June 22, 2011

"If I had to choose Reaganomics or 13 staffers quitting, I think for the average working American, Reaganomics was a much better deal."

Gingrich explains:
"Philosophically, I am very different from normal politicians, and normal consultants found that very hard to deal with..."
He's different! He's not normal!

You squares just don't get him. He's out there on the edge, doing... Reaganomics!


edutcher said...

I don't believe Ron let Nancy call the shots the way Callista seems to.

Dustin said...

So is Newt saying he's unable to hire a staff who is compatible with reaganomics, or disloyal, or unable to follow his leadership?

Newt can't possibly miss that as President, he needs to be able to lead people. He needs to convince them to do what he wants them to do.

If they are bailing on him already, that's a sign he's not a great leader.

Regardless, he's a smart guy and he is an enhancement to the debates. He never had a shot at winning nomination, so of course his staff will leave for a leader that inspires them for something greater than Newt talking.

windbag said...

Understanding that your relevance has evaporated is the first step toward the peaceful autumn years of your life.

Chip S. said...

"We have big ideas. I just think that's part of how you campaign. You talk to the American people about big things."

The deficit is a pretty big thing. Newt should talk to Paul Ryan about it; he seems to have some big ideas.

John Burgess said...

I think Newt was unelectable under any circumstance. Under the current circumstances, he's crumbled toast.

And that doesn't bother me at all. Were he running unopposed or against a resurgent Jimmy Carter, I'd rather throw my vote away on Pogo or Snoopy.

WV: blestemi So I'm profane... sue me.

Don't Tread 2012 said...


Couldn't agree more.

The sooner Newt goes away and finds a hobby, the better. He's so past tense.

Scott M said...

I get that Gingrich is playing the part of Captain Edward Smith in this particular drama.

Carol_Herman said...

Newt's going nowhere.

But if there's an example out there ... Newt couldn't stand moving out of the speaker's office into a smaller space. While Nancy Pelosi opted to do otherwise.

So, maybe, there is a difference between republicans and democraps? Who knew?

Leland said...

Voodoo scares people.

Mark O said...

Just how awful is Callista?

Paddy O said...

The Atlanta Press: "You're Newt Gingrich. You used to be Speaker of the House. You used to be big."

Newt Ginrich: "I am big. It's the politics that got small."

yashu said...

LOL, Paddy O.

victoria said...

Glub glub. As the Gingrich ship goes down he is evoking the name of his "god" Ronnie Reagan. Pitiful.
You know, everyone says he is so smart, he may be smart but he is living in his own dream world. I hope he doesn't blame this on "loving America too much."

Get out Newt, get out now while you still have some semblance of a reputation for your commentaries on Fox.

Vicki from Pasadena

Methadras said...

No, he's just out.

KenK said...

Newt shoulda listened to this guy.
Look around the 1:30 mark.

Original Mike said...

"If I had to choose Reaganomics or 13 staffers quitting, I think for the average working American, Reaganomics was a much better deal,"

What in the world does that mean?

yashu said...

Paddy O's perfect analogy inspired me to find the clip. "I am big. It's the pictures that got small."

Chef Mojo said...

I can sum up Newt's candidacy and its chances of success in one word:


SunnyJ said...

Nancy Reagan was attacked non-stop for running Reagan. Hillary was the unelected President. Even Jimmah Cahta's ol girl Rosalyn was hacked for attending cabinet meetings, with a notepad no less.

The newtcular meltdown we are witnessing is not about the wife, not even a little bit. Not about "this" wife anyway.

Newt's an intellect looking for a soul, or even the semblance of human empathy in his personality might suffice. The high handed behavior on the left hand, in juxiposition to the low handed treatment of his ex-wife on the right hand was impossible to swallow. He never did the self serving mia culpa like Clinton, so not forgiven.

He's allowed to write some good books and give his opinion...he's not allowed to resume an active leadership role. Hard to keep track of the rules in this game.

Phil 3:14 said...

And how's that working out for you Newt?

Fred4Pres said...

