK, meanwhile, knows exactly what the hotel room looked like when he left!

You can add, since the woman in france came forward and said she was sorry her mom talked her out of telling the police about her "god-father's" attempt to rape her. Shows you how long a woman's memory of a terrible event, lasts and lasts.

Ms. Bonnan (sp?) said she was all of 21. And, DSK was a "rutting chimpanzee."

The maid had no idea there'd be anyone stepping forward! That particular piece of information flew around the world. And, by then, DSK was on Riker's. Because he did get arrested. The plane did not taxi forward towards Paris, France.

And, to arrest him ... a lot of sequences had to fall into place!

Plus, of course, beyond DSK's contempt for everybody ... was his phone call to the hotel. Looking for his missing cell phone. (Which wasn't found.)

But by then the police were on the case!

The arrest wasn't just because a judge got to sign a warrant. First? There were diplomatic courtesies that needed to be processed, as well.

And, then, the police could approach the plane.

Carol_Herman said...

This story ain't over. To die, it needs to be forgotten, first.

And, if DSK flees now, he'd stand to lose his wife's $5-million smakeroo's. That got put up to guarantee bail.

He's not home free.

The smearing of the maid?

Typical. But maybe, it won't stand up?

For a slow weekend, have you seen what Ann Althouse captured, here? While even among us, it's a skeleton crew. So many others are just outside celebrating a long weekend. Celebrating the 4th of July. And, all that it stands for!

Now. Ahead. Will we ever see the evidence that's been collected? Including the evidence the police photographer shot?

And, the DNA evidence. Which is not on par with Crystal Mangum's vagina. There was real violence involved, here.

Not an ordinary blow job, by any means.

Arrogant french putz.

They're more than welcome to have him back.

As for journalists, I'm really surprised not one of them didn't hear through the "grapevine" that the Brooklyn hotel was a place for sexual assignation.

Heck, Bill Clinton would have gone there just for the free blow job!

And yet, no "journalist" steps forward? Not for a free blow job and a Pulitzer?

Man, you shouldn't be able to take "unknown sources" for anything that even nears the truth. It's just a crap journalism sandwich.

Meanwhile, the only person so far put under oath? Has been the maid. Who is illiterate. So if this goes to court, how does she get pressed to identify her tax return? Or to read from collected police reports and grand jury testimony, out loud?

Come again?

She doesn't get jurors to sympathize with her?

The judge has to "weigh" what to do next. Sometimes, a judge can choose to go forward, just for lights. Fame. And,camera. Others can be freaked by cameras.

Only time will tell.

It's a stupid legal tactic to claim the maid is a whore. And, to stack your evidence deck with "events" that came AFTERWARD. After you paid a mint to an assortment of others, to smear the maid, for ya.

While more people than not, who sit on juries, take what they do, seriously.

Charges that the maid is a whore? Wouldn't stand up when jurors can look at the witness. Just as the grand jurors did.

If DSK wasn't a flight risk, no judge would have schtupped him into Rikers.

Oh, yeah. In court. To establish the case's credentials. Called to the witness stand has to be a few witnesses who worked at the Sofitel. Who can describe what maids do. And, why this maid's hysteria set off alarm bells.

Even on 42nd street! Even with the New Yoke Times fanning the flames away from DSK's ass, in a building across the street.

"In the best of all worlds," a french diplomat wouldn't accost a maid and create havoc in a room, just because he had an erection and needed to be serviced.

What has this world come to? Well, for an answer, I'll choose ALERT!

Primitive Thinker said...

From the get go, I've wondered, how do you 'make' somebody gob your knob? And why would you? That particular orifice contains really sharp teeth.

Seven Machos said...

There were diplomatic courtesies that needed to be processed, as well.

Not true. Strauss-Kahn was not under immunity at the time he was traveling. Further, there is much less immunity outside the capital city even in your host country.

Laws of diplomatic immunity are mundane, hopelessly complex, and ultimately meaningless because the immunity rights can be waived by the country and not the charged individual. Nevertheless, you should try to understand them before you spout such brazen bullshit. Don't you think?

Seven Machos said...

Carol -- It's over. As for DNA evidence, if it was collected from every male's hotel room and arrests were based on the results, millions of men would be arrested.

But tell us again about diplomatic immunity.

Shouting Thomas said...

From the get go, I've wondered, how do you 'make' somebody gob your knob? And why would you? That particular orifice contains really sharp teeth.

Yes, that's a no brainer. If you'd like to keep your dick, oral rape is a really bad idea.

From Inwood said...

The NY Tabloids, the NYT, & New York Mag are somewhat down on poor Cy Vance.

See, e.g.,

They knew she was lying -- but the bosses didn't want to hear it.

Two top sex-crimes specialists on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case had serious doubts about his accuser's credibility almost from the moment she reported an attack -- but they were booted from the investigation because of office politics.

Lisa Friel, then chief of the Manhattan DA's Sex Crimes Unit, and a senior investigator with the unit were tossed off the case after an internal battle over how to proceed, and less-experienced replacements ignored their concerns in a rush to present evidence to a grand jury, said multiple sources familiar with the rift.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/cy_team_ignored_warnings_mdbk4knw4CaS2OsWlK0dDL#ixzz1R6ReeBVn

And Cy, Jr has had a bad losing streak lately:

The collapse of former IMF-head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's sex-assault case is the just the latest black eye for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr., who has overseen a dizzying array of embarrassing losses during just 16 months in office.

