June 15, 2011

At the Liberty Café...

... you have the right to be left alone.


Patrick said...

NOt if the Unions want something, you don't

Coketown said...

Why is Lady Liberty dressed like a grand wizard?

MarkG said...

I don't think it was trying to intimidate you. It looked more like he/she stepped on something soft and just wanted to make sure it wasn't dog shit. I know how that goes.

traditionalguy said...

Maybe Liberty-arians should when in Dane County do as the Danes do. Try getting the Madison police to arrest the Liberty mascot for assault by swooping. But first the Attorney General will have to decide what the laws about assault by mascot swooping means in the territory of the Danes.

Carol_Herman said...

Feh. I've seen you capture better costumes. Heck. I remember the guy with the big engine sticking out his front.

So, on points, the 'liberty guy' got to stick his paper mache thingy up in the air. I think he was trying to bow to you. Then, he turned and tried to bow to those on the other side.

A dude who was doing something threatening ... was way too top heavy to survive a fight. And, he could have been strangled with the bedsheet he provided.

It's also a very thin, sparse crowd. Which means? The unions are in trouble if the State doesn't do the payroll deduction on dues.

Which will make the years ahead very interesting.

Lem said...

liberticide (n.)
1. personne qui veut détruire la liberté.

liberticide (adj. et n.)
1.(littéraire)qui détruit la liberté.

Google translation

draconian (n.)
1. personne who wants to destroy freedom.

draconian (adj. and n.)
1. (Literary) that destroys freedom.


edutcher said...

I still say it looks as if Lady Liberty's been beheaded.

Which may be the real intent.

Lem said...

Ann Coulter was interviewed by Rush with regards to her book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.. in the book she said she sought to tie today's liberal mob with the mobs of the French revolution.

Our founders feared "the mob" she said.

MamaM said...

What happened to dyeing for the cause?

This looks like a half job. All that work on the face and spikes and a lame white sheet for the body.

Get a bottle of Rit and hatch up something that resembles either a torch or tabula ansata for her to hold in one of her hands and wave. That way she could stand tall and gesture to the crowd as a full bodied representative of freedom and liberty.

Carol_Herman said...

french mobs don't bathe. In france they don't use soap. And, they had a king they wouldn't have gotten rid of if they didn't cart out the guillotine.

The brits also wanted to kill Americans. Where they went wrong was to think Americans were a motley lot. Didn't wear spit-polish uniforms. Didn't take orders. And, if the cows needed to be milked, the "soldiers" fell out of line and went home to take care of their farm animals. Etc.

The Brits laughed at Americans. That's why they thought they'd win. Especially when they got angry at the spillage of tea into the Boston harbor.

Good ideas include the freedom to come together and argue politics. And, if you look at our 6th Amendment, you'd see the Founding Fathers had very little respect for those who'd get elected. And, those who'd get appointed judges. That's why the jurors were given the role to decide. And, the judges couldn't just open the doors of jury rooms and barge right in.

What the right side pundits want is what the left side's got. Which is power that goes along with owning the presses.

Technology, however, is on our side.

Back when Mark Twain was writing, he said it was the telephone that created such wonderful literature in newsrooms around the country. And, that's how the newspaper industry grew. Everybody wanted to read the latest gossip.

Telephones made it possible for news to travel quickly all over this land.

Back in those days, to own a printing press meant you could practically print your own money. Most manufacturing cost a lot more. And, the returns weren't as abundant, either.

But now we have the Internet.

And, the elites have lost audience share.

This once happened to vaudeville.

Chip Ahoy said...

Would you like to see my take on HobNobs?

Coketown said...

Speaking of cooking: I made something with eggs tonight, and made a point to try to get the juicy innards (aka whites and yolks) out of the smallest hole possible. So I ended up with 6 empty egg shells with about a half-inch hole in each. SO I HAD AN IDEA to fill each egg with tapioca since that's what I made for dessert, and I thought, "If I fill each egg and cool it, I'll be able to peel the shell off and have egg-shaped tapioca delights!" Well it all went according to plan until I peeled the shells, and the tapioca just did what tapioca always does and glooped out into a little puddle on the cutting board.

I need to find a gooey dessert that becomes more of a gel once cooled. Like Jello, only more like a flan. I guess. Brrr-r-r-r-r.

Coketown said...

