April 17, 2011

Next to the meat, concern for the fish... and for fraud... chanting "shame"... yelling "Koch suckers!" at a 14-year-old girl... laughing at Andrew Breitbart's "Go to Hell!"

Yesterday, at the Capitol Square, there was a big Tea Party rally, starring Sarah Palin, but it was opening day for the Dane County Farmers' Market. We pass a farmer's meat stand, and then we get to the signs. (Oh, it was a hard day yesterday, as I just indicated to myself by typoing, for "signs": "sighs.") There's a woman with a fish sign, blaming Walker for some piscine woes. There are a couple of anti-Prosser/pro-Kloppenburg signs alarming us about the possibility of election fraud. As Abe Lincoln strides across the green, the rally comes into view. I gotta feeling... despair is not an option.

At 0:40, we arrive at some "shame... shame... shame..." chanters. These are anti-Tea Party people, and maybe they're ashamed of themselves for not making it clear what the shame is. What's shameful about a Tea Party gathering? Be clear, folks! This chanting is inarticulate, unless your purpose is that we should all just feel terrible about ourselves. Is self-esteem passé? "Despair is not an option" but shame is the only option. I know you want to manipulate our feelings, but I can't even understand how you want me to feel... except very, very tired of you.

At 1:04, a woman's "Recall Walker" chant is hilariously half-hearted. Maybe we could just recall him a little. Let's not recall him. Let's reminisce about him.

At 1:07, we jump to the middle of that 14-year-old girl, speaking from the podium over clamorous chanting and heckling. Last night, I put up an edit of the video Meade shot during her speech. This is my video, from a different place in the crowd. There's an older woman in purple who yells "Corporate thief!" after the girl says "the debt... in my future is overwhelming." There are periodic outbursts from this woman, including "Koch suckers!" Imagine yelling "Koch suckers" at a 14-year-old girl.

At 1:46, I talk to the guy with the sign that purports to be "hand printed in union blood." (He should meet this artist who works in used Band-Aids.) (I guess the AIDS scare is over.)

2:15: "That girl was 14-years-old and she made more sense than Barack Obama," says the announcer.

2:25: The voice is Vicki McKenna, the local talk radio personality, who has no trouble powering over the "You lie!" characters in the union T-shirts.

2:53: A rag-tag band that had been at the corner gets the idea to march straight into the back of the Tea Party crowd, apparently with no idea of the danger of pushing into the back of a crowd. If people in the front were getting crushed against a barrier, these self-involved musicians would not realize what they were causing . To them, it's just brash, youthful misbehavior, fun-loving japery — shutting up the people who need to be shut up.

3:36: The voice is Andrew Breitbart, who gets to the point where he tells the counter-Tea Party protesters to "go to hell." As you can see, they laugh at him.


Mike Roark said...

It's very difficult to chastise those who have no shame.

steve said...

How do you and Meade stand this Ann? Doesn't this get monotonous? Is going to these things something you both enjoy or do you feel obligated to go and report back to your readers?

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, if fans of public employees ever get tired of being mad at Scott Walker, Keith Hennessey explains why they may want to try being mad at Barack Obama for a change:

The White House fact sheet says the trigger “should not apply to Social Security, low-income programs, or Medicare benefits.” Elsewhere it says the trigger applies only to mandatory spending.

Assuming that “low-income programs” includes Medicaid, this means the trigger appears to apply to at most about $300 B (if triggered this year) in “other mandatory” spending. Half of that would hit federal retiree payments...

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Behold, the modern proggresive democrat party:

"There's an older woman in purple who yells "Corporate thief!" after the girl says "the debt... in my future is overwhelming." There are periodic outbursts from this woman, including "Koch suckers!" Imagine yelling "Koch suckers" at a 14-year-old girl."

Is this part of the left's "new civility"?

shiloh said...

Does the phrase beating a dead horse ring a bell ...

Not that I would ever want to deny AA and her tagalong their "freedom of speech" provision in the U.S. Constitution.

Wince said...

Protesting PBS budget cuts, Bert and Ernie join the counter-demonstrators: Put You Hands Up for the Koch in My Nose.

Unknown said...

It's ironic the Lefties yell, "Shame". That was Teddy Kennedy's favorite war cry.

Ya know, the drunk who drove off the bridge and left the girl to drown.

Uncle Saul taught them the end justifies the means so shame has no meaning for them.

