March 20, 2011

Today, Meade walks into the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda to find he's the only one there.

But there are some folks standing at the balustrade on the first floor. They're hanging around, hoping to witness some protest action in the marble-floored place where action has — mostly — raged for the past month. They call out to Meade. Is Meade the one they've been waiting for? Come on, brother!


Ut said...

If the cameras aren't around ... the paid props ... er protesters ... aren't really needed, are they? Waste of union dollars.

Once Meade shows up without his camera ... the protest will officially be ended and we can all go back to much more interesting blogging.

edutcher said...

He is the Meade they've been waiting for.

(had to)

WV "musteal" Burglar's motivation

AllenS said...

All of the protesters are at the Armed Forces recruiting station trying to sign up and help out with obama's War of Liberation.

WV: zoodust

chickelit said...

Today, Meade walks into the Capitol rotunda to find he's the only one there

Now imagining the lonely Meade breaking out all Pavarotti-style into a few bars of O Solo Mio

madawaskan said...

So did you catch the end of that:

Only tax cheats and teabaggers vote pro-Walker!



The Wisconsin Education Association Council has voluntarily made $171,091 in payments to the Internal Revenue Service after a review of past federal tax returns, the state's largest teachers union said Wednesday.

In April, the Landmark Legal Foundation asked federal officials to investigate its claim that WEAC failed to report or pay taxes on $430,000 in contributions to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee between 2000 and 2002 in apparent violation of federal law.

"I initiated a complete review of WEAC's tax filings from the last several years, and our review found donations WEAC made to independent issue advocacy organizations in 2000 and 2002 that should have been subject to taxation," WEAC President Stan Johnson said in a statement Wednesday.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Some enterprising soul will soon start presenting daily protest reenactments for tourists. One show daily, two on weekends. It will become the Indian Pow Wow for progressives.

Carol_Herman said...

They needed you, more than you needed them.

Phil 3:14 said...

Until Meade's camera looked up it was as if the Capitol halls were haunted.

Phil 3:14 said...


Amalgamated Transit Unions

the ATU today is comprised of over 190,000 members in 264 local unions spread across 44 states and nine provinces. Composed of bus drivers, light rail operators, maintenance and clerical personnel and other transit and municipal employees

I'm wondering what percent of their members don't work in jobs that directly results from public funding and thus from the taxpayer.

Give me your money which is rightly ours

shiloh said...

"Today, Meade walks into the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda to find he's the only one there."

AA, did you give him his pink slip ?!?

As political demonstrations in WI are probably seasonal. Hopefully the action will pick up later during the recalls ...

btw, my original phrasing was did you lay him off!

rhhardin said...

They were all in church.

Open the doors and see all the people.

Phil 3:14 said...

Shiloh said:
As political demonstrations in WI are probably seasonal.

You mean as in, fall semester


spring semester?

vbspurs said...

My, doesn't the Capitol have that balustrade-and-corniche echo when its all empty. Kinda forbidding. Bring back the cosy protestors!

vnjagvet said...

You mean it's dwindled down to this? In Atlanta,many ATU members (bus drivers and rapid transit operators) who work for the local transportation authority make well over $100, 000. Some make more than the authority's CEO. The transportation authority is supported by sales taxes imposed on citizens of the counties served.

Henry said...

Meade is Godot.

martin.musculus said...

oh, I see what the difficulty is...

You accidently wrote: "Counties served", where you obviously meant to use the more accurate "Counties the union *rules*"!

Now, doesn't the resulting sentence make the depiction clearer? ;-)}

(be gentle... arthritic hands, writing on an "Android", handicapped by being just slightly younger than Methuselah -- who could never spell well and hasn't the crutch of a spell checker! My! Maybe I should rethink commenting, humm?
:-\} )


sarge said...

sarge here everone seems ta be out in thar sticks wiv thar recall petitions theze days while rotund conservos sits in dark rooms in thar pee stained undies bloggin like thars no tomory