June 7, 2011

A sex therapist on CNN attributes Anthony Weiner's troubles to "high levels of testosterone."

Not long after Weiner's news conference yesterday, at about 5:20, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Dr. Laura Berman, who said (my transcription):
[Weiner is] known for being very aggressive, for being very volatile. He clearly — even his hairline and his jawbone — he clearly is a man who has a tremendous amount of testosterone. That's not an excuse, but if you look at him, if you look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you look at most of these high power men, who are highly aggressive men, and they get into all this sexual trouble. It's often hand in hand with high levels of testosterone, which means that he has an extremely high libido.
His hairline and his jawbone, eh?

Interestingly, Berman's website calls her "America's leading expert in female sexual health." She has a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called "In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman."
Watch as this New York Times best-selling author and a Sirius XM radio host makes house calls to help couples confront their intimacy issues head on.
House calls, eh? That's so Dame Edna's Neighborhood Watch.

Anyway. Speaking of Dame Edna and high testosterone, here's Dame Edna interviewing Charlton Heston (in 1987):

By the way, Heston talks about his gray velour g-string. "What a practical color, Chuck — gray! — isn't it?"  Not to be confused with Weiner's gray panties.


Chip S. said...

I'll make the obvious reference to the jawbone of an ass.

Joe said...

Why go with testosterone when "asshole" fits?

garage mahal said...

What's the term for someone that can't stop talking about Weiner's penis I wonder? Poor Ace is about to have a twitter stroke.

AllenS said...

It's often hand in hand with high levels of testosterone, which means that he has an extremely high libido.

Oh, bullshit. If he had high levels on testosteerone, he'd be fucking. He wasn't. He has high levels of trench coat flashery.

roesch-voltaire said...

Those high levels of testosterone are especially trouble- some and fun in the twenty and thirties, but judging by the ads carried on Rush radio too many men past forty need all kinds of aids. One aid that could help Wiener is a better sense of ethics.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

Trolling for Crack comments, eh?

Chip S. said...

One aid that could help Wiener is a better sense of ethics.

That would work. Even a better sense of the ridiculous would help.

wv romout: TPaw's gonna open up a can of romout.

MarkG said...

She hasn't met a fair enough sample of the male population to be judging testosterone levels. For example, any man willing to go on her TV show to talk about their intimacy problems is at the low end of the curve. A jerk-off like Weiner only appears, in her eyes, to have high testosterone.

Testosterone levels are actually determined with a blood test.

paul a'barge said...

Dr Laura Berman?

Believe me, no Alpha Male is banging that. Ask Roissy. He'll confirm.

She's straight toy hag.

MarkG said...

Still watching CNN? When is Weiner going to be on with Eliot Spitzer for the real "hard ball" inquiry into all of this?

Quayle said...

What a joke - comparing twitter-tony to Arnold.

One is a large man.

One is a tiny weeny.

SPImmortal said...

Lol Weiner as a high testosterone male.

Come on. He's a dorky ass wanabe. That's why he's so obviously impressed by his own underwhelming musculature.

Comrade X said...

testosterone doesn't help your hairline. the opposite.

Scott said...

Nobody who was actually qualified to diagnose a man's testosterone level would be speculating on the cause of Weiner's wandering wiener problem on national television.

I can see why they are looking for a medical diagnosis though. Then they don't have to consider the possibility that Anthony Weiner is just another narcissistic moral vacuum with a "D" after his name.

traditionalguy said...

Testyosterone maybe one reason a man's desire for sex comes back quicker. But AllenS is spot on that Wild Weiner was not having normal sex. He was having fantasy lust. The main component of Wild Weiner's fantasy lust appears to be finding submissive female minds that can be taken over by his will. He would first have to sublimate a normal sex drive into a Rasputin like personalty that can trap weak minded women. Huma is probably such a weak minded woman.

edutcher said...

Problem is, he's also a low-sense, low morals, well, something...

Combine the two and it just means he always lets the little head do the thinking.

Mary Beth said...

We're back to panties again. ಠ_ಠ

Milwaukee said...

Sounds like making excuses. The Devil made me do it! Own up to your inadequacies Congressman Weiner. This is just so immature. I'm sure there is more out there, and some of it probably illegal. What is he going to do once he leaves Congress? Does he have any commercially marketable skills?

Curious George said...

NY Post Editors: Erections have consequences.


Bruce Hayden said...

My thoughts when seeing Weiner without his shirt, was that he was cut much more than most men of his age, and my immediate question was how does he do it? Does he really have enough time to spend a couple hours a day in the gym?

Or, does he get help? The aggression would tie in there. Ever hear of "roid rage"?

Let me suggest that this level of aggression, combined with that body of his, are probably fairly high indicia of the use of steroids.

At least when Arnold was using, it was because he was trying to keep his Mr. Universe title, and, then later making movies showing off his physic. Anyone remember his Conan movies?

Anyone believe that anyone of Weiner's ethnic background would be naturally hairless over his upper body? Or, is he waxing?

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if ultimately we found that he was using steroids to bulk up and develop those pecs. He certainly is vain enough, and insecure enough.

