April 23, 2011

"Hold It Against Me"...

... Marine version.


traditionalguy said...

Great stuff. Note to self: don't let any Yale females join the Marines.

Ann Althouse said...

You can really see the value of pop music in this video. Look how effectively it generates happiness.

acm said...

Dude. What did Marines and soldiers do in their downtime before YouTube and cheap, easy-to-operate video cameras? Did they still lip sync and dance to cheesy pop, and just not film it?

My dad served in Desert Storm, and did come home with rather odd knowledge of dance pop, but insists that all they did over there, in their downtime, was play cards and read the Bible...

Unknown said...

That's too weird.

Somehow, their grandfathers are at once saying, "It wasn't that way in the old Corps", and glad the young guys have it a little easier.

acm said...

Dude. What did Marines and soldiers do in their downtime before YouTube and cheap, easy-to-operate video cameras? Did they still lip sync and dance to cheesy pop, and just not film it?

My dad served in Desert Storm, and did come home with rather odd knowledge of dance pop, but insists that all they did over there, in their downtime, was play cards and read the Bible...

According to James Jones (From Here To Eternity), on Guadalcanal, they made moonshine from the available fruits.

Undoubtedly needed it.

AST said...

Far better than Britney.

TheCrankyProfessor said...

Nice to know the girls and boys just want to have fun...and find a way even in the deserty world of Afghanistan!

TheCrankyProfessor said...

And omigosh - do you think the cross dressing scenes in WW2 movies are just fiction?

DADvocate said...

I heard my daughter listening to this song. I wondered if the old Bellamy Brothers song was the inspiration for it.


As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Edutcher, my son is on leave after graduating from Marine boot camp at Parris Island. It was far, far from a picnic. I cringe to think how much harder it could possibly have been. It won't be that brutal for the rest of training, thank goodness.

He ate a 16 sinch pepperoni pizza all by himself on Family Day, and has been stuffing himself the whole week. That and sleeping, and playing games with his friends. I hope I can catch him in a video like this one if he winds up over there--especially if there is a good percussion solo.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen.”
(At least that quote is attributed to her. I can't find the circumstances of it.)


vbspurs said...

The HUNK at 1:38, yowza, rrrrrrrrr woof woof, hotchamama, hold me back!!

(He even looks a little like Marco Rubio. *melt*)


vbspurs said...

Wow, did Eleanor Roosevelt really say that? My estimation of her just went up.

And best of luck to your boy, Toy! (Heh)

PaulV said...

Reminds me of the 9 year olds hanging Barney at Halloween to scare te little kids.

Synova said...

"Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen.”
(At least that quote is attributed to her. I can't find the circumstances of it.)

That's awesome. My husband got me when he came back from his basic and tech school. There is something to be said about "clean cut". Srsly.

It's a fun video. Maybe not the funnest I've seen in the genre. There's some good ones out there.

(And ouch, that blond girl is getting too much sun.)

Expat(ish) said...

So whenever I go through an airport I try to find the USO and stuff a $20 in their emergency fund jar.

@toy - bless your son and keep him safe. Those boys can eat - I saw a kid counting change at McD's in DFW and bought his lunch. Six big mac burgers. Golly.


The Crack Emcee said...

Why do I feel less safe?

vbspurs said...


Synova said...

"Why do I feel less safe?"

Hehe. I rather liked the securely fitted safety glasses sure not to come askew at the wrong moment. ;-)

The Warrior Song.

That should help.

vbspurs said...

Why do I feel less safe?

Crack, I found that whilst I was Googling for pics of World War II soldiers for you to see that men in battle need to blow off steam -- and that doesn't make them any the less manly.

Or maybe not.

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

I am reminded of a line from Millet's Semper Fi, attributed to a Marine NCO in 1969, “I've seen the 'Old Corps', the 'New Corps' and now this G*d-D@mned thing.” Little did he know, what his grand children would be doing in the Corps.

As My Whimsy Leads Me, G*d Bless you and your son...best of luck and a safe return from service.

Crack why less safe...they're OVER THERE...not here.

Penny said...

Whoa...Jumped ahead here after I fell behind.

...*cartwheels out of view*...

1775OGG said...

@edutcher: Just one slight gribble, Jones was a fellow Doggie and as such, he knew perhaps little real about Marines. Although, there's a rumor that the Marines invented Torpedo Juice, not the Navy.