I think this statement from Gingrich deserves an Althouse: Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

I like it when Ann talks dirty!

Fred4Pres said...

Newt, here is a song for you.

You huckleberry douchebag.

MadisonMan said...

I agree. Brave Paddy O!

MadisonMan said...

BravO. BravO.

Okay, maybe Paddy O is brave too.

Fred4Pres said...

Newt, here is another one.

rhhardin said...

Apparently Newt is still getting laid.

Mitch H. said...

Reaganomics? What, is Newt running to become the 41st President? Could somebody remind him that George HR Bush already won the 1988 Presidential race?

Has he had a stroke recently or something?

Chuck66 said...

Newt is a great speaker and knows his stuff, but I am a big believer in "character counts". Newt isn't as bad as John Edwards, not even close. But still, I can't help but of Newt and his wives and see someone who would self-destruct.

traditionalguy said...

Newtie is a cutie with words and has a nice guy schtick. But Newt is not a nice guy!

Fred4Pres said...

Bravo Paddy O!

Fred4Pres said...

Talking about Newt, I hear it does not matter if you have a small dick if you take your girlfriends to Tiffany's.

Dustin said...

Everyone says Newt is smart, but just citing 'REAGAN' is practically the cheapest argument a Republican could make today.

Especially one that waffled on Ryan's budget.

It's not bold or insightful to claim the mantle of Reagan in the Republican party today. You might as well say you are Washintonian or patriotic.

Newt's rhetoric is at a lower level than Cain or Palin or RINOs like Romney, so what use do we have for him?

But we can't see beyond the curtain, so what's really interesting is that his own staff doesn't follow his leadership. That's a big red flag warning.

John Burgess said...

Fred4Pres sed:

| Talking about Newt, I hear it does not matter if you have a small dick if you take your girlfriends to Tiffany's.

That's incomplete. Merely 'taking' doesn't suffice. Purchase(s) completes the theorem.

DADvocate said...

Quit trying to live off of Reagan's name. Establish your own identity.

BJK said...

Newt is clearly a different brand of politician.

Most would-be Presidential candidates hire staffers that share their candidate's viewpoints, particularly on big issues like fiscal policy. Not our Mr. Gingrich; he apparently was willing to take on supporters who didn't support him.
Maybe that's why they quit on him.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Not defending Newt but I think the incompetence of this administration proves anyone can be elected.

Lem said...

Gingrich looks at what Palin is doing and thinks 'What does she have that I don't have'?..

Aside from the obvious (Palin is way more physically pleasing to look at) Gingrich believes his brain can do for him what Palin's physical appeal does for her.

Its a hard sell but maybe he is that confident in himself.

Jeremy said...

Speaking of GOP twits...it looks like she quit...again.

WASHINGTON – Amid diminishing media interest, Sarah Palin has quit her high-profile bus tour halfway through and returned to Alaska with her family.

Jeremy said...

Corn Cob - Terrific argument for Newt, but I think little Georgie already took a good shot at proving your point.

Now it's President Obama's fault.

Anything to denigrate the President...right?

Bruce Hayden said...

I like Gingrich, and was somewhat sorry to see him leave the House. After he left, the Republicans lost their way, falling into being as bad at the money grubbing and rent seeking as any Democrat. Hastor and DeLay were the wrong sort of leaders to make the Republicans a permanent majority.

But, he is the one of the last Republicans I would vote for for President. His brain is more trouble than it is worth, and he has the managerial expertise of, say, an Obama.

Rumpletweezer said...


There's that word again. Denigrate.

Jeremy, are you a bigot?

By the way, which one in the picture is you?

Jeremy said...

Rumpletweezer - Calling Corn Cob out for denigrating the President...is somehow a form of bigotry?

Do you own a dictionary?

*I'm the one on the right.

EDH said...

"He's different! He's not normal!"

Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

Winger: Hup… fair? Who cares about fair? The world isn’t fair. Truth isn’t fair. Is it fair that you were born like this? No!

