June 3, 2011

The Government Accountability Board "said politics played no role in its decision" but "it was able to get through the [recall] petitions against Republicans faster than the ones against Democrats."

Hmm. So the Board has certified the 6 Republican recall elections (for July 12), but it has needed an extension to finish up on certifying the elections against the 3 Democrats for whom petitions have been filed. Consequently, the recall elections against the Democrats, assuming they are certified, will happen a week later.
The Democrats have submitted more than 200 affidavits that they say show fraud was committed. The board has said it is obligated to review all that material, which will take more time.

In contrast, the Republicans made a purely legal argument that paperwork was filed improperly. The same argument was made in all six cases, so once the board got through one of them, there was comparatively little work to do on the others.
So that — rather than partisanship — seems to explain the speed difference.
Republicans argued if the deadlines were delayed for Democrats, the recall elections should be delayed by a week for the Republicans.
Is it really disadvantageous to go a week later? At that point, Republicans will know if any Democrats need to get ousted to preserve their majority in the state senate. Or will it light a fire under Democrats? If on the other hand, the Democrats fail to oust enough Republicans to get a senate majority — they need 3 of the 6 — then voters may blow off the elections against the Democrats.


Mark O said...

I, for one, believe that.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

On Wisconsin.

chickelit said...

You people in Wisconsin seem to love the permanent election as much as Weiner folk love the permanent erection.

Anonymous said...

4 hours has always been enough for me.

Sofa King said...

Yeah, right. "We're not partisan, it's just that all of our decisions favor the Democrats."

At the very least, there's absolutely no justification for not having all the elections on the same day.

Of course, that's assuming they approve any of the Democratic recalls. At this point, I give it 50-50.

traditionalguy said...

Ah so. More quantum Mechanics of the Wisconsin political forces. With God's help, the Tent City will be a disaster that disgusts the voters enough to get them out to uphold their government. Folks usually don't like a second bite taken at the apple. The Dems lost in fairly scheduled elections. So do they think that they are entitled to chain do-overs?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be too concerned. These recall elections are going nowhere. That's my guess.

Wisconsin sure does seem to be good at making tempests in teapots, though.

garage mahal said...

While you're enjoying your beer this weekend, keep this in mind:

Legislation to Harm Small WI Breweries

He's fucking with our local breweries now? Coors/Miller = *GAG*

Erik Robert Nelson said...

This is banana republic territory. The entire thing is out of control.

Michael K said...

Two elections !!!!????

Wow ! Somebody or something has stock in voting booths or something.

The Drill SGT said...

Overall, I think the delay will just drive up conservative turn-out in the second election.

garage mahal said...

Speaking of special elections, who remembers Scott Walker's last job was won one in a special election?

Scott Walker's New Brown Bag Movement

He'll be 1-1 when it's all said and done.

chickelit said...

He's fucking with our local breweries now?

Gamechanger!!! What did "he" specifically have to do this?

chickelit said...

@garage mahal: That brown bag video? *GAG*

We "lived" it right here on this blog.

How can you make one good post for your cause and then blow it with the next?

Anonymous said...

Hope springs eternal for Garage. Soon, federal and state governments will be solvent and we will be able to provide free money to everybody. And there will be jobs for all and a guaranteed living wage. And milk and honey will flow inexorably.

Steve Austin said...

In typical Dem fashion, a bunch of them falsely signed the recall petitions so that they could later claim their signatures and names were forged. Keep tossing sand in the gears.

Delay, obstruct, chant.

I'm Full of Soup said...

So how does the recall vote work? Are the choices Yes for the recall or No?

garage mahal said...

Hope springs eternal for Garage. Soon, federal and state governments will be solvent and we will be able to provide free money to everybody

I'll settle for one that doesn't go out of it's way to punish Wisconsin businesses while rewarding out of state businesses and interests. Did you the link I provided? This is free market small government conservatism?

Go ahead and try to defend any of that legislation. I actually dare you.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Garage- those copiers you sell- are they made in WI?

clint said...

That sounds plausible to me.

It's not like we've never seen leftists spam complaints and overload the system. See: Governor Palin's resignation; ACORN's last-minute voter registration drives; heck, half of the regulatory state is designed to smother things they can't ban in so much red tape they might as well be banned.

garage mahal said...

No, Japan. Go on.

Roux said...

It seems there is benefit to being a bunch of cheaters.

I'm Full of Soup said...

I have mixed feelings re extreme free trade rules and buying local movements. I do believe American pols have been too naive and let foriegn companies decimate a few of our large industries [steel for instance].

I don't have any solutions to the free trade vs American workers dilemma. Yet I would never cry for protectionism when I sell foreign goods for a living.

jgott said...

