June 24, 2011

Fist bump/"Solidarity forever."



The scene at the Wisconsin Capitol at about 6:30 p.m. today. (That's Meade in the black T-shirt in the fist-bump pic.) A few blocks later, on the Terrace...



edutcher said...

If that was Madison today, I am not happy.

The Blonde wanted to go to the zoo today and we gave it a shot in the liquid sunshine.

The idea more of that is coming our way does not fill me with joy.

PS The Blonde's Birkies, not to mention her feet, stood the test well.

PPS Assuming this is a cafe/boite/bistro/restaurant.

Karl said...

"Everything is going to be alright"


Freeman Hunt said...

Let's be honest. It's Solidarity for a While.

No way it's forever. It's not like they're getting married.

Michael K said...

Nice and quiet. Planning for the next fight but enjoy the peace.

garage mahal said...

It seems New York has some decent Republicans. Wish Wisconsin could say the same. Looks like #NY4M going to happen.

A. Shmendrik said...

Jeez, looks like crappy weather.

rhhardin said...

What's missing now is liquidity, not solidarity.

Titus said...

Fags are getting married in New York State!

Excellent news.

Welcome, New York, from Mass.

What took you so long?

Carol_Herman said...

The kremlin does these "solidarity themes" better. If you don't show up, you're arrested in the night. And, carried away. They say there are judges who participate in these procedures. Giving them legal blessings. But you've got to speak russian to understand the procedures. And, gimmicks.

It looks like another nice day in Madison.

You know, if you were down on Wall Street, and it was only Friday ... you'd see wall to wall people.

How come Madison lacks enough people who go to work there?

Maybe, if the landlords could add "for rent" signs?

Michael Haz said...

Those photos show how Madison looks when the guy with the weed goes on vacation.

Doug Wright said...

Ah, Saddam had it neatly defined. You showed up for his rallies or you didn't no longer showed a reflection in the mirror. And, of course, we meanies encouraged our president to snuff Saddam preventing such future shows of solidarity.

Perhaps Madison can do better and also avoid the same kind of downfall that overtook Saddam.

garage mahal said...

They must be looking for weed up in Hopper's district, at least from what I hear from my sister who lives there. Tons of people knocking on doors and the word is he is crispy crisp. So long, dick.

garage mahal said...
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Fen said...

Sorry Garage, we're disqualing all your petitions on a hyper-technicality. But keep ringing those doorbells!

Solidarity forever, or until I get mine