April 19, 2011

I'm Bloggingheadsing with Dahlia Lithwick... and it's all about law.

The episode is titled "Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter" — which is the title of the Tina Turner song I pointed at in my post about Justice Breyer referring to "the tweeter."

The Supreme Court’s real diversity problem
How blogging made Ann bold
Is the real world more of an echo chamber than the Internet?
Do judicial elections make a mockery of justice?
Dahlia: Having three female justices has changed the Court
The problems with France’s anti-burqa law


MayBee said...

Last week you linked to a picture of Serena WIlliams dressed as a mosquito's tweeter.

Carol_Herman said...

Drudge has up a "developing story" that the Supreme Court has been evacuated. Someone left a stroller unattended.

ricpic said...

Have antimacassars been placed on the backs of all the Supreme Court judges chairs by the three female judges in order to humanize the court?

John said...

How come you don't mention Tweeter and the Monkeyman?

The Traveling Wilburys song

John Henry

D.D. Driver said...

I don't know if I have time for this. Does Althouse make Lithwick cry at any point? Minute and second mark?

Lithwick has become a boring snarksmith. Almost a PARODY of a boring snarksmith. When she enters a room, the strawmen cower in the corner.

vbspurs said...

Yikes, a full one-hour Blogginghead episode, eh? I'll have to save this to comment on later at night.

Nice sweater, Miss Lithwick.


MarkG said...

I think Dahlia learned a few things. She initially seemed to not accept that the anti-Palin protesters were acting badly.

PaulV said...

What does she think about the false accusations against the Duke lacrosse players and the current suit by those who were not indicted? Discovery will be fun. Duke paid the 3 innocent indicted players in 8 figures for actions the school took.

edutcher said...

The more you're exposed to the Lefties, the more Conservative you get?

This is how people get converted.

And the little trolls, who seem to be pushing you that much farther to the Right, blame it on Meade.

PS Very Nietzschean view of blogging as well, Madame.

Phil 3:14 said...

Did not watch the video but Professor surely you know that Nick Gillespie has the franchise on wearing a leather jacker when talking politics.

madAsHell said...

So....ahhh....who is the ghoulish character peering over your right shoulder??

A different background might help highlight your expensive hair-do. The leather jacket is edgy.

Watch out Katie Couric!

Michael said...

Going to recommend my 13 yr old daughter watch the "How blogging made Ann bold" segment. Thanks.

rhhardin said...

The text is interwoven with life is an etymological pun.

rhhardin said...

I've always been bold. Also constantly in trouble.

rhhardin said...

The problem with burqas is their enforcement of seeing without being seen.

They're like scientists.

EDH said...

In his dissent in Phelps, was Alito really imposing his view of civility, as Lithwick suggests, or was he simply respecting the state law tort claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress, where the elements of that claim as applied in this particular instance, in his view, did not interfere with the defendants' First Amendment rights?

wv-eyeemine = George, is that you? It was the day of the taxman, at least here in Mass.