June 26, 2011

Mr. Forward's poem.

From the "stupid/evil" post:
Did Bradley act badly?
Did Lueder delude her?
Did Prosser cross her?


Ann Althouse said...

It's Lueders not Lueder and I don't think it's pronounced "lewd her."

Bob said...


CRS said...

Somebody should invoke Rashomon.

Anonymous said...


Reuters News Service is today reporting that New York's Democrat mayor has had an illicit affair with the actress Florence Henderson and has given her a sexually transmitted disease called "the crabs."

Reuters: "I was lonely. I knew it wasn't the right thing to do. So, what did I do? I did it," she writes in "Life is Not a Stage," set for publication in September. Henderson went home later that night, and awoke to a grisly surprise the next day as she saw "little black things" crawling over her bed and body.

edutcher said...

Did Bob Hope Natalie Wood?

PS Not the current mayor.

Flo was quite the jade, wasn't she?

Carol_Herman said...

Did any of the five justices, who supposedly "witnessed" this. And, all supposedly went to law school ...

Did any one of them approach Prosser with eyes wide? Did any offer an apology? Did any of them tell him "to forget it?"

Was the first big surprise to these "five witnesses" occur in the morning, when their dogs went outside to retrieve the newspaper in the driveway? And, they bend down and opened it up?

Were they drinking coffee?

Did coffee spit out of their mouths?

You mean, if you go to law school. And, then have the connections to become a judge ... that something like this flies under your nose and you don't notice?

Of course, being INSIDE, means you know how to keep a poker face. And, not let on to outsiders what you're thinking.

But this is really asking you to digest crap for breakfast.

Even if there was scuttlebutt within the courthouse ... Who knew it could begin your day. And, you haven't even turned to the horiscope section of your newspaper?

All of them have been struck deaf, dumb and blind, I suppose?

All of them with political connections (which you know they have by dint of their appointments) ... Did they get calls from other politicians?

Do you think this story is still a big fat secret?

If Nixon had sent this up the flagpole, instead of watching people salute it ... You'd see the knives out. People would be stepping over each other ... like they are at the AFT.

"You take the blame."

"No." "You fall on your sword." You take off your clothes and quickly take a picture of yourself in your underwear. Doing anything possible to just change the subject.

Or you tell the truth.

And, the truth will show that Abrahamson was out of her mind when she told Prosser to "leave the room."

And, when Prosser didn't, Bradley attacked.

(This was supposed to be a secret.)

Sure did climb out of the big garbage bag, though. Will take on a life of its own.

Law schools will have to add instructions on how to handle colleagues that need to be committed.

As to Bradley's attempt to "declare victory" here ... she's sliding down Kloppenhoppen's script.

Oh. And, if doing this cost Soros money ... he's spending on stuff that is guaranteed to provide him with losses.

There are some things in America, money can't buy.

M.E. said...

It's pronounced "Leeders".

Curious George said...
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Curious George said...

In Chambers the Supreme David Prosser

Had the nerve re old Shirley to cross her.

A pissed off justice named Bradley

Said “I’ll hit you quite gladly”

Now it’s time for the Senate to toss her.

Curious George said...

A hack of a reporter name Lueders

Wrote a juicy hit piece for his readers

With rumor his “source”

No fact checking of course!

He's just one of the lefts’ bottom feeders

chickelit said...

I think Bill Lueders posts here as alphaliberal. I've posited that before and no one has ever disproved it.

"Lueders" may pronounce his vowel combination any way he chooses. However, in German, the vowel combination "ue" corresponds to an umlauted u, i.e., ü and it rhymes with Führer.

Cedarford said...

Right now it is in "he said, she said" territory.
But this is an extremely damaging incident because the credibility of the top Justices is on the line.

Somebody is lying.

