April 24, 2011

In the Easter Chapel...


... you can celebrate anything.


traditionalguy said...

Coffee is so good this Easter morning. I must go to services and tell God that I am to happy to be one of His Greatfull Living.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Happy Easter, Althousians.

Today is a great day. Our Lord and Savior is Risen. He has conquered the grave.

A Blessed day to you, one and all.

Meade said...

Here we are in our places
With bright, shining faces
And in our eyes
Is the new day

Jason (the commenter) said...

I think of the fertility of spring and see legs with something between them.

peter hoh said...

Happy Easter.

At our house, that which was lost has been found.

The lost thing created quite a bit of drama yesterday. I was assured that it was definitely not upstairs, so I concentrated my search downstairs, while someone went to check that it wasn't left at work.

I went upstairs and found it in less than a minute.

Freeman Hunt said...

My husband's grandfather, who will turn ninety this year and hasn't been able to visit in the last three, is in town for the weekend. Last night we watched two Harold Lloyd silent films that he last saw in the theater eighty years ago. It was such a treat that I think we'll drive down to his house with more silent film DVDs after the holiday is over.

paul a'barge said...

ditto @Don't Tread 2012.

edutcher said...

Always a tough day for The Blonde, but Don't Tread's words are the ones we need to keep in our minds.

Happy Easter to the House of Meadhouse and all the Althousians

Jason (the commenter) said...

I think of the fertility of spring and see legs with something between them.

Sounds like Titus; when I think of fertility, I think of legs without anything between them.

Pogo said...

On Easter Sunday in 433, Saint Padraig walked with mitre and crozier and full episcopal attire, to Tara.

The druids and magicians put forth their incantations, and a cloud of darkness spread over the hill and surrounding plain. But with Padraig's prayers, the brightest sunshine lit up the scene.

The Druids Lucat Mael and Lochru insulted Padraig and his religion. Padraig became angry and prayed that the druid Lochru would die. A mysterious force lifted Lochru into the air and dropped him headfirst onto the ground. His skull split on a rock and he instantly died.

Scriptures teach that the Lord is not too fussy about how clean his tools are.

Donald Harman Akenson
An Irish History of Civilization, Volume 1

Anna said...

He is risen.

Trooper York said...

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter everyone.

Saint Croix said...

happy Easter, Alhousia!

sunsong said...

Happy Easter!

stay strong - keep your faith alive

Chip Ahoy said...

Happy Easter, Kids.

Would you like to see wut the Easter Bunny dun last night?

How 'bout a party at my place on Friday?

Bunnies/Passion pop-up card.

Freeman Hunt said...

Chip, you are incredible.

Paddy O said...

Happy Easter all!

This year I posted on my blog some meditations on the four days leading into Easter. The first two I wrote this year, the middle two I wrote in years past. Have a read if you're so inclined:

Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter Sunday

MamaM said...

Finding and opening the treasures hidden with this blue egg have brought me the late-in-the-day Easter blessings of Sunsong's Song, Chip's Party and Sproing Surprise, and Paddy O's Reflections.

Thank you

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