May 3, 2011

"The Osama Bin Laden Death Anthem."

Some people went to YouTube to party.


edutcher said...

I thought you'd have the new Hitler video.

bagoh20 said...

With today's production you can never tell if an artist is an artist or just playing one. That Auto-tune sound jumped the shark in the 90's when Cher wore it out.

Right now Bin laden is being forced to listen for eternity. Believe.

Unknown said...

My goodness, who put a broomstick up her butt this morning?

Best bitter, snarky, self-revealing line: "The flood of comments that ensued under the video is marked — much to my surprise — less by egregious racism..."

Anonymous said...

Mark my words. Now, no one in the GOP will even win one district, one state, or even get an electoral college vote.

Voters have voted for Obama/Biden till Jan. 2017.

The future ticket (2016) will be Warner/Clinton.

Synova said...

Wow, do I hate auto-tune.

It's getting so I can hear it... like a spike driving into my ear.

Wince said...

Meanwhile, Islamic extremists the world over are working on a "Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids" YouTube video parody.

Wince said...

"I put two in his heart. One in his computer."

Now that I think of it, anyone remember this prescient scene from Grindhouse: Planet Terror?

Muldoon: You want the story?
I spin it for you quick.
Turmoil in some nasty caves
on the Afghan border.
Me and my men walking around
with our dicks in our hands.
And our balls in or throats.
Looking for America's most wanted.

Remy: Bin Laden

Muldoon: - Yeah.
For once our intel was
right on the money.

I come around a corner.
Bam. There he is looking
me right in the eyes.

Remy: Wait. You killed Bin Laden?

Muldoon: I put two in his heart.
One in his computer.

Remy: So that was you.

Muldoon: Yeah. That was me.

He wasn't supposed to be there.

We weren't supposed to be there.

And I sure as fuck wasn't supposed
to be the one who punches his ticket.

So instead of a chest full of medals we got a face full of DC2

wv - sparties = a party where everyone claims to be Sparticus

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

I'm confused. Was this part of the Muslim burial ceremony that Eric Holder had played and translated into Arabic at the burial of Herr ubermeister bin Laden?

Methadras said...

The death metal version of this is better.