Shortly after the incident, Bradley told the other Justices in the room she had just been choked by Prosser, to which an unknown Justice stated "You were not choked". It is currently unknown if said Justice witnessed the incident. Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs was notified of the incident shortly after and he met with the entire Supreme Court. The incident was reportedly being investigated by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, which investigates misconduct among judges in the state. However, James Alexander, executive director of the commission, said that "we can neither confirm nor deny" that the incident was under investigation.

Police were notified. The Chief jimself sat down with the two parties and 4 Justices who were witnesses. It appears the incident is now being investigated by the Judicial Commission.

Who escalated a verbal argument into the physical? Was one party sitting when the other approached in a threatening manner and initated contact? Whoever lied or embellished their story needs to go. For the good of the Court. Prosser or Bradley.

deborah said...

Patience Roggensack.

Carol_Herman said...

When the story gets placed into context, you begin to see the holes.

Why did Bradley stand up?

Why did she move toward Prosser, who was sitting?

Is it possible Abrahamson thought she'd tell Prosser to leave the room?

The other judges watched.

Imagine everyone, who was there, getting surprised by a newspaper headline, without having even received a phone call from the jerk who wrote the story?

What was it like for the judges to read this one? Were they amazed? Did they just continue reading the story after the gist of it hit them like a bomb going off?

How many calls did those judges receive that day? Did they use their phone answering equipment to sift through the Caller ID's first?

Today. You think Bradley's happy with the direction her neck took?

You don't think Prosser feels more vindicated than ever?

To Bradley: Look out your window, honey. Kloppenhoppen is coming by with a life preserver.

People in Wisconsin just got a free look at how the democraps can't even kick ass with a journalism story, anymore.

The Internet, however, lives!

This means more people know about this kakamamie charge of "assault" ... than you can shake a stick at.

It also probably means you can't find a jury in Wisconsin, that could be seated. Because the story is known far and wide.

AmPowerBlog said...

Ann, I linked your "stupid/evil" post. Did you see the tweet from Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism? I blogged and linked you: "'Heck of a First Week for Bill Lueders'".

Screencap too, just in case they take that tweet down ignominiously.

Jim Parrett said...

Althouse would like you to believe that Bradley is to blame because her neck got in the way of Prosser's fists. And note too, how AA turns the story around to shoot the messenger. I'm just waiting for the dirt to be dug up on Bradley now. There doesn't seem to be much but there's plenty on Prosser's violence against women. But AA won't let that get in the way of a good smear on the writer now and Bradley next.

Ralph L said...

Has Bradley made a public statement yet?

Carol_Herman said...

No, Jynm. For Prosser's hands to "get" to Bradley's neck ... Bradley has to stand up and walk.

Prosser was sitting in his chair.

Possible? Abrhamson told Prosser "to get out of the room!"

Prosser stayed seated.

Bradley ROSE.

This took Bradley's neck "into position."

Now, what's followed is that the "meme" that Prosser deserves to be removed from Wisconsin's court," has been blown up.

Like in the movie "BLOW UP" ... You only get to see the crime when you focus on the details in the background. And, not the model in front.

Lueders is not Bob Woodward!

We've moved on from hit pieces hitting targets. To the splatter signs that the intended victim didn't rise. To make the "fighting scheme" a bit more creditable.

That journalists no longer have credibility isn't news.

Or Dan Rather would have a byline.

AmPowerBlog said...

..."Prosser's violence against women".

Dude, where did you come from? Strange ravings for an Althouse thread. Care to back that stuff up?

Fred4Pres said...

Secret video of what really happened.

Don't worry Prosser will recover to fight again!

Michael K said...

New York's Democrat mayor has had an illicit affair with the actress Florence Henderson

The story is creepy, if 40 years old. What creeps me out more is seeing Kirsten Powers on Fox News Sunday's panel this morning and knowing how much she knows about Weiner's wiener. She is a babe and he is the ugliest Congressman I have seen.

Fen said...

SockPuppet: there's plenty on Prosser's violence against women.

"Jymn" has never appeared on this blog, yet here he launching assertions to smear Prosser.