They’re not expecting somebody like you in there, Newt. They’re expecting one of these mugs. You’re different. You’re weird. You’re a mutant. You’re a killer. You’re a trained killer. You’re a lean, mean, fighting machine!

Newt: I'll do it!!!

Scott M said...

Jeremy, are you a bigot?

No, but he sounds like a homophobe judging by his demands to know why someone would know anything about engorged penises like some puritanical elder ready to sew scarlet letter G on someone.

Jeremy said...

Bruce Hayden - "I like Gingrich, and was somewhat sorry to see him leave the House."

"leave the house??"

You mean after being overwhelmingly reprimanded, sanctioned and forced to fork over $300,000...right?


Jeremy said...

Scotty - Oh, are you still upset about that teabagger thingie?

You and the rest of the nitwits who are so far to the right you can hardly stand up straight...come up with a term, thinking it's a perfect way to smear the Democrats...only to realize, too late...that it can also mean something entirely different.

Next time you idiots try to be witty or cute...think about it first.

Scott M said...

I was never upset about to begin with and I'm not sure why you would think I was.

To the matter of wit, I've got more comedic talent in my engorged penis than you do in your whole body. Oh, you do provide laughs, but only ironically and you're usually not in on it.

windbag said...

This is 2011. We can't even safely guess what the hot issue will be in 2012, yet we invoke Reagan's ghost as the cure-all for our woes. Reagan was right for 1980 and 1984. Why stop at Reagan? Why are Republicans invoking Lincoln's ghost?

I think the problem conservatives have with relevance is their refusal to come to grips with the fact that the boat has left the dock. We are in post-modern, post-Christian America. We aren't going back.

Unfortunately, we remember what America used to be like. We can see it, taste it, smell it, yell back at it, see our heroes waving from shore, but we can't make the leap back to the dock. Longing for Reagan isn't going to fix our problems.

I'm not sure Reagan could fix our problems any more. Could he survive and thrive in the current political climate? Not sure. He took tons of abuse, but that was 30 years ago, and things have changed.

If Republicans take back the White House, I will be very curious to see how, as it will be a monumental chore to overcome a hostile MSM, and extremely polarized political arena with little interest in facts, and several game-changing issues.

mccullough said...


We need Calvin Coolidge. The last President to actually pay down some of the debt.

ndspinelli said...

Gingrich is a pompous buffoon..the Ted Kennedy of Republicans.

Jeremy said...

Scotty - Well, I have to admit it; I do find you and the rest of the teabaggers here very funny.

I just wish you would back off on the whining and bitching.

Maybe if you write her an nice letter, the Princess will let you rise on her new bus. (I'm assuming she;ll get to keep it.)

Scott M said...

I do find you and the rest of the teabaggers here very funny.

Finally. A rational explanation for your bellicose carpet-bombing of threads hereabouts.

windbag said...


We need Calvin Coolidge. The last President to actually pay down some of the debt.

Keep cool with Cal.

Jeremy said...

Scotty - I like that; "carpet-bombing of threads."

If not for me, posting disagreement and counter opinions, this would be one drab blog site.

The Queen and her loyal sidekick, Needy, provide the chum, the pack gobbles it up, and regurgitates each others right wing slant on everything and anything.


Scott M said...

If not for me, posting disagreement and counter opinions, this would be one drab blog site.

Examples of your personal hubris are too numerous to get in to, but please take some comfort in the knowledge that many, many threads get along just fine without you. Try arguing in good faith without constant name-calling and hate and it might even be fun. You seem to lack the capacity.

G Joubert said...

Newt's glory days were pre-speaker, as a bomb-thrower for the Republican minority, leading up to the 1994 contract with America. Otherwise he's not been all that functional. Politically tone-deaf in too many ways, and way too much baggage for anything else.

traditionalguy said...

Welcome back, Jeremy. If Palin does quit, we will need someone to take out our anger on. These are interesting times. Did you hear about the Bill Daily/Valerie Jarrett encounter down at the Obama White House?

Scott said...

