May 19, 2011

"The FBI wants DNA samples from 'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski in its probe of the 1982 Tylenol killings."

Breaking news, we're told.

ADDED: The CNN breaking news link died... presumably because there's a whole article now. It doesn't look as thought there's any special focus on Kaczynski in the old Tylenol case. Kaczynski is trying to stop an auction of his property, most notably the handwritten copy of his manifesto, and the papers he filed in court about that revealed that the FBI wanted his DNA. An FBI spokeswoman says the FBI wants DNA from "numerous individuals" in its efforts to solve the old murder case.

In case you'd like to read the manifesto, you can. And here's some more info on the big auction:
The GSA is used to auctioning off diamonds and Lamborghinis, beach-front condos and well-appointed mansions seized from Wall Street fraudsters and drug traffickers. It sometimes hires private auctioneers to conduct the sale. Bernard L. Madoff’s wine cellar went on sale yesterday, also online, with proceeds to be distributed to his Ponzi scheme victims.

When the bad guy is a recluse who lived in a 10-by-12-foot cabin in the Montana woods, picked berries and hunted woodland creatures for food, no Bentleys turn up. The government does the best it can.

Hence Kaczynski’s handwritten instructions on how “to make reindeer moss edible” is available for purchase.

Not available are instructions or materials for making bombs, nor his guns. His cabin’s out, too, as it’s on display at the Newseum in Washington, D.C....

At the end of the first day, the highest bid for the hand- written Manifesto stood at $10,050, making it the most valuable item. The hoodie and sunglasses were next at $3,125.
AND: Here's the auction.


edutcher said...

Funky link.

In any case, I wouldn't have thought of a connection between the Unabomber and the Tylenol killings, but some of these Lefties are such misanthropes (I won't give examples), it's within the realm of possibility.

DonSurber said...


Double blink.

Lincolntf said...

I'm loking forward to the article when the link works. I remember having to drive across town (the day after the issue came out) to buy a copy of the Wash Post when his manifesto was published. I read it that afternoon, and still vaguely remember a few passages. One weird dude. And evil too.

Lem said...

Funky link.

Kiribati in the other side of the planet..

(sorry, i got nuthin)

JAL said...


Wonder why they didn't take DNA samples at the time JFTHOI.

Or is that illegal and violates his privacy?

BarryD said...

His guns would be worth something, probably. Why not sell them? It's not like they're deadlier than identical pieces he didn't own, but collector value might bring some money to victims.

WRT bomb-making instructions, they'd also be worth a lot. Again, I doubt they contain anything not on the Web, and I'm sure that Al Qaeda already knows all the stuff, too.

T J Sawyer said...

Ted K. gets a second "15 minutes" of fame.

This is like pausing to listen to The Platters on an oldies station.

E.M. Davis said...

Wonder why they didn't take DNA samples at the time JFTHOI.

Or is that illegal and violates his privacy?

Like plucking out a beard hair would've been a big deal?

ndspinelli said...

My gut tells me this is a ploy by the FBI to distract James Lewis. I believe, and I'm quite certain the FBI believe, James Lewis is good for these killings.

Fred4Pres said...

Is Ted Kaczynski still in the SuperMax in Florence, CO?

Fred4Pres said...

Didn't some school have problems with building officials who required a recreation of Thoreau's Walden tiny one room cabin had to have sprinklers?

Maybe they could bid on the Kaczynski cabin and call it a push?

There is a certain ying yang quality with Thoreau and Kaczynski.

chuck b. said...

Do you get a commission if the winning bid comes through your link?

Crimso said...

Every time I open any medications and thereby am forced to use a cutting torch to gain access, I curse the son of a bitch that put cyanide in Tylenol. And I'm not joking.

howzerdo said...

I can't image what sort of person would want to collect anything that belonged to a serial killer.