May 30, 2011

"Things that I never imagined people would care about are now being plastered all over blog sites..."

"... including pictures of me from when I was 17 and tweets that have been taken completely out of context. I tweeted once (it was reported that I said it twice) that 'I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to.'"

ADDED: Imagine if Anthony Weiner were a Republican. (I know, it's such a hackneyed visualization, but it's important here.) The liberal/lefty blogs would be shredding him mercilessly. I'm not saying Weiner's not getting his hair mussed. But if he were a Republican, the feeding frenzy would be of a different magnitude entirely.

IN THE COMMENTS: Freeman Hunt writes:
So the media is just accepting this absurd assertion that all his accounts were hacked? They were all hacked for the purpose of sending a boner photo to some woman in Seattle? And he hasn't bothered to contact law enforcement?


Must be nice to be a Democratic politician.
Nevadabob writes:
1) Weiner hasn't reported the alleged hack to the FBI.

2) Facebook hasn't announced any investigation of Mr. Wiener's allegedly hacked account.

3) Twitter (the company) knows the IP address of the computer that really sent the tweet. However, Twitter hasn't announced any investigation. They also haven't released the IP address of the person who actually sent the tweet so we can see if that IP address belongs to the Democrat Rep. Wiener
yfrog knows the IP address of the person that actually uploaded the obscene photograph Mr. Wiener's yfrog account. Thusfar, yfrog has not released that IP address so that we can track down the nefarious hacker who did that. Also, Mr. Wiener could request that they release that IP address to the public so we could help him track down the hacker. But he hasn't.

Mr. Wiener so far refuses to tell us what his own IP address is. And, he is refusing to answer detailed questions that would allow us to determine if the IP address which sent the tweet is at his home in New York.

It's trivially easy to determine if his accounts have REALLY been hacked. Is the FBI investigating? He is, after all, a sitting member of Congress and it is a felony to impersonate a member of Congress. It's also a felony to hack people's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I'm left to wonder why hasn't Mr. Wiener reported this breach of Homeland Security to the proper authorities? Is it because falsely reporting this would itself be a felony?
ADDED: Is it news if a politician is unfaithful to his wife? It's not important (unless there's some big hypocrisy involved, as there is with politicians who have made their careers spouting "family values"). But I think it is news when a politician mishandles his internet communications. Minor news, but worth noting.

And it's really news — serious news — if either: 1. the internet accounts of a politician have been hacked in an effort to destroy the man, or 2. the politician makes the false statement that he has been victimized by a crime. One or the other has occurred in this case (unless I'm failing to see some other option).

Should we all be closing our Twitter accounts lest some devious prankster destroy our reputation? Or has Weiner —  for his own purposes — maligned Twitter's business and undermined the Twitter-user's sense of security? I want to know!

AND: If Weiner is lying about his accounts getting hacked, he could be sued by Twitter (and the other companies) for defamation.

ALSO: NBC News reports "Lewd Photo Sent Over Rep. Weiner's Hacked Twitter Account... his Twitter account was hacked." Not that Weiner makes that claim, but an outright assertion that his account was hacked. Twitter is getting slimed here. Does it deserve it?


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Lincolntf said...

Weiner chimed in to tweet that Vancouver would win the Stanley Cup. He's doing his best to ignore his imminent bustage.

Anonymous said...

"He's doing his best to ignore his imminent bustage."

Isn't it kind of strange that Mr. Weiner is watching hockey when he just yesterday has been the victim of a alleged cyber crime? When the reputation of a sitting U.S. Congressman has been smeared by someone who has allegedly illegally taken over that Congressman's verified Twitter and online image accounts?

Seems pretty casual.

And who calls a lawyer when they are the VICTIM of a crime to consider their next steps?

Isn't it usually the perpetrator of a crime that is the one who needs to retain counsel?

I've never committed a crime against a United States Congressman, so I wonder if there are any cyber criminals out there who can clue us up on why he is the one who needs a lawyer.

