May 7, 2011

"The Prosser folks seem on the ball so I doubt this will succeed for Kloppenburg, but succeeding likely isn't the goal."

"The goal is to try to create the appearance of impropriety as a justification either for court challenges or at least to taint the Prosser win."

Says Professor Jacobson, trying to create the appearance of impropriety to the appearance of impropriety he thinks the Kloppenburg folks are trying to create.


traditionalguy said...

Repeat that again. It had an appearance to it of piling on poor Kloppy, the sure to lose "talking candidate doll".

Chip S. said...

The only thing being achieved by Kloppenburg is to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that she is unfit for the office she sought.

JAL said...

You go, Professor Jacobson!

If certainpeople want to make Wisconsin the laughingstock of US political junkies, let them knock themselves out. (We have the adopted son Meade for balance.)

And it occurred to me that this really is a sign of the death throes of this form of liberal lefty politics -- that and the short-of-breath sounds coming from the RICO unions.

Fred4Pres said...

Doesn't change the fact that Kloppenburg lost. She is a loser.

A sore loser.

Carol_Herman said...

You can't climb a mount of 7,500 votes with a stack of papers a clerk is supposed to process.

There's way too much fear in that, now! What do clerks earn, anyway?

But yes. Kloppenhoppen has to "find" about 900 votes ... because that would be "enough" to make her "quest" goal worthy.

How do you manufacture 900 votes when someone has to carry some of the paper, and the publicity would kill them. Or give them a stroke?

Shaving off some of Prosser's votes seem possible, too.

But then, again, the "bite" is what happened when Prosser's votes were found on a strange computer ... that didn't submit totals.

It's as if that "excuse" has been stomped on.

And, I'm sure Kloppenhoppen is enraged. So are the unions.

While in NYC, Bloomberg the Opportunist, is now also going after the teacher's union.

Who knew there was so much pent up rage?

Carol_Herman said...

What makes anyone think Kloppenhoppen, in her next press outing is believed? Where no one would ask, "but you already claimed victory."

ONE TO A CUSTOMER, in this department.

Alex said...

And it occurred to me that this really is a sign of the death throes of this form of liberal lefty politics -- that and the short-of-breath sounds coming from the RICO unions.

Really, what evidence do you have of the death throes? Democrats control all the biggest states except for Texas and Florida. All the big cities are in Democrat hands.

Carol_Herman said...

Shock. And, awe.

To get all of Brookfield's votes tossed on a "technicality" that someone punched holes around the sealed bags ...


It's like the bamster's night out ... claiming victory for stuff that happened in Pakistan. At the "villa" in Abbottabad.

How did that work out for the White House?

Now, just as an aside, according to Bob Woodward, the great esteemed leader of the USA has been proported to say: "We lost a $60,000,000 helicopter ... and no one bought the seals a tape measure?"

Heck, it's almost like interviewing the dead Casey for a profile on the CIA.

Anyway, Kloppenhoppen, and her liberal crew mates should think, again. And, maybe just go out and play rounds of golf? (Can the 77-year-old Abrhamson stil swing a club?) Will she live long enough for the Wisconsin supreme's to toss the election results back and forth?

How will the democraps ever recover?

Alex said...

Carol - ask yourself how Prosser can't be tainted. Winning an election by .1% automatically taints the winner. It's like a hung jury. The real story is how divided WI voters are.

Carol_Herman said...

Hey, Alex. Tubby Kennedy's Massachusetts senate seat is in the hands of a republican.

NYC's mayor, Bloomberg, is a republican.

Donald Trump, should he come out of the gate, will be wearing republican gear.

And, Florida is basking in the sunshine of Marco Rubio.

While Chris Cristie may, or may not, become a player, ahead.

You'd be surprised what's happened to the bamster's lead. (Not that he isn't happy to "lead from behind.") But that's on par with Dubya's "leave no child's behind." (Or was that just part of the Catholic mass?)

Politics is all about changing horses. And, the future probably will hold some magic for some stranger who comes in to restore order in our great big political wild west. (Jeb Bush need not apply.)

