April 4, 2011

"Hey! Barack Obama emailed me that he's running for President!"

"Good thing you got that post up yesterday."

"Oh, he can still back out. Of course, he has to say he's running. Then later... some beautiful elaborate I do not believe that I should devote an hour or a day of my time to any personal partisan causes.... that sort of thing. Hmmm... I should reply to this email."

"Can you reply to that email?"

"Yeah. They want you to reply. In fact there's a big old donate button."

"How about a doughnut button? He ought to have a doughnut button."

"A lot of people think the whole Obama presidency is a big old doughnut button."



prairie wind said...

What do the Republicans have? It's one thing to know that the Dems are running an idiot; it's another thing to defeat him. And God knows...they'd better defeat him.

Chef Mojo said...

Obama is running for reelection? How can you tell? It's not like he's stopped running since '08.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Chef Mojo. Is he ever going to spend a few moments actually being president? Most of his speeches and actions have been campaign commercials. Other presidents managed to find time to work in the job of being president amongst their various political efforts. And their vacations.

Anonymous said...

Oh that Barack, announcing on the internets.

He's just too cool for school.


Phil 3:14 said...

The return of Cowbell

edutcher said...

You and Meade are becoming the Nick and Nora Charles of blogging.

Too bad you couldn't hit the donate button and ask for some money back.

Phil 3:14 said...

but fewer have
the fever

Michael K said...

He loves being president and, so far, has been able to avoid having it interfere too much with his enjoyment. The work, I mean. He will have to run for a second term because he likes campaigning and the consequences of his presidency and Nancy's legislation are still not clear. Ten years from now, unless Ryan pulls a rabbit from a hat, Obama will be unable to run for dog catcher.

Carter's consequences came up fast enough to sink him in 1980. Unless the bond market crashes the Treasury sale next year, which could happen, Obama should be able to pull the wool over enough eyes to lie his way into another term. The Republicans have to find the right guy and fast.