July 7, 2011

"The CIA operative who was responsible for tracking down and ultimately killing Osama Bin laden may have had his cover blown..."

"... because of his distinguishing yellow tie."

(Reminiscent of the old National Enquirer article with John Edwards and his love child and the distinctive pattern on the hotel curtains.)


Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

I thought Obama killed him. Someone needs to make up their mind.

Daryl said...

Remember whose brilliant idea it was to let the press in, to take photographs of them watching a blank screen?

That's right, President Gutsy Call.

His stupid PR stunt apparently hurt national security.

Good job, Obumble.

Scott M said...

Taking breaks between hunting for Obama, this guy plays center blocker for USA Men's Volleyball. Tall.

Wow. Hillary is simply not aging as well as Bill, is she? That's not sexist, it's simply true. Funny that just below that picture where the CIA analyst/volleyball player is making her look like she's standing in front of K2, is the picture where she's "stifling a cough". Honestly, have we heard anything as patently bullshit from Hillary since her sniper dodging?

Not to go off topic or anything...

m stone said...

John is now "Ernesto Morales," with some facial reconstruction and height reduction, writing his memoir in some backwater town in the South.

James said...

I don't think the "press" took photos. The White House photographer took the photos and the WH authorized their release to the press.

BTW, Hilary looks awful in that first photo. She should have vetoed its release.

Dad29 said...

The CIA guy was a college basketball walk-on, too; and the 'yellow tie' guy is tall.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Wow. Hillary looks really tired. Long hair with a flip on a woman of her age just doesn't do much for her face. It drags you down. Gravity is already doing a number on us women of... ahem... a certain age.... and her hair is just pointing it out.

A short stacked bob cut no longer than her chin line would be more flattering.

Poor color choice in her jacket. Hillary has somewhat sallow skin and should avoid neutrals and tans as it just washes her out especially with her hair being almost the same drab color as her skin tone.

What? We were supposed to be discussing the tie?

JAL said...

This way overshadows the email hacking as irresponsible and thoughtless.

Why would the Daily Mail release the photos and the article?

Lookeee me!!! Lookkeee mee!! We're soooo smart!!!

Ethical cess pools.

Or maybe the "Daily Mail Reporter" is one of bin Laden's cousins. He and the editor.

edutcher said...

Saw a story somewhere along the lines that the rank and file of Al Qaeda were getting sick of bin Laden bragging what a jihadi he was, while he was safe with his wives, when they were getting shot at in the mountains, so they basically gave him up.

If so, it wasn't exactly a feat worthy of doubleaughtwhatshisface to nail him.

And, yes, the mileage is really starting to show on Hillary, although Willie isn't aging well, either. Notice most shots of him are from a distance - he has to maintain the illusion he's still a lady killer.

madAsHell said...

How many different light sources can we have in one picture? This looks like a really bad photoshop.

Where's Chip Ahoy?

James said...

For those who are complaining; its the White House that released all these photos so presumably they had a reason for doing so.

Don't think for a minute that intelligence services around the world aren't analyzing the same photos; so the Daily Mail isn't doing anything novel here.

Fred4Pres said...

Call Fitzgerald stat, looks like we have another witch to burn! Oh wait, this is a reporter and probably an Obama friendly...


Dustin said...

Why did Obama let the press into this?

Why did the Daily Fail jeopardize this man's security?

This is thousands of times worse than Valeria Plame, who was exposed mainly because she wanted to be and was, with her hubby, playing politics with national security.

This man's life is in danger. His kids and wife are in danger. And there is no story to it.

If Obama was going to have a photo op broadcasting how gutsy he was, the least he could have done was ensure the real operatives weren't near. I bet the thought never even occurred to him. I also know he took forever making the damn call in the first place.

I would bet heavily that Mr Yellow Tie won't be voting for Obama in 2012, assuming he lives that long.

Timothy said...

CAUTION!!! Do not stare directly at Hillary Clinton in that first photo! Her expression will suck out your soul and you will become a miserable bureaucrat.

Dustin said...

"its the White House that released all these photos so presumably they had a reason for doing so."

Ummm, why would you say this is a response to those complaining?

