June 10, 2011

Baby plays guitar.


galdosiana said...

Ok, is this for real, or some really amazing CGI, like the Russian Petit Lap Giraffes?

sydney said...

No way a baby that age uses his fingersblike that.

Lem said...

"Baby plays guitar."

Althouse.. quit distracting me from following the Weiner scandal ;)

Shame on you for not feeding us more Weiner morsels.

kent said...

That kid has Townshend DNA in him. ;)

Carol_Herman said...

Awesome. And, not only that, the baby wanted to play the guitar! Stayed on the couch ... where he was able to watch on a big screen TV ... finger placement. And, wild jazz lights.

This is the way kids learn! First, they focus. Just an amazing video.

Geoff Matthews said...

Chris Eliot has really let himself go.

Irene said...

Mr. Irene, who is an expert classical guitar player, just saw this and said, "The kid is actually doing it! That's amazing!!"

(Mr. Irene also plays the accordian. But that's a story we'll tell one day on althou.se).

AST said...

Stevie Ray Vaughan has been reborn. Rock on!

Jeff Boulier said...

It's good CGI, but fake. And it's a commercial; check the closing seconds for a shot of the product.

Lem said...

I dont know Irene.. if you look at 0:51 seconds (pause) the child raises his little right hand gesturing the rock sign of the horns while managing to (at the same time) raise his little left hand, hot cup of tea pinky, while looking up with his tongue hanging out.

No way that video was not (in the words of the Weiner) manipulated.

Chip Ahoy said...

Speaking of Rocksmith, did anybody play the Google guitar doodle yesterday? Apparently it honored Les Paul's 96th birthday.

WHAT, you missed it ???¿¿???

Here it is for all posterity (whatever that is).

Lem said...

Anyone Can Play Guitar - Radiohead

I still say the video was tampered with.

Chip Ahoy said...

How to play Stairway to Heaven on Google's guitar doodle up there ↑.

Titus said...

I have been posting here for years and just recently noticed that Chip Ahoy is kind of a hottie.

Lem said...

I tried getting the Althouse link to this but could not.

I'm Yours

I submit this, as a proffer to the court, of a child playing an instrument w/o having the parents tamper the video.

Chip Ahoy said...

Okay, so stop me if you heard this.

Not baby-guitar related.

This woman is stopped for speeding and the cop says, "I'll need to see your drivers license." The woman goes, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Officer, I do no have a drivers license. I never did have one of those things." The cop cannot quite believe what he's hearing admitted, so he says, "Show my your vehicle registration." The woman goes, "Oh dear, I don't have one of those either, this is a friends car, and I just took it." The cop is thinking, "Jesus Christ, I got a real idiot here," so he says, "Open the trunk. I'll have to take a look inside." The woman replied, "Okay, if you say so, but you're not going to like the dead body in there." The cop goes, "WHAT?" The woman goes, "Yea, I shot my husband and rolled his body up in a rug and dragged him into the trunk." The cop goes, "Holy shit, I'm gonna have to call in some back up. Don't move."

The cops calls his station. Cop cars converge. The station chief takes over questioning. He starts afresh at the beginning. "Show me your drivers license." She shows him her license. "Show me your vehicle registration." She shows him her vehicle registration. He says, "Now what's this about a body in your trunk?" The woman goes, "What? A body in the trunk? For crying out loud, I'll betchya he probably told ya I was speeding too!"

Titus said...

Chip do you have any weiner pics you can send my way?

I promise I won't share.

Chip Ahoy said...

Lem, for a minute there I thought you were going to post the slightly older kid singing Soul Sister and playing the uke.

Chip Ahoy said...

Titus, no I do not. All I saw was the low resolution pic of the pic that went viral yesterday.

Titus said...

Chip, I was talking about your weiner pics.


This is exactly how Anthony Weiner started.

Lem said...

Guitarra suena más bajo - Nicola Di Bari

Guitar sounds quieter
anyone can hear,
I want to take me very soft
all the love I feel,
and no one should know.