Just like the application of concepts like free speech and open debate aren't supposed to apply to anyone who disagrees with them.

Ann Althouse said...

There are periodic outbursts from this woman, including "Koch suckers!" Imagine yelling "Koch suckers" at a 14-year-old girl.

What a sterling bunch of adults.

TosaGuy said...

its okay to crush teaparty folk because they don't consider them to be people

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Imagine yelling "Koch suckers" at a 14-year-old girl.

...it's easy if you try...

KCFleming said...

If shiloh stamps his feet and puts his fingers in his ears and goes la la la la, then thoughts of Walker and Prosser and low taxes and smaller government go away, and there are more taxes and unions and everywhere it's spring and the flowers pick themselves.

pst314 said...

"This is what democracy looks like"?

Liberals love to lecture us about how they are the defenders of free speech, and yet they always try to silence those they disagree with.

retire05 said...

All yesterday's Madison Mess proved is that the unionist, while demanding their right to speak, and be heard, do not seem to want to apply those same rights to those on the opposite side of the aisle.

No, Ann, the unionists, communists, socialists and Marxists that are fueling the anti-TEA party crowd, do not support the First Amendment in any way and you are right, they are not brats, they are petulant children who did not get their way after their unions dumped millions of $$ into the Wisconsin SC election.

The unionists will gain nothing. Most Americans don't support such radical behavior. Yes, they have a right to speak, they have no right to demand the rest of us listen to them.

Wisconsin should be hanging its head in shame that these people are citizens of their beautiful state.

Chef Mojo said...
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Chef Mojo said...

Does the phrase beating a dead horse ring a bell ...

Sure does, shiloh, but not in the way that you mean. We're beating that dead horse to make sure it's dead, not to get it to move. We're gonna keep beating it until it's a bloody patch on the grass, and then we're gonna rub your nose in it.

The revolution is being recorded, and it's not going in favor of the unionistas.

I'm loving seeing the government unionista movement imploding.

Synova said...

"Does the phrase beating a dead horse ring a bell ..."

Why yes, yes it does.

"Not that I would ever want to deny AA and her tagalong their "freedom of speech" provision in the U.S. Constitution."

"Liberal" adults in Madison have the right to act like complete assholes in public. What part of mentioning that violates their "freedom of speech?"

Or does "freedom of speech" mean that we need to approve of them the way you do?

Being rude to a kid, shouting (or should I say "screaming") that they're a "Corporate thief" because the girl mentions the debt attached to her future, those things just illustrate with clarity the overall hypocrisy of anyone who dares to mention "freedom of speech" in connection to this.

Complaining later that people don't know how to behave like decent human beings hardly compares to the deliberate plan before hand to show up and shut people up by drowning them out.

Who's "speech" and "freedom" is impacted here? The people shouting content-free slogans or simply making noise with cowbells and buckets? Or the people trying to say something?

Athouse pointed out the hypocrisy of the people who demanded they be heard the first day and then come the horse beaters to double down on the hypocrisy, claiming that criticism after the fact is something to do with freedom of speech.

And all the while who is trying to control what other people can hear?

Not only are "these people" incapable of understanding how others see them, they're incapable of seeing the complete hypocrisy of trying to control and prohibit speech they don't care for.

Charlie Eklund said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hombre said...

This is the face of the left of the future: Ignorant, profane, boorish thugs. Oblahblah has put his base up front.

As I remind my son and daughter-in-law, the liberals, a man is indeed known by the company he keeps.

Charlie Eklund said...

It's truly astonishing to me how foul the left has become. Tea baggers. Koch suckers. Dumb Fux News.

Instead of yelling "Shame" at 14 year old girls, these dopes really should be yelling it at a mirror.

hombre said...

I liked this so much on the other thread, I decided to post it here:


Between responses to shiloh, take a look at his profile, particularly his "industry" and the blogs he follows.

First among the blogs, of course, is Daily Kos. The others all come with warning labels or have been removed.

His "industry"? "Manufacturing."

Who is he?

Obviously a Kos troll with crude tastes in blogs. Possibly a union shill. Arguably a mentally defective malcontent who indulges in illogical, anti-social rumination. E.g., it's the parents fault that boorish lefty pawns and union thugs are profanely hostile to a 14-year old girl.

I don't believe I'll be responding to his inanity again. Why should anybody?

William said...