I'm Full of Soup said...

I believe the FBI is busy closing out its case against the Ohio State football coach and his players getting free tattoos or something like that.

Lincolntf said...

Yeah, he's completely walking back the "hacker" claim (so all you Libs out there now know for sure you've been wrong throughout this entire story) to the lesser "charge" of "prank". He lies because he knows there are enough Jay Retreads out there who love to be lied to by their "betters". They're a bunch of political submissives, eagerly awaiting fresh humiliation.

Roger J. said...

I have no idea how twitter works, and dont care to learn.

My only questin is why in the world is the honorable member (cut or uncut?) woud be corresponding to some 20 something in seattle?

just a question--Have no idea

for the brown sugar types, heres a secret--irrespective of the wrapping, its all pink inside, and thats the only thing that most men care about.

Just saying.

DaveW said...

I'm going to close my twitter account. I don't want anybody hacking my wiener.

Roger J. said...

rep weiner is about to learn the meaning of the old joke about jewish forplay: two hours of begging followed by a refusal

Cue the Jewish prince jokes, even though Ms Weiner is not a jew

Philip said...

"Hacked" is in the process of changing meaning. In popular parlance, as used by Rep. Weiner here, it means "I used a weak password which was able to be guessed" or (as in the high school case) "I didn't log out of the site."

It implies nothing about Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, or any other site, since the attack was not conducted on their infrastructure.

The fact that his other social media presences have been "hacked" correlates well with this explanation.

kent said...

Ace of Spades: "If liberals are so sure this is an Andrew Breitbart or conservative hit job, shouldn't they be hounding Weiner to call the FBI? I mean if they could send a conservative to jail for something like this, it would be a big plus for them, right? I wonder why they aren't. Oh, right."

What he said.

Anonymous said...

" ... Rep weiner is about to learn the meaning of the old joke about jewish forplay ..."

He's also about to learn the meaning of "privacy." Congressmen don't have any because WE don't have any.

Twitter is not just recording his inane thoughts and passing his brain farts onto his legion of "followers." Twitter is keeping evidence of when and where he is commenting from and precisely who and what was said.

He can no longer just deny he wrote something.

He can't just deny that he uploaded obscene pornography to yfrog because they're keeping track of him.

They're recording his IP address that is attached to his cable modem and that can be traced directly to his home through his cable television bill.

Congressmen authorized all this invasion of our privacy. Twitter and Facebook and all the rest of the social media accounts are being used for all sorts of invasions of privacy and isn't it just absolutely juicy that it's coming back to bite these people right in their asses.

If it wasn't for his Muslim wife Huma Abedin, whose family will now wear his stain of infidelity and shame for the rest of her life, this would be funny.

But it's not funny. He's ruined her. Her family name has been dishonored and drug through the mud.

And for what?

A temporary juvenile infatuation with some busty internet bimbo?


Lincolntf said...

"Hacked" is in the process of changing meaning. In popular parlance, as used by Rep. Weiner here, it means "I used a weak password which was able to be guessed" or (as in the high school case) "I didn't log out of the site."

When did he tell you that? Oh, let me guess, he didn't. But you're desparately searching for a way for the pervy old skidbag to retain his office. I hope you don't have any daughters.

Anonymous said...

"Hacked" is in the process of changing meanings.

Yeah, apparently when you get caught ... that means you got "hacked."

I see what you did there.

Joanna said...

minor point.

and then control regained within minutes

When my Twitter acct was hacked, several people informed me via text message and Facebook within minutes of it happening. And I've only got, like, 20 people following me.

I'm not saying this guy's story isn't fishy. Just sayin' that with so many people following him, I would be surprised if he didn't remedy the problem within minutes. Regardless of whom sent the picture, it's not unreasonable to imagine that at least a few of his thousands of followers would quickly contact him about it. I don't think that his swift discovery/remedy is necessarily part of the damning evidence.

