March 4, 2011

"The thinking was: 'Why waste our time with African-American voters? They have no other place to go.'"

Carol Moseley Braun's "terrible mistake."


Methadras said...

Hell hath no fury like a Chicago politico scorned. Especially if she happens to be a screw-ball, unhinged, nut-case freak show leftard, like Braun.

Anonymous said...

One terrible mistake for her ... one giant sigh of relief for Chicago.

wv: brible

The holy book of ethics for Chicago politicians.

edutcher said...


A Democrat taking the black vote for granted.

Kell Sir Prize!!!

...and then finding out said black vote wasn't hers, after all.

Would that we might see this on the national level next year.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

"It was a terrible mistake,” Mr. Noonan said this week. “The thinking was: ‘Why waste our time with African-American voters? They have no other place to go."

God forbid a black person vote for a non-black candidate. Unfortunately, this type of attitude is rampant within the black community.

Additionally, Ms. Braun's 'objections' regarding the scheduling of certain events indicates that perhaps she didn't really need to meet with aldermen, reporters, etc. unless she darn well felt like it. After all she had the black vote in the bag - maybe it was her prima donna stance that hurt her.

"Whenever there is a loss, there are recriminations,” Ms. Ferguson said."

Right. Let the search for the 'guilty' begin. No need to look into the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Well it's worked that way for the past 45 years, who knew that this time, when the music stopped, it would be the black candidate without a chair to sit in.

Cholly Rangel just got re-elected in Harlem with multiple charges stuck all over him, winning something like 72% of the vote.

wv: trologr, what Rangel is beneath the winning smile and pinky ring.

lemondog said...

Her mistake was being who she is.

The unfortunate Chicagoans had choices of holding their collective nose and scraping the bottom of the barrel for the less most repugnant vs the most repugnant.

Voter turnout 41%.

martin.musculus said...

Well, CMBrat's comment that being a candidate doesn't make her less human is a window into Ms Brat's world view. Every word falling from someother's lips is an attack on her humanity -- so she has been taught by Sharpton, J.Jackson-the-jackass & his Jr.Donkey. I feel nothing but sadness and pity for the subjgation of "the black community”... The Racists have finally succeeded with "The Negro Project” (See Margret Sanger's works, in-which she outlines control of the inferior black population through its leaders and ministers...). The Negro Community once had, as its defining principles, Faith in God, Strong Family, and Hard Work.

The Progies have, using the FedGov & laws as its primary instrument, managed to drive a wedge in the Strong Family. After that stabilizing influence wss destroyed, the rest naturally followed.

It is beyound sad.

traditionalguy said...

Braun is an old member of the Black Aristocracy that has done good things for themselves by leading in the majority Black cities, such as Chicago and Atlanta.

The Crack Emcee said...

I'm still waiting for someone to explain the mistake to me,...

cookasia said...

would love to read the article, but I refuse to even open a free account with the NYT.

JohnJEnright said...

I think she did well with black voters in her 2 runs for Senate in the 90s.

But black voters in Chicago have repeatedly voted for Daley over black opponents.

Every candidate on the ballot was a Democrat. It was what we call a non-partisan election.

Fred4Pres said...

Is there a pattern with African American women in political office treating their staffers like crap?

Granted there are plenty of men, of all races, who treat their underlings like crap. But I am pretty sure you can't call employees mother f****** anymore without risking a lawsuit.

former law student said...

Braun won just one precinct in all of Chicago.

Rahm worked every neighborhood hard, taking no constituency for granted. And black women approved of his dropping everything to work for the first African-American President, according to the Tribune:

Gery Chico promised no cuts to police or fire pay and benefits, which probably accounts for his winning the Garfield Ridge vote, as well as the Mexican neighborhood vote. Unfortunately, public safety salaries and benefits account for some 70% of the Chicago budget.

jeff said...

"70% of the Chicago budget."
70%?? You got a cite for that? Not that I don't believe you, I just read a article about something similar in California. That just seems amazing to me.

lemondog said...

Scroll down for Chicago mayoral election, 2011[28] (General Election)

Braun 9%

David said...

Don't take this as a trend. The woman is a fool. That became apparent to everyone with half a brain as her "career" unfolded.

With a little luck this is the last of her in electoral politics. I'm sure she can count on lots of appointments, foundation gigs and news shows though.

former law student said...

jeff -- I've been trying to backtrack through everything I read about the election, but no luck so far.

ampersand said...

Good God! I'm surprised anyone gives any credence to Chicago elections.
The Fix was in. Rahm Emanuel was chosen and Braun, as a Cook County democrat,had to have been in on the plan.
Either she was there to pull votes from Gery Chico (same as del Valle) or to give some facade of legitimacy to the race. If she truly wanted the job she would have won,the same way Harold Washington did.
The shame of it is how the people in the rest of the state are constantly bamboozled by these swindlers.

It was the Chicago "vote" that put Quinn in the Governor's position. A candidate the rest of Illinois rejected.

BTW: Braun's tv ads were really rich. She ran as a poor black child who's white neighbor children weren't allowed
to play with her. No mention of her subsequent election to state and national office or her ambassadorship

yechiel said...

"Money and Power beat us."

Translation: Jooooz!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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