No worries, Jymn is not a credible source. Especially considering his history with young boys and NAMBLA.

Go away, perv sicko.

Ralph L said...

Don't tell me Florence hooked up with Ed Koch. That's the Brady Bunch all over again.

Chip S. said...

@RalphL, Not saying that it happened, but if Ed Koch was involved with anyone from the Brady Bunch it was probably Robert Reed. NTTAWWT

glenn said...

When I was 13 all those years ago I got in a fistfight in gym class. Coach broke it up. Took both of us to the Dean of Boys. Dean called my Dad and the other kids Dad. My Dad came to the school, other kids Dad didn't. In the Deans office, in front of my Dad, the Dean and the coach the Dean asked "Who started it?" Other kid said "He did, he hit me back" Swear to God. Problem here is none of these people is 13 years old, at least not cronologically.

Curious George said...

"This is a distraction keeping me from the important work of the Court" Anthony W....er ah Ann Walsh Bradley

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You put your right hand in
don't take your right hand out.
You put your left hand in
And you squeeze until she shouts.

You do the Chokey Pokey
And you turn the blame around.
That's what it's all about!

Carol_Herman said...

John Lindsey was a republican.

John Lindsey was mayor of New York.

But, now he's dead.

Carol_Herman said...

These women are batshit crazy.

It wasn't enough to watch Kloppenhoppen try to ride the bandwagon to success on a 200-vote lead that evaporated ...

They're still stuck on stupid.

While, once upon a time, long ago, it was supposed that you didn't take on opponents who could buy ink by the barrel.

Now? We've got pixels.

And, this story has claimed it's own victory. Because the pixels are running two to one against Loueder.

I just wonder what it's like the next time Prosser has to go into a meeting with these batshit crazy women, and he hears the door close.

Alex said...

Things are getting so batty in Wisconsin that the left are resorting to 100% yellow journalism. Reminds me of a line from "Citizen Kane". Kane tells Bernstein:

Charles Foster Kane: Read the cable.
Bernstein: "Girls delightful in Cuba. Stop. Could send you prose poems about scenery, but don't feel right spending your money. Stop. There is no war in Cuba, signed Wheeler." Any answer?
Charles Foster Kane: Yes. "Dear Wheeler: you provide the prose poems. I'll provide the war."

Alex said...

Carol - once upon a time these kind of women were placed in lunatic asylums. They weren't allowed in polite society, much less to serve as a judge.

Alex said...

If Prosser is smart, he'll wear a a video camera at all times on his lapel pin. The mini-kind that you can't see easily.

Carol_Herman said...

Alex, Hammacher Schlemmer sells a pen version of which you speak. You just stick it into your shirt pocket.

I still think these batshit crazy women will think of something for the next meeting.

Perhaps, they'll say Prosser walked in on them ... even though there's clearly a sign on the door that says "Ladies Room?"

Their antics are endless.

But on August 1st we will know if Prosser is sworn in, again, or not?

Perhaps, Abahamason can move "conferences" to Illinois? The democrapic state elected politicians have already driven there. The place checked out.

When Prosser goes into the office, next time, maybe, no one else will be there?

Maybe, the "conference room" will just hold janitor's supplies?

Maybe, the only way Prosser would really be safe ... is that the judicial robes of Bradley and Abrahamson are traded in for straight jackets?

Maybe, the police will have to enter, and brace everyone's wrists to their chairs?

In that nut house, how can Prosser ever feel safe?

Will it be a crime to vote by raising your hand? Right there, I can see charges flying.

Oh, CRS, you want Roshomon? Why? Right now you've got Pinocchio.

Freeman Hunt said...

I had a friend with the last name Lueders. He pronounced it "lewders."

Curious George said...

Freeman Hunt said...
I had a friend with the last name Lueders. He pronounced it "lewders."

Damn, that messes up my limerack.

Curious George said...

Limerick (of course)

David said...


It's how his father pronounced it.

Ralph L said...

Isn't there a Leuders coughdrop?