Elected in 2009 with the support of legendary DA Robert Morgenthau, Vance, a former Seattle defense lawyer, promised to be a "very active DA" and said, "There are going to be new bureaus, new policies and, in some cases, new directions."

But the direction appears to be down with each new acquittal or botched case.


[List Omitted]
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/another_debacle_for_black_eye_cy_WTw2uZEz0p8iSklDHX4MCL#ixzz1R6UNUBAe

Lem said...

I think we want some cosmic justice here that is entirely unrelated to the specifics of this incident.

It got Obama elected..

Carol_Herman said...

Nevadabob, I'm going to defend Ann.

This is how teachers get discussions going.

If a teacher comes in and shows you the best argument, no one in the class would raise a hand.

Here? Ann sets it up to pull from us our own thoughts. She's not providing the best answer.

This is what makes this blog so great!

And, yes. Everyone contributing makes it a whole lot better!

Ann's a marvel. If only all teachers were this good! (But then we'd be living in a perfect world.)

Mark said...

Skilled operators don't call the cops, because they are JUST like a box of chocolates.

He ran.

Sorry, those two points make me think that if she isn't on the side of the angels, she's still probably on the side of truth.

Seven Machos said...

Something happened between these two individuals, and it almost certainly ended badly. But there was no rape.

Shouting Thomas said...

Shit, I'm the only one who followed directions and answered the question on the test.

I even turned my paper in on time.

I was neat and comported myself well.

Althouse! Althouse! I demand a gold star!

Lem said...

..she's still probably on the side of truth.

The prosecutors see the hand writing on the wall and instead of having egg on their face they choose to give the jury the day off. A jury that would be told all that.. it could be told about a woman.

In a he said, she said.. The character witnesses against DSK are in Europe and they probably don't even speak English.

Wereas.. our emigree has been cought on tape boasting about what she can do.. she did not play her victim cards right.

Reminds me of the Casey Anthony trial and the prosecutions case hinging on how the mother of the victim was "acting" in the days following the death of her child.

If you are a victim, you are supposed to stay one.. and if you you dont.. its because you might not be one.

Its like watching a "reality show".

By doing what they are doing the prosecutors come out smelling like a rose either way.

BTW.. I'm seem to be using every cliche possible to say waht I want to say.. In my defence I'll just say I love them as much as Althouse hates them ;)

Rick Lee said...

It's going to be an interesting book some day.

Lem said...

Something happened between these two individuals, and it almost certainly ended badly. But there was no rape.

Given waht we know.. I believe thats right.

Carol_Herman said...

The best piece of evidence that we know of, came from France! Where a beautiful reporter came forward. And, told the world, FINALLY, that DSK tried to rape her when she was 21! She also said her mother told her to just shut up.

Now, her mother is sorry.

Defend DSK all you want.

There's EVIDENCE in the room that something of a violent sexual assault was done.

You want to know how the blow job was done, and the maid didn't bite of the putz' penis?

DSK grabbed the maid's hair! He pushed her down! He overwhelmed her.

And, there's evidence all over the place! Including blood evidence.

You bet, I think a police photographer went in. And, yes. I also believe the police interviewed witnesses who were working at the hotel.

This room was on a floor way up. 28th? There's only one other room on that floor. And, it was empty.

Cyrus Vance got "moved into position" to run. And, as a democrap. Because he's from an influential family. (Dad had worked for Jimmy Carter, and all.)

You've now got a New York City DA who couldn't find his ass with both hands and a flashlight!

While it was the news from France that corroborated DSK's penchant to use violence.

The maid did not make this up!

That the case may be dead?

Doesn't mean Cyrus Vance isn't gonna get challenged, ahead, in the political arena.

He can lose this case, no doubt.

But it shouldn't have been a case that you lose on the evidence!

To do that, really creepy things are going on, now.

Like I said: "THE HALF MOON HOTEL" ... Murder, Inc. And, the FBI losing their witness through a hotel room window. Where there were cops assigned to watch the hallway and door. Who said they saw nothing. And, heard nothing.

Yeah. The witness "fell."

Whom will you believe? The mafiosi? Or your lying eyes?

The maid, meanwhile, is getting her reputation hacked to pieces.

I'm glad to see some of us stepping forward being unwilling to have our prejudicial buttons punched.

Carol_Herman said...

Rick Lee, let's say a "book gets written." The maid's illiterate! She can't read a word!

Now, as a photographer, you would know what would greet the police photographer's eye. When he went in to take pictures. Before the room was cleaned up. To prepare it for another guest.

Would the photographer miss taking pictures of the evidence? Walls. Blood on the bedsheet. Carpeting with stains. Then, he'd go from the bedroom. Into the bathroom.

Why, I'd bet a good photographer can even hone in on spit stains.

Cyrus Vance is a political animal. He's getting instructions "from above."

He's trying to make the dump he is taking pass the smell test.

But, ya know? If a book gets written, whose to say the DA's office isn't a hotbed full of writing maniacs? All with an axe to grind?

The truth will out.

Probably before Cyrus Vance's next election day.

Lem said...

Carol seems to be under the impression that given yet another powerful male-Clintonian sexual escapade and a shady "prostitute" like character, that a jury will give the would be "prostitute" the benefit of the doubt and convict the powerful male-Clinton?

