April 14, 2011

Peeing like Penelope.

"I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes."


Steve said...

"I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes," she told EW with laugh."

Ew is exactly what I'm thinking.

YoungHegelian said...

Okay, ladies, help me out here, because I'm missing something.

The urgent and frequent urge to urinate comes from the physical pressure of the fetus on the bladder, no? By the time the fetus is that large, a woman's "showing" in a major way, and is far into her pregnancy.

Did the producers finish filming with a late-term pregnant woman, who they left out in the middle of nowhere for hours at a time?

If so, this sounds very morally suspect to me.

Then again, maybe we're talking early pregnancy but with a urinary track infection instead.

Wince said...

Penelope Cruz has no qualms about answering Mother Nature out in the open

"I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes."

Not exactly "out in the open" like a squat on dry land with not flora to hide behind.

Unknown said...

As someone once observed, "You never appreciate bladder control until you've lost it".

John Burgess said...

YoungHegelian: Your premise is wrong. It's not just the pressure of a baby that can create the urge. Hormones can do it; diet can do it; having a small bladder can do it.

And I didn't even have to be female to know that.

WV: reptin Snakes and crocodiles can scare the piss out of one, too!

YoungHegelian said...


I've NEVER heard of someone's hormones or a small bladder or diet (aside from runners over-hydrating) making them pee every fifteen minutes. I've been around my share of pregnant women, too, and no one had the urges until late in pregnancy.

If one's absolutely got to pee every fifteen minutes as a matter of course a visit to the urologist is called for.

d-day said...

until i saw the tag, i assumed you meant penelope trunk. that would have been an interesting post.

MamaM said...

@ D.R. I thought so too, and was hoping it wasn't some hotel swimming pool. Her ideas of appropriate and mine have differed in the past.

@ YoungHegelian. Caffeine has a powerful affect on me, so much so that I will not drink it on road trips.

John Burgess said...

@YoungHegelian... Guess you haven't done too many road trips with women, then! It seems a bathroom break becomes necessary every 15 miles. And at 70mph, that's less than once every 15 minutes.

The expression, 'A bladder the size of a small pea/pee' is a cliché for a reason.

cubanbob said...

I love going into the ocean with a floating styrofoam bucket filled with ice and beer and letting go as needed.
Big hat,slathered with SPF max, sun glasses, floating bucket what a relaxing way to spend several hours bobbing in the sea. Just got to figure out how keep the cigars from getting wet and where to put the ashes. The gulf coast is better than the atlantic for this type of relaxing, warmer water and usually not many waves.

hombre said...

Much as I like Penelope on screen, I'm not sure why I needed to know this.

Tarzan said...

I'm the same way after scuba diving. I can only imagine what it's like being pregnant where the pressure never lets up.

She's got a good and open sense of humor and will be a great mom.

William said...

Unnecessary info, but not a turn off. She'd probably still be hot with dysentery. I'd probably draw the line at projectile vomiting, but that's not a certainty.