May 19, 2011

Google and free speech.

The NYT features a Bloggingheads clip with Matt Welch and me.


edutcher said...

Google hasn't exactly covered itself with glory on the free speech front, which is why Bing, even though it's owned by the Borg itself, has become an attractive alternative.

Free, in the sense of services provided gratis, is a relative term and, as Ann notes, it's an easy way to suck people in, so Scrooge McDuck's philosophy, "I'm always suspicious of bargains, but I never quarrel with that word, free", has its limits.

pbAndj said...

That I have to use the word 'google' so much is really annoying.

The only thing worse would be 'bing' or 'yahoo.'

If I wasn't so lazy I'd learn chinese, just so that I could use a marginally less dumb sounding search engine. Plus, following the flip side of Althouse's point, if they're openly evil and manipulative, you don't need to be worried about hidden evilness.

Phil 3:14 said...

No extra credit for double-posting.