Wake up!!

Shouting Thomas said...

DSK grabbed the maid's hair! He pushed her down! He overwhelmed her.

And, there's evidence all over the place! Including blood evidence.

Carol, you're just making this shit up.

Why don't you write a detective story? You clearly enjoy story telling.

Carol_Herman said...

Nope. I'm not making shit up!

And, yes, while Bill Clinton didn't have to use force to get his cock sucked. Dominique did. In the hotel room. Where he attacked the maid.

And, there's physical evidence that was left in the room.

Before we heard from Ms. Bannon in france that Dominique is a "rutting chimpanzee."

Scream away, shouting thomas. Scream away.

Cyrus Vance, however, took a great case. And, tried to bury it.

And, here we are. On a slow news day ... tapping out a hundred comments.

You think Ann's unaware that she's got a lead story by the tail?

Titus said...

I couldn't figure out the blow job rape thing.

That sounds dangerous.

What if the woman thought the only way I can get out of this blow job "rape" is biting his dick off?

I don't believe there are blow job rapes unless there is a gun at the blow jobers head.

She sounds like she might be a decent looking piece of ass though and she is a muzzie hooker? Wow.

Lem said...

How Low Can You Go - Ludacris

The maid version..

Lem said...

How Low Can You Go - Ludacris

DSK's version.

bagoh20 said...

"Why was it possible to play them? "

Because such stories are real for thousands of immigrants, and the idea that someone like DSK was an asshole is also usually the case.

The risky thing is to not believe it. The odd are that the alleged story is the correct one. I have carefully calculated these odds though the use of a scientifically sound combination of Santeria and Calculus. It's fool proof.

She did not want raped, and he wanted to rape her, so he did, according to my calculations,
Imagine being the one person to dismiss her story, if it was true.

Lem said...

You Like Me Better Rich - 50 Cent

Lem said...

Get Money - Junior M.A.F.I.A. Feat. The Notorious B.I.G.

This story is plugged into all archetypal pop culture themes.

vw resuptr

george said...

A lot will depend on what her examination revealed. Fresh wounds in intimate places or similar evidence would still trump these un-sourced stories now being leaked out. Money can buy a lot of good press. Prosecutors are normally forbidden to comment on ongoing investigations and cases so it is a little unfair at this point to draw conclusions based on hearing just one side. We have absolutely no idea who these sources are or what their motives might be.

And yeah, the Polanski thing had to be a consideration here. He was CONVICTED of drugging, sodomizing and raping a child. His lawyers negotiated his punishment down to a slap on the wrist but he split town before we could even deliver the slap. Then the Euro-trash refused to send him back for punishment. I have to think that played a role in the rush to make sure DSK wasn't allowed to leave the country.

The only thing I think we know for sure is that something happened in the hotel room and DSK left in a hell of a hurry. Whether that was because he did something illegal or because the woman threatened him in some way remains to be seen.

Frankly, I am ignoring anything that does not concern the incident itself right now. If you want to play character assassination games all I can say is that being a socialist politician or the head of the IMF seems like a much less ethical way to make a living than being a whore. The latter at least is honest work not involving separating people from their money by force.

Carol_Herman said...

Wrong, Titus.

Men "whip it out" ... and, if the woman doesn't understand what the guy wants ... all he has to do is pull her by her hair towards his "throbbing member."

Finally, a woman might just give in ... so she can go home? What does it take to get the "throbbing member" to squirt?

And, that's occurring in this story, in the fancy bathroom!

While the naked Dominique was supposed to have already "checked out."

The maid comes in to spruce up the room for the next guest.

You know, I still believe the maid's story.

The icing on the cake was the confirmation from France, when Ms. Bannon (sp?) came forward.

Even though Dominque was this woman's "god-father!" Do you understand that Dominque was an ADULT when he assumed the role of god-parent? He was attacking a woman he knew as a baby!

And, Ms. Bannon said Dominque was a "rutting chimpanzee" !!

Do you want to talk about what the french know about this guy?

Then, as soon as this is splashed across PAGE ONE ... Out comes the whore who exposed "Client #9" ... And, she said Dominque is so violent NONE OF THE "GIRLS" wanted to service him!

Sometimes, I wonder if lawyers actually like their work? If attacking the maid's reputation actually gave them any pleasure? Of if they just did it to "pay the mortgage?"

Cyrus Vance is in a pay scale way above his abilities! But he got the job the same way Algore did. Born into it. Raised up by parents who plugged their sons into a "connected life."

We've turned politics on its head! We've made aristocrats! You get to be born into it, now!

Who knew?

When there once was a time you rose up in politics by your abilities.

Not anymore.

Now, you're "cultivated" by birth rights.

Who knew? Who knew?

Hope these shit heads are real proud.

Oh. And, no, I don't miss Dubya, either.

I'm still just amazed you can be "born into it."

While, yes. I did see Teddy Kennedy's "seat" ... not the people's seat ... just float away.

Let's hope all of these seats ... just float away!

The maid will never get her reputation back.

Dominique, however, is not the Singing Nun. He's a pervert!

Cyrus Vance is INCOMPETENT!

And, there is no such thing as journalistic ethics. The profession has been turned over to prostitutes.

I have no advice, either, for women who find their heads pulled down to suck off a cock, either. You can't even suck so hard that the schmuck thinks his eyeballs are being sucked out ... without it being his thrill of a lifetime.