Anonymous said...

"In popular parlance, as used by Rep. Weiner here, it means "I used a weak password ..."

But that alibi won't work, Philip. Because, you see, yfrog knows the IP address of the device used to upload the obscene ponorgraphic picture to Rep. Weiner's account.

If it turns out that this IP address just so happens to match the IP address of Mr. Weiner's cable modem ... then how can he claim his password was "hacked?"

And sucn an image, even if it's been deleted, would be recoverable from the Congressman's government-issued Blackberry device. In fact, evidence of its deletion would be damning indeed.

Keep in mind too that the Twitter company recorded the IP address of the device that was used to send the tweet message. If it turns out that this IP address is - lo and behold - the same IP address as Mr. Weiner's cable modem, it's going to be hard for him to argue that this was some sort of password hijack or prank.

After all, who could be INSIDE the Congressman's house pulling such a prank. Could the identity thief actually be INSIDE the Congressman's residence?

Do you think his wife - aide de camp to the United States Secretary of State - pulled such a childish prank?

On her own husband?

A sitting U.S. Congressman?

From inside his own house?

I'll admit it might be possible. Wives have done kookier things. But I'd say the prank or password hijack defense is going to be pretty far-fetched and unbelievable and quickly abandoned.

The IP addresses are key to everything. They will tell the most complete story and lead us to the truth because the logs don't lie.

The government forces ISPs and social media networks to store this information precisely to assist the authorities in investigating claims of identity theft asserted by randy members of Congress.

So, let's go to the logs ... shall we?

FedkaTheConvict said...

Cable modems and mobile devices don't have IP numbers... They have MAC addresses

A Media access control number is unique and assigned by the device manufacturer; an IP address is assigned by the telecommunication provider.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout that Congressman, ain't he a dilly?
Tweetin' that college girl a pic of his willy!
Deletin' that yfrog, lyin' bout hacks,
Denyin' he likes girlies with big ol' racks!
Lookit that Congressman, tweetin' to Seattle!
Hopin' that flirty girl don't up and tattle!
Claimin' he didn't, you know that he did,
Trustin' the media to make it stay hid.
How to be a Congressman, ask Tony Weiner:
Get on that Internet and show off your peener!

Jose_K said...

As a judge ruled last month an IPit is not a person. You ddi not secure your wifi connection, someone used a free wifi connection , you let your pc or mac unsupervised etc

Anonymous said...

"Cable modems and mobile devices don't have IP numbers... They have MAC addresses."

To access the internet through a cable modem at home, or any other modern high-speed internet technology, you must have a router attached immediately behind it.

The router is assigned an IP address by the ISP (using DHCP), and it's unique and wedded to the MAC address of the cable modem. (The MAC address of every network device manufactured is itself unique and trackable).

The IP address number can be changed of course, however the ISP must retain records of these IP address assignments for 2 years and provide them to law enforcement when provided with a court order to do so.

This information is routinely sought by government prosecutors and it's trivial to get from the ISP if desired by investigators.

Mr. Weiner's every communication via Twitter from his home is date and time-stamped and wedded to the unique number assigned to his router by his internet service provider and these records are subpoena-able by any lawyer in discovery.

Every photograph that Mr. Weiner uploads to yfrog has been date and time-stamped and IP address stamped. yfrog knows precisely which device uploaded the obscene pornography to their website (likely a violation of their terms of service and probably a felony crime).

In other words, if there is an official investigation, it will likely become immediately clear that Mr. Weiner is boned.

An official investigation would likely show the offending obscene Tweets originated inside Mr. Weiner's own house and that the obscene pornography uploaded to yfrog that he deleted 4 minutes after Tweeting it was also uploaded from his own IP address. This data isn't scrub-able, even by a Congressman. It's logged in too many different places by too many different devices, including every router it traveled through on its way to the buxom coed.

