May 14, 2011

"If Laura Bush has called Cheri Daniels, then Mitch is in and... Mitch Daniels is who the Bush people (the political team) hopes gets the nomination."

Says Rush Limbaugh, who is also leery of the way the press is pushing Daniels:
The Washington Post, everybody knows, is gonna vote for Obama; is gonna do everything it can to reelect Obama. Now, I'm sorry, folks, but I can't help it. I live in Realville....  and if I got Ruth Marcus here writing about how she wants Mitch Daniels to run for president and win the Republican nomination but wants Obama to win, then something tells me that she believes that Mitch Daniels would pose not that big a challenge.

Turn it around. Let's say we're all supporters of Ronald Reagan. He's coming up on his second term, and the Democrats tell us that they're going to nominate either Mario Cuomo or Walter Mondull, and we say, "Well, you know what? We really want a good campaign; we want to be entertained here. We think Mondale is good. Mondale, Mondale, that's the guy! Mondale, he'd give Reagan the best run for his money." Who would believe us? If we did something akin to this -- started trying to pick their nominee -- they would accuse us of trying to pick somebody's gonna lose. Here they are, at least the Washington Post, trying to pick our nominee on the basis that it would be boring to have anybody but Mitch be the nominee, and only Mitch stands a chance of winning.


shiloh said...

Short people got no reason
Short people got no reason
Short people got no reason

Don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
'Round here

Julius said...

Logic and common sense are the prominent characteristics of residents of Liberalville...

Ummm... I am confused... Did he mean "Literalville"?

Titus said...

Realville? Really?


Ann Althouse said...

"Ummm... I am confused... Did he mean "Literalville"?"

Yeah. He misspoke. I checked the audio.

traditionalguy said...

Laura Bush just passed the Bush family blessing onto the Daniels family. Reading this I think of King David who was so good to Bathsheba's loyal husband that he encouraged him lead the charge against the enemy's walls hoping to see him killed, and that's what happened. In that scenario Karl Rove's media helpers will push Mitt and Cheri into a campaign against Obama and then abandon them at a crucial point in the campaign. We shall see how Rove makes that sound so specially smart and noble when he does the Daniels in.

edutcher said...

Daniels has shown he really has no stomach for a fight and, thus, is the RINOs' and Demos' choice for the nod.

You don't hear any conservatives hot for this guy (sorry, Titus), just people like Cilizza.

Titus said...

I am definitely not hot for Daniels.

No sex appeal whatsoever.

I am surprised the wife came back.

You know he has a really small hog too.

David said...

Yeah--the Bush people want Daniels because he will lose.

Jeb in 2016.

(I don't really believe that but you know it will come up.)

Terrye said...

What does Rush know about who can and can not win an election? I remember the man pushing O'Donnell and we all know how that turned out.

Daniels has a good record here in Indiana. I know Rush likes to take cheap shots at him, but Daniels did not quit his job, he did not fail at his job and he did not break any promises. That does not mean he can be president, but why not let the primary voters make that decision?

If Rush does not like the choices maybe he could run himself..after all he is rich and famous and well connected himself.

David said...

"You know he has a really small hog too."

But he rides a big one really well, Titus. Give the man his due.

wv = "sholog" (What Titus wants Daniels to do.)

Terrye said...


That is ridiculous.

I heard that Scott Walker said he would support Daniels if he decides to run and so will Chris Christie..are they part of the plot too?

And who would be more likely to beat Obama? Would Rush support Romney? Or Huntsman? Or Newt?

My guess is he would support Palin and what ever little chance Daniels has of winning she has less. Maybe Rush wants Obama to win a second term because having Obama in the White House is good for ratings.

Terrye said...

David, I sounded too abrupt, I did not mean you were ridiculous, I mean the idea that Bush wants Daniels to lose is ridiculous. Sorry.

Mark O said...

Loser. Loser. Cuckolded loser. Is that racist? I am so confused on that point.

David said...

Terrye--I was joking.

Titus said...

After seeing all the republicans so far coming forward I don't think any of them will beat Obama because they all have so much baggage.

The only one who could really beat him is Chris Christie.

Seven Machos said...

The cuckolded part is a problem.

Jane said...

I'm falling more in love with Herman Cain every day.

Maybe I just like the way his voice sounds, or his fire-in-the-belly enthusiasm for the country, or his humor and good nature. I started noticing him when the marine sang the last verse of the National Anthem last year at one of Cain's Tea Party rallies. I play that clip a lot.

I heard Cain's name mentioned over and over from callers on a local WMAL show where the host was pushing for Romney. The host just ignored the callers.

peter hoh said...