Carol_Herman said...

Too bad, Alex, that Al Franken holds a senate seat on 312 votes ... that weren't there at first. But Coleman lost. And, had to go home.

Most judges travel for free. No one remembers their names. Unless they do something stupid. Like the Bird lady on California's supreme-o's did ... when she tried to cancel out the death penalty in the state.

She got bounced.

Kloppenhoppen has no political future, ahead.

Nor, so it seems, does Katie Couric.

While Bin Laden is good and dead. While the White House messed up on "messaging."

Messages, it seems are no longer the real McCoy (or political wompom).

Alex said...

Carol - there has been no clear consensus on the American landscape since 1964. That wasn't just a wholesale rejection of the GOP, but a total embrace of the Great Society. I see no evidence that America is rejecting it. In fact the Great Society was so successful in inculcating this idea that government will always come to the rescue. It's a poison in the body politic.

Alex said...

Carol - remember that historically Minnesota is VERY liberal. Hell, it was the only state to go for Mondale in 1984. That should tell you something. It's always an uphill battle for Republicans in the Scandinavian states.

Chip S. said...

Alex, I think what we're witnessing is the political consequence of the dawning realization among the general public that the Great Society is unsustainable. However much people liked it when it was relatively inexpensive, trillion-dollar deficits extending indefinitely tell us that another way is not simply desirable, but essential.

Alex said...

Chip - when the majority of people are ill-educated, living paycheck to paycheck, in deep debts and still spending like crazy I have no hope. Why are those people qualified to vote? Seriously I think we should institute a system where only responsible people get to vote. Why should my fate be decided by these losers?

Chip S. said...

Right now I'd settle for a system where the irresponsible people could only vote once.

Alex said...

The Athenians had it right.

Only adult male Athenian citizens who had completed their military training as ephebes had the right to vote in Athens.

Hey that was like Starship Troopers 2500 years ago!

Victor Erimita said...

As the Left sees its fantasy of electoral popularity dissolve, it realizes to its horror that democracy is not going to deliver us to leftist paradise. So it must return to its old strategy of imposing its will on the nation through a radicalized judiciary. It must therefore control the judiciary by any means necessary.

Carol_Herman said...

Except, Alex, Greece (a euphemism for Athenians), went down the toilet. And, while they had more brains, they had to sell their skills to the Romans.

This whole male dominance thing is highly overrated.

Carol_Herman said...

HELLO! In l984, Reagan had a blowout win.

Mondale won the state that sent him into politics. (In other words, Mondale was one of Minnesota's senators.)

You know a candidate is supposed to win their home state! (Gore didn't. Which is what put Florida into play.)

One reason Reagan won TWICE is that he appealed to a majority of voters. Not just the elite insiders who thought he was "too old to run in 1980.)

Looking at American elections, it looks like both parties claim credit ... just as Karl Rove did last November. Where the voters lose their voices. And, creeps come forward and gain face time on TV.

Once you stop believing what you're shown on TV ... you begin to have a healthier respect for ... oh, say ... 200,000,000 Americans who can't be bought off.

edutcher said...

The appearance of impropriety is all-important - if it's a Republican.

The reality of impropriety is irrelevant - if it's a Lefty.

Nate Whilk said...

"Says Professor Jacobson, trying to create the appearance of impropriety to the appearance of impropriety he thinks the Kloppenburg folks are trying to create" says Professor Althouse, trying to create the appearance of impropriety etc.

Next commenter: "says Nate Whilk, trying to create the appearance of impropriety etc."

Repeat ad infinitum.

wv: derdisms

Rick said...

Prof Jacobson's tone is pitch perfect on this. The liberal attack on free elections needs to be exposed for what it is.

E.M. Davis said...

NYC's mayor, Bloomberg, is a republican.


Scott M said...

All the big cities are in Democrat hands.

Detroit is well-aware of that. So is St Louis.

Alan said...

Kloppenburg makes the Libyan civil war look well-orchestrated.