Gingrich used to be a blowhard. Now he is an insufferable blowhard.

A quality Gingrich shares with Jeremy. Hey dude, when you're thread jacking, how do you keep the keyboard from getting gummed up?

Jeremy said...

Scotty - "many, many threads get along just fine without you."

I never said the threads/site wouldn't get along without me (or others who from time to time offer up contrary opinions), but in general, 90% of the comments you find here and on other far right sites are nothing more than one commenter after another agreeing or piling on.

This particular site has become much, much more conservative and far right than it was...probably because so many here just can't stand to think that Obama could be elected...and of course, because The Queen has realized she gets more bang for her buck by pouring right wing horse shit on the flames.

And of course, she makes it plain that Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are two of her favorites.

What does that tell you?

Jeremy said...

tradional bagger - "If Palin does quit"

She DID quit.

As Governor and now as a cross-country bus tour guide.

Jeremy said...

Scotty - Newt is a liar, something I am not.

I may make periodic mistakes, but there's not much that I say here that I can't back up. Almost everything you and many of the others post here is nothing more than bitching and whining about anything with which you disagree.

And of course, you were apparently sound asleep during the previous administration's eight years, along with a Republican majority six of those years...and evidently are unaware of the fact that the current recession began in December of 2007...way before Obama took office.

The glue that holds you and the other teabaggers here together is a hatred of your own President, and of course, that hidden little factor that relates to racism.

You just can't stand thinking a black man can do the job.

windbag said...


She DID quit.

As Governor and now as a cross-country bus tour guide.

She had a colossal task overcoming the characterization the MSM tagged her with, but retiring the bus tour just handed her critics a huge trump card that will be played over and over, if she ever does run for President. A blunder like this makes me think her days of holding political office are over. Her days of rattling the cages of the monkeys in the MSM are long from over. She will make headlines long after she's dead.

Carol_Herman said...

The trouble with Newt's statement is one ain't like the other.

You can't compare Reaganomics with Calista, or his staff choices.

And, you can add that to another reason Newt doesn't have a chance to win. Not everybody remembers that he was Speaker. But everybody remembers test questions that were an embarrassment to see put to paper.

Just what we don't need is a president who tells you to bring your #2 pencil to a presidential speech. People would say they miss the teleprompter.

jeff said...

huh, looks like Jeremy is wrong once again. IN other news, the sun is scheduled to rise in the East tomorrow morning.

"Imagine our surprise when reading media reports today that the “One Nation Tour” has been cancelled. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh, wait, that’s because it hasn’t been cancelled. (Good ol' media... you never cease to amaze!)
As I said myself at the end of the east coast leg of the tour, the summer is long, and I’m looking forward to hitting the open road again. The coming weeks are tight because civic duty calls (like most everyone else, even former governors get called up for jury duty) and I look forward to doing my part just like every other Alaskan."

Jeremy said...

Jury duty...right.

Scott M said...

You said this,

I may make periodic mistakes, but there's not much that I say here that I can't back up.

...which was good and all, but then you followed it up with this,

You just can't stand thinking a black man can do the job.

...which you can't back up by one iota. It's just as valid for me to say that you can't stand thinking he's doing a poor job because he's black.

Hoosier Daddy said...

"...You just can't stand thinking a black man can do the job..."

This one obviously can't.

Jeremy said...

Scotty - You say I can't back up my statement that the teabaggers here can't stand to see a black man doing the job?

Well, let's have one of your teabagger friends help me out on that:

Hoosier Daddy said...

"This one obviously can't."

See how easy it was?

Corn Cob - Just another uneducated racist prick.

Scott M said...

I don't know why you don't see the difference unless you simply unwilling. "This one" is a specific reference to a specific person. Nothing racist about it and you yourself were the one that pointed out President Obama's race. All Hoosier did was point out his opinion that the current president can't do his job very well. "This one" even leaves the door open for other black presidents to a better job by HD's estimation.

If he would have said "blacks can't be good presidents" I'd agree with you. Hell, I thought you guys were supposed to be the "nuance" types.