May 14, 2011

"Terror twit cries a river."

A Daily News headline about Mohamed Mamdouh, who was arrested and "charged with terrorism and hate crimes for a scheme to dress as Hasidic Jews and go on a killing spree in New York synagogues." The News interviewed him in jail:
"I was at the wrong place at the wrong time... I don't have problems with anyone - not Jews, not anyone."...

"I never spoke about guns and blowing things up, either... That was [the other guy, Ahmed Ferhani]. It was all his idea. I had nothing to do with any of it."

..."I was drunk ... We had a conversation after the movie ['The Ultra Zionists'] was over. . . . It was just a conversation. It was not serious."
Mamdouh points the finger at Ferhani, but he also tries to help him....
"At the bottom of my heart, I swear I don't think he would kill anyone either... I don't think he has the b----."
... help him and insult him.


America's Politico said...

Prof. I am wondering what you think of the Malcolm Gladwell piece on innovation and Apple, as you use Mac/iPad/iPhone? Just taking your blog to get back to what you do - comment on American way of living.

AllenS said...

Waterboard the fucker.

Titus said...

Those guys are fucking hot. I clicked over to the story to see if they were hot and sure enough hot.

Definitely do them.

Nice lips.

edutcher said...

I'm waiting for, "I was in Switzerland during that war".

Titus said...

I think I would do the baldy in the pinstripe jacket first, but I would be willing to do either.

The Drill SGT said...
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The Drill SGT said...

Drunken Muslims :)

OT: Titus, I thought you didn't do 'Mussies"?

Is your Hindu phase over?

PaulV said...

Titus or waterboarding? Either would be effectve?

rhhardin said...

It's a test that God provides to Jews, about always treating the other guy with respect.

As Levinas wrote, everybody is a Jew.

Not everybody passes.

Look for the presence of a Judeo-Christian ethic for a prediction.

Hagar said...

Any weapons found? Articles of "hasidic" clothing? Anything?

William said...

In yesterday's story in the Post, it was reported that one of them had done time for robbing a woman. She had invited him back to her hotel room. Ever hear the joke about "is that a gun or are you just happy to see me"? Well, in his case it was a gun. He took out a gun and robbed her.....These guys radiate sleaze. Apparently sleaze has its fans.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

"I was at the wrong place at the wrong time..."

"I was drunk ..."

"It was all his idea."

"declares his innocence in jailhouse interview"

"He helps old ladies cross the street," said pal Juan Franco, 28. "He has a great heart."

Yeah, cue the violins Morocco Mole, the only cliche you left out was that you were framed. You'll get your opportunity in court to explain all of this. In the meantime, enjoy that government-issue grey prison uni.

wv - readatom

Titus said...

I am married but I still look, I am not blind.

Although, there is nothing to see here in Wisconsin. So depressing. No hotties ever.

In Boston I could walk out my door and spring a woody in two seconds. Here complete softy always.

I don't care for Muzzies personally but I would definitely do em. Some of them are fucking hot. Also the terrorist vibe is definitely exciting and dangerous.

William said...

I sometimes feel that my yearnings for the Olson twins are inappropriate and futile. Well, things could be worse. Imagine having erotic thoughts about these sleazoids. The best thing about being a male hetero is that you're never attracted to serial murderers, terrorists, or Prince William.

Jose_K said...

serial murderers, terrorists, or Prince William?
The gas dropped over the kurds in 1989 was designed by a woman. There have been a few attacks in Israel by female suicide bombers.
Female serial killer ussually are never caught because their weapon of choice is poisson

Johanna Lapp said...

"I don't have problems with Jews. Or anyone."

Right. I'm sure "The Ultra Zionists" is just a romantic teen romp, with rainbows and puppies.

rhhardin said...

Female serial killer ussually are never caught because their weapon of choice is poisson

Laplace did a good share.

Synova said...

"Cops said the suspects sold guns and drugs to finance a terrifying conspiracy."

I think that the question is... did they sell drugs and guns?

The rest of the article mentions nothing at all about any physical evidence of any sort, none. Not that I trust journalists to tie their own shoes, but it matters if there was any physical evidence.

As for the movie they watched, it sounded like the undercover cop brought it with him, they were drunk, and if murder fantasies are a crime there's a theatrical troop in Madison that should be behind bars.

traditionalguy said...

Their crime is in the life of muslim teaching that women, Jews and Christians are free fire zones and that hurting and killing these despised life forms only gets you community approval and positive marks on allah's scoreboard.