However, to give Jones quite a bit of credit, he served in wartime, got his bell rung on Guadalcanal, and really did see the start of WWII while stationed at Schofield Barracks.

Penny said...

*cartwheels back in for Crack*

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

I see the Corps squad/fire team TO&E is in place, one still photographer, 1 print reporter, and 2 videographers and software...

Chase said...

Father: Marine. Master Gunnery Sgt. 26 years.

Mother: Marine. Met my father in DC. Had to leave the Corps when pregnant with me.

2 of 4 brothers: Marines. Each did 3 and 1/2 years overseas of their 5 year hitches.

Son: Marine. In for 5. Thinking about making it a career. His mother and father could not be prouder (He and Marine friends will read this. Hoo rah Marines!)

Me: grew up on Parris Island, Camp Pendleton and places in between. Said "yes m'amm" and "yes sir" from 2 years old. Stood in school whenever Marine hymn was played. Still stand for national Anthem at sports gatherings - in my own living room. Didn't sign up because I grew up in it.

If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scene
They will find it's streets are guarded by
United States Marines

Sleep in peace tonight America.

Titus said...

Althouse you are such a fag hag.

The Marine version of Telephone by Lady Gaga is better though.

Titus said...

By the by I was driving around Madison today. It was actually decent weather. Hung out at Vilas. Used the rare clumber as a pillow as I slept. Many peeps and their kids wanted to touch the rare clumber. I let them because I am nice.

Anywhoo I saw 5 red camaros and a pink Mary Kay caddy.

And they say Madison is liberal.

But thank you Madison for the cars.

Fen said...

Shouldn't be doing this in uniform.

And, my sound is out but I'm guessing... Air Wing.

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

Titus, I believe “Telephone” is performed by an aviation maintenance unit of the 82 Airborne Division, US ARMY!

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

Shouldn't be doing this in uniform.

And, my sound is out but I'm guessing... Air Wing.

Well that's debatable...they appear to be an MV-22 Osprey unit....

Titus said...

The brownie at the beginning is fucking hot.


I miss brownies.

I can't wait to return to Brownyville. Now I am in whitey hell.

PatCA said...

I agree, Ann, let them sing and dance to their own music. It makes them happy!

Titus said...

I also saw a trans am and another car, what is that really sporty car called? It was like from the 70's. He....are you ready for it....had a t roof. I am fucking serious.

He actually revved up his motor at the stop light. I was "Aghast".

Titus said...

You all know lip synching to a Brittany Spears or Lady Gaga song is kinda, well, GAY

J Allen said...

These guys, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8rm56hTDDs&feature=relmfu, were next to us on Liberty. You gotta do something to blow steam off or you’ll go crazy. We would routinely work 14-18 hour days and even if Haji dropped IDF in at night you still had to go out in the morning.

Thanks to all who dropped something into a USO box, bought a Troop a burger, or even just took the time to say thank you.

J Allen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vbspurs said...

The brownie at the beginning is fucking hot.

You mean, Fareed Zakaria Jr? Yikes.

Titus said...

I like em brown Miss Vicky.

The Crack Emcee said...

We are destroying ourselves, from the inside, as a nation. That is an awful song, and the fact they don't know that is enough for me to know they're not the people I feel comfortable defending me.

I served, and we had fun, but while my taste in music was far different than my peers, I never heard or saw them doing anything to music I was embarrassed they identified with - even as a parody.

I understand if the rest of you don't get it, but the acceptance of this atrocious music is a sign of the decline of a great nation. We have always been known as the providers to the world of excellence in music, of all genres, but now we are followers of the worst trends of Europe, and it's the soundtrack of our own demise. Mark my words:

No good will come from any of this.

Michael K said...

Titus, I wouldn't mention that around them. Marines say pain is weakness leaving the body.

Titus said...

I like the second brownie with the gelled hair as well.


There is quite a bit of cheese in them uncut hogs.

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

Lighten up Crack....bad music..what IS bad music? Name good music from the 1950's or 1940's.... Be thankful they don't have any crystals and the Corpsmen are practicing homeopathy...

Luther said...

Well, not in my Marine Corps. But it is a different world now, I suppose. But, Airdales, for sure.

Jake said...

I miss the Marines. We had fun, like these guys and girls. Oh, to be in our twenties again.

TWM said...

I like a military force that can kick ass and have fun doing it.

SteveR said...

