March 17, 2011

"So I lost. 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Big Deal. What they don't know is that they are on a show called 'Charlie Sheen' and they all lost."


Chip Ahoy said...

Man, that déjà thing is happening again really hard this time.

A "Shotgun" Gold said...

Chip, You can say that again.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

Lady Gaga. Celebrity Apprentice. Charlie Sheen. None of these interest me whatsoever. But I'm expecting great comments from Trooper and Crack.

Rose said...

It is amazing how accurate the Sheen impression is. LOL

Steve Reynolds said...

If you wanted to describe the ridiculous nature of the current "celebrity" over substance state of American Culture, you'd be hard pressed to find four better subjects.

Fred4Pres said...

And the sad part is Trump would loooove to have Lady Gaga and Sheen on at the same time.

Smilin' Jack said...

"Wait a minute, what happened to Lady Goo-Goo?"

"I got bored and snorted her."


Trooper York said...

Everything you need to learn about life you can learn from reality TV.

In fact this season's edition of the Celebrity Apprentice is particularly instructive. Since we have so many new commentors here on Althouse I would like to venture to suggest that the Celebrity Apprentice can be your guide for understanding this blog and the people who comment here.

If you watch the incoherent babbling and sense of conviction of his insane views in the behavior of Gary Busey you will understand where Garage Mahal is coming from.

The senile meandering, vile temper, condescending attitude and total loss of the train of thought of Dionne Warwick sums up all that is hdhouse.

The steroid enhanced angry muscles of Jose Canseco is where Hoosier Daddy lives.

The angry, overbearing and shrill black woman that is Nene Leakes is the real Crack Emcee.

The sweet yet deaf and dumb mumbling of Marlee Martlin is most reminiscent of the nonsense spewed by victoria of pasedena.

The hollowed out shell of incompetent legalisms and pseudo intelligence that is Starr Jones can be found in the legal musings of Richard Dolan.

It is of course presided over by an ill tempered judgmental know it all who is quick to take offense and lecture all and sundry about things he knows nothing about while pontificating from under a really bad dyed blond hairdo. I let you figure out who that is.

Oh and me. I am Meat Loaf.

Trooper York said...

You know a fat loud mouth who has seen better days. Just sayn'