June 25, 2011

NY Post is still kicking Anthony Weiner, this time for buying "pathetic" flowers for Huma.

They only cost $22.97, purchased at a — gasp! — bodega:
"It's ridiculous, and it could make her angrier," said Elayne Rapping, a professor of American Studies at SUNY Buffalo. "He knows there are photographers and reporters outside of his house. He could have easily called up a florist and had flowers delivered to her -- this seems to be more of a gesture for the press than for her. A way of him saying, 'I'm being a good husband.' "
Well, let's make sure that gesture backfires. (Can't the guy get some credit for patronizing a neighborhood shop and for not being snooty?)
A clerk at the ritzy Madison Avenue Florists identified Weiner's peace offering as orange roses, white carnations and blue agapanthuses -- and added that they're a lame way to say, "I'm sorry."

"It's ill-conceived," the clerk said. "Carnations are not really popular among women these days -- and orange roses? He should have stuck to red."
Call in the ritzy clerk to sniff at the disgraced Weiner! I love the remark "It's ill-conceived." I'm going to use that in casual conversation when I get the chance.

CORRECTION: The headline originally said "... flowers for Human."


edutcher said...

Yeah, The Weiner's still on the public dime, so the little weasel could afford a nice arrangement.

PS Well, I hope he was buying them for a Human.

rhhardin said...

"False dichotomy" should be worked in as well.

It was recently heard shouted at an Adelaide soccer game in referee abuse.

Quasimodo said...

I enjoy the Schadenfreude as much as (well maybe more than) anyone. But why won't this story (the story, not the Wiener) just die and leave us alone?

rhhardin said...

Flowers are the sexual organs of plants.

Look for pictures.

john said...

"It's ridiculous, and it could make her angrier," said Elayne Rapping, a professor of American Studies at SUNY Buffalo.

They had to go to Buffalo to find a gratuitious comment from a PhD?

I guess they needed some backup for the clerk.

bgates said...

I love the remark "It's ill-conceived." I'm going to use that in casual conversation when I get the chance.

Just wait for somebody to ask you what you think about Weiner's first born.

Lincolntf said...

I would never defend the Weiner-man, ever. I will relate my own views on the subject, however. On the occasions that I buy my wife flowers, candy, etc., I honestly believes she appreciates the "picked up and picked out by me" ones most. And she should. The other times, I spend all of 30 seconds on a website identifying a price range and arranging delivery for some date in the future.
When I personally go somewhere out of my way, park, select the gift, stand in line, etc., I'm more invested in the gift, and I think she gets that. I've never asked.
Oh, and the "Amazon" gifts are almost always for obligatory occasions like b-days, etc. while the others are more for fun.

Daryl said...

Typo in headline "Human" vs. "Huma"

Carol_Herman said...

Stupid journalists need to collect inane comments from "people on the street."

I didn't even know the "H" was silent in Huma's name.

As to the flowers? WOW! You can get three gorgeous bouquets for $20?

The markup on flowers is astronomical.

At least he wasn't out buying aspirin.

garage mahal said...


Daryl said...

Media bias! NY Post just assumes the flowers are for his wife and not his mistresses.

Lem said...

To err is Human ;)

nevadabob said...

The allegation that she's Human is completely unfounded.

traditionalguy said...

Weiner's flowers draw attention to the ill conceived love that Anthony is struggling to express love to that woman he has been using. Cut him some slack, NYT. This may be Anthony's first sincere act of love to another human personality, and he will need lots of practice.

nevadabob said...


I couldn't agree more. Can we stop talking about Weiner and start talking about the impeachment of our lawless rogue President instead?

lewsar said...

i have no particular problem with kicking the weiner while he's down, however: talking to a phd about a husband buying flowers for his wife? snark from a clerk at an upscale florist about what the weiner purchased? complaining about buying flowers in person rather than having the flower delivered?

i think this says more about the article's author than it does about the weiner.

kcom said...

They have no clue why he was buying the flowers. I seriously doubt he waited three weeks to buy an arrangement of flowers as the sum total of his contrition. And who knows what significance the colors have. As Ann has said before, no one really knows what goes on inside a marriage. Those colors might have some significance that none of us know.