We shall see.

wv: pasts - the sort of sins that Weiner is getting nailed for.

mccullough said...

The only one Weiner fucked was himself.

AllenS said...

mccullough said...
The only one Weiner fucked was himself.


MarkG said...

Does he really have enough time to spend a couple hours a day in the gym?

Oh man, I bet those congressional facilities are nice. Bring your Blackberry and you can dictate letters (or whatever those clowns do all day) while using the bench press or getting a massage. There's even headphones you can wear while swimming.

MarkD said...

Is that a defence for rape? Hey, I had high levels of testosterone....

You wouldn't buy that, and I wouldn't buy this.

obladioblada said...

As long as we're going to diagnosis total strangers from afar, I'll offer bipolar disorder. "Extreme optimism,
inflated self-esteem, poor judgment, rapid speech, racing thoughts, aggressive behavior, agitation or irritation, risky behavior..."

Personally, I think he's just an arrogant a-hole.

Greg's Blog said...

Excuses, excuses, excuses - A man in weiner's position has to maintain self control. Think about it, he is a security risk.

Oligonicella said...

Good gods, he can't even bulk out. The man looks like the lizard in Rango. He has a dearth, not an abundance.

Fen said...

She's not responsible for her actions when she's PMSing.

Dr Quack: "That's not an excuse, but - "

Fuck off.

Oligonicella said...

And yes, I've seen the shots. He looks like someone who forced it for a bit, not someone who has it.

Ralph L said...

Brown is the practical color for G strings, not gray.

ricpic said...

Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove were both high powered players, much moreso than Weiner, and they both look like the Pillsbury doughboy.

RuyDiaz said...

The only one Weiner fucked was himself.


To the men in the room: ignoring the moral issues, suppose you have the Texas nursing student hot about you. You have the time and money. How many of you wouldn't go out of your way to seal the deal?

High testosterone my ....

Quaestor said...

Chip S. wrote: That would work. Even a better sense of the ridiculous would help.

Brilliant! Kudos.

Speaking of one who lacks a sense of the ridiculous, what is one to make of this Laura Berman chick? Did Blitzer work some whodoo to make her blather like that, or is she font of bullshit in normal life?

Jose_K said...

Wiener chat

Ricardo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RuyDiaz said...

Obviously, I don't understand the feminine body, despite years/decades of trying to figure it out. But my question is: What is the female version of high-testosterone?

Ha. It's high testosterone (for a female.) Unfortunately, we men tend not to like butch lesbians, and they don't like us either.

TMink said...

He is a sex addict, pure and simple. He engages in repetitive sexual behavior outside of marriage that is out of control and put him at high risk for horrid consequences. He continued in it. It is compulsive. He is a sex addict and he needs treatment.

Freeman Hunt said...

Oh please.

High testosterone will make you want to have a lot of sex. Being unable to channel all of that lust toward your mate is another matter entirely.

As for him being cut, that's low body fat. You can have very modest musculature and look ripped with low body fat.

You can also have gigantic muscles with high body fat and not look ripped at all. (Note the appearance of powerlifters.)

Freeman Hunt said...

I actually think TMink is right.

Ricardo said...

"He is a sex addict and he needs treatment."

Call Dr. Drew.

RuyDiaz said...

I say no to the sex addiction theory. It is thrill-seeking behavior coupled with selfishness.

What happens is he's forced to stop, his life feels empty?

Synova said...

I think that "sex addict" is over-thinking it. The most likely thing, IMO, for anyone (which may or may not apply to Weiner) is an emotional neediness that demands public acclaim. People who are like that seem to go into politics or ministry or set themselves up as a self-help guru or something. And then they get in trouble because they're always trolling for yet another person to validate them.

That's not *sex* addiction.

And it's not something that a wife who is attentive and wonderful can fix for them because she's expected to be affectionate... it's like your mother loving you. Your mother always loves you, so approval from your mother doesn't *count*. It has to be someone else, and someone new.

I'd put "high levels of testosterone" way down the list of possibilities, and nowhere on the list of excuses, and since when did straight men wax?

If women are attracted to "high testosterone" men, why do they want a man who feels like a baby butt?

Fred4Pres said...

Will Andrew Sullivan look like Dame Edna in about ten years?

With a beard of course.

I think so.

Fred4Pres said...

Spare me the hormones made me do it argument. AllenS nails it, he would be hop on Huma every chance he got. This is not libido this is something else.

What this appears is some sort of risk taking behavior. I think in his heart of hearts, Weiner wanted to get caught.

Fred4Pres said...

It is sex addict behavior in his risk taking involves sex (of a sort), but it is a rather pedestrian juvenile form of sex isn't it? That tells you something too. There is something very juvenile about Weiner. I was not kidding when I said he is still that 13 year old kid in the yearbook/bar mitvah photograph. Emotionally he is still right there.

Methadras said...

More apologetics for Weiner. The leftard non-shame train continues.

gutless said...

As an endocrinologist I can confidently call bull shit on this.

Methadras said...

AllenS said...