The poor maid. If she had only puked up her lunch! (Maybe, we should all learn to carry Ginko berries in our pocket?) Can you put off a monster like Dominique?

You know, this story has not come to its official end.

Lem said...

Money Changes Everything - Cyndi Lauper

Lem said...

This story affords us the opportunity to ilustrate the illusion of having our priorities - sex, money, politics, culture and everything else we tell each other we care about perfectly right spot on.

My Love - Lionel Richie

bagoh20 said...

Ms. Herman,

Could we get back to that throbbing part. I think you were on to something there. I just need you to flesh out the idea a little more.

Carol_Herman said...

The "senior crybaby rhetoric" is the touch of fake journalism. Brought in to make the maid look ludicrous.

Dollars to doughnuts it NEVER happened!

Creative license run amok.

bagoh20 said...

"You know, this story has not come to its official end."

But it was a happy ending.

Carol_Herman said...

Bagoh 20, I love you. Do you want my soft hands mussing up your hair?

Do 72 year old women really excite you so much?

Go ahead. You can describe blow jobs if you don't think I did such a good job.

Lenny Bruce died for our sins.

Trooper York said...

I stand second to none in my knowledge of how the world works. At least in my not humble opinion.

Much if not all of what Shouting said is true. But I ask you to consider this. Grifter's never get the cops involved. They play the angles and don't expose themselves. They do their work in the shadows. The light destroys them. This smells like it happened pretty much the way she told it. If she is this criminal mastermind like the scumbag press is touting she would be smart enough not to sell her pussy while living in the DA's hotel room. If she was in it for the payoff she wouldn't have screwed with it for chump change especially if she had all this money they claim she had in her bank accounts.

Sometimes the simple answer is the right one. It wasn't a sinister scheme to destroy a presidential election or score millions from an old rich pervert.

Pretty much it sounds like everybody is lying. Maybe it was a transaction that went south. I wouldn't drop it. I think this french piece of shit is gonna skip town if Sulzberger and Vance don't fix it for him.

I am as right wing as the next guy even if the next guy is Genghis Khan but I don't think that this slimy french fuck should walk without facing his accuser in a court of law.

But then I have no faith in the law or lawyers or the courts or the justice system. So I don't think justice will be done.

It's that simple.

Lem said...

Love Is The Drug - Grace Jones

Lem said...

..even if the next guy is Genghis Khan

I did Ked that Trooper ;)

In a perfect world we would have perfect.. I agree with you.

Trooper York said...

I love you too Lem.

Bit always remember one thing.

Boston Sucks.

And they don't even cry rape afterwards. Just sayn'

Lem said...

I Love You

Carol_Herman said...

Trooper York. You wrote an excellent analysis.

But you know what? Just to compare. I always thought the republicans were nuts to impeach Bill Clinton.

Yet, here we are. Bill Clinton didn't have to resign. The public, as a matter of fact, remained, by and large, sympathetic.

But his magic was erased.

Dominique has been sucking at the American taxpayer's tit for ages. What's fallen, however, brick by brick, is the UN. The EURO. And, all the stuff we were forced to absorb. Because the "upper echelon" is a click.

Once Ms. Bannon (sp?) in france told her story. And, felt relieved to finally tell it, too! I think "The Rutting Chimpanzee" is what's gonna stick.

Sulzberger and Vance can both got to hell.

The story is NOT just going to fade away, either!

Can the maid regain her reputation? Did she lose it in Harlem? I don't think so. I think, instead, the democraps pissed on one of their strongest constituencies. It lowers the vote count. You can't create enthusiasm, or applause, when people sit on their hands.

An immigrant's life is a hard life.

And, ya know what? There are plenty of white people who are discovering that you can't push their buttons by claiming the maid is an illegal African.

Maybe, the judge will toss the case? Maybe, the judge fears that Cyrus Vance is such a putz, letting him try the case would be a big fat disaster?

I don't care.

Even if DS-K goes back to france. I don't care.

The story? It's gonna stick up their like Anthony Weiner's crotch shot. You can't hack this one, either.

And, yes. People will believe what they want to believe.

I'm thrilled we're not a nation of bigots.

Lem said...

Fortunately.. it is the Yahnkess that suck.

Cedarford said...

Michael Haz said...
No man ever got in trouble for keeping his dick in his pants.

Yeah, yeah....Good little feminist drone work Haz. Maybe your Queen Bee will smile at you and say you are not as bad as *spit* most other men.

It goes like this - any sexual encounter with a consenting woman or even something like having a stripper at a party - is ALL the man/mens fault if the woman has any complaints ranging from hurt feelings, post drunk regrets, or false rape accusations because it could have all been avoided if men just kept their evil penises in their pants.

Michael Haz - "I do, I do! I never let my evil penis make me succumb to filthy male urges, Miss Queen Bee!"

Trooper York said...

Really amigo?

Who is in first place again?

I mean I know you guys won the season series so far but you know when other teams play the Yankees it's like the World Series for them.

For the Yankees....only the World Series is the World Series. Just sayn'

Lem said...

What You Won't Do For Love - Bobby Caldwell

Love and money are interchangeable? two faces of the same coin?

Trooper York said...

Michael Haz can take of himself but some men have control of their member and don't get a woody every time they see a bakery just because they have an oven inside. Just sayn'

Lem said...

I mean I know you guys won the season series so far..