I'm not defending Weiner, he's a major tool and a lousy human being, I'm just saying that there's an awful lot of hubris flying around and it isn't just coming from Anthony Weiner.

Lem said...

I enjoy the Schadenfreude as much as (well maybe more than) anyone. But why won't this story (the story, not the Wiener) just die and leave us alone?

Some people are determined to keep the flower fad alive.

nevadabob said...

"NY Post just assumes the flowers are for his wife and not his mistresses."

Or more likely some random tranny he met down the road.

nevadabob said...

"I'm not defending Weiner, he's a major tool and a lousy human being ..."

And that's reason enough to ridicule this asshole. Anthony Weiner was one of only 535 public officials who are granted the high honor to represent their fellow Americans in the United States Congress. And how did he spend this precious moment we granted him: By flashing his penis to young students and masturbating in his House office.

What is happening is what needs to happen: Anthony Weiner is being run out of town on a fucking rail.

I hope other rogue politicians (including Republicans) are paying attention to the kind of treatment that awaits them if they're caught fucking off on OUR dime.

Our economy sucks - people are losing their homes and 17% of Americans cannot find a full time job.

No politician has any time for anything EXCEPT solving these problems.

If we catch you jacking off instead or working ... you're finished.

Roger J. said...

Agree with those that think the weiner thing is over--the republicans can exploit him in the next election cycle.

With respect to buying flowers, which I do often at fresh market (roses are dirt cheap there), I always tell the check out clerk "I have done nothing wrong, these are because I love my lady" Of course, eyes roll.

Lem said...

They only cost $22.97, purchased at a — gasp! — bodega:

O.M.G. its a dime bag ;)

madAsHell said...

I buy flowers, but I have no idea why it makes the bride happy.

frank said...

Weiner would not have a problem were it not for the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Old Dad said...

The Daily Dish reports that weiner shots with orange roses is gauche. Long stem red roses with huge bulbous blossoms are preferred.

JAL said...
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JAL said...

(Sorry took aim at the wrong paper.)

Sheesh -- you'd think the NY Post was talking about something someone said about Todd's flowers for Sarah.

I'm not into beating dead horses, but the NY Post deserves a kick or two. My favorite scandal sheet notwithstanding.

He's resigned.

Get out of their marriage, you creeps.

When he tries to run for office or speak in public again ... then go after him. Just like everyone did Eliot Spitzer.

Oh. Well, maybe not.

JAL said...

I see TradGuy did the same thing I did. Post - not Times, buddy.

Ahd Meadehouse must be off taking pictures, buying plants or hunting shrooms.

The Human isn't Huma yet.

Why don't we all go play outside for a while?

Sanddog said...

From the clerk: "Carnations are not really popular among women these days -- and orange roses? He should have stuck to red."

Some of actually like things without being told what's on the yearly list of approved stuff we're supposed to like

Freakin snob.

SteveR said...

I'm not tired of Weiner stuff, I've been waiting these past three election cycles for the swamp to be drained. This is good, finally Pelosi Galore, freed from the burden of carrying around a big gavel, can fulfill her destiny.

Carol_Herman said...

Anthony Weiner is now, probably, the most famous member of da' House, that ever lived.

Because he's the first guy who photographed himself in hus underwear.

He's also the first "jewish" guy whose mom named him Anthony. (She wasn't jewish.) But, indeed, she marred a putz named weiner.

And, then Anthony married Huma.

It's a strange resume.

Carol_Herman said...

Funny, how some people think Nancy Pelosi was photographed carrying a gavel.

I thought she was carrying a mallet.

windbag said...

We don't have to pay attention to this loser anymore, so why is this news? Maybe those "cheap" flowers has some symbolic, romantic meaning to his wife and him? It isn't news if anyone buys flowers for his wife (well, except for the Pope).

windbag said...

have (lived in NC too long).

ET1492 said...
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Fred4Pres said...

The NY Post is awesome.

Did you see this collection of NY Post Weiner Headlines?

Fred4Pres said...

I thought Nancy Pelosi was carrying a mullet...in her mouth.

Ann Althouse said...

Sorry about the "Human." It was funny though.

PatCA said...

Good grief! Huma hasn't left him yet?

Barry Dauphin said...

Instead of flowers, he could have simply made a donation in her name to the Human Fund: Money for People.