Here's all I need to know, everyone involved is in harm's way and would kill for the benefit of myself and my family.

Freeman Hunt said...


It's like the Katy Perry video.

bagoh20 said...

"Did they still lip sync and dance to cheesy pop, and just not film it? "

My older brother was a Marine in the 60's. He and a bunch of his fellow marines made a cassette tape of themselves singing along to Sly and the Family Stone and just generally goofing off to music. I remember my younger friends and I getting a real kick out listening to it. As AA says, the music really seemed to bring the happy to guys who hated being where they were, and so far from home. This reminded me of that and him.

I've mentioned on here before that later he was shot and killed for no apparent reason in our small PA hometown by a lifelong felon out on parole.

I miss him, especially when I remember him having fun like these marines seem to be having here. I couldn't care less what song they do it to.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

While I somewhat enjoyed the video and am happy for the fact that they are "able" to do this, and I am proud of the men and women who are in the military......

I can't help but compare and contrast to what a "real" war is like.

Do you think that those who were in the trenches of WWI or who were storming Dunkirk or fought on Guadalcnal had time, even if the technoogy existed at the time, to make videos, dance and lip sync?

Or were they trying to just survive and win a war and come home. It wasn't just a passtime for them.
It just goes to show that we are NOT a serious nation. If you are at WAR.....your aim should be to WIN and come home.

Instead....we get music videos done to music that conveys despicable morality. I don't know how much lower our society can go before we hit bottom.

vw: blessena

No comment.

shiloh said...

When we outchopped, Rota, Spain, on my 1st Med cruise, April 1980, the Spruance's 1MC was blaring Come Sail Away! :)

Anchors Aweigh!

Synova said...

"Do you think that those who were in the trenches of WWI or who were storming Dunkirk or fought on Guadalcnal had time, even if the technoogy existed at the time, to make videos, dance and lip sync?"

Yes, I think so.

Otherwise why do they describe military service, and war, as long stretches of boredom interrupted by stark raving terror? (Or something like that, anyhow.)

Certainly not, you know, during battles. But during the waiting? Absolutely. Everyone needs down-time, and the more stressful it is the more outrageous the down-time is going to be... not less.

David said...

HMLA-169, in the credits for this video, is a Marine light attack helicopter squadron. Here is what they have been doing for the last 30 years (from Wikipedia.)

From December 1990 to June 1991, HMLA-169 embarked aboard the USS Tarawa in support of combat operations in Southwest Asia, and deployed ashore during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm with MAG-50 at Tanajib, Saudi Arabia. From February 24 to March 4, 1991, the Vipers flew 234 combat sorties engaging enemy Iraqi forces without loss of aircraft or personnel.

Returning from the Kuwaiti theater, the squadron was routed to assist in humanitarian relief to flood-ravaged Bangladesh as part of Operation Sea Angel. Shortly after that the squadron participated in the humanitarian assistance mission Operation Fiery Vigil, after Mount Pinatubo erupted June 15, 1991. In May 1992, HMLA-169 supported local law enforcement during the Los Angeles riots, and again in 1993 conducted humanitarian relief and peace-keeping operations in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope.

Global War on Terror
HMLA-169 sourced a detachment of 4 Cobras and 3 Hueys to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit ( 15th MEU), which was the among the first Marines into Afghanistan after 9/11. The squadron deployed to Iraq in late February 2003 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). During the 2003 invasion of Iraq 12 of the 18 AH-1Ws of the unit sustained battle damage[1] and on March 30, 2003 a UH-1N Huey crashed; killing three members on board.[2] HMLA-169 deployed again in the summer of 2004 to support the second iteration of OIF. During this deployment they provided close air support during the Battle of Najaf and Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah. The squadron is presently configured with 18 AH-1W SuperCobras and 9 UH-1N Hueys. HMLA-169 again deployed to Iraq in March 2006 to provide close air support for the 1st Marine Division in Al Anbar province.[3][4]

The squadron was deployed to Afghanistan in the spring of 2009 as part of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade.[5] They will be part of the 17,000 troop increase announced by President Obama in mid-February.[6]

They are from Camp Pendleton, California, which may explain the music video thing a little bit.

Crack, I think you can rest easy about these people.

Synova said...

That's awesome Shiloh.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ Synova

Good point. I stand corrected.

Synova said...

Insisting that everyone has to like good music is like insisting that no one put ketchup on their food.