Yes we gloriously have.

I've kept from gloating because its not the playoffs.. but just you watch tropper.

The sox are going to win everything.. all the way.

Trooper York said...

Lem. Poor sad deluded Lem. Face it. The Sox are second best. Almost every year. And this will just be another. Sorry dude.

Lem said...

When it comes to Cedaford, I believe Troopers use of the word oven is not accidental.

Not bad for a Yankee fan ;)

Geoff Matthews said...

What was it about the woman? She's black and an immigrant. That's three victim groups that she belongs to (race, immigration status and sex). How would it look if they didn't believe her immediately?

I give the police a pass on this. They were lied to.

Lem said...

..almost every year.

Thats right.. thank God you not a lefty trampling the facts and calling Althouse "great and terrible".

bagoh20 said...

"Do 72 year old women really excite you so much?"


Lem said...

Geoff - thats what I've been trying to say all night.

Lem said...

Loverboy - Billy Ocean

Lem said...

Louder than Love - TKA/K7

Lem said...

That's three victim groups that she belongs to (race, immigration status and sex).

In horse racing thats called a trifecta... as most times, some tips are too good to be true.

Cedarford said...

Althouse asks how experienced prosecutors could have been so deceived by a sob story. (a 3rd world grifter).


The answer is they apparantly weren't.

Detectives doing initial investigation said the whole story of the maid smelled to high heaven and nothing in DSK's behavior indicated a perps behavioral signs, while the maid had several "tells" indicating she was formulating what she was going to say in her mind before she said it. They were highly dubious of her saying that the older, smaller out of shape banker forced his cock into her mouth and she fellated him to climax - all without use of a weapon. It looked to them like a hooker-John encounter gone bad.

The investigations part of the Sex Crimes Unit believed she was lying minutes into their own interview with her. The head of the Sex Crimes Unit, Lisa Friel, then got into a long shouting match with a trial DA who prosecutes rape cases after other attorneys do Intake and decide if it goes to Grand Jury. That attorney, Ann Prunty, not part of the Sex Crimes Unit, had inserted herself into the process as a rape prosecution expert who had obtained high profile convictions. Prunty BELIEVED the woman and went to the Asstt DA Daniel Alonso and said the "woman needed her" and be needed to take the sex crimes head and a senior investigator off the case so she could take over with aanother hard charger and ram it through a Grand Jury so they could keep the rapist locked up, no bail set..(He might escape to France even if he surrendered his passport, maybe shelter in the embassy!!)
Alonso, the recently appointed highly ambitious friend of Cy Vance Jr - ruled in Prunty's favor and also wanted to do the perp walk for NY media as pics would help his rep as the recently arrived Assistant DA. It was already a media firestorm and Alonso wanted to show the NYC media he too was a champion of devout Muslim underdogs, took rape VERY seriously!

When Lisa Friel learned her unit was end-arounded by Alonso and she and her senior investigator were removed, the investigating dectives preliminary report on the interviews with staff, the woman and DSK through attorney - Friel quit. Rather than wait until Friels already announced Sept 1 departure date.

Alonso assigned a more experienced investigations attorney to work with Prunty.
The seasoned investigator had doubts about going to the Grand jury before cops had finished with staff interviews at the hotel, reviewed room key card times of the woman and DSK - but went along with Alonso telling her to get it done ASAP - saying he believed the woman was incapable of lying as did Prunty..And media was saying her friends (actually it turns out members of her gang) said she was a super mother, tireless worker and most of all, A Devout Muslim - pure and unable to lie because the Qur'an forbade it!

After the grand Jury indictment, the seasoned investigator quickly determined the maid had major credibility problems with her story, then the background checks on DSK and the accuser showed DSK was a womanizer but no criminal past. The accuser, though...oh boy! Higher ups were alerted of it.

Cedarford said...

Trooper forgets he is the one that wants no rich old French Jews in NYC and wants more poor innocent women like Diallo. I was one of the first here that stated it looked like another Duke Lacrosse case. Anyone that had an open mind and was not committed to automatically side with the woman for PC reasons against the white oppressor or brain dead conservative chivalry...knew something stunk from the start.

I said rich old Jewish businessmen, Euro businessmen, and rich tourists of both types would get a far better welcome in other parts of the country than Trooper's NYC. They are welcome! Meanwhile, we would happily send all the 3rd world trash Trooper wants from our areas to NYC.

Maybe Trooper likes her because her gang is heavily into counterfeit designer and brand name clothing trafficking....and Trooper has to stock his shelves.

Gene said...

Well, as Tom Wolfe said in Bonfire of the Vanities, you can never underestimate the attraction of a great white defendant.

Big city prosecutors spend all their lives putting away purse snatchers, car thieves, pimps, whores, drug dealers, and petty thugs. If you went to a liberal big time law school as almost everyone has it makes you feel like you're on the wrong side of history, prosecuting minorities for small potatoes while big time white criminals never even get arrested, let alone go to jail.

At the same time, a sympathetic black female defendant allows a prosecutor to wallow in the wrongs she's suffered all her life. Now he has a concrete way both to assuage his racial guilt and become beloved by the black community, even as he parlays his triumph to a coveted spot on every dinner party "A" list.

Gene said...

His own goddaughter reports that he tried to rape her too.

His wife left him after that, right? Or if not, why not?

Gene said...

Nevadabob: You're sickening, Ann.


