March 1, 2011

Lighten up, it's just fashion.

Until it's not.

And here's the "I love Hitler" video that just couldn't be brushed away as drunken smack-talking.


Fen said...

I hate that crowd, but watching the video, its does sound like he/she/it was annoyed by patrons, was drunk, and made the outrageous remark to get them to go away.

Scott M said...

How much brown does this guy incorporate in his blouse designs?

edutcher said...

Ever since the Lefties decided going all Neville Chamberlain was going to save them when the crazies destroyed this country (their fondest hope), anti-Semitism has come back out of the closet and even become fashionable in some circles.

But, as this clown is the latest to learn, it is still un-PC.

So he is caught between the Scylla of appeasement and the Charybdis of Alinskyization.

Ryan said...

How is this anti-althousiana?

Chip Ahoy said...

The what and the what? Oh goddamnit.

* looks up Scylla *
* looks up Charybdis *


Fen said...

lol Chip

Joaquin said...

No doubt the House of Dior will can him.
Poor Galiano, he probably thought he was back in the 70's when a drunk conversation was just that.... a drunk conversation.
Another scalp on the PC wall.

PaulV said...

I wonder if he knows Adolf did not care for people of his sexual pesrsuasion?

Anonymous said...

Christian Dior is firing designer John Galliano
after his "I love Hitler" remark recorded on a video.

edutcher said...

Sorry, I was attempting to milk some mirth out of the situation.

former law student said...

As far as the clip goes: A smoker forced out in the cold might say anything to drive annoying people away.

It might just be Galliano's waffle-eating moment.

traditionalguy said...

Does this mean that Ron Paul cannot work for Christian Dior as a designer?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he knows Adolf did not care for people of his sexual pesrsuasion?

Silly statement.

The inner core of the early Nazi movement was full of homosexuals. Many writers have posited that Hitler himself experimented with homosexuality.

When Hitler rose to power, he carried out a purge of the homosexuals within the Nazi party.

This was more an internecine battle, than a rejection of homosexuality.

The history of homosexuality within the Nazi Party is pretty much a taboo subject. You only have to look at the uniforms and iconography of the Nazis to see the overwhelming homosexual influence.

Fen said...

Meh. I gotta disagree with that. Otherwise intelligent people often confuse male bonding in military units with homosexuality. Storg (affection) not Eros (romantic).

And while I don't consider wiki a credible source, even a cursory review of it tells me there was much more to Hitler's persecution of homosexuals than a purge of the party.

Robert said...

Based on the unions' signs in Madison (Walker=Hitler), does that mean Galiano hearts Walker? Intriguing.

traditionalguy said...

Galliano while drunk reveals a perfect Frenchman. His attitude still rules Europe which is exactly why the Jews need their own State in Israel where the State will protect them rather than attack them.

MayBee said...

Can't we just call Galliano a "non conformist"?

E.M. Davis said...

Meh. I gotta disagree with that. Otherwise intelligent people often confuse male bonding in military units with homosexuality. Storg (affection) not Eros (romantic).

We're not talking military units, Fen, but the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Nazi fashion continues to be very popular among the gay demimonde in NYC.

Joaquin said...

Eh Tradguy. Galiano is not French, but British of Spanish decent.

Lucius said...

The fashion industry is one of the last places to go looking for sterling ethics, so the idea that a 'brilliant' (and, no doubt, Galiano is brilliant at what he does) anti-Semite could hide in plain daylight there would not be altogether shocking.

All the same, the man is notorious for loving shock value, so I'm chalking this up to self-consciously absurd smack-talk to make these people go away.

And I have to ask: who *are* these people talking to him? Do they have any idea who this famous/rich/celebrated man they're talking to is? Why are they asking where he's from? These questions sound like the kind of banalities coeds use when they're talking to guys they have no intention of picking up, talking to pass the time. It can be very annoying to listen to.

And what's the venue? Is Galiano slumming in some innocuous haunt where he's not known? Or are these people annoying celebrity-chasers? --Anyway, he's flamingly gay; it's easy to imagine he would desperately want them to bugger off.

ricpic said...

Homos love Hitler.
They always have, they always will.
A nazi boot up the ass is such a thrill.
One's own boot grinding the face of a fiddler?
Voila! A queer in paradise.

cubanbob said...

Joaquin said...
Eh Tradguy. Galiano is not French, but British of Spanish decent.

3/1/11 11:47 AM

A trifecta of anti-Semitism.

shoutingthomas said...

There were quite a few gays in the SA, the brownshirts. Hitler had them killed in the night of the long knives.