Which is likely why Mr. Weiner has now retained counsel and decided to clam up. Even though he claims to be the victim, and not the perpetrator of these crimes.

FedkaTheConvict said...

However, if it is a "prank" that Weiner now claimes, you'd need the device's (Blackberry in this case) MAC address to determine if the photo was sent from a device in his possession.

Anyone can access an IP address if the modem isn't secured.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone can access an IP address if the modem isn't secured."

If that occurred and it is unlikely, then the first step toward discovering who did that would be for Mr. Weiner to call the FBI. He's a Congressman for Christsakes.

They need to be informed so they could begin finding out who infiltrated his home network illegally and compromised his online social networking accounts in an attempt to smear his alleged good name.

Instead, though, he has hired a lawyer and is refusing to answer questions from reporters that would be useful in actually finding the criminal before that criminal is able to flee the country!

Time is of the essence when a crime has been committed against a sitting United States Congressman. And yet Democrat Anthony Weiner gives every appearance of deliberately slowing the investigation and is - in his spokesman's own words - "loathe to treat this" as something other than a "prank."

Anonymous said...

I need to go eat dinner now, but I'll be back on the case about 9pm. (That's 5:45pm in Seattle, I think.)

Automatic_Wing said...

Anyone can access an IP address if the modem isn't secured.

Yeah, if Wiener is using an unencrypted wireless network at home, someone could potentially access the internet using his IP address. But that person would also have to have his Twitter username and password in order to send the cock pictures out under Wiener's account. Not only is that an extremely unlikely sequence of events, if someone was cyber stalking me to that degree, I'd definitely be reporting that to the cops and not blowing it off as a harmless prank.

Toad Trend said...

Its just fascinating to see a worm like Rep. Weiner squirm for a change. I and many others have endured so many of his purposefully disrespectful interviews with members of the opposing party - the shit-eating grins, the lying...if he was hacked, whoever did it should be prosecuted to the full extent. If not, Rep. Weiner will learn how sometimes 'the worm turns'.

And, what comes around, goes around.

Anonymous said...

200+ posts of whack-a-mole. I think Jay's head would be sore. Appropriate as he seems to be the ultimate sorehead.

Darleen said...

This is a kick -- scroll down to a picture of Weiner and bride of Weiner strolling hand-in-hand on Sunday.

Oh my. How many stoic wives standing next to their misbehaving husbands as they deny their misbehavior do we endure?

DaveW said...

How many stoic wives standing next to their misbehaving husbands as they deny their misbehavior do we endure?

A whole bunch. Money and power is quite an attractive combination it seems.

Or perhaps they have little choice. Their husbands are lying to them and they convince themselves that the man is telling them the truth. Then once they've done that they're trapped by their own words.

At least until something happens that snaps the whole fiction to pieces, making them look even more foolish if they stick with their previous denials, as happened to E. Edwards and Ahnold's wife.


It seems to me if you went to the trouble of hacking someone's account the first thing you'd do is change the password. But maybe not, I don't know anything about that sort of behavior.

Alex said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Apply smear-tactics to the left. They deserve it.

William said...

We should all be careful of unintended consequences. If Ms. Cordova cannot use her networking skills to acquire an influential protector like Rep Weiner who can make doors open and help her land a job in broadcast journalism, then broadcast journalism will be doomed to recruit people like Andrea Mitchell and Christiane Amanopour. Conversely, if balding, middle age married men cannot make use of their influence and power to attract wiidly inappropriate women, then they will soon tire of seeking power and influence. We will be left with people like Harry Reid to advance the cause of progressivism. Is that want you want? Two banal retentives like Andrea Mitchell and Harry Reid exchanging yawns on MSNBC. I just thank God that I have lived long enough to see a man named Weiner involved in a sex scandal.

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Apply smear-tactics to the left. They deserve it.

Perhaps they deserve it, but we don't need to lower ourselves to their level. All we have to do is tell the truth -- no smears needed.