I bet you're so disgusted with her in fact you're never going to visit her web page again.

Clyde said...

Puh-lease! With those kind of accusations being made against him, there was NO WAY that they could allow him to Polanski his way out of there to France, never to return. Arresting him immediately was the only choicethey had if they ever wanted to see justice done. And since the accuser's credibility has been shredded and DSK (innocent or not) has walked, I'd say that it has been. Au revoir, Monsieur DSK. You may return to your normal predations. Just don't do it here in the USA with a credible witness.

edutcher said...

As to the accused:

"in a perfect world, they would not have had to arrest him right away... "

He ran like a thief. For once, TV is right, it really does scream, "I did it!".

The Gray Lady really is Hell-bent on saving this aristocrat, reputation (I use the word loosely) and all.

And Al Baker shows himself to be a Left-wing jerk.

As to the accuser:

"I'd like to know a lot more about why those 'senior people' were so vulnerable to what was, apparently, a phony story."

Lefty Democrat politicos listening to a black woman accuse a rich white guy.

Do the math.

Freeman Hunt said...

The NYT is ridiculous. Of course they had to arrest him right away, he was fleeing the country. And of course they couldn't just let him out on bail, he would flee the country.

I am most amused, however, by those who have never known any poor people. "Omigod! She had a drug dealer boyfriend! Well, that settles it, she does not fit my noble poor person model formed from literature and therefore is dead to me!"

Freeman Hunt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freeman Hunt said...

Also, even if he can't get convicted beyond a reasonable doubt, DSK made himself look awfully guilty. So you have a bunch of people who think that this woman is a rape victim (and she does have his DNA on her shirt and vaginal bruising.) They are going to be much more sympathetic to the asylum application story of a rape victim.

Michael said...

It was possible to play them the same way many commenters herenhave been gulled. Black good white bad rich bad poor good africa childlike france cynical woman vicrim man rapist. Easy. Boo hoo.

MarkD said...

In a perfect world, France would extradite fugitives from the US.

traditionalguy said...

The Europeans, thinking like good descendants of Rome think, only see their Emperor under attack. The NYC police had a reaction that saw DSK as a man equal in rights to a hotel maid. So let there be a trial! Can the Empire attack using its money as power call off a trial? Many commenters here even fight for a quick surrender calling off a trial, basing the surrender argument on the "women are all money seeking liars about sex " meme. I can only guess this affirms the truth that after the opening statements, the trial results are fixed. In this case only anonymous sources in the DA's office have made any opening statements, all in DSK's favor, in leaks to the NYT. The question remaining is whether or not protecting Emperor DSK's chimpanzee in heat sex habits is worth also denying immigrants hope we once wrote on the Statue Of Liberty sent to us by a Frenchman.

Hagar said...

There is absolutely no one connected with this case, or the dissemination of information about it, whose word can be trusted.

So, simmer down people and stand by for further bulletins!

Wv: payport - don't know, but think it has something to do with government.

Jose_K said...

European newspaper published her, alleged, photo and she is ok in one and in other she is beautiful so crying is not a surprise

Jose_K said...

The arrest was totally justified
Perhaps with the rules of 1791 but not of today.

nevadabob said...

"... even if he can't get convicted beyond a reasonable doubt, DSK made himself look awfully guilty."

Yes, and he looks even more guilty now that other women are coming forward.

Tristane Banon will file a complaint in France charging Dominique Strauss-Kahn with attempted rape. Banon is Strauss-Kahn's goddaughter.

NY Post: "The incident was alleged to have taken place in Paris in 2003, when Banon worked as a journalist and interviewed Strauss-Kahn. She was persuaded against filing a complaint at the time by her mother, but revealed the alleged incident shortly after the former International Monetary Fund chief was arrested on rape charges in New York in May.

Ms. Banon is not a prostitute.

Ms. Banonis not a liar.

Ms. Banon doesn't have a drug abusing boyfriend.

Ms. Banon is not poor.

Ms. Banon is not an immigrant.

Ms. Banon is not black.

nevadabob said...

Oh, and also, Ann Althouse has had absolutely NOTHING to say about Ms. Banon's allegations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

I wonder how ann will try to destroy Ms. Banon's credbility.

John said...

Why is anyone surprised that Ann is in favor of letting DSK get way with whatever he got way with?

He is a famous person, after all. Ann is all for famous people being exempt from the laws that apply to the likes of you and me.

Case in point: Willie Nelson.

Case in point: Roman Polanski

She is a lawyer, that is what lawyers do. Worse, she is a lawyer who teaches wouldbe lawyers that laws only apply to us little people.

No, anyone who is surprised at Ann's support of ditching the case would likely be surprised if a scorpion stung them. It's just the nature of both.


John said...

Seven Machos asked:

"Any of you zealots from a few threads ago still defending this woman?"

I still am.

I still find the whole idea of a hooking housekeeper VERY dubious.

I still find way too many coincidences in this this whole case. Cyrus Vance, the Chicago connection, the timing and so on.

Take it to trial.


Fred4Pres said...

Titus asked on another thread if she was cute, yeah she is.

Sixty Grit said...

fred - you are kidding, right?

G Joubert said...

FWIW and meanwhile: since "the American trial is finished," French writer Tristane Banon has filed suit accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape.

