April 24, 2011

"Y'know who'd make an awesome Easter flick about Christ's Resurrection? George Romero."

Kevin Smith dabbles in the obviousness/blasphemy that is Twitter's #HesComingToRedeemYouBarbara.


Expat(ish) said...

I always wanted to make movies. And I wanted to make movies like the early Kevin Smith movies. But I never wanted to be like him - he's never seemed a happy person.


PS - Other recent faves: Tattoo, A love story (not the Laura Dern one, newer)

Jason (the commenter) said...

Do we really need ANOTHER zombie Jesus movie?

YoungHegelian said...

Well, Mel Gibson's already made a George Romero movie about the Passion.

edutcher said...

It would be different, but the idea of watching the Resurrection of Christ, not simply the discovery of it, if done properly, could be quite moving.

Not unlike a dramatization of the Gospel of Judas (yes, it really exists).

Saint Croix said...

It's kind of funny that the bad words that offend people--"fuck" and "shit"--aren't blasphemous at all. They're just earthy and vulgar.

So when you talk about fucking and shitting--which is pretty much Kevin Smith's art, I think--you offend people because you are reducing humanity to just another animal.

To Christians, the Resurrection is spiritual. It reminds us of an afterlife. We are not bound to this world, and we are not bound to our bodies.

Kevin Smith thinks "zombie" because he has no concept of a soul in his framework. He is completely earth bound.

Kev said...

(the other kev)

Well, Smith's career's pretty much been living dead for a while. Jersey Girl? Red State? clerks 2? That rotting carcass of a Superman script? How long can he live off the entrails of Chasing Amy?

Saint Croix said...

And I just sinned by failing to remember the Sabbath keep it holy.

My apologies and please forgive me.

Kensington said...

That's lovely, especially since Kevin Smith professes to be a Catholic.

Well, at least he'd have nothing to fear from a George Romero zombie apocalypse: Romero's zombies want to eat brains.

By the way, anyone who has listened to Smith's podcast for any length of time can hear how he's become a completely worthless tool since he became a pothead a couple of years ago.

He talks about how it has liberated his mind, and it has: it's no longer bound by any bearings whatsoever.

shoutingthomas said...

I'll let the blasphemy pass because it's Easter.

And, I'll remember what Father Rodrigo San Pedro, my friend who is now teaching at seminary in Manila, said about my anger that He had taken Myrna from me:

God is tough enough. He can take it.

Alan said...

I guess he's run out of material to steal from Neil Gaiman and he's moving on to Sam Kinison. Get an original idea Ton o' Fun.

Ut said...

Twitter is tracking every tweet you read, and every statement that you post to Twitter can be subpoenaed by the government and used against you in a court of law.

Twitter is also tracking the location from which you Tweet as a means of determining your location in real time. It cross-references that information with the content of your Tweet and can thus predict all sorts of things about you.

Apple is tracking people without telling them.

So is Twitter.

So is Facebook.

Evil companies all.

Robert said...

To: edutcher,
Re Gospel of Judas - See article by April DeConick (Rice U) for an accurate description. http://forbiddengospels.blogspot.com/2007/01/what-does-gospel-of-judas-really-say.html

paul a'barge said...

I guess I'm supposed to be offended ... well, frankly having spent a bunch of time reflecting on the agony exacted on "Good" Friday, and after turning away from Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ" when it comes on TV, nothing George Romero or this Kevin Smith mutt could do could rival the offense.

You know what I mean?

Because nothing on the offensiveness-scale can top the offensiveness of the asleep doing their puny best to try and deny the gift and the sacrifice.

Coketown said...

Smith is trying to rehabilitate his comatose career by performing ego-fellatio on more influential filmmakers. Remember how much he sucked up to George Lucas by praising that steaming pile of fecal matter called "The Phantom Menace"?

Voltimand said...

The "classic" Easter work is Wagner's "Parsifal," and it's all about closing a wound that will not heal. Some wounds are tougher than others; those that will not heal are the worst and require extra medicine. Bye-the-bye, the closer-of-the wound that occurs in Wagner's opera is the point of the spear that entered Christ's side on the cross.

Dark Eden said...

Yawn, is anyone anywhere actually shocked or scandalized by christian bashing anymore?

Let me know when Kevin Smith takes on Child Molester Mohammed.

themightypuck said...

To be fair, Smith is Catholic and so his interests lie in that direction. Salman Rushdie would be a better critic of Islam.

Revenant said...

Well, Smith's career's pretty much been living dead for a while. Jersey Girl? Red State? clerks 2?

Jersey Girl and Mallrats are the only unprofitable movies Smith has made. He makes small-budget films that turn small profits and do well on DVD.

Revenant said...

Yawn, is anyone anywhere actually shocked or scandalized by christian bashing anymore?

How is this "Christian bashing"?

What is being bashed?

Fred4Pres said...

Christ offered his body and blood, he did not try to eat yours.

Fred4Pres said...

Show some balls and declare (in the middle east) that Loita was really about the Prophet Mohammed and Aisha.

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