Ah ... but left-wingers call that "swiftboating" ...

Beldar said...

Prof. Althouse, I either don't follow your thinking on potential defamation claims, or we disagree.

Twitter and Facebook would bear no responsibility -- legal or even causal -- if Rep. Weiner chose a low-security password that someone guessed. A statement that someone's account on those services was hacked does not necessarily imply something harmful to the services' reputation.

Winding down said...

Watch IMUS on FOX BUSINESS BEGINNING AT 6:00A EDT---He and his sidekicks will rip the hotdog/ weiner a new one. no mercy ---I hope....

Winding down said...

Tony hotdog trained in the office of the senior senator frm NY---'nuf said

rhhardin said...

Imus is off this week - probably Fox isn't even running best of.

Anonymous said...

"Twitter and Facebook would bear no responsibility -- legal or even causal -- if Rep. Weiner chose a low-security password that someone guessed."

Of course, if the computer logs from Twitter and yFrog show the tweets emanated from inside Rep. Weiner's house, and the obscene pornography that was sent to this female student was uploaded to yfrog from inside Rep. Weiner's own house, then of course he is absolutely defaming Twitter by trying to blame their security in order to escape culpability for in all likelihood a variety of felony crimes attached to this episode.

So, investigators should focus on what the Twitter logs show. Do the logs demonstrate that the tweets emanated from INSIDE Rep. Weiner's home? Was the obscene pornography that he transmitted across state lines uploaded to yfrog from inside Rep. Weiner's home? The yfrog logs would verify that by referencing the IP address associated with those events.

A simple request from Mr. Weiner's ISP could then definitively settle the matter of who is, and who is not, defaming whom.

And who is and who is not committing crimes.

Anonymous said...

CNN has confirmed that the FBI is not investigating any hack involving Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner (as I have been reporting all day here on Althouse).

"I was hacked. It happens, you move on," Weiner incredibly alleged to CNN when they caught him out on the street for an ambush interview. He blamed the sex scandal on "Republican distraction."

However the network confirms that Rep. Weiner has not informed the FBI of this serious alleged breach of Homeland Security. Not has he called in the police.

CNN's Dana Bash reports that she contacted the FBI, and that spokesman for both the FBI and the Capitol Police report they are not investigating any hacking attempt involving Weiner.

Weiner has hired on counsel to decide on his "next steps."

You can watch Bash's report on the Democrat pornography scandal here:

Lincolntf said...

Yup, it's a done deal. Weiner is admitting that he sends pictures of his erect penis to co-eds, just not in so many words. What a guy!
All the Libtards who pretended to believe it was all a set-up need new names now.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner interstate transmission of obscene pornography investigation is now the top trending topic on Memeorandum:

Beldar said...

@ Nevadabob: No, defamation requires more than that the statement be false.

You and Prof. Althouse are assuming -- presuming -- that the only way that someone else could have gained access to the accounts was if Facebook or Twitter were somehow at fault. That's not necessarily true -- even if what Rep. Weiner claimed were true. What Rep. Weiner claims is equally as consistent with someone having guessed or figured out his password without any fault on the part of Facebook or Twitter.

My extended take, with some law and a poll, is here.

Anonymous said...

CNN's John King (to CNN Reporter Dana Bash):

King: "There's one way that the Representative could try to put this to rest and that would be to call in the Capital Police or call the FBI and say 'come on in, please launch an investigation because I was hacked.' Why hasn't he done that?

Bash: "We don't know the answer to that. I actually asked Congressman Weiner's Press Secretary about that and didn't get a response. We do know from the Capitol Police and FBI that they are not investigating. There have been no requests that we can detect for a formal investigation."

King: Curious there. We'll keep tracking this curious case, Dana.

Even CNN is unwilling to carry water for this obvious bullshit story that Weiner has put out. That can't be good news for the liberal Democrat Congressman.

