July 18, 2011

At the Deep Water Sunset Café...


... please share your superior thoughts.


traditionalguy said...

God is love.

All other comments are inferior.

gadfly said...

Nice new Avatar! You are staying up with all those new Blogger features.

BTW, my new Blogger dashboard does not allow me to change my Comment section as you did on this blog yesterday. What's the secret?

traditionalguy said...

In the Atlanta Public Schools Chinese fire drill of cheating on test scores, the new interim superintendent has fired everybody implicated in the cheating scandal.

But the High Superintendent who was fighting the GBI investigation by using four assistant supervisors (at $140,000 salaries apiece) to tell the school principals to "tell the GBI investigators to go to hell."

After she had been warned in April by the investigators not to renew the contracts for the 4 henchman without a clause to allow termination for cause, She renewed their contracts anyway in May without a termination clause.

She ran the Atlanta Schools like Obama runs the Presidency.

chickelit said...

I think where you two really want to go is the old Zimmerman Home at 513 N 3rd Avenue East, Duluth, MN.

paminwi said...

traditional guy: interim superintendent is Erroll Davis, the former CEO of Alliant Energy here in Wisconsin. I know someone who worked closely with him at Alliant and said he was a no nonsense type of person. Hopefully he will bring that kind of attitude to the Atlanta Public Schools because they sure need it!

edutcher said...

That pic reminds me of a painting, can't remember the artist, but Impressionist.

Yours is much like it - haunting, yet beckoning in its way.

It calls us back from the water, from our journeys, to home, to the place where we are loved and wanted.

PS Like the picture in the Who Is Althouse? section of the masthead also.

Very fetching.

Hope the subject recompensed the photographer accordingly.

chickelit said...

Or was it really here?

Who knows?

Irene said...

We had a superior, funky storm cloud over Verona tonight.

It was so hot that even the doe came out for a dip.

traditionalguy said...

Paminwi...Yes, Errol Davis is from the corporate and not the Education Bureaucracy world.

He is currently Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, but is serving the Governor as interim superintendent of APS until it recovers.

UGA operates as a world of its own. The State actually has little influence there.

Like U. of W., the power structure in Ga acting through the Board of Regents is more powerful than the legislature and the Governor.

David R. Graham said...

"Very fetching."

Lovely old word, "fetching."

Thanks for using.

Phil 314 said...

"Very fetching."

Lovely old word, "fetching."

Do you think its a "woody" word or a "tinny" word.

Carol_Herman said...

Do you walk on water?

Where were you standing when you took this picture?

There's a spire in the background. What does it top?

traditionalguy said...

Michelle Bachmann is going to have a headache soon from new reports on her suffering from easily triggered, disabling migraines.

Palin's career keeps on being promoted by events happening around her.

chickelit said...

From the hints, the position of the sun, the height of the hills, proximity to the Apostle Islands, etc., I'd guess it's somewhere around the harbor near Ashland, Wisconsin.

Sprezzatura said...

These superior shots don't seem to be from the water-level POV.

No kayaking for Meadehouse.

chickelit said...

No kayaking for Meadehouse.

That requires superior upper body strength.

Sprezzatura said...

"That requires superior upper body strength."

IIRC, last year there were no such boundaries, when they were Boundary-bound.

Chip Ahoy said...

Is it okay if I share my eerie thoughts?

Goes like this: There I was, sitting there minding my own business with a NYT crossword open on my lap and the television on mute. A show called Reba started, I think, whatever it is, the show has a country singer named Reba in it. The opening bit shows a house that looks exactly like a home owned by my parents, and I mean exactly like it. In the very moment that I thought the sentence, "that looks like one of my parents homes," my eyes dropped down to the screen with the crossword and picked up the clue, "part of HOMES," so that the two incidences of the word "homes" coincided perfectly. As you know, HOMES is a mnemonic device for the lakes, and the answer is inevitably Erie. So there you go.

Fred4Pres said...

American Gods is very Wisconsin.

Guildofcannonballs said...

lapidary: (adjective) Having the eloquence and precision associated with inscriptions on stone.

To accept Mr. Simpson's thesis is to suppose that writers (and poets) always feel that the language of the moment is lapidary, never mind that, when detoxified, they proceed to make changes.

From William F. Buckley Jr.'s "The Lexicon: A cornucopia of wonderful words for the inquisitive word lover"

edutcher said...

Oy! Quite hot and humid here yesterday and around 4 this morning, we had quite the cloudburst. Flooded the rumpus room and the laundry. Fortunately, we have a dehumidifier, so it won't take all summer to dry out.

I don't even want to think about what happened to people down the hill.

Irene said...

We had a superior, funky storm cloud over Verona tonight.

The Blonde took Quantum and Sherlock to the doggie park and got into an argument with a hard core Lefty.

The irony is, when he got started on Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, he was foolish enough to say, "I don't think women should be running things". At that point, The Blonde lit into him in a manner I can only describe as going Althouse.

It was so hot that even the doe came out for a dip.


We also have a doe, albeit with a bad leg, and two fawns. They're really out this year.

PS Thanks for the kind words on vocabulary. I try to keep the language as flexible as I can.

Joe Dirt said...

It's Bayfield. The big white building along the shoreline is where the Ferry docks for trips around the Apostle Islands.

They have a pretty cool apple festival in the fall.

Lava said...

That pic reminds me again why I love Superior so much..just a special place. All of it, MN, WI, and MI.

Clyde said...

Living here in Southwest Florida, we have US 41 running near the coast. I've often thought that it would be cool to take a road trip sometime and drive the length of US 41, starting in Miami (where I believe it begins as Calle Ocho) and going all the way up to Lake Superior. It might not have the romance of driving the old US 66, but it does have the advantage of having one terminus close-ish to where I live.

Then again, there are times when I remember how much I hate the local traffic on US 41, and I'm glad that a weeks-long road trip is nowhere in my imminent future.

KCFleming said...

The temp this morning is only 77, but the humidity is 100%, so the city is blanketed in fog, and walking to work felt like swimming in Lake Inferior.

Curious George said...

A neighbor at my lake home up nort' is taking the summer off to circumnavigate Lake Superior in a kayak with his two sons. Some charity thing for an orphanage in Kenya. He was half around on the fourth.

Clyde said...

Yesterday, in the previous thread, Scott M asked me, "Then explain to me why Jon sends Sam away with Gilly and Aeron AGAIN when he already did it in book 4." This is probably a better place to explain, as well as more likely to be found rather than under an avalanche of 190 other comments there.

The answer is that A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons are actually one larger book that was split (mostly) in half. The events in the two books are happening in parallel up until about 2/3 of the way through Dragons, when the chronologies of the two books synch up. At that point, some of the characters from Crows start to appear in Dragons.

In Crows, when Sam and Gilly are sent away, the narrative follows them across the Narrow Sea. In Dragons, when they are sent away, the narrative stays at the Wall. Their departure is a branch-point in the story, and it is simply a matter of the events being told from two different perspectives.

Calypso Facto said...

The Holy Family Church spire in Bayfield behind the marina. This is definitely a water-bourne shot, so cruising, or kayaking, or sailing?!?

Titus said...

Is Superior kind of awful?

Besides having that Great Lake?

And haven't you guys done this road trip before?

What happened to new experiences and adventures?

Be adventurous.

Be New.

Just Be.

thank you so much.