In any case, it's almost certain that most of the people involved listen to something else most of the time they have a choice. But when you're doing something fun together you do something that can be done easily together.

shiloh said...

Synova, My helicopter squadron HSL-34 NAS Norfolk, detached to destroyers and "we" worked (18) hour days on the ship so my 1st (2) Med cruises flew by. Young, single and in the navy. :)

Titus said...

Freeman those guys in the Katy Perry video are fucking hot.

vbspurs said...

DBQ wrote:

Do you think that those who were in the trenches of WWI or who were storming Dunkirk or fought on Guadalcnal had time, even if the technoogy existed at the time, to make videos, dance and lip sync?

FOR SURE. I once saw a video on Youtube of American GIs goofing off on the Andrews' Sisters "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B".

Everything changes. And everything stays the same.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Bagoh, that is so sad. I'm sorry for your loss. I have 4 siblings and can't imagine how hard that would be to lose one, especially in such awful circumstances.

Sorry, all, to drop out on this interesting chat. Had to make a grocery run for my new Marine--milk & cereal. That makes 3 gallons for this week. And more Fruity Pebbles and Honey Bunches of Oats. Plus, had to get some Dr. Pepper to cook the country ham in.


TosaGuy said...

"It just goes to show that we are NOT a serious nation. If you are at WAR.....your aim should be to WIN and come home."

Lighten up, Francis.

I served in an infantry unit in Iraq and we did multiple missions outside the wire everyday. Everyone still had a bit of time to themselves. Deployment is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have to do something non-military and goofy once in awhile to relieve stress and to break up what is essentially your personal version of Groundhog Day.

Joe said...

On Guadalcanal in Sept/Oct was the "Great Housing Boom" when the troops were overtaken by the urge to construct lean-to's of increasing complexity....

IN Italy 1944, the 88th Infantry, watched, every morning as a lone Wehrmacht dispatch rider rode along a ridge, in plain view of the Allies daring them to shoot...

An L-5 Oservation aircraft made a "bombing" raid by chucking out 5 gallon gas cans and lobbing White Phosphorus grenades out of the aircraft...the troops stood on the frontline cheering and waving at the "epic" performance...

I get the impression that troops will do stupic/laughable things in ANY war to pass the time.

Finally you have a line in your first posting about a war that's a pass-time...Every 11-B; every Marine Rifleman is IN A WAR OF SURVIVAL! You come home JUST as dead from Afghanistan as from Guadalcanal....to those young men and some womyn, this war is just a desperate as Varus' struggle in the Teutoberger Wald....they will be JUST AS DEAD as Varus' troops! There is NO war that is a pass-time to TROOPS.

Phil 314 said...

Riots by Afghani's protesting decadent Americans occupiers to follow

(but I liked it!)

Phil 314 said...

Some of the commenters here need to lighten up.

Ralph L said...

who were storming Dunkirk
That was the Germans. Whose side were you on, DBQ?

Dark Eden said...

In the military you have... lots of free time. Lots and lots of it, and you run out of cool manly ways to fill it within about a week or so. I've often thought if civilians saw how people in the service actually acted after six months of sheer boredom, they would never see us as rugged manly men again. And here you go. Thanks youtube.

PS: Yes, your father/grandfather/great grandfather did this when he too, he just won't admit it and didn't film it.

Dark Eden said...

"Do you think that those who were in the trenches of WWI or who were storming Dunkirk or fought on Guadalcnal had time, even if the technoogy existed at the time, to make videos, dance and lip sync?"

I think its the opposite, actually, the harder the situation, the lighter and sillier you'd find people acting. Its why guys painted cute girls on the sides of their planes or drew funny faces on the bombs they'd send over, as if anyone would ever see it.

I remember a story about an officer and two enlisted guys in WW2 who had to check a field for mines. They expected to die and the people sending them expected them to die. Well it turns out the field was not mined. They were so relieved after checking it that... they had a snowball fight.

The Crack Emcee said...

Everybody's all "lighten up" - here's a question:

When am I going to see anything that says you're mature and serious people?

Do you think a lack of maturity might have something to do with the problems we face now? I pulled a quote off Instapundit the other day because it was such an indictment of this culture:

“We are living in a bizarre moment in history. Our establishment–the press, the academy, all unions, most politicians, many in business who have skin in the Ponzi game–assure us that borrowing trillions of dollars to finance wasteful spending, while sticking our children with the tab plus interest, is perfectly sensible. On the other hand, believing that we should live within our means is? Crazy!”