We are complaining that the white house released these photos. They already said "John", the mastermind behind this operation, was just off frame. It's totally plausible they have compromised an important secret. Sure, Daily Mail is not the only outlet that could analyze this, but they deserve condemnation anyway.

I wonder if they released this photo simply because this White House is the pettiest in American history, and Hillary looks terrible in this photo. It could be nothing more than that to these frat boys.

The Crack Emcee said...

Then, if they can do this, why can't they expose who set up John Edwards?

Lucien said...

One can only hope this is clever disinformation: don't lie by giving a false name to the person involved, just say he was "out of frame" put the same tie on someone (maybe standing on a stool)and let the press do the misinforming for you.

I really think Panetta might be subtle enough to do this. Hope the guy in the photo volunteered, though.

MadisonMan said...

Hillary looks really tired.

She sure does. I hope she's gonna take a relaxing vacation this summer.

Coketown said...

I can hear Simon and Garfunkel right now:

"I said be careful,
His bow-tie is really a camera."

madAsHell said...

Why hasn't this turned into another Valerie Plame scandal?

Fred4Pres said...

Scooter Libby called. He said you all suck ass, including George W. Bush for not pardoning his ass. And he wonders why Dick Cheney did not have the pull to talk George into it.

Dustin said...

"One can only hope this is clever disinformation: don't lie by giving a false name to the person involved, just say he was "out of frame" put the same tie on someone (maybe standing on a stool)and let the press do the misinforming for you."

It would not be valuable disinformation.

That guy is a real person. He has a real family. The psychos WILL try to kill them now.

If they do, will we say 'hahahah, you got punked! that dead guy who was somehow involved with counter terror wasn't the one who masterminded that operation!'?

No. The White House should not be putting out photos with these folks anywhere near them. The CIA shouldn't be describing who was near the photos, or otherwise describing people involved in major secret operations. The Daily Fail should not be trying to root out heroes just to garner a few pageviews.

The idea we somehow gained an advantage if this isn't who they think he is seems extremely dubious to me. If they were onto some other, realer "John" they aren't going to be fooled by this anyway. They will just try to kill both.

James said...

That guy is a real person. He has a real family. The psychos WILL try to kill them now.

And you know all of this how?

Apparently we are supposed to believe that "John" only owns one tie since he wore it in the Situation Room and then two days later for a briefing on Capitol Hill.

In any event he's an analyst not an operative in the field so the CIA does not seem to have a problem with his face being shown in public.

Triangle Man said...

And you know all of this how?

He doesn't. Just up-thread he thinks that the White House "let the press in to this".

mariner said...

I'd have expected his cover to be blown by yellow White House officials. Or Leaky Leahy.

mariner said...


The red arrow was the giveaway for me.

mariner said...

Note that these dipshits can't publish stuff like this about English agencies because of the Official Secrets Act.

Carol_Herman said...

The incompetence of the CIA is again pronounced. Schmuck should have donned Groucho Marx glasses.

Reminds me of the chaos caused in Dubia. When the Mossad decided to hold their graduation ceremony there. And, to this day nobody knows how the 5-star-hotel, there, claimed a dead body.

While the idea behind the Mossad's foray was to appear on the security cameras.

Remember the woman in the floppy hat?

The guys carrying tennis rackets at 9PM, around the hotel lobby?

In particular. Do you remember the guy carrying a luggage cart? It contained the diplomas.

But our CIA has no idea how to plan a good cover!

While half the citizens in Abra-dabra-bad-a-bad, are asking for a million dollars. Because they've been trying to claim that "I found Osama" money for ages.

One family even sent out their 10-year-old kid. He said he played inside the house. (Well? There were kids inside the house. Somebody had to play with them?)

Every few days a guy with a female goat came by, too.

Don't care what disguise the CIA guy wore. He'd stand out among skinny pakistanis every single day.

Carol_Herman said...

Okay. In that photograph, did anyone notice how casually hillary tossed a "keep it a secret" folder?

Anyone notice how she stuck her hand to her mouth, as if she was watching osama's eyeball shooting out?

This story stinks to the high heavens.

If there's any connivance going on ... it's that the CIA wants to show it was in charge. And, everybody went into that room to see obama actually make a decision.

Foreplay, before the BIG BANG

marylynn said...

Dust bunny queen


Jose_K said...

Second photo down to top: