April 17, 2011

At the Protest Dog Café...


... you can yap all night.


Carol_Herman said...

This is what America looks like from my front porch.

Titus said...

WOW, that one dog looks like a Bloodhound or Coon Hound-very rare....but my instincts are that there may be some other mix in there and therefore likely not rare. He/She looks a little too small to be a purebred.

Still, very interesting.

Very difficult to let those dogs off a leash because they will run right into traffic if they are following a scent.

I went to my favorite Supper Club on Lake Wisconsin tonight and had Lake Perch-yum, so Scony. The Sunday special at Supper Clubs is Chicken.

Titus said...

My last dogs were Basenji's. The barkless dog. Absolutely beautiful. But completely independent and somewhat feline like. I bred one in the city had 5 puppies in a 500 square foot apartment. When they pinched their little loaves the mother would eat it. I was relieved as it saved me the trouble of cleaning up shit all the time.

The dog I bred her with mounted her and then she started screaming bloody murder. I tried to get him off of her but they were stuck for like 2 minutes. Finally I got them to stop fucking and the male's hog was huge and the thing was flopping all over the place and was still splewing and it chizzed all over my brand new Pottery Barn chaise.

When I was ready to sell them one of the people who purchased the tri-color bitch answered an ad and I did him.

Basenji's are barkless but they do "yodel".

Anonymous said...

I'm DONE yappin,lol. Now I'm going to bed and thank God I am a liberal.

Titus said...

My Black Pottery Barn Chaise looked like a Jackson Pollack painting and I had to get rid of it.

bagoh20 said...

I have yet to see even one of these dogs make an ass of himself or disrespect anyone. Are they from out of town?

Penny said...

That halfbreed bloodhound has nearly convinced his boxer/beagle buddy he's the new tribal chief.

Now all we need to do is to get Chief Boxerbeagle off his ass.

Irene said...

The Bloodhound looks pretty pure to my poodles.

(It looks like our Rex's niece will have a litter of puppies in mid-June. We are in line to acquire a female. What think you all of the names "Bijoux" or "Flirt"?)

Penny said...

"This is what America looks like from my front porch."

So it's safe to say that you live down in the valley, Carol?

Titus said...

By the by their are hundreds of Pelicans on Lake Wisconsin. I have been going there since I was like 2 and my parents are from there and they have never seen pelicans.

What are the fucking pelicans doing on Lake Wisconsin?

john bord said...

So did the dogs make it to the farmers market..... ?

Titus said...

I have also been walking that bike path with the rare clumber every day and I am fascinated by the loons.

Those bitches go under water and are down there forever and pop up a crazy distance from where they started.

How would a loon taste?

Titus said...

My mom said you can shoot doves in Wisconsin.

That sounds kind of wrong.

Titus said...

Mercer Wisconsin is the loon capital of the world.

TheThinMan said...

No, I think Madison is the loon capitol these days.

anti-de Sitter space said...

"What think you all of the names "Bijoux" or "Flirt"?"

How about "Wanda"?

vbspurs said...

OT: Sorry I pulled a mini-AWOL, guys. It's been crazy leading up to Easter, chez moi.

I look forward to Professor Althouse's post on "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1", if it's true that she is considering going to see it.

For those like Lars Porsena, who said he is interested in my movie impressions, I would say, if you haven't seen it, and can find it near you (only 300 theatres are showing it, so far, around the States -- seemingly all of them located near me), DO GO SEE IT.

It's surprising how easily one can get into the story, indeed, how relevant the storyline is ($37 per gallon gas prices, heh) and how the characters of that novel mirror eerily those of today -- like Wesley Mouch/Barney Frank (as one Althousian noted).

Finally, let me just say that if I ever turn lesbian, I want me some Dagny Taggart BIG TIME.


vbspurs said...


wv: hetra (yes, unfortunately, I still am, Dagny)

vbspurs said...

Oh, snapola. Titus is back! And Sarah Palin is in Madison, Wisconsin?

I do believe that's two of the signs of the coming Apocalypse.

MamaM said...

Irene...JouJoux, for toy/plaything, is flirty, fun and close to Bijoux.

Darrell said...


You can start covering that wedding here.
And you know which one I'm talking about. Why wait?

And hey!!!! How come I'm not on your "team????" Your system
is telling me that comments are limited to "team" members.
I guess "history" counts for nothing these days.
I'd say "Well, I never!!!"
But, alas, I have. Your Yahoo.co.uk email is no longer in service and this open post was the only way to reach you. God willing.

vbspurs said...


I know, I'm so sorry. Ack. It's because of the Chinese spammers who kept drecking up the commentary section. So I shut down comments. And I haven't checked that email in yonks, albeit I think it's still active.

You can always find me on Twitter, under the same bat-handle, though. And here on Althouse, during my periodic returns to the fold.

I am getting progressively excited about the Royal Wedding. I am doing live-commentary at a foreign language site, but you can be rest assured I will add my comments as needed, in all the usual places like Althouse. :)

MWAH! Hope you are well, Darrell. Would never like to lose touch with you or any other internet-friend.


Unknown said...

From the expressions, I assume the two pups were on the unionista side of the cordon.

They seem to be saying, "For God's sake, Althouse, find us a decent home away from these Left-wing twits".

Irene said...

The Bloodhound looks pretty pure to my poodles.

(It looks like our Rex's niece will have a litter of puppies in mid-June. We are in line to acquire a female. What think you all of the names "Bijoux" or "Flirt"?)

Flirt, surely. Great name for a girl.

Bijoux means, of course, "Jewels", more appropriate for a guy (what we should have named Sherlock), although Bijou is a great female name.

vbspurs said...

OT: Sorry I pulled a mini-AWOL, guys. It's been crazy leading up to Easter, chez moi.

I look forward to Professor Althouse's post on "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1", if it's true that she is considering going to see it.

Good to have you back. BTW, how did you like "Mildred Pierce"?

(saw a little, not my dish of lapsang souchong)

Almost Ali said...

If you're flying today, relax, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is on the job - and he's not going to take it anymore. And you air-controllers, that should scare the living hell out of you.

Okay, so he wasn't on the job before, but he's on the job now! And yesterday he talked like one tough hombre, driving from studio to studio layin' down the law.

Although he did tell his family and closest friends to call 1-800-231-2222 [Greyhound] for reservations.

Otherwise, fuggetaboutit.

Almost Ali said...

So, right now on the East Coast we're watching Morning Joe, and news reader Mika Brzezinski refuses to keep her mouth shut. This woman is one serious control freak, to the point I'm now questioning Joe Scarborough's manhood.

DaveW said...

Good looking dogs. I agree with whoever said the hound looks too small to be pure. Very nice looking dog though, and purebreds are often a PITA.

Actually the boxer is a very nice looking dog too and they both appear well behaved, especially considering the environment of a protest like that, which would be very hard for a dog to deal with.

Wouldn't take Herbie to a protest or anything like that, myself. He does go to the hardware store with me though. Babe magnet, that dog.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

vbspurs said...

I am doing live-commentary at a foreign language site,...

Does Althouse ( or any other American blog ) count as a foreign language site?

Clyde said...

Is anyone else besides me disappointed to learn that Greg Mortenson's book Three Cups of Tea apparently was a fraud, according to CBS News and author Jon Krakauer? It seemed like such an inspiring story, but then fiction often does...


vbspurs said...

@Edutcher: I have 2 videos of Mildred Pierce saved on my HD, but I confess I haven't seen them yet. I will let you know, though, my opinion later.

@Ignorance is Bliss: Althouse a foreign language site? No. There's not enough gratuitous nudity. ;)

@Clyde: I have both of Mortenson's books, but I do have to say his photo of the Taliban kidnappers didn't ring true. Fundamentalist Muslims don't like photography, as it's said to capture the soul.


vbspurs said...

Never any need for mea culpas, dear Edutcher! :)

Sixty Grit said...

I just read that Chewbacca "wants to embrace the country she loves", to which I say - Cuba's that way, lard ass.

Sixty Grit said...

Also, this just in - Charles Manson has joined Al Gore on the global warming bus.

WV: ofixus - that's what they want to do, one way or another.

Big Mike said...

For a change, dogs at the protest who aren't left-wing lunatic fringe females.