The rule of law is dead in the U.S.
Wisconsinites, Washingtonians and their observers know this, foreign investors are discovering this, and the devastation will be irreversible.
The 'good news' is that the idea of America escaped it's borders and is bringing the poor out of starvation all over the world.
You may invest and life-plan accordingly, or submit and bear the consequences. You may NOT choose the consequences. As for me I'll shrug, then run.

Chip S. said...

Welcome to the anti-regulation cause, Garage.

themightypuck said...

Why not just push everything back so they can do them all at once?

m stone said...

Just what we need in Wisconsin. Better access to alcohol.

edutcher said...

The last time I saw a coincidence like this, the sky lit up just as the sun rose in the East.

Chuck66 said...

Letter to the editor of a newspaper in River Falls area. Recall people going after Sheila Harsdorf knock on doors. Then say "will you sign this call for a more.....". Okay, I can't recall the exact wording, but the petitioners do not mention anything about recalling Harsdorf.

Chuck66 said...

Many states have laws that say you can only recall a legislator if a crime was committed. This prevents the premanent election. Wisc really needs this law.

Anonymous said...

Hey--Althou.se finally got around to posting this....

Meade must be home.

SunnyJ said...

No doubt it was not the GAB's policitcs because the politics was done for them by the high number of phony complaints filed purposely to clog up the works. Our system is built on honor, and will always be open to those lacking in integrity and looking to undermine the process...because it is based on respect...and the progressives have no respect for this system.

Carol_Herman said...

But does the "trick" work?

The "trick" didn't work for Kloppenhoppen. Because she couldn't collect the money she needed to toss the case to her judges. (Are they the 3 witches from Macbeth?) All toil and trouble.

Anyway, there will be a recall on July 12th. For the republicans.

Either people show up. Or NOT!

What's it take to vote?

What if people are FURIOUS?

Oh, yeah. And, what if the people who VOLUNTEER to do poll services, weren't insulted enough by Kloppenhoppen?

Will there be a move to terrorize poll workers, now?

You mean, there's been a successful attempt (by the dregs of humanity), to terrify and frighten the good citizens in the six districts with recall activity?

Are you shitting me?


Like you're saying all the loaded dice just roll up snake eyes. And, nobody blames the unions, or the fleebagger-14 for anything? Yeah. Not even the time of day!

On the other hand, Sherlock. This isn't quite working out for Lastrad and company, is it?

This is the best they can do in the intimidation department? Without looking stupid?

Oh, yeah. Maybe, the votes to "win" have already been cast? And, all you need are the 3 Stooges, preferably illegals. To run this election "service" right and proper, huh?

You know, way back in 1765 ... it was the stupid king of england ... who had all the good cards.

Here, in America? A bunch of farmers. Whom, it was laughed at in England, couldn't even shoot straight.

Oh. And, another thing? Some real purposeful moron, talking in England's parliament ... when Ben Franklin was there ... said something on par with "all he'd need are 1000 British troops ... and, they'd slice through the American Colonies, like butter. Through a knife.

How, exactly, did that work out, then?

You think it's any different, now? Then, tell me. Who the hell settled in Wisconsin? It's so flat you can see straight through the entire state ... if you just stand on one small hill. (Lots of cows.) And, once? Real Blue.

I didn't know so many of Nixon's dirty tricksters made it for Wisconsin's "hill country." HA. HA. HA. Indeed, MarkO.

Oh, and it isn't weiner's putz in his underwear. Just can't be certain.

Do the democraps make a living doing their politics? Or are they a dying breed?

Carol_Herman said...

You know, a man's "hog" used to be his Harley.

And, if the putz in the underwear thinks he's got a big one there, NO, he doesn't.

He's just a short man with lifts in his shoes.

And, he gave yet another example of why idiots like him need to wear helmets.

Kloppenhoppen, at the deadline, gave it away, too. She couldn't raise the money to keep on fighting. Even though she was near her goal posts. Near enough to smell Shirley Abrahamson's underwear. Or Depends.

Beldar said...

Prof. Althouse, you write: "At that point, Republicans will know if any Democrats need to get ousted to preserve their majority in the state senate."

LBJ or Mayor Daley would've told you that you always want to be the final side reporting votes. Indeed, "Landslide Lyndon" had personal experience trying it both ways, and the mistake of letting the other side go last cost him his 1941 special election loss to W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel for an open Senate seat.

Meade said...

Last month, Dane County Circuit Judge John W. Markson extended the deadline until Friday for the board to determine whether the nine recall elections should be held.

Nonsense! Recall that judge!

