June 6, 2011

What will Anthony Weiner say?

It's 17 minutes past the time given for his statement to the press. Waiting, I'm reading this, in Radar, and noticing the ad placement:

Is that just an accident or is Oscar Mayer edgier than I'd thought?

Anyway, Radar reports that there's some other woman who got over 200 texts from Anthony Weiner back on May 16th. Reports of phone sex too. And the two never met in person.

UPDATE: Ah! Here he is. He's "made terrible mistakes" and has not been honest. He did send the picture and lie about it.


NotWhoIUsedtoBe said...


RuyDiaz said...

About the Weiner/Wiener ad... probably an algorithm gone wrong (or right, as the case may be.)

So many people have made Weiner/Wiener jokes that the algorithm for popping up the Oscar Mayer ad activates with the developing story.

G Joubert said...

The algorithm method.

Freeman Hunt said...

Sheesh. The painful embarrassment ever so carefully drawn out.

Weiner could, at least, get a pat on the back for temporarily boosting the online ad industry.

Carol_Herman said...

It's summer. The Weiner jokes can last until Labor Day.

Besides, now whenever I see a democrap, photographed, I say to myself, Gee, Buster. Could you please turn around. I prefer the view without the asshole.

By the way, his first name is Anthony, because his mother wasn't Jewish. And, now his wife is muslim. How's that supposed to work out for a politician, in Brooklyn and Queens?

RuyDiaz said...

Now, of course, he has thrown Gennette Nicole under the bus. I wonder what the tea-providing boyfriend has to say about this?

coketown said...

No. Edgy would be Hebrew Nationals.

Bayoneteer said...

So all the people that vouched and/or defended this schmuck got played for chumps. What a surprise, eh?

traditionalguy said...

What has this world come to when a man can no longer trust a woman that he has an internet affair with to keep the secret? Which brings to mind the reason why you never have an affair...because there is one other person who knows about it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Mayer.

Anonymous said...

You read it here first ... May 30:

1) Weiner hasn't reported the alleged hack to the FBI.

2) Facebook hasn't announced any investigation of Mr. Wiener's allegedly hacked account.

3) Twitter (the company) knows the IP address of the computer that really sent the tweet. However, Twitter hasn't announced any investigation. They also haven't released the IP address of the person who actually sent the tweet so we can see if that IP address belongs to the Democrat Rep. Wiener.

yfrog knows the IP address of the person that actually uploaded the obscene photograph Mr. Wiener's yfrog account. Thusfar, yfrog has not released that IP address so that we can track down the nefarious hacker who did that. Also, Mr. Wiener could request that they release that IP address to the public so we could help him track down the hacker. But he hasn't.

Mr. Wiener so far refuses to tell us what his own IP address is. And, he is refusing to answer detailed questions that would allow us to determine if the IP address which sent the tweet is at his home in New York.

It's trivially easy to determine if his accounts have REALLY been hacked. Is the FBI investigating? He is, after all, a sitting member of Congress and it is a felony to impersonate a member of Congress. It's also a felony to hack people's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I'm left to wonder why hasn't Mr. Wiener reported this breach of Homeland Security to the proper authorities? Is it because falsely reporting this would itself be a felony?

You decide, but let's not pretend that it's difficult to uncover he truth here.

Mr. Wiener is in hiding and refusing to release IP information. That's evidence. And he's hiding it.

Crimso said...

I wish John Lynch, RuyDiaz, and G Joubert would quit trying to blame this on Al Gore.

edutcher said...

can see why he'd prefer Meagan Broussard over Huma, but I have the feeling Ms Broussard probably feels the same way.

Hell, meet scorned woman.

Patrick said...

Man would it be fun to run against Weiner. I mean, think of all the double entendres you could drop during the debate that would totally screw him up. Of course in NYC, this stiff would still win (ha ha, I kill me!), but still, it would be fun.

Lance said...

Now, of course, he has thrown Gennette Nicole under the bus.

Huh? He owned up to sending the pic. How is that throwing her under the bus?

rhhardin said...

The best move is to announce he's seeking a divorce and will take up with the porn star.

Enough Hillary Clinton sex.

Dustin said...

He cries and cries and cries.

Wow. New York produces the crappiest politicians in the universe.

I think they are smart enough to not elect a crybaby like this liar as Mayor, but I'd put 50:50 odds that these idiots reelect him to congress. I know for sure many thousands will vote for him.

You get the government you deserve, NY.

Fen said...

Which brings to mind the reason why you never have an affair...because there is one other person who knows about it.

No. There are 3 reasons:

1) Women love to talk. They tell someone they can "trust" to keep a secret, then she tells another, then that one tells another. Its like the game of "phone" but with your wife on the last call.

2) The law of averages says there's a good chance your mistress will be a crazy lady with "issues". So anything can happen. Like her showing up at Thanksgiving to throw a tantrum in front of everyone.

Its not worth it. You WILL get caught. Or spend the rest of your life placating an unstable basket case.

Fen said...

and I'm keeping the 3rd reason to myself.