I also followed Mr. Ahoy's advice on hard-boiling eggs and it's been a tremendous success every time.

Chip Ahoy said...

That's a great idea. Don't give up. Maybe you could spray the egg shells with Pam. Or maybe use plastic Easter eggs as molds. You could make a nest for your egg shapes depending on the filling, like a bacon nest or a hash browned potato nest.

Lem said...

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins.. Stanley Cup Champions.

Will the Sox be next?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Well I love that dirty water...

Browndog said...

"Really... don't be afraid to come to Madison. It's a lovely place."


Unless you're identified as a republican. Then, you might find yourself fleeing this lovely place, pleading your case that you are not a republican

Pogo said...

Obamacare is working:
"A survey by Accenture indicates more U.S. physicians are selling their private practices to work at larger healthcare systems.

By 2013, less than one-third of U.S. physicians are expected to remain in private practice and patients may increasingly find that being treated by physicians in private, small practice settings may be a thing of the past.

Obamacare is bankrupting private practice and making choice impossible.

I feel so hopey changey.

Joaquin said...

Red shirts and clenched fists. GOT IT!

gerry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann Althouse said...

"Watch the Browndog video: you have some real assholes in Madison, Professor Althouse."

Thanks for the breaking news update, Gerry.

marylynn said...

Years ago i liked Madison. Would go there every summer to attend the Blues Fest they used to have.
Will not go there, will not spend one dime of my money there now.
My distaste for UWM influences that as well. Our four daughters each went to different state colleges. Madison was by far the most expensive, and by far the least parent/family friendly. Not to mention the fact that our other daughter had actual professors teaching them, while the daughter at UWM never had anyone but teaching assistants. For that we payed the big bucks. What. A. Joke.

Pogo said...

I am struck how vital the reporting by Meadhouse has been in the past year.

Little or none of this is being admitted by the press in Minnesota, save for some vague acknowledgements like'blah blah blah Governor Walker blah Republicans blah eliminating unions blah blah.

So thanks for all that; much as I bitch constantly.

marylynn said...

And i forgot to mention the over-priced, horrible horrible rental housing the liberals in Madison gouge the students for. My daughter lived in a house so awful, in such disrepair, that i cried. And the six girls living there each paid something like 600 to live there. Just a horrible city.

gerry said...

Sorry, professor. I deleted my own comment after posting it. Second thoughts.

Patrick said...

Nice to see the Cup return to Beantown.

Meade said...

marylynn, sorry to hear about your bad Madison experiences. I think it will get better thanks to the voters of Wisconsin. Real hope and change.

Pogo, from Meadhouse to you and everyone who has expressed appreciation - you are very welcome. And thanks to all for tuning in these past four months.

Drew said...

Give me your not-so-poor, well-rested, befuddled asses . . .

kate said...

Marylynn, sorry to hear about your experiences, here, but none of what you mention about the Madison campus is of any secret. A little research and a few questions, before accepting, would have told you the same thing. Besides, there are other factors to consider...

Ann Althouse said...

"Sorry, professor. I deleted my own comment after posting it. Second thoughts."

It's just that I've put months of work into photographing plenty of assholes here.

E.M. Davis said...

It's just that I've put months of work into photographing plenty of assholes here.

You've been Mapplethorping?

Will those be posted at the edgy althou.se?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Will those be posted at the edgy althou.se?

No. There's a reason she also claimed altho.le

Carol_Herman said...

Do you know who has the fighting advantage? Not the paper mache head. That's for sure.

Even though I'm pretty sure the hole in the sheet, gave the "puppet" only a view of view. (With limited vision all around. Due to the sheet.)

And, all I think the "head" did was bow?

Were you really intimidated?

I've seen the Doo-Dah Parade, here, in Pasadena. People beg the participants to come to the curb ... to say "hello." And, it's safe enough to put kids on the curb, to sit.

I also miss the "Engine Man." Wow, that was SPECTACULAR! He had this big engine in front of him ... extending like a navel. Only what he held up was HUGE.

How did the guy with the "liberty head" drive his creation to the sight? Did he have the head sticking out the passenger's side window?

If it was kept in the back of a truck, couldn't it have developed wings and just "breezed" away?

Did the guy get any splinters?

You think it's easy marching around with something like that? Must have been an art student under all the sheet's drapery.

One soft shoe stuck in his path could'a tripped him up.

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