June 15, 2011

"Alright, my package and I are not going to beg. We both see the hazard of going down the path of comparative sexiness."

That's something I read out loud over here at Meadhouse.

MEADE: "Is that Weiner?"

ME: "Do you recognize Weiner's writing style?"

No. He just recognizes my reading style. I'm reading something about sex out loud, basically.


Scott M said...

It might be because when you are reading about sex, you raise your desk to its full, upright position.

Curious George said...

Really, if I was Anthony Weiner I would quit, change my looks, take on a new identity, and spend the rest of my life as a night manager of a Wendy's in Billings, MT.

Or stick a gun in my mouth.

MayBee said...

Maybe he should leave congress and let his package stand for election.

Chip Ahoy said...

The featured dancer has to go underground since the scandal broke so she hooked up with Gloria Allred, the greatest champion of privacy known.

Carol_Herman said...

To guess "weiner" is to be a boy in 3rd grade. (I'd bet lots of them have taken shots of their own pee-pee's. And, that of friends. If not just sticking the camera's "eye" at a hole somewhere around the girl's bathrooms.

When something goes VIRAL on the Web, there's a reason.

Why does the word "titillate" have "tit" in it? Why do newborns seem to turn to the breast on automatic pilot?

You know, it feels normal to nurse.

And, it seems normal when comedians hone in on "can't miss" jokes.

edutcher said...

I wouldn't have said The Weiner. It sounds like some teenager, however.

The sad part is both him and his equipment look like plucked chickens. Any woman seeing the photos must have laughed her head off.

And Gloria Allred must be getting old. It's taken this long for her to insert (insert punchline) herself into this?

WV "tomatic" Rapid fire tomato.

Seeing Red said...

Judgement day: Weiner's wife returns home to confront errant husband as new images emerge showing congressman cross dressing and 'oiled up'

that was The Telegraph's headline.

via drudge

phx said...

I can't believe a reputable porn star is involved in this kind of gross activity. What is she doing texting congressional representatives? Just gross.

Alan said...

Seeing Red,
That's too good of a headline not to link.

nevadabob said...

My question is why is Anthony Weiner not under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for conspiring to have his victims lie to Ethics Committee investigators.

It's pretty clear now that Weiner anticipated an Ethics Committee investigation into his ethical lapses and he set out to conspire with others to cover up his ethical lapses.

Gloria Alred just held a news conference with her client - a porn star named Ginger Lee - in which she admitted that Anthony had worked with her to coordinate their false stories. Lee never solicited any "sexting" from Weiner, and tried to dissuade the immoral Congressman. "Anytime that he would take our communications in a sexual direction, I did not reciprocate," she said. "Once it got to a point that he lied on national television, then I knew that anything I said after that would have to be either a lie or an admission," she said.

It's obvious that Weiner was leading a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Where is the FBI? Why are US attorney's not empanelling a grand jury to investigate Mr. Weiner? Why does it seem like if you are rich and power and a Democrat then you can get away with felony crimes in the United States?

nevadabob said...

You know the Democrat Party is finished when porn whores don't even want to be associated with their Congressional membership.

Carol_Herman said...

For Obama, it's nothing less than the ZOMBIE ECONOMY.

Why does weiner have to go?

He's in the minority in the house.

And, the image he presents ... a man photographing his pee-pee while it's still tucked inside his underwear ... ain't going no place.

It's there. Like the british carrying umbrellas.

Fred4Pres said...

So people hire Gloria Allred now to just do a press conference and not even file a law suit. Ginger Lee claims she lost income--who would she possibly sue? Weiner? The media?

Fred4Pres said...

Chip, Ginger Lee is having her privacy affected...so she gives a press conference to address that? Brilliant strategy there Gloria Allred...unless of course the real stategy is to keep Ginger Lee in the news.

Imagine that.

William said...

Anthony's wish to impress a porn star with his package is sad, funny, and delusional. I can't see any crime in flashing a porn star, but I do see a lot of futility. Pornstars are not an occupational group likely to stand in awe of Anthony's manhood.

Carol_Herman said...

Yup. Gloria Allred is the joke that can't be topped, Mr. Lama.

Anyway, Rangal got re-elected. So why not weiner and his package?

What the GOP is missing are the plans of what to do with a majority in da' House.

"Alright" is spelled All Right.

Carol_Herman said...

Why doesn't weiner call his package a sockpuppet?

How does Gloria Allred practice law without cracking up? Or does she depend on Botox, like Nancy?

Carol_Herman said...

Let's not forget that Allred "inadvertantly" outed her own client as an ILLEGAL.

Now her client is a porn star. How come she's not waving around the names of the lady's "movies?"

Is Ginger Lee a real name? Or do democraps always fudge this information?

Will Huma ask her hubby "who is Ginger Lee?"

Unfortunately for weiner his equipment and his neck do make him look like a plucked chicken.

Does Huma mind becoming a joke, now, within the muslim community?

Fred4Pres said...

Koalas are little sluts.

Has nothing really to do with Weiner. Weiner practiced safe sex. Well, safe at least in part.

Fred4Pres said...

I give Ginger Lee credit, however, for wanting to give Weiner da boot. She has more ethics than he does.

And I am not being snarky because she is a porn actress, she really does.

AST said...

Skeevy. The is definitely the dark, dark, pitiable side of a mid-life crisis, not to say that there's ever a light side.

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