Fred4Pres said...

sixty, well the HIV+ stuff and her being a scam artist looking for grifters is a turn off, but her face is attractive. Her and Titus would likely hit it off.

gregq said...

Ok, here's a question that, so far as I can tell, none of the commentors have asked, let alone answered:

Is it rape if you have sex with a prostitute, and then refuse to pay her (him)?

Is it rape if you pay a prostitute, have sex with her (him), and then forcibly take the money back? Or is that merely robbery?

I say both are rape: you violated teh terms of consent of your partner, which means you had sex with your partner without your partner's consent.

It's not "forcible rape", but IMHO it's still rape.

If you disagree, please state your disagreement in a way that can't be used to push the "she asked for it by dressing that way" defense (or state that you agree with "she asked for it by dressing that way").

We prosecute people for robbing and murdering drug dealers. Why shouldn't prostitutes receive the same level of protection?

Carol_Herman said...

When you go to court, both sides have an "equal chance" at winning. As losing.

It seems odd to me that a prosecutor needs a guarantee in advance that this case wins. THIS IS A LIE!


There has never been a prosecutor in America who was guaranteed a win, UNLESS he fixed it with the judge! Back in those days, our Founding Fathers were trying to cure the town folk from just showing up at the jail. With a rope!

Cyrus Vance is beyond incompetent! He's watching the press toss his case out the window, on the one assumption he can't win it!

You know, if Cyrus Vance goes to a race track. And, bets money on a horse. All the "house" gives him are odds! He is not sold a winning ticket BEFORE any race!

So, let's stop the bullshit.

If DSK walks it is only because he's spent the money WAXING the wheels of pay-off ... that only goes into the top pockets.

It's like the Saud's and the Bush Family. And, then the Saud's and the Clinton's.

Sure. Crimes you can get away with ... but let time pass. The truth will come out.

The maid? She's not hated in Harlem. She hasn't lost her reputation among decent people.

As to the NYPD. Well, you have the "saga" at the Half Moon Hotel. And, you have Mario Puzo's book, The Godfather. Where a decent Italian man bypasses the police when his daughter is raped.

Why do incometents get to be DA's, on family connections?

gregq said...


A prosecutor has a professional duty NOT to bring a case when he doesn't think he can win.

Doesn't matter if he thinks the defendant is guilty (he has a different professional duty not to bring a case if he doesn't believe the defendant's guilt).

Lawyers are expensive. Going to trial is VERY expensive. A prosecutor who takes a defendant to trial when he doesn't think he can win is doing so merely to punish the defendant, which is not the prosecutor's job.

We need more DAs with Vance's level of ethics. DSK tried to flee, so the prosecutor stopped him, and nailed him down until Vance could fully evaluate the case. In his evaluation, he came across facts that hurt his case. being an ethical prosecutor, he turned those facts over to the defense. Good for him.

If DSK screwed a prostitute, knowing that she was expecting to be paid, and then refused to pay her, then I think he's still guilty of rape. But if Vance thinks that is the case, and further thinks that he can't win that case in front of a NY jury, then he has a professional and ethical duty not to pursue the case, and I ahve nothing but respect for him if he actually adheres to those duties.

Because we've had a lot of prosecutors in the news who believe in nothing other than "winning", and they've done a lot of harm.

Cedarford said...

Keep in mind the poverty level of her family: no one who was born 6th daughter in a mud house up in subsistance -living mountains, in a village where wealth is measured in goats, with no electricity nor even a road to get to it, who has never been to school and has refused to this day literacy courses, can manage to make it to a capital city such as Conakry.

And from the Guinea capital, buy a forged tourist visa to the US show thousands in cash that she has as a "tourist" wanting to see the sights, then a round trip plane ticket, meet with a gang that coaches on what to tell an Immigration officer to be granted asylum. How do you get thousands to go the US in a country with an average salary of 15USD a month?

Only by organized crime sponsoring her as a moneymaker in the SEX, DRUGS biz.

Why the US instead of France, when none of these Guineans speak English, just tribal stuff and French?
Because the French long ago clamped down on African gang trash trying to get into France. Americans are the actual PC suckers, not the French.

(Though France is paying heavily for it's Open Borders and asylum granting days of the 1960s-1980s with its "troubled youth" problems. "Troubled youth" is code for the 2nd Gen of Arab and African scum they let in out on crime sprees, burning cars, transforming chunks of France into 3rd world ghetto and alien culture.)

But that won't happen here, because we are Amurrica and Special. As the Yugoslavs said at the Sarajevo Olympics, "Diversity is Our Greatest Strength Under Comrade Tito's Vision". So too, Amurrica - perfect and protected forever by our Sacred Parchment and Diversity!

John said...

Carol Herman said:

"You know, if Cyrus Vance goes to a race track. And, bets money on a horse. All the "house" gives him are odds! He is not sold a winning ticket BEFORE any race!"

Not always true in the case of a Vance or other insider. Sometimes they are given a ticket that is guaranteed to win.

For an example, look at Hilary and her cattle futures. Most people take a chance on how much they are going to make, if anything at all when they buy futures.

Not Hilary, when she bought the futures for $5,000(?) she was guaranteed that she would get $100,000 for them later.

It is a way of disguising payoffs.


gregq said...


Who cares? Even if she is a prostitute, does that mean it's not a crime to rape her? Did DSK chose to have sex with her, knowing that she expected to be paid, and then refuse to pay? If so, why isn't that rape? If not, why did he chose to flee the country?