The [Government Accountability Board] said politics played no role in its decision, it worked on reviewing signatures as quickly as possible and it was able to get through the petitions against Republicans faster than the ones against Democrats.

Nonsense! Recall the entire Government Accountability Board!

The board asked the Legislature's budget committee for $40,000 so it could hire temporary workers to review recall petitions more quickly, but the Republican-led panel has not responded to that request.

Nonsense! Recall the Republican-led panel!

This is what Wisconsin democracy now looks like.

Carol_Herman said...

What if we're watching something that is influencing Americans in all 50 States?

For Missouri, it took a tornado.

For New Orleans, it took a hurricane.

And, for Memorial Day, Sarah's bus got enough attention; if you consider how viral Weiner's underwear shot ... with his wiener attempting a flag pole salute. Not bad for a bus that says ONE NATION.

Not a bad clue, either, if Sarah Palin is "denied" by the GOP to "plant her flag" ... she's got a ready made approach through a 3rd party. Which, sure. Could lead to the GOP's top of the ticket coming in 3rd.

I just no longer listen to the MSM.

It's also too early to bet in the casino.

But if you want to see tears ... and, you see in one room "the weiner." In the next room, under an oxygen tent, are the "also rans" in the republican party ... who are now all aflutter.

Sean said...

A little history and perspective regarding the beer legislation -


It would be nice if the actual legislative details were published, however, it seems that the legislation was

a) prompted by fear of foreign companies ( InBev/AnhBusch ) from buying WI distributorships

b) is said to be needed now because of a recent Illinois court ruling

c) seems to be CoorsMiller vs AnhBusch battle, in which smaller brewers in WI will reap some benefits ( streamlined processing, increased brewer wholesale distribution limits)

Devil is in the details, so c'mon BigGov - publish the details.

MadisonMan said...

The GAB is about as believable as the Dept of Administration's damage estimates.

@AJ, it's not a yes/no thing. Each of the sitting Senators being recalled will be running against someone else.

Big Mike said...

The Government Accountability Board said politics played no role in its decision ...

Glenn Reynolds doesn't believe that and neither do I.

David said...

Ok, no politics.

But bad policy.

They should find a way to have all the elections on the same day.

Dustin said...

The campaign to recall the democrats makes a lot of sense, as they abandoned their jobs.

The campaign to recall the Republicans is just a demand that the voters get it right, based on political views alone.

It's up to Wisconsin to decide if they want people simply rejecting the results of their elections when they elect Republicans. That's what so much of the democrat agenda is about these days. We don't want Obamacare: so what? We elect a GOP governor to cut the budger: so what? etc etc.

If the voters continue to reject democrats, I think a generation long trend will be established. This is actually good news that the democrats are picking now to force people to fundamentally reevaluate what it is to support democrats at all.

Do we support democracy, or do we support democrats? You can't do both anymore.

reformed trucker said...

"He's fucking with our local breweries now?
Coors/Miller= *GAG*" - garage

Coors/Miller = We need something to cook our brats in. You a craft beer guy? I knew there was something I liked about you. I'm enjoying a sampler 4-pack of 22oz. bombers from Lakefront Brewery right now...

Nice link. You may need to change the "he" to "they", but yes, I'm concerned about their legislation. I don't have a problem with something that favors a local "commercial crap" brewer over a South American company (InBev/Buttwiper) but have serious concerns if it effects any of our local craft brewers in the least bit. They provide local jobs, brew some of the best beer in the country, and should be supported.

Careful, garage... with this anti-government talk, someone might confuse you with a Libertarian. Come to the dark side, garage. :)

Scott said...

Wisconsin's so-called "Government Accountability Board" sure isn't a "government transparency board". It just doesn't seem like they're giving us the entire story.

garage mahal said...

Careful, garage... with this anti-government talk, someone might confuse you with a Libertarian. Come to the dark side, garage. :)

Hah. I'm already there on more than one issue.

Sorry, some friends stopped over I would have replied earlier.

reformed trucker said...

"And if the putz in the underwear thinks he's got a big one there, NO, he doesn't.

He's jusat a short man - with lifts in his shoes." - Carol Herman

What do you expect from someone 4'10",and 100# dripping wet? He's not really "man-sized"... ;)

wv: tenta - Hawt chicks always go camping in the tenta real men...

garage mahal said...

Tonight's lineup was Bedlam by Ale Asylum and Moon Man by New Glarus. I believe Althouse had a tablescape with a Bedlam on it and I had to try it. Striking copper-orange colored hopped up IPA Frankenstein with some real nice fruity apricot and plum accents. Very memorable, and would definitely recommend.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Mad Man:

Thanks - that makes sense now that I think about it. If it were just yes/no on the current pol, and the vote was no,the seat would be vacant. And actually that may even be a better thing- if the elcetive offices are vacant, no one would be enacting dumb rules and regulations.

reformed trucker said...