The left has a real flair for the pagaentry of self aggrandizement. They are much better at demonstrations than the tea party crowd. They're not so good at this as the Gay Pride parade demonstrators, but they're really very good. It's not enough to be creative and motivated. You also have to have lots of free time with which, fortunately, college students and teachers are blessed. Maybe this will become an annual spring event. Every year at this time demonstrators can come out to burn an effigy of Sarah Palin and hurl abuse at millionaires. A way to cleanse the gray from the winter skies.

Michael K said...

I will point out that the crowd wasn't that noisy until Breitbart told the lefties to go to hell. Then they erupted. He loves to provoke them. The Atlantic has a piece about him that is full of straw men. I don't think they like him!

He is right about the media, no matter what The Atlantic says.

Unknown said...

The union mob is clearly racist. Did you see even one person of color in the video? Of course not. I did see a herd of Starbuck slurping, spoiled white parasites with the manners of swine.

JohnJ said...

“There are periodic outbursts from this woman, including 'Koch suckers!' Imagine yelling 'Koch suckers' at a 14-year-old girl.”

Gosh, are you sure that really happened? There was nothing about it in the Wisconsin State Journal. In fact, according to the State Journal, Saturday's rally was “...seen by many as an effort to energize the GOP in the face of growing opposition.”

Isn't anyone here on 'Althouse' paying attention? There's growing opposition!

And then this analysis from an on-the-site impartial and expert observer uncovered by the crack journalists of the State Journal:

“I think everything that’s happened in the past few months has them worried,” said Kimi Ishikawa, a Madison-area teacher who attended the counter-rally. “I think they now know we are going to keep going and not let up.”

Looks to me like resistance is futile (...and also a tad bit shameful).

shiloh said...

We're beating that dead horse to make sure it's dead

Must be why AA's lemmings are sooo obsessed w/Obama 24/7 also lol. The more you talk about him, the faster he will disappear, eh. :-P

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. ~ Oscar Wilde

Why yes, yes it does.

Thanx for the reply, but I was asking her royal highness who runs this enterprise er blog.

She does have a rather large flock who do her bidding for her and as Martha would say ...

That's a good thing!

As Synova continues to beat a dead horse w/her rather longgg post defending the queen.


and looks like I will have to add hombre to my growing list of AA Groupies :) his obsessive spamming about me notwithstanding.

Chef Mojo said...

@Old Dad:

(...)with the manners of swine.

True, that. But at least swine have a use. Unionistas? Not so much.

Big Mike said...

Hurling sexual epithets at a 14 year girls in the name of civility? I think Jonah Goldberg seems to have been astoundingly prescient.

(If you go to buy this book be sure to use the Professor's Amazon.com connection.)

garage mahal said...

Never heard of Vicki McKenna before yesterday But just wow, what a wretched creature she is. Her husband is a luuuuucky guy!

Lombardi Chick said...

shiloh said...

Does the phrase beating a dead horse ring a bell ...

Not that I would ever want to deny AA and her tagalong their "freedom of speech" provision in the U.S. Constitution.

You really have no sense of self-irony, do you, shiloh?

Big Mike said...

Must be why AA's lemmings are sooo obsessed w/Obama 24/7 also lol. The more you talk about him, the faster he will disappear, eh.

Well we're scarcely lemmings (not that you would believe otherwise, as you are not exactly the sharpest tack in the bulletin board), but we are concerned about Obama because he has made himself and his government a negative and pervasive intrusion into our lives -- and our futures! -- in a way that Clinton, the two Bushes, and Reagan never did.

James said...

There's obviously a lot you don't know. Vicki McKenna hosts two daily radio shows in Madison and Milwaukee. As far as I know she isn't married but she talks a lot about her truck driver boyfriend and her dogs.

Synova said...

I'll have no more cookies for you today, Shiloh.

But go ahead and keep on defending people who plan ahead of time to show up and take away the right of other people to speak and to hear, who boo "God Bless America".

It seems to have been organized nationwide since the same sorts of noise making at Tea Party events is reported in other cities as well, interrupting prayers or pledges of allegiance. Boo'ing God Bless America.

Is this simply a sort of "leftist" natural tendency, this need to shut other people up? Or was it planned after all? Coordinated? Lets be rude and obnoxious and make them sorry they came?

And among the little happy snoopy dances, do any of them understand how other people see them?

Conserve Liberty said...