DaveW said...

What's wrong with you people? Every time I've gotten caught sending pictures of my wang to little girls I always buy my wife a cheap flower arrangement. Works every time.

Seriously, if I were really trying to make up for an enormous screw up, the first thing I'd do is say I'm sorry. Second step would be giving her a lot of space. Third step would be doing something I know she wants me to do I've but have been avoiding.

Then, of course, I'd cook something she loves and try to get her to eat with me.

Cheap flowers? I'm old enough to know better on that one.

Christy said...

An impulsive stop to pick up flowers is charming. Occasionally cheap is okay, too. But when I got to the part about carnations, I lost all sympathy. Were they dyed? They almost always are. A simple bunch of daisies good. Carnations, not. Guess I'm a snob.

Carol_Herman said...

Everybody is assuming Huma is home with her husband. When there's no photographic evidence that they are together. Even if she is ... she steps out alone.

And, so did Anthony Weiner. Poor guy was all by himself.

Maybe, he bought the flowers to cheer up his apartment?

It seems photographers spend much more time with him ... while he's running errands ... than he spends with his wife.

Can't you tell the state of a honeymoon couple ... by the way they go about spending time together? You know. Outside.

The only thing I learned from the NY Post story ... is that they find more papers sell when they cover Weiner ... than just about anything else.

When the photographer came back to the office, perhaps the photographer was dejected? All he got for staking out Weiner was a photograph of Weiner with 3 bouquets of flowers. Which he bought for $20.

It was a change of pace from usually photographing him taking his shirts to the cleaners.

paminwi said...

Since Weiner is out of a job and is not receiving a salary any more did Huma actually pay for her own flowers since she still has a job?

Carol_Herman said...

Oh, I love this "out of a job" business!

Weiner has been dialing for dollars. And, socking away millions for his political future.

You say he has no future? You've got a crystal ball?

Weiner's got a million dollar pension. PLUS benny's. And, he's young enough to retire. Working another day in his life ... still puts him financially ahead of most people.

Does Huma even have a fetus hanging in there?

What? You believe everything you read in the newspapers?

Well, then. Perhaps the gorgeous blue flowers are because Weiner knows he's gonna have a son?

And, perhaps, he and Huma are pretty happy together, in private?

Heck, Huma can put up with Hillary!

Perhaps, she's one of those roommates that can live with anybody?

We just don't have enough information to draw any conclusions.

khematite@aol.com said...

I love that Manhattan reporters assume that anyplace selling food and not part of a chain constitutes a "bodega." The Natural, which seems from the photo accompanying the story to be the store in Forest Hills where Weiner purchased the flowers, is a fairly large neighborhood supermarket, selling (as its name implies) quite a lot of upscale goods. But I guess they're all "bodegas" if everything you know about life is what you learned in Manhattan.

Rialby said...

Why doesn't Weiner just shrink and recede into the warmth of his home?

William said...

The NY Post mourns the passing of Weiner from public life, as should we all. So many effortless puns will not happen again in our lifetime. Still, it looks like they're really going out of their way to shiv him with this story. OMG. He bought cheap carnations for his wife. The horror.....I would recommend that the Post and all commenters just be patient. Weiner is not the type to go gentle into that good night. Perhaps like Delay he can appear on Dancing With the Stars or America's Got Talent where we can all look forward to a wardrobe malfunction.... I think he would be a natural for Jersey Shore. Him and The Situation discuss the pros and cons of a bikini wax for men. In the end, they go to a salon for a make over. Ratings gold. They'd have to pixel it for MTV, but that would just increase sales for the DVD version....However it goes, we have not seen the last of Weiner. But don't hunt him down. Let Weiner seek the public spotlight in his own good time.

Paper Porcupine said...

I've loved all the Weiner sturm and drang, but I think it's finally gone too far.
Orange, white and blue might have special significance to the couple, or maybe, just maybe, it's not anyone's business what a pervert buys for his wife.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Hyper-analysis is a trademark of today's 24/7 media.

And I get the impression that the academes' are a bit jealous.

I have no love for Tony Putz, but, he made his bed, took a huge dump in it, and now needs to lie there.

Kicking a man when he is down truly is a progressive 'character' trait.