Field crickets sing
and a bird in the field,
no sleep tonight
Nor her that at this time
sighs and pressed the pillow.

The moon is firm in the sky
touches me with its rays,
my guitar sounds quieter
[Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/gIr]
although ensierta hand
guitar sounds, it's time.

The time to give all the good
is in my soul
ceñirla my arm and protect
and so love her like nobody can.
When the sun breathe fresh air,
a lawn is green when spring
night and the sun low
left with my love.

I have now in their midst,
the night smells of hay,
God, how to beat your chest!,
people dream about this time,
sleeps guitar, it's time.

The time ...
My love

Google translation

Titus said...

If Chip Ahoy and I hooked up we would totally be an Althouse blogger sucess story that would be heard around the world..

I would take a shirtless photo as well Chip????

Titus said...

Lem, if he would be so kind, could be our maid of honor.

Revenant said...

That baby's a little bit creepy looking.

Peter Hoh said...

There's still a little bit of the uncanny valley, but they are getting better with this stuff.

Lem said...

Titus I thought you were married.

You want to make another Huma in the world?

Titus said...

Lem, I am married but I am acknowledging one of my fellow commenter hotness.

Nothing wrong with that.

Hot is good!

Lem said...

Don't listen to me titus.. I have no idea where the line is.

I guess we are all feeling our way around ;)

Dose of Sanity said...

Maybe I'm way too much of a video game nerd - but you can spot the fake before the "baby" touches the guitar.

They'll get me one of these days though, I'm sure.

Lem said...

For now we could say titus holds Fantasia towards Chip..

Like trooper says .. NTTIAWWT

Lem said...

Lie To Me - Jonny Lang

See if you can spot the guitar shop.

Lem said...

It looks like Newt lost hisMojo Hands.

Says he's going to get them back.

Lem said...

oops, I got the Newt link wrong up there.

Lem said...

Weiner's Magic is not working.

Lem said...

Trail of Broken Hearts

Random Arrow said...

Little advice to parents: don’t let junior see pictures of Eddie Vedder in the shower with his electric guitar.

Lem said...

"Weiner is the modern, high functioning man."

You Got Me

If you were worried 'bout where
I been or who I saw or
what club I went to with my homies
baby don't worry you know that you got me.

Its not like he was out there pressing the flesh ;)

Lem said...

Why didn't Anthony Weiner only have eyes for Huma Abedin?

Because the Weiner had Hungry Eyes.. all the time.

Lem said...

America is getting sick of fighting for you people..

No More Drama.

Lem said...

The proclamation of 'no more drama' is dramatized.

Lem said...

I'm afraid to jinx it but.. we have a seven game winning streak.. sole posesion of first place after sweeping the Yanks in their backyard.

You could say I'm feeling very good.. and sleepy also.

edutcher said...

Cute kid.

Irene said...

Mr. Irene, who is an expert classical guitar player, just saw this and said, "The kid is actually doing it! That's amazing!!"

(Mr. Irene also plays the accordian. But that's a story we'll tell one day on althou.se).

Please don't out it in the pay only section.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Doesn't look real.

Milli Vanilli would be proud.

marylynn said...

The Jonny Lang link - thank you!
I have seen Jonny play at least 5 or 6 times over the last 15 years. Was just a fanatic for him back about the time that album came out.

The Crack Emcee said...

We’ll Feel So Much Better When Real Music Returns

ndspinelli said...

Amen to that, Crack.

Phil 3:14 said...

We'll Feel So Much Better When Real Music Returns

Nothing worse than a music snob.

Phil 3:14 said...

And a High Fidelity follow up:

A typical discussion on Althouse

Chip Ahoy said...


Phil, I wondered what your second Fidelity clip had to do with Althouse. Then the very end when Cousack breaks the fourth wall totally killed me all over the place.

Methadras said...

Fake. Completely fake. Even the womans laugh is fake.