Anonymous said...

Beldar: "As a general rule, in order to be defamatory, a statement must not only be false, but must also be harmful in a particular way to particular interests."

I maintain that Mr. Weiner has falsely stated that Facebook and Twitter accounts have been "hacked."

That in fact, Facebook and Twitter security has not been compromised by hackers.

Further, I maintain (hypothetically of course) that Mr. Weiner's false and malicious statements have caused people to not trust Twitter/Facebook logon security. Further, it has caused people to not use Twitter and Facebook, fearing they too might see their accounts "hacked."

I have, in fact, decided not to use Twitter because of Mr. Weiner's claims. This has resulted in lost revenue to Twitter, because I am famous, and famous people pay Twitter fees to host their verified Tweet threads.

In conclusion:

1) Mr. Weiner's statements are demonstrably false
2) They have resulted in real lost revenue and traffic to Twitter
3) The false statements were made maliciously to deflect his own prosecution.

That's my (hypothetical) Twitter defamation case and if Mr. Weiner would like to take me to court he can tell his new lawyer to subpoena my ISP and find out who I am.

I'll gladly see him in court.

Somehow, I don't think he'll take me up on my offer.

Methadras said...

John said...

It is racist to like black women? That will be news to Mick Jagger.

And Robert DiNero.

Freeman Hunt said...

Now that CNN has picked it up, Weiner has only two options.

(1) Admit it.
(2) Get someone close to him to take the fall, maybe an aide, maybe a political ally. They'll get the guy to do it by telling him that it's an investment in his future, that it will prove that he's a team player, that they'll set him up real nice in the near future, connect him with all the right people. In the meantime, all he has to say is that in a moment of frivolity, he took his friend Anthony's phone and played a little prank. It was so so inappropriate, and he is so so sorry. He has learned so much from this and is so grateful to Congressman Weiner for his mercy in not pressing charges. Weiner will say that people make mistakes, his friend did a wrong thing but seems to have learned from it. All is forgotten.

If he thinks he can swing (2), he'll go for it.

Anonymous said...

"Get someone close to him to take the fall, maybe an aide, maybe a political ally. They'll get the guy to do it by telling him that it's an investment in his future, that it will prove that he's a team player, that they'll set him up real nice in the near future"

This is a tried-and-true Democrat strategy and usually works. How much would they have to guarantee you to take the fall, Freeman?

Not saying you could be bought, but if you could be bought ... how much would it cost them?

Andrew Young received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Bunny Mellon to claim paternity of Rielle Hunter's child to protect Democrat John Edwards, but then again Mr. Weiner has not thusfar been proven to have impregnated anyone, so it's got to be less than "hundreds of thousands of dollars."

So, what's your price for this one?

RuyDiaz said...

And now, for comedic value... Charles Johnson!

Comment 24: (Charles)

"And by the way, there was no hacking involved. The photo was never posted to Weiner's account. Someone crudely photoshopped a screenshot of a yfrog page to make it look like it came from Weiner's page."

Oh, wow. Hadn't been there in years. What a sad, little echo chamber that place has become.

kent said...

King: "There's one way that the Representative could try to put this to rest and that would be to call in the Capital Police or call the FBI and say 'come on in, please launch an investigation because I was hacked.' Why hasn't he done that?"

Retread: "Ummmmmmm.... errrrrrrrr... ahhhhhhhhhh.... CNN Hillbillies! CNN HILLBILLIES -- !!!"

Freeman Hunt said...

Since the fall guy doesn't have to admit to any sort of moral failing, only to pranking his friend Anthony, there wouldn't be any money involved. Involving money would also be needlessly risky. They'll just offer him political good will and favors.

kent said...

Gennette Was Not Alone… Weiner’s Twitter Friends Include Pages of Young, Luscious Fans

Anthony Weiner: "The Humbert H. Humbert of the United States Congress."

RuyDiaz said...

Kent, there is a simple explanation.