Oh, bullshit. If he had high levels on testosteerone, he'd be fucking. He wasn't. He has high levels of trench coat flashery.

Let's not forget his cocky douchebaggery.

DADvocate said...

If he had high testosterone, it seems he'd have more muscles. He's a wimpy little guy. He's just your typical psychopathic politician.

TMink said...

I do not treat sex addiction, but a few of my clients are recovering from it and working with me on other issues. They recognize his behavior as a sex addiction. It is like alcoholism or cocaine addiction.

Sex is a hugely reinforcing neurological event. The brain lights up like a Christmas tree. For the people who get hooked, it turns out ugly until they get sober, which is sex with your spouse only.

The same people say Bill Cinton is also an addict. I am sure plenty of Republicans are too. YMMV.


Blue@9 said...

Strange, all the feminists get angry when I say "The shape of that girl's head suggests she's really into blow jobs." Buncha damn sexists.

William said...

The Dems are looking for a way to rewrite history. The Weiner chronicle in this version is the story of a man driven to excess by his raging masculinity. This is not a story of pathology or weakness but of studliness....I don't think anyone will buy this particular narrative, but keep watching. They'll eventually find one that sticks. Review the history of Bill Clinton to see how it's done.

From Inwood said...

How about a clerihew or two from me?

Mad Anthony Weiner
Preferred things cleaner
When only the MSM of old
Decided what we were told.


Mad Anthony Weiner, ADHD
Continually fooling The 9th CD
But, not thrilled with just screaming,
Decided his form good for streaming.

How about a Limerick:

There once was a pol named Weiner
An attack dog ne’er was keener
But oh zee dark underside,
Jeunes filles, tweetif-ied.
His mind that of thirteen-er.

How about I channel Wordsworth:

Mad Anthony Weiner, much given to twitter
Where folks can be dark & dim,
Knew the MSM, but the blogs now are fitter,
And, oh, the difference to him.

Or Longfellow

Lives of great men all remind us
When we see them indiscrete,
We departing, leave not behind us
Pictures that we should delete.

Or Hood:

My brain is dull, I can no longer howl
I cannot tweet my things so foul
Breitbart, put away thy capture,
And let me have my former rapture

Or somebody

Big Tony, the Godfather, was caught, we observe
Little Tony, the screamer, the same, despite declination
We might reflect which type of perv
Is more harmful to the nation

From Inwood said...

Allen S

He has high levels of trench coat flashery.

I vote you the winner of the thread & will use that line in my correspondence!

From Inwood said...

How 'bout a little Oliver Cromwell, apropos Anthony Weiner & all the unworthy Elites now attempting to govern us:

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

Address to the Rump Parliament (20 April 1653)

Ren said...

Hey Althouse,
There is nothing neutral about this absurdly heinous blog. Not one single post about how Clarence Thomas accepted money from an organization he later ruled in favor of? Weiner should and will resign, but you sure do like to only post stories that favor the right wing lunatics.

Oh, and have you forgotten who pays you? The UW. Grade our exams.

AllenS said...

Ren, I'll grade your exam right now. FAIL!

WV: beero


wildswan said...

They say that Weiner is not a hypocrite because he never mentioned family values. But he has often often talked about supporting feminism and defending the less powerful as a Democrat just like DSK, the Socialist supporter of the droit-de-Seigneur. Seems testosterone trumps supporting feminism and defending the poor and the lame stream media goes along - if that isn't hypocrisy, then what is?

Brennan said...

Weiner supported feminism because it suited his political and perverse interests.

Peter Hoh said...

Testosterone? That's reaching for straws, I think.

Blame it on a lack of judgment, or perhaps an inflated sense of invulnerability.

Dan Savage, on the idea that Weiner has a problem (addiction, whatever): Weiner does not have a problem. He has a computer. The whole world has Weiner's problem: same old horniness, brand new box.

Bob said...

It sounds to me,that Weiner is still mentally, sexually a child. You show me yours and I'll show you mine.

walter said...

If high testosterone is plaguing him so, there is a relatively simple cure at hand. And since Huma's already preggo, won't interfere.

But let's review. Weiner married to preggo Huma, former Clinton WH intern, now Hil aide and recipient of veteran advice. Weiner apologizing to Bill Clinton...who "officiated" the Weiner wedding. What exactly does that mean? Took the place of judge or minister? Administered the vows? How rich..unbelievable. At this point just need Jesse love child Jackson to join the huddle. Oh..what a photo op of those 3 together. The only thing to make this more rich would be for a minor to come forth with web stalking charges, given Weiner's works in the area.
But now the sadness of a child being born into this mess.

walter said...

Oops. Almost forgot.


Ren said...

Oh Allen, I've always found your nonexistent level of intelligence to be rather astounding. Then again, what do you expect from someone who once linked to an online poll and asserted it as fact?

You're an idiot. I'd be stunned if I came close to failing that final. The only failure would have to be Althouse's teacher evaluations, which are usually the lowest among all the faculty...and realistically, it's probably due to her total inability to teach.

E.M. Davis said...

Does anyone really watch CNN? It sucks.