May 6, 2011

Wyomans? Wyomeroonies? Wymerrhymerbingbangs?


You decide!


madAsHell said...

Just call them....Cowboys!

w/v: exaco - egg'zacly

traditionalguy said...

Shows to go you that good European family and place names would have been better than using the name of the Tribe of Indians that once occupied it. As Geronimo said, "yanquis long knives needed to be killed on sight before they steal our names along with trhe land." So we should have called it Devonshire or Windham.

Unknown said...


Stoutcat said...


Dust Bunny Queen said...

People with jobs?

Bill said...

We need a separate poll for "Delawarians", "Delawarites" or "Delaweenians".

Tibore said...


KLDAVIS said...

I prefer Yommies.

edutcher said...


(the Virginian worked in Wyoming)

Unknown said...

The writer had to get his dig in at Cheney. Wyomans are more likely than most to know what can happen when hunting.

William said...

Wyomine. Wyomite. Wyonauts.

Col Mustard said...

Cowboys. Always Cowboys.

As for the place name, you could make a case for "Windham" or any other name with "wind" in it. Last July, I did a flyover of a 190 yd par 3 in Cheyenne with a gap wedge (maybe it was the elevated tee...)

MeTooThenMail said...

Having lived in Wyoming (and still consider it part of my Home that is not my home) - I prefer Wyomians - or Cheneys!

Heck, in Casper, WY there is the Dick Cheney Federal Building! (the former VPOTUS is from Casper)

I'm sure the good folks in Wyoming, all 500,000 of them (or so) wouldn't mind be called 'Pokes!

The Native Peoples there would not likely approve of being called Cowboys.

Just sayin'.

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Original Mike said...

Just don't call them late for dinner.

Bruce Hayden said...
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Bruce Hayden said...

Growing up south in the land of greenie plates, my memory was just that: Wyomians.

Most of the time, down there we really didn't notice those from your fair state. But, not so, when I lived in Fort Collins for 8 years. There we were less than an hour south of Cheyenne, and had a decent mall. So, the town would fill up on weekends with vehicles with Wyoming plates.

Which brings me to my question - we always called them "Cowboy Plates". But I was at one point told that those from Wyoming preferred "Bucking Horse" plates. Which is more correct? Which did you hear most when living there?

As for the Cheneys, all three Cheney women graduated from my alma mater in C. Springs. And one of the benefits of that was that the school was one of the very few that got to have Dick Cheney speak at graduation right after the First Gulf War.

I have a love/hate relation with the state. Love a lot of the people, but hate the scenery along I-80, and the state patrol, which has been making money off of me for 40 years. And, yes, they really do discriminate against out-of-state plates, as I have, on several occasions, been pulled out of a pack and ticketed. There are exceptions though - wear a higher ranking non-com military uniform. Friend in Fort Collins did reserve duty in Utah. He was a Command Master Sargent, or some such, they never ever ticketed him, and eventually mostly just waived instead of ticketing him.

Col Mustard said...

Got stopped doing 90+ on 80 about 20 years ago. California plates - nothing worse.

I roll down the window and the guy just shakes his head and says, "You got a story, right?"

And I says I hadn't been in the state for years and figured it was about time I got over to Laramie for a ball game. Apologized for being excited and losing track of the speed and all. The W Club ID was a plus.

Just another "Have a nice day" experience.

The Crack Emcee said...

I'll go with cowboys - or Wyomans (just to piss off the feminists.)

cahlmeeishmael said...

The Crack Emcee said: "I'll go with cowboys - or Wyomans (just to piss off the feminists.)"

Who no doubt would vote for Womyn.

J Lee said...

Wynonas? (Or would that just be for women from Wyoming?)

PaulV said...


wv: packs

Something after Green Bay Packers would be apt, for sure

Methadras said...


PaulV said...

WV: packs blooger ate it.
Thus something after the world champion Green Bay Packers

Phil 314 said...

I second Cowboys

And frankly, how often do you meet someone from Wyoming anyway.

Phil 314 said...

Best movie I've seen regarding Wyoming:


Favorite movie scene from Wyoming:
Close Encounters, the aliens arrive at Devil's Tower
(OK obviously this scene is one a sound stage but just before are some great scenes of Devils Tower)

gadfly said...

Cowbells and More Cowbells.

MeTooThenMail said...

Bruce Hayden

Yes, much of Wyoming is as inhabited as the Moon ;)

And no, I didn't live in WY long enough to claim it mine - but a man can dream.

Wyoming cannot be tamed - it is rough and rugged without measure and without compare iin our Great Nation.

As for troopers - God Bless them all :)

And as far as the Plates go - yes, it's about the horse - wild and untamed - better hold on tight (BTW - WY is the windiest state in the lower 48)

The Spotted Horse Owl said...

I lived near Spotted Horse, Wyoming. Wyomingites was the only term I ever heard. 'Pokes if you went to U-Dub with my dad's generation; Cowboys more recently.

Like Dust Bunny Queen said, you could also call people from Wyo, "the employed," thanks to the energy industry.

David said...

Whys.(From Wyoming.)

Why nots. (All others.)

The Spotted Horse Owl said...

During my time in Texas...

Cashier (over the intercom)-- Manager override on register six for an out of the country check.
Me: Actually we've been a part of the union since 1890.

and on another occasion (pre-Texas days)...
"Where are you calling from?"
"No, Wy-o-ming; it's a state."
"Okay. How is your weather? I bet southern Florida is very nice this time of year."
(looking out the window at the blowing snow) "Yes, I am sure it is."

Col Mustard said...

I lived near Spotted Horse, Wyoming. Wyomingites was the only term I ever heard. 'Pokes if you went to U-Dub with my dad's generation; Cowboys more recently.

Never been to Spotted Horse but I've been to a bunch of other places no one's heard of either.

Since you put it that way, I was probably at UW with your dad. I was sports ed. of the paper one year and had a column, "A 'Poke at Sports". Was also an athlete - Cowboys before my time, during my time and forever more.

Awesome place. Too damn windy. But, who cares when you're 19?

If you want to pass on Cowboy, Wyomingite will do.

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