Lighten up? Fuck you - there are so few adults now it's stifling - grow up!

Tommy said...

As far as how long the military has been doing stuff like this...

Among my most prized possessions is a copy of the Juvat Boys Choir (80 FS) songbook that has stuff in it from WW2. Parts of it are at least as profanity laced as you'd expect.

When I first joined the USAF video and recording stuff wasn't all that common, so live performances were the norm.

The Crack Emcee said...

We've already had one shock to the system - and, because of the constant focus on lowest-common-denominator crap like this, we're well on our way to another one - and I guarantee you this, one day, when you're trying to figure out how to make ends meet:

When that time comes, nobody's going to care who you thought was "hot".

Shit, I don't give a damn now, you fucking morons. Go find a doctor, and have your heads surgically attached to you crotches, will you? That way, at least the rest of us can tell who's who, and who's actually responsible for keeping this thing together. You're all Newt Gingrich, saying you "got in trouble" because you love the country so much. Expecting anyone to "lighten up" at this point, with so much lightheadedness already around, is to demand we be filled with helium.


Freeman Hunt said...

Freeman those guys in the Katy Perry video are fucking hot.

That's just what guys in Arkansas look like.

Synova said...

At what point, Crack, are we supposed to enforce "good" on anyone? What do you want us to do about crappy Brittney Spears music? What do you want us to do about silly 20 year old boys?

Perhaps we can appoint a committee to approve music? Do you think that your music would get approved? We could approve books, too. Do away with something as vacuous as a NASCAR romance. We could have a committee to approve books and do away with all the outright damaging new age self-help crap. Maybe the committee will enforce good Christian morality in everything. Instead of reporting a blog the citizens don't like so it gets flagged, maybe it will get shut down instead.

We could pass laws against fast food, since fast food is bad for the masses, the poor and minorities who need protection, and if it's illegal maybe they'll eat more vegetables. Sound like a plan?

Do you just want us to agree that Brittney Spears sucks? Yes, she sucks.

But at this point you sound a little bit like the whiners who complained that Joe the Plumber got a slice of the finite publishing resources that someone else deserved... someone with the right opinions instead of the wrong ones... someone worthy.

Synova said...

Do you know what I think is important just now? The fact that our government is trying to keep Boeing from opening in South Carolina because the unions want them to stay in Seattle.

I think that's really important. Profoundly important. Horrifying, even.

I think that a university environment where someone spends all day every day immersed in grievance mongering and victimization to the extent that she has a nervous breakdown because someone "appropriates" the term "coming out of the closet" is a symptom of a society destroying disease and proof of the need for a conservative "coming out" since the context of it all is that this university professor and professional truly believes that she has an enemy and that her ENEMY appropriated her term of struggle. And conservative students LIVE in this environment and it is tolerated, supported by our taxes, and promoted by what amounts to in the end, the STATE.

I could be serious about that every moment of every day, but I wouldn't last very long. A little bit of fun once in a while is necessary.

Dumb Plumber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dust Bunny Queen said...

There is NO war that is a pass-time to TROOPS.

I meant an unserious war to the politicians. Not to the troops. War is always serious to those who are putting their lives in danger.

To use the troops as pawns in a never ending 'kinetic military actions' to score political points is evil.

I have 3 nephews who served in Iraq (all out of the military now) and resent that the government would not let our military WIN and that it put them in even more danger with ridiculous rules of engagement that just prolong the military engagement.

War is terrible and sometimes necessary. However, if we are going to be at war.....get in and WIN and get the Hell out again as soon as you can.

shiloh said...

and resent that the government would not let our military WIN

But cheney et al and conservatives on blogs keep telling me "we" did win.

War is all hell! ~ William Tecumseh Sherman

And peacetime is a motherf.....

Happy Easter!

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)

Lighten up Crack....AGAIN. Would you get all p!ssy about RAF Bomber Command crews singing endless chorus' of “Do You Know the Muffin Man”? Troops, in danger and boredom do stupid things, has occurred to Your “Reverence” that the Marines were MOCKING Britney and “Pop” Culture, not honouring it?

Sorry DBQ I mis-read your post.

The Crack Emcee said...

Here's you answer(s), Synova.