Yes, this is the new tactic in undermining the best Republican candidate out there. Get the Mainstream Media Elites to say nice things about that candidate, and then let the Talk Radio Right destroy him.

Seven Machos said...

It's going to be Daniels or Pawlenty, and it should be Daniels or Pawlenty. The president should be a person who has substantial executive experience at the highest level.

Romney fits, but the there doesn't seem quite there with Romney, and he has a real problem with health care.

I do not like Huckabee. He is not a fiscal conservative. I'm not sure what kind of conservative he is.

The other candidates simply do not have the requisite experience for a very serious job at a grave juncture in our national history.

peter hoh said...

Daniels is more conservative and has a better track record that Christie.

Take a guess which one of them wants to pump $200,000,000 of taxpayer money into some failed boondoggle of a megamall?

Guess which one signed a bill that strips Planned Parenthood of nearly all state funding?

Which one initiated the largest school voucher program in the country?

Seven Machos said...

I'd vote for Christie. He could win. But I'd like to see more executive experience. Revolution is relatively easy. What's hard is after.

geoffb said...

Is the press playing the Republican primary game like they did in 2008? Are they going with a reversed strategy? Something else?

Why listen to any of it. Judge by actions and results of each potential candidate and if you must judge words use their own unfiltered ones.

Then compare to what you yourself want and believe in. The press is a house of mirrors that is only there for you to get lost in.

Seven Machos said...

By the way, isn't an easier explanation with Daniels that his whole strategy has been to generate press about if he will run. After all, that has been his strategy.

I know you read these comments, Limbaugh. Plus, we are both from Cape. So make a note of it.

peter hoh said...

I don't think that it's going to be easy to beat Obama in 2012. It's possible, but not easy. I remember the liberals who spent 2003 telling each other how anybody could defeat Bush in 2004.

Beating Obama becomes more difficult if the Republican primary is a conservative purity contest.

Seven Machos said...

Peter -- I do think it's going to be easy to beat Obama in 2012.

The economy is a shambles, particularly in bellwether states. Bin Laden's death was the easiest call in human history and will seem like ancient history. Nothing Obama's done has been particularly popular.

As for Bush in 2004, you are simply arriving at the wrong conclusion based on the pertinent facts. John Kerry -- the most unlikeable, charisma-less, charmless, shitty Q-score of a doofus ever to run for president -- came with a few hundred thousand votes of beating W. So did that weirdo Al Gore. Bush's strength was not the issue in Bush's victories.

pbAndj said...

Althouse should stop listening to Rush*, and start listening to Hannity. He regularly has good (con leaning) pollsters on, two at the same time. He goes through all the possible nominees as he gets opinions re each candidate from the two pollsters. Good info. And, believe it or not, Hannity plays it fairly straight w/o turning everything into a BHO attack. Of course most of the rest of the show is so oriented.

*Of course it'd be fine to keep listening to unabridged Rush if there's time to add some Hannity. For example, I (as time permits) check in w/ both--In fact, I heard Rush live when he discussed this Cheri Daniels thing.

bagoh20 said...

What is it about politics that eventually leaves us with people for President who are so low on the stack of great Americans. I'm not talking just about those currently under consideration, but always, nearly every time.

This Nation is full of amazing people, well experienced with long lists of challenges and accomplishments - proven leaders, but for some reason that seems entirely irrelevant, almost disqualifying.

JeffM said...

Rush thinks media liberals like Ruth Marcus are supporting Daniels because they believe Obama can more easily beat Daniels -- I think he is wrong about that -- they just think they could "work" with a Daniels if he did win -- unlike a Cain or a Palin, Daniels will listen to them and care what they think. Rush is right though that the media liberals will turn on Daniels just as viciously as they did on McCain . . .

peter hoh said...

Seven, I agree that Bush could have been beaten by a more competent candidate in either 2000 or 2004.

Obama is beatable, but not by the wrong candidate.

Seven Machos said...

Hannity:Rush ::

Outback Steakhouse:Peter Luger Steakhouse

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the Rolex I bought from the guy at the corner:a real, actual Rolex

Seven Machos said...

Even I would not vote for McCain or Palin (or, naturally, Ron Paul and any other un-serious candidate). I'll just stay home.

AST said...

I used to think Daniels might be a good choice, but now I'm not too sure, especially given his choice in State Supreme Court justices.

madAsHell said...

Y'all ain't ben paying attention.

It's Herman Cain.

Listen to him speak (without a teleprompter), and then tell me who can kick Obama's ass.

NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

Obama is beatable, but not by the wrong candidate.

What you can't see, what you won't see, is that Obama is the wrong candidate.

Obama, right now, is beating himself and that peter hoh, is half the battle.

Seven Machos said...

