May 15, 2011

"Ryan will decide soon on Wisconsin Senate race."

He said, this morning on a CNN show.

Do you want Paul Ryan to run for the Senate?
No, because he's powerful in the House and I like what he's doing.
Yes, because I like him and want to see him move up.
No, because I don't like him and don't want to see him move up.
Yes, because I want him to lose his power in the House and maybe he'll lose the Senate run too. free polls


Forget the Senate, should Ryan run for President?
Yes, he'd be a great candidate and I want him to win.
Yes, because I think it would help Obama win.
No, he's good but he should wait.
No. He's not presidential material. free polls

AND: I wish I'd put one more option in the first poll, and it's not No, because he should run for President. It's: Yes, because he's the best hope for the Republicans to take another Senate seat. The fight for control of the Senate may be far more important than Ryan's retaining his position in the House. Some other Republican can take over where Ryan leaves off.


JPSobel said...

We need a "No, because I want him to run for President" option.

cubanbob said...

He should stay in the House where he has real clout. In the Senate if he wins, he will be a newbie and if the republicans don't win control he will be a newbie with no clout at all.

Synova said...

The Congress is in charge of the budget. I'd rather have Ryan there.

chickenlittle said...

Paul Ryan reminds me of my own Congressman, Darrell Issa. Issa could have run against Boxer, but chose to stay in Congress, where he continues to gain influence. The Senate may just be a lateral move.

Ann Althouse said...

"We need a "No, because I want him to run for President" option."

Use the first option if that's what you think.

But I'll put up a second poll so you can express yourself.

The Grand Inquisitor said...

There are plenty of House members who can pick up where Ryan left off, if he is able to ascend to the Senate. I really want to see him move up.

We need more politicians to act like Ryan, and one cynical way to get it is to show them that this is actually good for their careers as Republicans.

Did you guys hear Newt bashing Ryan's plan as too extreme? Newt wants a mandate for healthcare, and a 'conversation' on entitlements, even though he's smart enough to know that we actually have a crisis that is almost impossible to avert unless we get started soon.

He's trading his country's welfare for a little fame and fortune. Again.

This is why people don't trust guys who cheat on their wives. They are just too self centered.

Ann Althouse said...

There, check out the second poll.

garage mahal said...

Hilarious that the GOP is begging Obama to keep Democrats from telling everyone about Ryan's budget plan they all just voted for. Let bygones be bygones. what ya say?? LOL

k*thy said...

I have no wish either way, as I'm not a fan. With that I think he'll run for senate, but probably not for President, primaily based on what he's stated, inthe past, about his aspirations.

edutcher said...

Like Christie, Walker, and Bachmann, he needs a little more time in grade to run for POTUS.

Running for Senate just pulls him out of a position where he has some clout and puts him at the bottom of the bunch.

Let him stay where he is. I suspect a lot of the people who'd like him to run feel that way because the Demos would love a chance to run him out of politics with their usual Mediscare tactics.

M.Z. said...

My understanding was that he declined House leadership positions due to family commitments - he has young children. I would put the Senate race as 50/50. i would be highly doubtful of a presidential run.

michaele said...

I understand the argument that he needs more seasoning before he runs for president. Nevertheless, I went for the second poll so I could check the yes, he should run for the top office. He really knows his facts and I would love to see him in the debates with Obama. At the big bipartisan health care conference, it was fascinating to see how Obama chose to turn away and speak to an aide rather than engage with Paul Ryan. Obama knew he would be outmatched and so ducked facing up to Ryan.
Paul has a good communication style. He seems forthright, sincere,smart, and authentic.

Methadras said...

Congressional seniority is important. I don't see the advantages of him running for the senate right now. Maybe after this next term.

rhhardin said...

Ryan built Lindbergh's plane, as well as the Navion, the family version of the P-51.

Michael Haz said...

Stay where he is and remain available as a VP candidate under the right circumstances.

Phil 3:14 said...

I like Ryan

I don't live in Wisconsin

Peter Hoh said...

How is Ryan going to react to Gingrich's criticism?

Could be interesting.

Freeman Hunt said...

No, he shouldn't run. The cloning machines are almost ready, and it will take about a year of his full time cooperation to make a few hundred of his clones.

Freeman Hunt said...

Gingrich is dead to me.

JohnnyT1948 said...

How about Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke as the Republican nominee for US Senate?