And to the rest of you, no, I will not "lighten up" or "move on" or any other euphemism you can come up with for "let's stay irresponsible." This is a NewAge culture. You are practically programed not to want to think. Just because YOU enjoy it, or Ann (who I have said is a NewAger countless times) encourages it, will never mean I will go along with it:

The time for behaving like children, thinking like children, or actually being children is over.

You are not stardust, and you are not golden, you've ALWAYS been a bunch of irresponsible pricks who needed somebody to get your face who will not budge. This country is going down the fucking crapper and IT'S YOUR FAULT. No one else's - yours - you did it. I've watched it. The whole thing. You were too arrogant to let anyone else have a say before, so now you must own it. Those 20 year olds? Those are your boys - and they can't think of anything else to do but make YouTube videos of bad music, just as you can't think of anything else to do but look at them and mouth Paris Hilton platitudes about how "hot" someone is. Yes, you're pretty - pretty vacant.

Damn you if you don't like me for noticing.

Dealing with reality's always been your problem in the first place.

Lucius said...

This video doesn't inspire me with any jeremiad-like strong feelings.

But I think people are maybe getting too warm-and-fuzzy-inside over this too.

I accept that they need to unwind. It's a little project to kill time. Something somewhat analogous has always been done, etc. And some commenters are waxing nostalgic about their own experiences.

But what I don't see is how this video is any kind of testimony to the human spirit as some people seem to feel. If it killed some boredom for the troops, fine. But as an entertainment for anybody else, it's pretty dull, intrinsically.

I won't take the musical choice as something those involved fretted over much. But this really is a *crappy* song. Even in a nightclub milieu, it sounds to me barely functional as utilitarian dancefloor-filler.

Ann speaks of the "value of pop music" and the happiness it generates. I don't really see much evidence of 'happiness' in the video. Perhaps they only got to kill very little time making it-- shooting & editing is such a snap compared to what this would've been in say, Gulf War I.

But it's not like watching some great Vincente Minnelli musical number. And this song isn't "Pet Sounds" pop music by any stretch.

The hipster females of my acquaintance profess ecstatic admiration over Britney's 5th and 6th studio albums (the mental-breakdown era and then "Circus"). I don't know if "Hold It Against Me" meets their approval or not, but it doesn't pass muster at all for me.

God bless the troops. But this video is kinda like watching a PTA show. If it entertains them, whatever. But it doesn't say anything or do anything 'imaginative.' And quite possibly, it sends a message that we're a frivolous people.

If anything touches me with a Crack-like feeling here, it's a sense almost that there's no value in this video seeing the light. Do the troops think everyone will be delighted by it? Is there a counter-argument that some audiences in this world will watch it and think, we have a frivolous, Bollywoodified military that invites defeat?

Would the same people at the same age, out of uniform and back in the States, find it worth their time to do this video & post it? Or wouldn't they think it was far too uncool to be acceptable? Would any civilians (besides high school sophomores) want to be in this?

Jason said...

The gold standard for these vids is still the British Army's video of "Show Me The Way to Amarillo."

Oh, and Crack is being an ass.

The Crack Emcee said...


Oh, and Crack is being an ass.

I now accept it as a sign of extreme cult indoctrination if a person is more concerned with my personality than my ideas. I've noticed for some time, because few will let me forget it, that cultists aren't concerned with my views except for how they disrupt their group acceptance and instant gratification - two things that have as little to do with the American values of independence and Puritanism as they come - so that's where they attack from. Tell me, Jason, which is worse:

To act like an ass or to actually be an asshole?

I'm a man, standing alone, who's lost everything - you know this - yet you, who through your inaction, are part of the group that took it from me, are still looking for ways to attack me for not accepting it and lying down. Fuck you. You and your kind know nothing. You and your kind are nothing. You're the Red Queen's army and I'm Alice saying *poof*

The dream is over.

Jason said...

Why am I thinking about Nicholas Cage's character in "Moonstruck?"

"I LOST MY HAND!!!!!!!"

"I had nothing to do with that."


News flash... it ain't all about you. And I didn't take shit from you, nor am I part of a "group" who took shit from you.

And I don't think you're an ass, most of the time. You're just being one right now.

