June 11, 2011


... tattoo.


nevadabob said...

Scroll down 4 posts.

Forehead titties!

To earn a man's respect, you must make him look you in the eyes!

nevadabob said...

Forehead titaes. By Janea.

Not suitable for ... um ... forehead bras? Or something. Or work.

Definitely suitable for dudes, though.

Fred4Pres said...

That is a good tattoo. I would not want it on me, but I admire the skill that went into it.

edutcher said...

No, not cool.

The Blonde hates tattoos simply because they obscure the body when she needs to see coloration, etc.

The worst on a guy, according to her, was a rattlesnake starting on the chest and running down his body with the rattles the length of his Anthony.

On a woman, roses she got at 20 which were now long-stemmed.

Phil 3:14 said...

Hopefully not a diabetic otherwise life will imitate "art"

(see here)