Speaking of fashion, the SS uniform was designed by Hugo Boss, a Nazi Party member.

BEK477 said...

How soon before we see the "Springtime for Hitler Collection" at the spring fashion shows in NYC?

It is off to the showers for this fashion designer. Let us waterboard him until he cracks.

Joaquin said...

CubanoBob said:
"A trifecta of anti-Semitism"

Then who isn't an anti-Semite?
Los Cubanos?

Alex said...

Once again another post that shows

Republicans 100% good/right/wonderful

Democrats 100% bad/wrong/evil

/shiloh aka "shit for brains"

jr565 said...

Chip wrote:
The what and the what? Oh goddamnit.

* looks up Scylla *
* looks up Charybdis *


or you could listen to the Police song "Wrapped around your finger" and come up with teh same question - caught between the what and the what? Oh.
Though when Sting sings Charybdis, it doesn't sound like Charybdis.

traditionalguy said...

Cuban Bob...If Mr. Galiano, who lives in Paris, claims his lineage was from England and Spain, then he has the Roman Empire's Province of Gaul totally covered in which the will to kill the Jews remains a 1500 year old bad habit.

jr565 said...

he just loves Htiler and the Nazis because they were really good with the leather and bondage type outfits. The nazi fashion fits well with S&M paraphenelia and with fashion designers looking for snazzy outfits.
But didn't the nazis go after the homos (Even though a lot of them were homos themselves)? So what makes him think he'd be safe. As soon as they saw him sashaying down the block they'd have thrown his ass in with the rest of the undesirables.
Douche bag.

Quaestor said...

Yeah, Nazis are mostly queer. Arno Breker, Hitler's favorite sculptor, did most of the monumental art in Nazi Germany. Check out these gay fantasies: Comradeship. (notice where the hands are)
Titus Considering His Latest Loaf
Comrades (yeeowzuh!)

Lucius said...

Nazis certainly had their *issues* with the homoerotic angle.

I think Walker Percy says something in "The Second Coming" about the 'sexiness' of the Tiger tank. Maybe I'm imagining that? But really: Tiger tanks *are* sexy. Maybe there's a kind of all-encompassing Fascist eroticization of everything warlike and war-making. Tigers, Stukas and the battleship Bismarck are all way sexier than that ridiculous Albert Speer decor.

Galiano, I'm sure he's had some studs for lovers. But his self-presentation seems more like a gay Salvador Dali. Even his catwalk models look to be painted like Mandarin dolls most of the time. What kind of kink does that add up to?

Quaestor said...

Matt Drudge headline: To The Ovens: DIOR fires Galliano after racism complaint.

Galliano's stuff is neither original nor intriguing, pretty common clay if you ask me. But why bother firing him? He looks thoroughly glazed to me already.

wv: trasycar - what I drive minus the aitch

Cedarford said...

Galiano violated the 1st rule of a customer-centric business. Christian Dior considers very wealthy Jews a core bread and butter customer base. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. Of course Galiano had to go as he risked the Jewish money spigot..

Like it took all of 10 minutes to fire a hispanic Kentucky Fried Chicken manager in Chicago that was seen on TV as complaining that "too many black welfare mommas" hang out in the store..

You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Alex said...

C4 - so what offends you the most is that DIOR caters to wealthy Jews.

jr565 said...

I think nazis were more into being libertines than strictly being gay. So they'd be more into the baccanal delights, rather than sticking to a strict sexual role. But if they saw a gay guy who identified as gay, he'd be targeted.

knox said...

Sorry I ever read this thread! jeezus.

Cedarford said...

Alex said...
C4 - so what offends you the most is that DIOR caters to wealthy Jews
NO, I'm saying it is a no-brainer to fire the guy. When a big chunk of your employers biz is from wealthy Jews, best not say you find Nazi clothing styles inspirational.
Just as it was for KFC to fire the Mexican that dissed heavyset black women on welfare gorging themselves on fried chicken, in a heartbeat.

You don't diss the customer.

If the homosexual designer had dissed K-Mart shoppers and "the cultural wasteland that is country music" - he'd still rightly have a job at Christian Dior today.

Methadras said...

Oh hey look, it's another leftard jew hater and adolf lover and yet we are told that it's the right that admires Teh Hitler. Really? Here is one of your artsy fartsy faggoty pieces of shit, in no uncertain terms saying he loves Hitler, leftards. I'm sure the sycophantic Satorialist commentariat have already chimed in on how awesome, heavenly, lovely, absolutely staggeringly beautiful, and of course sublime, Hitler looks in his Der Fuhrer, SS uniform and regalia.