Representative Weiner is a kind, thoughtful man, who takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor young, attractive women. Obviously.

kent said...

to mentor young, attractive women

New internet catch phrase: "I'd mentor it." ;)

Charlie Martin said...

When you can't counter the evidence attack the messanger. Look at the evidence you fool.

The revelatory lack of self-consciousness in this is simply stunning.

Charlie Martin said...

By the way, what's with the sudden appearance of "hillbilly" as a pejorative for conservatives? I've seen it in a half dozen places in the last week. Did Media Matters send out a memo or something?

Lincolntf said...

"...By the way, what's with the sudden appearance of "hillbilly" as a pejorative for conservatives?.."

It's their alternative to calling us all hyper-rich oligarchs. These are very, very simple people we're dealing with. They need a very specific hate-meme to cling to or they'll meander.

RuyDiaz said...

By the way, what's with the sudden appearance of "hillbilly" as a pejorative for conservatives?

It is part of their psychic reward: they are the enlighted, and we are the benighted. They get to be part of an exclusive, elite group, without doing anything to deserve it. "Hillbillies" is just their flavor-of-the month insult.

Trooper York said...

There must be a law about the proper display of a Member's member?

John Clifford said...

@JayRetread, can you list just one hoax that Breitbart has been responsible for?

Just one?

Put up or shut up, because if you can't put up then you are guilty of the behavior you falsely attribute to Breitbart.

reader_iam said...

@charlie martin:

By the way, what's with the sudden appearance of "hillbilly" as a pejorative for conservatives?

I don't about and therefore can't speak to the "sudden appearance" of "hillbilly" elsewhere. Here at Althouse, it's been a long-time meme: nothing new or sudden about it.

And by the non-specific "long-time," I'm specifically rejecting the notion of days, weeks or just months as the defining time.

I am also, of course, displaying my total unwillingness to go back and define the origin (including origin date), specifically. My bad. Some things tire me too much to bother to do, unless I have to do it, and this one I do not have to do.

Do I get any points for having at least pointing out all of this?

; )

Paul said...

So Palin's site gets hacked and she calls the cops. So why didn't Weiner?

In fact why hasn't he done that by now instead of getting a lawyer?

Guilty is as guilty does.

Dustin said...

"Blogger Jay Retread said...

Why has Breitbart gone silent on this? You would think he would be trumpeting his horn for all to hear. It seems to me he has gone cold on this story. Check his website if you don't believe me. Ann, he has made a fool of you once again."


He's not silent, though.

Why is the about how foolish Ann is? This is newsworthy stuff no matter what he really did. Weiner's claiming yfrong and twitter were hacked, and yet he's still relying on those services without any investigation. He's either a liar or an idiot. He's doing all he can to prevent an investigation, even though such an investigation would eliminate a sex scandal completely (if he's not a liar). What politician would avoid eliminating a sex scandal?

Anthony Weiner is the dumbest person in the world, or he really did send that picture. I wonder how many other girls he sent pictures to?

Howard said...

Isn't it interesting, Dems/liberals attack conservatives, not only for their sexual transgressions, but especially if they have have ever spoken out against immorality and then fallen prey to it. They allow democrats, however, to be silent on immorality and therefore be able to indulge in every sexual depravity and be held harmless.

Howard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reader_iam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reader_iam said...

So, Howard, is it that the thing that pisses you off most is those who are silent on the issue of immorality?

Methadras said...

Again, Weiner has a bigger problem on his hands that he is going to need to explain as highlighted here:

Let's watch a leftard cling to power for as long as he possibly can.

wv = aping = lol

Howard said...


I could care less if democrat politicians don't openly profess morality. My beef is with all the democrat/liberals/msm who give them a pass on their debauchery just because they haven't professed morality.

reader_iam said...


1. I think the shits are the shits, period.

2. I agree 100% that poor reportage is poor reportage.

wv: merchent

(oh, jeez, not goin' there: i'd rather be shot first)

Jim Treacher said...