I'm old enough to remember The Paper Chase. Maybe AA is also.

We should just shroud Shiloh.

shiloh said...

in a way that Clinton, the two Bushes, and Reagan never did.

cheney/bush created the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Yes Virginia, Osama bin Laden totally changed the way Americans live their lives. btw, whatever happened to bin Laden.

take care, blessings


I'll have no more cookies for you today, Shiloh.

Liberals don't post at a conservtive blog looking for cookies er platitudes aside, again, as long as you're payin' attention to my every word.

No hard feelings :) as it's only a frickin' blog.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

What are we supposed to be ashamed of?

Serious question.

Chip S. said...

"Koch suckers?" So the preferred way to ingest cocaine in Madison is orally? Does frigid weather degrade your nasal membranes that much?

I had wondered before if the Koch brothers became the new Goldsteins because the lefties had the wrong idea of how to pronounce "Koch," and imagined all sorts of possible slogans connecting them with tea bagging.

Stupidity or ignorance is a pretty reliable explainer of lefty "thought."

Brian Brown said...

Ah well isn't it lovely that those "tolerant" & progressive public employees have as one of their last gasp shouting down a 14 year old girl.

Fitting, really.

Moose said...

I dunno. While this is sickening to watch, I can't help but think the way was greased by the over the top Tea Party protests with people shrieking at elected officials. It's not wrong to be angry at them, but how much of this was enabled by their angry protests.

However, that being said - I don't think much of what Tea partiers did a year ago compared with yelling "Kock suckers" at 14 yo girls. Or calling black Tea partiers "uncle Tom" or "token blacks".

Going downhill fast, people...

Brian Brown said...

cheney/bush created the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Actually, it was legislation crafted by Joe Liberman. Presidents can't create new federal departments.

But hey, facts are not your thing.

MaggotAtBroad&Wall said...

Not one black person was shown in the entire 4:50 minutes. In fact, there's only one non-caucaision fellow in the whole group (at the 3:30 mark).

I'm sure Chris Matthews is eager to report to the rest of America that the anti-Tea Party crowd is just a mono-chromatic bunch of white racists.

Brian Brown said...

Must be why AA's lemmings are sooo obsessed w/Obama 24/7 also lol

There isn't a post, no matter the topic, that you do not reference former President Bush.

Project much?

garage mahal said...

I don't think much of what Tea partiers did a year ago compared with yelling "Kock suckers" at 14 yo girls

There was one 14 yr old girl. "Kock suckers" is plural. See how that doesn't make sense?

Chip Ahoy said...

This is happening elsewhere in other cities as well, sirens to drown out speeches and so forth. Is the idea to provoke people so obnoxiously denying them the thing you demand for yourself, to the point that someone or many will finally have their fill of you so that they crack heads and then they can honestly be condemned for how violent they are? Because that is the next logical increment. Suggestion: wear good helmets under those clown wigs next time you take up interrupting speeches with noise.

Confession, I did not watch the video. It's Sunday, coming on Easter, and quite peaceful and lovely around here. No undue clamor permitted from le théâtre de l'absurde It also means no further reading of the fresh round of idiotic posters here that these photos and videos have picked up. You are all vanished. If one could detect a trace of good-faith writing then it might be different, but as it is, all trumpets, drums, and mindless sputtering. You are dismissed as not worth the time spent reading. So now it's as if you've said nothing at all.

Republican said...

The angry mob seems to consist of militant middle-aged housewives, their unemployed husbands and their uneducated children.

All the more reason for normal people to push back and go forward.

Time for the slobs to go.

Unknown said...


Grammar is not your thing. The thugs were yelling "Koch suckers" at the tea party, a collective noun. The tea party is composed of individuals, one of which was a 14 year old girl. Hence, when the thugs yelled "Koch suckers," they were grammatically correct. It follows that one of the alleged "Koch suckers" was a 14 year old girl. Ergo, the thugs yelled "Koch suckers" at a 14 year old girl. QED. Now go fuck yourself.

Chip S. said...

There was one 14 yr old girl. "Kock suckers" is plural. See how that doesn't make sense?

What's the minimum number of underage people necessary for this sort of stuff to be indefensible, IYHO?

Or is it your view that a vulgarity shouted at multiple people cannot possibly be interpreted as directed at any one of them in particular?

Oh, and what's a "Kock?"

garage mahal said...

Now go fuck yourself.

