May 16, 2011

If you want to maximize the likelihood that your description of a politician's sexuality will be remembered...

... include a specific animal:
IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn acted like a "chimpanzee in heat" during a creepy previous grab-and-grope with a French journalist -- an incident with eerie similarities to his alleged attack on a Manhattan hotel maid Saturday, according to an explosive interview.
Other examples? The one that springs immediately to mind and hops up and down yapping until I notice it is:
I squirmed to try and get out of his grasp, telling him stop, don't, several times and I finally told him and said, 'You're being a crazed sex poodle,' hoping that he'd realize how weird he was being, yet he persisted.


RuyDiaz said...

So, what was the animal with Bill Clinton in the Monica era? The half-dead snake?

Ann Althouse said...

They called Bill "the big dog."

t-man said...

But who is the "horny honey badger"?

AllenS said...

Guess who?

A big dog with a cigar, and no place to put it.

traditionalguy said...

So if men are silly animals in heat, then what are women? Perhaps women are big cats like a tiger, or small pussy cats like the lynx.

Chip S. said...

So if men are silly animals in heat, then what are women?

Women are crafty bitches who, using clever guises like "chambermaid," regularly extort big bucks from wealthy hotel guests, then live in crapholes like the Bronx to disguise their high illegal incomes.

Or so I've read around here.

edutcher said...

Comparing a man to any animal in heat is something of a put down, isn't it?

I mean, it's the female that goes into heat - except women, they just menstruate and get crabby.

Males are in rut; human males in one.

Chip S. said...

General animal comps for men:

Bad: dogs, chimps, ferrets

Good: bulls, horses

Cedarford said...

"Whoever this properly anonymous accuser is, we stand with her in this ordeal, because women never lie about rape."

RuyDiaz said...

Women are crafty bitches who, using clever guises like "chambermaid," regularly extort big bucks from wealthy hotel guests, then live in crapholes like the Bronx to disguise their high illegal incomes.

Dark-skinned amazons who have no trouble defending themselves from sexual assault. Be precise.

Chip S. said...

Right, Ruy. I keep forgetting about the superpowers of negresses.

Julius said...

Here's a Chinese cartoon recreation of the attempted rape.

Chip Ahoy said...

"I told him he was like a boa constrictor with crushing bad breath!"

He was like a frenetic octopus with a ninth probing arm.

He was like a giant panda rolling all up in my bamboo

He acted like a fuzzy humping jack rabbit with a sniveling pink nose.

He was like a kangaroo hopping all over me with his giant feet, trying to stuff me into his smelly skank pouch.

He was a tarsier the way he clung on to me with his tiny hands and stared at me with his big bulging eyes, only to mention his fuzzy back.

rhhardin said...

Male animals by and large are fairly circumspect. The female has sharp teeth.

Maybe she's not in the mood yet.

Well, it's been a minute, maybe she's in the mood now.


Male animals are also persistent, which sooner or later wins the day.

It's the female's scent that's got the poor males bothered in the end.

Francis Ponge The Nuptial Habits of Dogs.

MarkG said...

"Here's a Chinese cartoon recreation of the attempted rape."

All of my news now comes from blogs and those goddamn Chinese cartoons.

Carol_Herman said...

His high powered attorney is going to say it was "consensual."

He's being held without bail.

And, the lady who has stepped forward in France, was taped saying this back in 2007. Her mom wouldn't let her file a complaint! (Because she had a job in the socialist's party's hierarchy.) "Way to go, mom."

Hey, maybe that IS how the french make "luv?"

Where did this character get $3,000 a night for a hotel room? Does the IMF just rape everybody?

Will Greece still gets its IMF bailout? Have EUropeans lost their minds?

Cedarford said...

Shouting Thomas said...
Remember, no weapon reported.

And, I'll repeat, this nearly 60 year old guy somehow is reported to be able to force his dick into the mouth of a 32 year old black woman (recent African immigrant) from the Bronx without a weapon involved.

Anybody besides me smell scam?

The guy is a French horndog, according to reports of his French escapades.
But that would make it even more enticing for women "warned" he had a reputation as a filthy rich philanderer and to report any problems to focus on the "filthy rich" aspect of the man. Then try for a scam, a blackmail, or a hefty out of court cash settlement once NYPD was forced to act on an accusation as minions to put the IMF guy at the mercy of the accuser and the state.

I am not a rapist, but assuming the Head of IMF is, and is not unintelligent....subduing a stranger...inserting dick into mouth of black African female without a weapon to her head does sound like a very plausible thing.

rcocean said...

"Or so I've read around here."

The only one whose wrote that is you. But I guess you need create a strawman before you knock it down.

rcocean said...

C-ford = liberal moby.

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

Cedarford said...

Anybody besides me smell scam?

I do too; I understand that Jooooos, have a controlling interest in the Sofitel Corporation…what a PERFECT opportunity to bring down a financial rival! Ah those Crafty, Perfidious Joooos.

RuyDiaz said...

The only one whose wrote that is you. But I guess you need create a strawman before you knock it down.

He's using the words of one poster to knock down the blog... but Shouting Thomas implied something awfully close to what he said, AND the racial angle I mentioned, so I say he has earned his fun.

Pogo said...

What if it's a whole family of sexual rutters?

A congress of baboons,

A parliament of owls,

A business of ferrets

A bloat of hippopotami,

A generation of vipers,

A murder of Kennedys.