Has Herman Cain held a single elective office ever? He will not be president without experience, and he shouldn't be.

Jane said...


Ron Johnson.

In all seriousness, having not held elective office may be the selling point here. One never knows.

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

Ilya Somin, a libertarian young law academic who is part of the Volokh Conspiracy, supported Mitch or his positions some months ago. I have been impressed with Ilya's analyses and have been impressed with Gov. Daniels notwithstanding a judicial appointment he made. A presidential contest is like a heavyweight fight, well maybe welterweight in this instance. You wouldn't expect Muhammad Ali or his handlers to say, 'Don't bring Frazier.' And you wouldn't not bring Frazier if he says, 'I'd like to fight him.'

Ralph L said...

Bathsheba's loyal husband
Uriah ended up in a heap.

rcocean said...

I agree with Mrs. Bush. We need a boring, sober, solid, man who'll be reasonable and engage in a good solid debate on the issues. None of that populism nonsense or charisma, or getting people excited. I'm sure the working class and poor can't wait to vote for the VAT tax.

I hope Charlie can bring back the glory days of Bush I or Jerry Ford. No "Religious Right" back then, just good solid Republican governance.

Maybe Charlie can get Pawlenty as the VP - now that's a dream ticket.

Peter Hoh said...

Who the hell is Charlie?

The Grand Inquisitor said...

What you can't see, what you won't see, is that Obama is the wrong candidate.

Yeah, um, Obama may be a crap president (no maybe about it), but he's an excellent politician. His political organization and media cooperation are nothing short of excellent.

Yeah, we can beat him, and Obama's screw ups help, but we can't beat him with someone who is weak in swing states. This will be a close election.

The Grand Inquisitor said...

"Daniels has shown he really has no stomach for a fight and, thus, is the RINOs' and Demos' choice for the nod."

I think you're referring to some very isolated things.

Mitch was effective at getting his agenda passed in congress, and he's a good campaigner, too. Don't judge the man based on snippets.

He's not going to tell you he's x,y,z. He'll show you.

I agree we need a fighter. But the notion he's a loser pick by people who want Obama to win seems silly to me.

Ralph L said...

Hoover -- I'll give you that one.
Grant -- that one too
Lincoln -- one term in Congress?

Ralph L said...

Who the hell is Charlie?
Sheen, of course.
When he gets out of rehab, he'll be tanned, rested, and ready.

section9 said...

Jeebus, this is basic stuff.

I'm surprised I have to come on here and write this.

The Family has always assumed that Jeb will run in 2016 after two disastrous Obama terms. Jeb will ride in on his white horse and restore the Family Business and the Good Name of Bush.

McCain, as is his wont, screwed that up royallly when he found The Natural out in the backwoods of Alaska. And John McCain enjoys fucking with the Bush Family after what they did to him.

Enter Daniels. One of the Help. After Romney starts imploding, which is happening as we speak, Daniels remains the Last Bushie Standing, He's also the world's worst sucker. There's no way the Bushies actually want Daniels to BEAT Obama, just do well enough to get Republican control of the House secured and a Majority in the Senate.

You Daniels' supporters are in for a rude awakening should Daniels actually beat Palin for the nomination, which he won't. They've already taken their best shots at Palin, and she's still standing.

Huck's abandoning the race was a key thing for Sarah. Fight's on.

nevadabob said...

Rush really doesn't get it.

The Democrats have moles in the Republican Party.

Mitch is one of their guys.

I'm always amazed at how people won't even accept the possibility that Democrats have people like Daniels and Romney running with our money.

Of course the press wants Daniels to run. He's their guy.

Don't Tread 2012 said...


"Has Herman Cain held a single elective office ever? He will not be president without experience, and he shouldn't be."

A prerequisite of having to have held office prior to entering an election is inconsistent.

President? We can debate that til the cows come home. The current resident IMO was ill-suited yet he was elected. Yes the message and packaging were carefully crafted.

So perhaps the question or the prerequisite rather should be 'does the person have a resume' that suggests an ability to lead?'

I would think that someone like Herman Cain should not be disqualified due to his not holding office. On the contrary, not holding office in the past has advantages, namely, a track record in the real world, not just election results and broken promises.

America's Politico said...

Why is Mitch scared?
Why is Huckabee scared?
Why is Christie scared?

Obama/Biden in 2012 will have a BIGGER victory than they had in 2008.

Hillary Clinton knew this and so decided not to campaign for VP spot.

It is over for the GOP. The 2010 was the flash-in-the-pan.

The way for the GOP to win would be impossible. Why?

They have no vision.
They have no deliverables.
They have no diversity.
They have, indeed, nothing....