Maybe they learned civility from you.

Unknown said...

Garage said,

"Maybe they learned civility from you."

Garage, if you're a 14 year old girl, I apologize. Otherwise, go fuck yourself--civilly, of course.

Anonymous said...

Nobody knew what age this girl was, people were yelling at the Tea Partiers on stage whoever they were. Most 14 year old girls are already as tall as they will be as an adult and she had on winter clothing . To continue to try to say that protesters deliberately yelled Koch Sucker to a teen girl is just silly desperation. Now on the other hand Vicki McKenna, one of the most vile hate filled people on right wing radio, she most deservedly could be called a Koch Sucker. It was funny as all get out to see protesters laughing at Breitbart, hey my 15 year old was next to me, how dare he yell this at my 15 year old!

Chef Mojo said...


Pretty weak. Doesn't explain the overall rudeness of the left, and the attempted suppression of viewpoints you disagree with. Pretty pathetic, actually. Tolerance isn't in your vocabulary.

But, keep on doing it, please! It's all being recorded and disseminated throughout the web. The unionistas are not looking good except to their choir.

Robin said...

The best Mahal can do about a vulgar shout to a young lady is argue grammar?

Well, Mahal, have no fear that your reputation has any chance of becoming lower.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

To continue to try to say that protesters deliberately yelled Koch Sucker to a teen girl is just silly desperation.

It doesn't matter WHO they were yelling Koch Sucker at. It is rude and obnoxious.

The left was whining about free speech and that they deserved to have their voices heard. Their never ending protests were allowed to go on and on with no (or very little) push back from the conservatives or tea party.

Interesting, the rank stinking steaming pile hypocrisy of the left when it comes to free speech for anyone else.

Doesn't seem to bother you much at all does it?

In fact, you go out of your way to rationalize the hypocrisy, rudeness and violence from the left by blaming the victims of your own bad behaviour.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

The leftist protesters go around shouting Shame. For what, I have no idea. Explain what I am supposed to be ashamed of.

Ironic isn't it when you have zero shame for yourself or the people who are supposedly representing you who have no respect for the rights of other people.

Instead of being ashamed of the rude, obnoxious actions, you seem to revel in the slime.

You are nothing more than a pack of ill mannered children whose parents should have spanked you long ago and made you go to your room until you could act like human beings.

Keep it up. But don't be surprised when the retaliation is more than you expected.

Big Mike said...

cheney/bush created the Dept. of Homeland Security.

But the abuses of ordinary citizens by DHS did not begin until after Napilitano took over. And Obama has done nothing that I can see to rein her in.

1775OGG said...

Great job of showing the Madison protests and the behavior of the union masses and thugs. Saturday's videos showed the world again how the Socialists treat freedom of speech and democratic principles with scorn.

However, one day soon, we might get to see how these Socialists treat people who try to interrupt their gatherings. My bet is that anti-union protesters will be physically attacked; no time out for union goons. Time will tell.

I doubt that the unions will tolerate at all those with contrary opinions and they'll make a tremendous mistake in doing so. The unions might be more organized but the strength is not with them.

1775OGG said...

Oops. Forgot something!

JorgXMcKie said...

"See how that doesn't make sense?" Boy, if anyone would know about stuff that doesn't make sense, it would be garbage forall and his trollish buddies.

And if I want to listen to hate-filled rants on talk radio I'll listen to Randi Rhodes or Rachel Madcow [if he's still on radio] or Keefums Olberdouche.

Greybeard said...

I think Chip Ahoy is correct about "the next increment".
And I fear that has been the plan all along.

Methadras said...

Shame only matters if you have conscience to guide you to what guilt and humility are. Leftards are missing that part in their addled diseased minds. They demonstrate it constantly and consistently. Shame? We don't need no stinking shame!!! But if you cross us, well then, shame on you. Brietbart was being to fucking nice.

Dave Jenkins said...

Seeking to suppress the speech of those with whom you disagree is pure Stalinism.

Duncan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duncan said...

The commies like to shout "shame" these days. As I recall, the whole point of the '60s was to eliminate the concept of shame.

Logical estoppel.

Kane said...

They have the audacity to scream shame to the Tea Party yet if anyone should be accused of shame it should be these leftist thugs.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. They preach about freedom of speech yet they shut down the people who have a different opinon than they do. This my friends isn't just radical leftists run amok this is Bolshevism!