If Jay Retread has proof that that Rep. Weiner is lying about being hacked, he should produce it.

If Rep. Weiner was hacked, the hacker must be found and punished.

Dennis said...

When one sees this kind of attempt to shift the story then one might be forgiven for believing that there maybe something to the story and even the Left believes it could be true.

Curious George said...

Prof Althouse "ADDED: Is it news if a politician is unfaithful to his wife? It's not important (unless there's some big hypocrisy involved, as there is with politicians who have made their careers spouting "family values"). But I think it is news when a politician mishandles his internet communications. Minor news, but worth noting."

This is idiocy. So no big deal if a member of Congress sends pictures of his chubby to a coed...but if he does it in a way that the world can see...NEWS!

This isn't "cheating". It's perversion.

X said...

Could Democrat Anthony Weiner become the first congressman on a sex offender registry he voted to create?

Dessert Survivor said...

It is entertaining watching people like Jay Retread and george mahal desperately and comically trying to defend the indefensible. When the facts are not on your side, all that is Left is a resort to absurd ad-hominem attacks.

Hunt Brown said...

occam's razor requires us to look for the least complex answer... a hack is extraordinarily complicated, and it seems hard to believe that someone with 40k plus followers who tweets more frequently that the birds in my back yard accidentially insertd a double stroke "@" rather than a single stroke "D"... so what happened?

Quite possibly he sent her a direct message with the "D" and the image at the end and his cell phone carrier split the message in to two pieces, the first part went "D" private, and the second part, the part with the link, got posted for all his followers.

Twitter warns it's users that this can happen.

wind.rider said...

Odd. This latest claim of 'hacking' victimhood sounds a lot like the Climategate 'hacking', in which case someone within East Anglia University's Climate center uploaded a zipped file to a publicly visible ftp server, with global read permissions. This, of course was blamed on 'Russian Hackers' and reported as an absolute fact by the media, despite investigative results indicating it was an inside job. . .

Beldar said...

@ Nevadabob: It doesn't matter if you think the only explanation for successful hacking is something wrong with Facebook, Twitter, or this frog thing. What matters is what a reasonable person would think.

You've offered no explanation -- and neither has Prof. Althouse -- for why the hacking, if it had happened, would have been something that people would have interpreted to be the fault of Facebook, Twitter, or the frog thing.

You just really dislike Rep. Weiner. I do too, but I don't let it cloud my logic.

R.C. said...

Question: Has anyone come up with decent arguments against Althouse's (and everyone else's) reasons for expressing suspicion?

The reasons for suspicion are:

1. That this girl is one of the very few he "follows" (hard to explain outside of prurient interest or the desire to send private messages);

2. That no law-enforcement investigation seems to have been launched or even requested (why not?);

3. That no private investigation by the involved social media firms seems to have been launched or even requested, despite the fact that looking up the relevant IP addresses is easily done (why not?);

...all of which look like guilty behavior.

But perhaps they can be explained in some other way?

Has anyone offered competing explanations?

Jay Retread offers an explanation for why Drudge hasn't mentioned anything about the story: Because it's so "bogus." But numerous sites offer a competing explanation which also explains the facts: That Drudge is sitting on a possible reveal, expected to be splashed everywhere sometime in the next few days.

These are both capable of explaining Drudge's silence.

But Althouse's reasons for suspicion seem, to me, to be unexplained except by guilt.

Does anyone have another explanation?

Sigivald said...

Nevadabob said: Mr. Wiener so far refuses to tell us what his own IP address is

Well, uh, he probably has no idea.

Most (virtually all) people have no idea at all what IP address they might present to the internet at any given time, and very often they change over time in any case, more or less unpredictably.

So he gets a gigantic pass on that one.

His ISP could figure it out for him, of course, but there's no reason he'd know.

Pianoman said...

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