"Hah. I'm already there on more than one issue." - garage

That's why I've never written you off as a drooling, mouth-breathing liberal as some have; the nuances are too fine to make broad brushstrokes...

wv: suble... garage's Libertarianism is so subtle, he forgot the "t"... ;)

mstrbass_2000 said...

whats the story on the gop candidates who may lose their seat due to recall,how many are vulnerable
and if we lose the senate seats does this spell doom for the bill ???

why didn't scott walker and the gop just redo the vote as soon as the suit was filed based on the timing issue??? they could have given 24 hr notice and just re-voted eliminating the issue,instead the gop could look like jack asses with the lose of the majority in the senate

reformed trucker said...

"Tonight's lineup" - garage

"Fixed Gear - American Red Ale; Bridge Burner special reserve ale; IBA India style Black Ale; Rendezvous/ Biere De Garde. All by Lakefront Brewery.

Microbrews... yum.

jimspice said...

Hmmm. Let's see. Which would invite more scrutiny: $$$ per signature out of state paid canvassers, or volunteers.

Toad Trend said...

"The Government Accountability Board "said politics played no role in its decision" but "it was able to get through the [recall] petitions against Republicans faster than the ones against Democrats."


Government accountability board? Oxymoron alert!

Because self-checking is oversight.


wv - masisted

garage mahal said...

@reformed trucker
I'll have to look for Lakefront now. Don't recall seeing it the cooler.

Steve Koch said...

It is unbelievable that the GAB is doing this.
From: http://mediatrackers.org/2011/05/wisconsin-gab-spurns-recall-efforts-against-democrat-state-senators/

"On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board approved three more recall efforts against Republican state senators bringing the total to six. But in a stunning move, the GAB declined to consider the recall petitions against three Democrat state senators claiming “we simply don’t have enough staff” to complete the approval process.

So while all six recall efforts against Republican state senators were considered, approved, and had elections scheduled; the GAB failed to consider any of the three recall efforts against Democrat state senators and will miss the June 3rd court ordered deadline. The GAB is expected to ask for an extension to finish considering the recall efforts against Democrats, but as of now the GAB is not scheduled to meet again until June 8.

The recall efforts fired back calling the GAB’s move “purely partisan” and even called for GAB President Kevin Kennedy to resign.

Taxpayers To Recall Robert Wirch Chairman Dan Hunt said “there is no reason that the GAB cannot consider our petition.” “This disenfranchises over 18,000 citizens of the 22nd District…What the GAB has done is purely partisan in nature and intended to discredit our recall.”

Recall Jim Holperin leader and declared candidate Kim Simac said “I find it very suspicious that the three Democratic recalls have been now lumped together for a delay of certification.”

The three recall efforts against Democratic state senators were subject to a smear campaign led by Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate. First, Tate “guaranteed” fraudulent signatures before anyone had seen the petitions. Then, the Democratic Party hired an out-of-state telemarketing firm to call and harass signers of the petition, calling some people up to five times to ask them misleading questions. In the wake of the harassing calls, Democrats released their “smoking gun“ proof. In the case of the recall effort against Robert Wirch, this “overwhelming evidence” turned up just 20 affidavits out of over 18,000 signatures. And of the 20 affidavits, the vast majority reflect an error on the signers part.

The Wisconsin GAB is following lock-step with the intent of the Democratic Party’s challenge. It delays and casts doubt over what are undoubtably valid recall efforts."

Might be an excellent time to reform the GAB. It is disturbing how corrupt Wisconsin politics is. Maybe that is normal in states that are mostly Dem and it takes a while to clean up the mess once the Republicans get in power.

Alec Rawls said...

Yes, it does make a difference whether they go at the same time. Intuitively, those who are motivated to vote a representative out are more likely to show up to vote than those who want their representatives to remain. Thus separate elections for the different parties are likely to result in everyone being voted out, which means twice as many R's being voted out as D's. If the elections were at the same time, pros and cons from both sides would come out so a difference in the propensity of pros and cons to come out would not affect the outcome and we'd get a more accurate representation of the will of the people.

Also, isn't the elections board supposed to care about the imposition on the electorate of asking them to come out to vote twice, and the costs of hosting two elections?

Joe said...

Does the presence of bananas at supermarkets qualify Wisconsin as a banana republic?

X said...

Go ahead and try to defend any of that legislation. I actually dare you.

commerce clause, necessary and proper, general welfare. booyah.