May 18, 2011

I talk to Matt Welch about freedom...

... and sex scandals, politicized media, and the meaning of various buildings:

IN THE COMMENTS: Shouting Thomas said: "One hour and two minutes. No can do. Is there a highlight reel?"

And Deborah made this clip:


Fen said...

Cute, Matt.

No, we were mostly upset with Ward Churchill being a Fraud.

/sry, can't watch the rest. I prefer to read than view.

Hoosier Daddy said...

The scandal is I haven't had sex in 4 days.

Shouting Thomas said...

One hour and two minutes.

No can do.

Is there a highlight reel?

Salamandyr said...

I think this is the first time I've seen you on the left in one of these.

deborah said...

"Is there a highlight reel?"

Shouting Thomas said...

Seven seconds is good, and it is best to include the home run in the highlight reel.

That's what they do on ESPN.

rhhardin said...

Philippe Sollers Women is an entertaining novel on French feminism.

There are amusing phrases.

"The conductor unable to control his crazed orchestra."

"Totalitarianism is simply belief in adjustable castration."

edutcher said...

I once heard Ulysses Grant quoted as saying about the Civil War, "I can tell you the history of the war in three simple, declarative sentences and leave out nothing important".

Deborah just summed up the Left over the last century in seven seconds.

Kudos, ma'am.

Titus said...

I never watch any of these things.

I found them abhorrent and pretentious. Like we neanderthals are supposed to be enthralled by these intellectual's opinion.

How can you put the time and energy into something so fucking awful?

I don't know who any of these people are and I don't give a shit.

No offense Althouse

deborah said...

Thanks, e, but I confess the reason for posting that was to show the smile and glance up at Meade(?)at the end of her statement, which I took as an attempt (the statement) to tweak her liberal detractors. lol

ken in sc said...

I don't watch these because I only have 5 giga-bites of broadband per month. After that I have to go to dial-up. I only do videos at the end of the month if I have the gigs.

Ann Althouse said...

"to show the smile and glance up at Meade(?)at the end of her statement"

Ha ha. Meade wasn't home when I recorded this part of the diavlog. He comes in near the end but he knows I'm recording and he doesn't make a sound.

Meanwhile, someone chez Welch is making all kinds of noise. Is that a toilet flushing???

HT said...

I was a little surprised not to hear more about the libel laws in France. Maybe Matt's correct when he goes on about the government protecting its own officials by having editors fired, but I also thought there were some pretty strong libel laws.

Wow, brace yourself for Matt going on about how if being a puritanical protestant means protecting Muslims, etc etc... I'd like half as much of that, next time!

HT said...

Ann is 100% right on about google/cloud/privacy. I'm surprised it's taken this long to bring it up.

Concerns about privacy = "all that kind of stuff." (MW)

Hmmm...the web and the afterlife, good question. Very very good questions.

Ok, now here's the meat of the matter. If people lose the value of something (the importance of the right privacy) then over time we lose that protection.

AA: The rights you have in the law depend over time on people having those values. The law will change.

I see this happening. I will not participate in Facebook. I have friends who say, oh, there's so much information out there, no one is going to focus on my page and try to get my information. That's a first chip.