Lighten up, Francis.

shiloh said...

that cultists aren't concerned with my views except for how they disrupt their group acceptance

No, normal people just think your hyperbolic and weird as no in depth psychological analysis is needed.

and it's obvious why you are one of AA's closest pets, as Jason says, it's all about you.

take care

The Crack Emcee said...

shiloh, you've been busted as a lying liberal whack job so many times I won't even bother.

Yes, Jason, you have taken from me - everyone's taken from me. And that's not an "it's all about me" statement, but one from a lifetime's observation of human nature from a isolated position. None of you are "hyperbolic and weird" because none of you are viciously fighting for anything good - or anything at all. You're "girls just wanna have fun" and if there's an evil we - we: not just me or for me - can do away with, you're nowhere to be found, or claiming I should "lighten up". You refuse to acknowledge that evil exists because YOU - not me - allow it succor. And as long as it exists, you - YOU - deprive me, an isolated man raised in foster homes by the state - any semblance of a normal life. It's ALWAYS been I who has had to stop the woman from getting raped. It's ALWAYS been I who has had to stop the innocent from being beat. It's ALWAYS been I who has been fighting for some space where just the teeniest, tiniest, expression of rationality can get a fucking breath amongst the mayhem that your type - still - insists should get a breather. "Lighten up"? No! I saw it on Instapundit today - where, of course, it'll be respected because he's a smarty pants and I'm just some black guy living with the effects of everything y'all think and do:

"It’s a time for sober, serious reflection, tough judgments and hard choices."

Why don't you write him and say "Lighten up"? He's protected from anything and everything, so it ought to be easy. I'll bet you are, too, so it's just as easy. (I know Ann is - there's no emergency for her: she can laugh it up on the public dime!)

Some days, I really don't know where you guys come from, but everyday I know it ain't from the streets. None of this is real to you. That's why YOU DON'T CARE and find anyone who does "weird". I'm not picking on her (seriously) but listen to Synova:

At what point, Crack, are we supposed to enforce "good" on anyone?

It is bizarre to me - I mean absolutely fucking nutty - that in a world of murder, fraud, betrayal, lying, child abuse, and all the rest, ANYONE would think that even ATTEMPTING to enforce good would be considered a negative. You HAVE to be isolated from the force of evil to so easily question the idea.

You protected people, with your extended families, your white skin, your money, your cars, your homes, your institutions and your histories - all of it, including your parents who loved you, you've proven over the last 5 decades that you take for granted - you are the ones determined that my isolated-from-birth ass will always have nothing, will be nothing, and can look forward to nothing, because, by already having it all, there is nothing you're willing to be "hyperbolic and weird" about.

Except who the fuck you're planning on fucking next.

The Crack Emcee said...

There hasn't been a single day of my life that I've seen any of you be shy or quiet or passive in your opinion about that.

Hey, you guys, there's somebody posing - or shaking their ass, their dick, or their tits at you. Why don't you "lighten up" on it? I know for a fact - without discussing personal histories with anyone here - that I've had more sex than everyone else on this blog. EVERYONE. And you know what? That's why I can be sick of your approach to it. YOU BORE ME. You're juvenile. I'd put money on it that most of you aren't even any good at it. Ann was just commenting on how long men last the other day - now that's a woman who really knows how to keep a man up, huh? Demoralization, and/or getting verbally beat up - or otherwise - by women, is a totally new approach to me but, hey, whatever floats your boats guys! Like I always say, "That's why there's no black guys in Fight Club!") You guys are so detached from reality that yes - YES - I am convinced that stealing it from me, bit by bit, is all you're here for. You want to warp sex, degrade music, weaken men, break the country, elevate evil, ANYTHING but make this a place where a kid being rasied alone can feel like life is a wonderous and magical place he's proud and happy to be alive in.

No, that bastard is on his own, with your punk asses saying "Lighten up."

I say you're a collection of weaklings unwilling, and probably unable, to face the horrors you unleash on others with such an attitude and I find absolutely nothing to celebrate or applaud about it.

As someone who's always looked for the good in my fellow man, I think you ought to be ashamed for the vision you've bestowed.

Starting with Marines dancing to Britney Fucking Spear's "Hold It Against Me"

Excuse me, but I think I will.

shiloh said...

TCE, just to be clear, it was I not Jason, who mentioned "hyperbolic and weird" as in "you" are hyperbolic and weird.

Interesting won't even bother as you mentioned me w/the first word of your post.


If you want to totally ignore someone, the best way is to indeed, totally ignore them. :-P

take care, blessings

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