July 23, 2011

Giant rolls of toilet paper clog a river in Idaho.

Great example of an article that would be so much better with a picture.


Sal said...

Yahoo News would've found a photo. They reported once that some guy in South Africa was robbed at home and left tied naked to his bicycle. The photo Yahoo News attached to the story was of a naked guy on nude bike ride somewhere in Europe.

Carol_Herman said...

Next, we'll hear the driver had no insurance.

What are these trucks doing on our roads?

If you've got a vulnerable river ... what happened to cement barriers?

Is the rest of this story ... that you're dealing with a two lane country highway? If so, how are trailers allowed on those roads?

Sounds like a setting for a Keystone Cop movie.

And, I'd bet things have slid off this road, before, and gotten "stuck" in the river.

When it's recovered, they could turn the paper over to the New Yuk Times to use as newsprint. Who'd know?

traditionalguy said...

I guess we need to doubt any toilet paper suddenly being unloaded a low prices. It could be flood paper

ricpic said...

The bear that shat in the woods can now shit in the river and clean up afterwards. Very thoughtful of the trucker.

Carol Herman is predictably anti-trucker, the big bag of wind.

edutcher said...

Well, they'll have a great commercial about how absorbent their product is.

Curious George said...

"Police say Mahmoud Salameh of Fort Worth, Texas, was ticketed for inattentive driving and failing to purchase a permit to haul the 53-foot trailer along the highway."

Did he yell "allahu akbar" before driving into the river?

ndspinelli said...

I actually enjoy letting my imagination picture this scene.

Chip Ahoy said...

The photos are not as interesting as they sound.

erictrimmer said...
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erictrimmer said...

Thanks for the image search link, Chip. With one image I satisfied my curiosity and deduced a lot about toilet paper production.

Plus, the Lochsa river looks beautiful, even with a giant roll of toilet paper in it.

(my previous post was missing a chunk of text)

Popville said...

Photos & video news story here

dhagood said...

this kind of thing happens all the time on that road.

i used to drive for a trucking company located in missoula, mt. if you're going from missoula to, say, san francisco, you get routed over US 12 from lolo, mt to kooskia, id, then ID 13 to grangeville, id, and then on US 95.

US 12 faithfully follows the lochsa river valley as it endlessly winds back and forth. it is perhaps the prettiest drive i've ever seen. the lochsa river valley is truly gorgeous, wild, and remote. a lot of the doesn't have phone service (and i'm not talking about cell phones, i mean there are no landlines).

US 12 is also exhausting to drive. if you can average 40 miles an hour or so, you're doing very well. the road undulates back and forth and up and down for something like 112 miles, and you go on and on and on and on with almost no place to pull over and take break.

i refused to run it at night; i'd hole up somewhere and wait for the sun to come back up. that road is hard enough in the when the sun's up.

then you'd get to kooskia, where ID 13 was worse. ID 13 is all US 12 ever thought of being, plus it is very narrow, and very, very, steep.

then you got on US 95 and went down white bird pass, which is in my top 5 list of mountain passes to be very careful going down.

it made for a very long, tiring day.

a couple of trucks a year end up in the lochsa. usually it's the driver's fault, but i know of at least one instance where a truck was caught in avalanches and pushed into the river.

that was an interesting story in itself.

traditionalguy said...

Coming soon to a road near you will be 400,000 Mexcan trucks with Mexican drivers.

Safety inspections will be done, maybe, but the idea is to cut trucking costs in half.

We couldn't get Chinamen cheap anymore.

Now you know why new road signs are in symbols these days, except for the old written ones.

All PI lawyers salute you for this jobs program!

Methadras said...

Pics or shens.

ndspinelli said...

lewsar, Nice to have a trucker posting, great description of the route..thanks.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't been updated in a while, but Truck Spills has photos of some of the more unusual items dumped on the roads after truck crashes. Some examples:

Decomposing entrails
Horse blood
ICBM rocket booster
Lottery tickets
Olympic coins
Tomahawk missile
Whale guts