Carol_Herman said...

John, Hillary's "futures" were bought by Tyson. He took both sides. And, he handed her the winning ticket, because it was good for his chicken business.

Cyrus Vance is a moron. He became DA in New York City, because, behind the scenes, democraps think they're arisotcrats. And, competent people no longer apply.

Back to the case at hand.

DSK tried to flee. He was not on a "booked flight." Nobody could find him. Perhaps, his cell phones rang and told him that his office was getting calls. When he discovered he misplaced one of his cell phones.

The ROOM, itself, is in evidence. The police were there! They took DNA evidence. And, they photographed the crime scene.

Now? We're getting complaints to the judge that the maid was an illegal. (In a profession that tends to use illegals wall-to-wall.)

You know, I'm not so sure the character assassination worked.

For a character assassination to work, first you need a man standing on the square. Pumping his umbrella. And, then, your eyes aren't sharp enough to see Zapruder.

The maid didn't put Dominique on Rikers. The judge did. Based on evidence that he was a flight risk.

Then, the judges are shifted. And, a new one comes in. And, says, basically, "according to the New Yoke Times," the maid set up the naked man. Her knocks on the door were too low for him to hear. And, when he stepped out of the bathroom, naked, he was behaving like every other naked hotel guest on earth.

The maid shrieked. And, DSK went out of his mind!

He got so upset he couldn't even check out. But the kind hotel did not charge him for another day's stay. And, he did not collect another chocolate mint. Pity.

Carol_Herman said...

Gregg, where have you been living? ALL prostitutes get paid in advance!

The price is discussed first.

Then, it's strictly business.

And, in this case? Not only wasn't the maid paid ... which proves she wasn't a prostitute. The scum bag who assaulted her ran out without checking out. And, without leaving the housekeeper a tip.

Of course, there are some people who believe everything they read in the New Yoke Times. But this doesn't explain why subscriptions rates dropped off. And, there are far fewer ad pages.

Money doesn't flee a successful newspaper.

And, the maid's story got enhanced, when Ms. Bonan, in Paris told about her encounter with her god-father ... whom she called a "rutting chimpanzee."

This means, in france, and spoken in the french language, their press provided the confirmation the New Yoke Times lacks.

Now, we also know, the New Yoke Times can translate a recording of a phone call, where the speakers are talking in a strange Guinean language. But they can't figure out what Ms. Banon said, because she said it in french.

To the New Yoke Times, Dominique is a singing nun.

Carol_Herman said...

If Dominique Stras-Kahn had a case to win, he'd press forward! He'd have been shouting it out that he wants his day in court.

No, he doesn't.

He wants the diplomatic process to work.

And, it's too funny that it's in France where Ms. Banon is pressing charges!

In America, she'd be told to go and fly a kite. Because the timing on limits passed.

Once, the Catholic Church tried to use this tactic. Claiming at first their priests didn't molest little boys. And, besides, those little boys grew up and were suing as adults.

That the New Yoke Times has gone after the maid to sully her reputation? Well, it's been a very long time since the New Yoke Times made money with their classifieds.

You may not believe this, but the New Yoke Times once had an ad campaign that said you couldn't even find work, if you didn't read their classifieds.

Then? Well, those classifieds had different columns and pages for men. And, women. But they were forced to bring them together.

Their business went downhill from there.

As to saying the maid is an African scam artist ... it's just par for journalism school, anyway. Fake but accurate.

Why did Dan Rather get fired?

Diamondhead said...

The New York Times begins an article with a sentence fragment...that's the real story here.

Hagar said...

When it comes down to it, the unescapable minimum is that DS-K had sex with an African chambermaid cleaning his room in a New York hotel.

That is bad, any way you slice it, and DS-K is toast, even in France.

Carol_Herman said...

It's the 4th of July. And, Glenn Reynolds just posted an update on this case, from Paris. Where Ms. Banon is going ahead with an attempted rape charge. The time limits had not run out.

She was attacked when she was 21. In an empty hotel room. Back in February 2003. When she went to interview her god-father. And, he used violence, trying to rape her!

Then? Well, her mother told her to keep her mouth shut! She more or less did. But on TV, in 2007, she detailed this attempted rape. And, the producer plurped out the perp's name. So the story's been out there!

Now, if you've been to InstaPundit, you can probably figure out that Cyrus Vance is dumber than a box of rocks. The french refused to cooperate with the DA's case!

Maybe, Cyrus Vance thought his case was about the immigration status of the maid. But, no. It's not.

It's about the violent attack that took place inside the Sofitel hotel room. Not a whorehouse! But a corporate owned 5-star facility. No one there is amused at the twists and turns taken by the presstitutes in this case.

And, now? Dominique cannot fly back to france. He'll get arrested.

And, the story? It's not dying on the vine, yet. And, it's gonna be updated from France. By professionals. Mark. My. Words.

walter said...

For a guy so smart, worldly and well forewarned..even by himself..he proved his idiocy by putting himself in a err..compromised position.

gregq said...

Here's a thought experiment:

A man dons a mask and outfit that makes him look like a woman's spouse. Using this disguise, the man gets the woman to have sex with him.

Has he raped her? If yes, then obtaining sex under false pretenses is rape (and I think it is). In which case, having sex with a prostitute then refusing to pay her is also rape, because it is also obtaining sex under false pretenses.