Chip S. said...

rcocean, Apparently you haven't read any of the other threads about the DSK case. Here's a clip from the first thread:

Whores do try to place themselves in positions where they can make some money. Whores know that they can make more money off a guy who stays at a $3,000 a night hotel than a guy who's drinking a beer in a local bar.

I'm not saying this woman was a whore.

But, are you all so green that you don't think that whores scheme to find rich men and fleece them? All you all so naive that you can't conceive that a woman would become a maid at this type of hotel precisely for the whoring opportunities?

Personally, I really like the mid-insinuation disclaimer in the above quote.

Whatever you say.

Pogo said...

Joseph Kennedy Sr, Joe Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy, their brother Michael who whiley married with children had been having an affair with the babysitter, Kennedy nephew William Smith, JFK, RFK, Ted.

Fred4Pres said...

More nuns, less animal references.

I suspect Domininique Strauss-Kahn is a pig and possibly a rapist, I just do not know that yet. NYPD know this case is high profile. They have experience with high profile suspects such as this. We do not even know if he qualifies for diplomatic immunity (although my guess is he does not because that would have been the first defense raised).

But if he really is this out of control (and they prove it in a court of law) then he deserves what he gets.

Pogo said...

Did I forget any of the gang?


Fred4Pres said...

More nuns!!!

BTW, did you check out the sticker on the guitar in the link above?

Sixty Grit said...

Jimmy Carter was called "Mr. Peanut", and most people believed that's because of the crops he raised. We need Trooper to share another chapter of Doris Kearn Goodwin's book - she knows the scoop.

WV: subzfk - well, alrighty then...

Fred4Pres said...

Is DSK another embodiment of BearManPig?

ndspinelli said...

I guess if you're an attorney; or one who ostensibly teaches the law, housekeepers, massage therapists, paralegals, secretaries etc. are all one big blur.

Charlie Martin said...

A friend in Paris tells me this guy is known there as "le chaude lepin" -- the "hot rabbit".

edutcher said...

Pogo said...

What if it's a whole family of sexual rutters?

You forgot a flourish of strumpets.

And it's a murder of crows...

A sleaze of Kennedys

A slime of Clintons

Pogo said...

Much improved over my effort, edutcher.

yashu said...

LOL Chip Ahoy.

LordSomber said...

Froggy went a'courtin'.

Carol_Herman said...

Blood on the bedsheets.

Drudge running this stuff up on his headlines. Since by millions by now.

As to the IMF, they're washing their hands. Seems this Dominque character will NOT get diplomatic immunity. Because he was "off the clock." And, not on official business.

This is also going to the GRAND JURY! New York's District Attorney is Cyrus Vance.

Look how long it took to get this man to justice? Now? He's being compared to Al Gore's "chuka" incidents with hotel staff.

Carol_Herman said...

Oh, "the angle of diplomatic immunity."

Well, he flew from france to DC.

His trip to NYC was not part of his diplomatic mission.

IMF won't be covering his expenses.

Just look at Gore. And, you can figure out hotel maids are vulnerable.

The bigger question. Why didn't he just ask a bellhop for a whore to be sent up?

Ah. He was supposed to depart his room my Noon's check out. Didn't. So, I guess the hotel can add another $3,000 night stay to his bill?

I believe the maid.

And, yes, she went through a rape exam. She also scratched him up. So, there will be "that" evidence that will get delivered to the GRAND JURY.

What's Dominque-ee's best gambit? Most frenchmen don't admit to speaking English.

On the other hand, Drudge is listing all the headlnes. Quick and brutal.

"The seducer?" Not really. But power goes to the heads of dorks.

Just like it did to Gore. Who needed his "chucka" satisfied.

Jose_K said...

We hope the european actthis time as fast as they did unjustly btw against Wolfowitz

Jose_K said...

So, what was the animal with Bill Clinton in the Monica era? The half-dead snake
A female pig according to SNL

kcom said...

I read an article somewhere on-line about the young journalist's description and they translated her words as saying he acted like a "rutting chimpanzee". That seems much more colorful and immediate than a "chimpanzee in heat". And more in keeping with the point edutchter made.

Steve Koch said...

It isn't looking good for the frog socialist IMF head. Blood on the sheets. DNA evidence in the victim. Journalist says IMF guy (the leading presidential candidate for French Socialist party) tried to rape her several years ago. Her mom would not let her report it because it would jeopardize mom's job in the French Socialist party.

John Lynch said...

Power is a powerful aphrodisiac... just not always for the other person.

WTF is it with powerful people? Are we really just primates obsessed with status?

Carol_Herman said...

The "sex poodle" rampage, stripped Algore of his dignity.

And, flying out the window, besides his marriage, was the global warming tripe he had been selling, successfully, until he got his "chakra" stuck in it.

And, a Nobel doesn't cover a putz.

You know, when I was young, a frenchman was considered a lover because he'd start by kissing your hand. And, carefully work his kisses up your arm. Whispering sweet french words ...

Then, along comes a FRENCH WOMAN ... young. And, beautiful. And, she says Domin-icky was a raving chimpanzee.

Now, that takes the french as lovers down a peg or two, no? Add to this that as a general rule the french man hates soap.

When DKS came out of the bathroom he wasn't wet at all. Just naked. And, past the time he was supposed to check out. Can the hotel now bill him an additional $3,000?

Humperdink said...

(Formerly rick)

I see Arnold of Kallifornia fame acquired the aforementioned Kennedy trait when he married the Shriver babe.

Now he qualifies for Jessie Jackson's Operation Procreate.