J said...

ain't that supposed to be Charlie Daniels?? Ahyeah the south gonna rise again, briutthher.

Rush has gone off the Stupid-o-meter-- no point in responding.

sarge said...

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NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

One thing about trolls, the substance is always there....

AJ Lynch said...

The Rep nominee will be a governor or ex-governor. Being a Beltway outsider gets the nominee extra gravitas. Can Daniels claim to be an outsider?

Carol_Herman said...

Nope. Doesn't have a chance.

The GOP (especially the Bush Family and their elite couriers) want to control everything through the levers they hold in the repubican party.

It won't be Mitch. And, it won't be Mitt.

The only reasons we get these silly suggestions is that Sarah Palin can't keep enthusiasm up. And, Donald Trump isn't even trying.

Both sides of the aisle like things just the way they are. And, that's the biggest problem.

J said...

Rush, America's favorite John Wayne Gacy imitator

That fat hick should have been locked down back in his Sac days, that is, his klan days.

NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

Both sides of the aisle like things just the way they are. And, that's the biggest problem.

True enough, but 70% of the people don't like things just the way they are.

And that's going to be their biggest problem.

AJ Lynch said...


Would you say there is more evidence...
That Rush is a racist or?
That Rev. Wright is a racist?

NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

The politicians problem.

J said...

I don't play those little games. Not supporting Rush does not imply supporting communists, etc. The Klan mind (or maoist mind) depends on those sorts of bogus inferences.

Now, maybe Rush should wear his POGO suit and some might take him seriously, at least as a Gacy imitator.

Big Mike said...

... and if I got Ruth Marcus here writing about how she wants Mitch Daniels to run for president and win the Republican nomination but wants Obama to win, then something tells me that she believes that Mitch Daniels would pose not that big a challenge.

Yes, and we've also had stories planted in a compliant press about how so many leading Democrat strategists are "afraid" of Huntsman. I think we can safely cross Daniels and Huntsman off the list.

The Grand Inquisitor said...

"The Democrats have moles in the Republican Party.

Mitch is one of their guys."

You have to be kidding. Otherwise, you're insane.

Mitch Daniels is arguably the most conservative governor in the country right now. The changes he's made to Indiana are not minor. He's no RINO. He's bright red Republican.

I know, I know, he's not Sarah Palin. That means some people will pretend he's some kind of squish.

If you consider what he's accomplished, turning a sagging state into a business friendly low tax state with more jobs, via conservative leadership, perhaps you'll see why other Republicans really respect the guy.

He's not the best politician, and I'd hesitate to nominate him, but he's no RINO. That's freaking ridiculous.

Big Mike said...

@NotYourTypicalNewYorker, you're right with either interpretation of the pronoun.

NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

Thanks Big Mike, I'm not a wordsmith like so many here.

Terrye said...


I live in Indiana and I have not heard one word about that court case. I don't know if libertarians are being honest about it or not, or if they are going off the deep end.

But blaming Daniels for the ruling of one judge he appointed seems ridiculous to me. After all, Reagan was Governor for 8 years and President for 8 years and that is a lot of judges. So far as I know libertarians have not judged him based on every decision made be every judge.

BTW, some people say that the issue in the Indiana case is lawful and unlawful entry and the homeowner has the right to go after the police in court if they feel the entry was unlawful.

Terrye said...

It seems to me that a lot of people who say that the media is picking our candidate by saying nice things about Daniels {once or twice}, but in truth a lot of people on the right are allowing the media to pick the candidate by assuming the only person they can support is someone the media does not like.

That means Palin of course, the media is nasty to her so that means all conservatives must support her.

I disagree. What do people want Daniels to do? Quit his job and jump on his harley and drive around Indiana doing a reality TV show? Maybe a facebook page, speaking engagements with high fees, book tours?

The truth is Daniels is a hard working competent and honest executive. I am not saying he can win the nomination, but turning on him just because the media likes him better than Palin is ridiculous. Either way, you are letting them pick the candidate.

Just judge him on his merits and his record.

Seven Machos said...

You have to be kidding. Otherwise, you're insane.

I vote insane.

Shouting Thomas said...

Now, maybe Rush should wear his POGO suit and some might take him seriously, at least as a Gacy imitator.

I envision smoke coming out of your arts, farts flying out your ass and another toke on the crack pipe when you explode like this J.

Can't be good for your heart. As the song says, Can't Go on Like This! Won't be long until the EMTs bundle you up for deliver to the Emergency Room.

Any history of heart attack or strokes?

Trooper York said...

Sorry but Mitch Daniels is the Eddie Fisher of the Republican party.

Nobody wants to vote for Eddie Fisher.

It's not fair.

But there it is.