March 20, 2011

3 protest guys.




Yesterday at the Capitol.


Don't Tread 2012 said...

Finding these douchenozzles in Madison is like shooting fish in a barrel.


Almost Ali said...

The guy with the bicycle looks very practical, very self-contained. Bike with fenders, personal-belongings rack, beverage container, safety vest, approved riding outfit - and the look of a real cornball.

Probably FBI.

Elliott A said...

Ann You are up early, I hope Meade is making breakfast.

Is there some deep inner need that these people meet by tilting at windmills? Or maybe they are cornballs or douchenozzles as so eloquently stated above

alan markus said...

I'm sorry, but the guy in the green shirt in the middle picture has to be one of those $7.50/hr rent-a-protesters. Looks to be one paycheck away from his next hangover.

Ut said...

Gee, shouldn't the anti-war protesters be protesting Barack Obama?

After all, Rick Walker didn't just fire 120 Tomahawk missiles valued at $72 million at brown people (money that could have been spent on education or health care).

Barack Hussein Obama just did that.

Barack Husein Obama is an amoral warmonger ... and yet the anti-war protesters around Madison, Wisconsin don't seem to mind. They'd rather hold signs saying "Hello, Everybody ... Fuck You."

The Democrat Party just launched a war against Libya without bringing this issue before the Congress of the United States.

It is an unconstitutional war of aggression against the Muslim peoples of Libya.

But don't take my word for it. When Barack Obama was running for President he said this:

Barack Obama: "The President of the United states does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

Madison, Wisconsin war protesters need to organize themselves against their REAL enemy: Barack Hussein Obama.

Almost Ali said...

And who's the Tibetan monk disguised as a button-coolie?

pst314 said...

"Hey Scott Walker!...We were born for this!"

They boast of a psychological defect.

TMink said...

Losers. They have lost. And this sets them up for further losses. They cling to the past rather than embracing the future. Can you imagine the success of a teacher's union that worked on improving the training and results of teaching? Like a guild that instructed its members and raised their competency?

But no, these folks are stuck in protecting the worst in their ranks.

So yesterday.


Elliott A said...

@Ut- Barack didn't launch any missles until he got permission from his overseers at the UN. This is like wathching the bully beat the kid to a pulp and then punishing him . But, excuse me, there was a round or two of golf to be played!

AllenS said...

Oh, you guys just wait, wait until the obama gets back from vacation, then you'll see.

WV: jitizers

Pogo said...
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Pogo said...

Tibetan Monk, I need to talk about your flair.

Um, 14 buttons is minimum, ok?

Now, it's up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum.

But, like Shankman, for example, has 37 pieces of flair. And a terrific smile.

People can get a protest anywhere, ok? They come to Madison for the atmosphere and the attitude. That's what the flair's about.

It's about fun.

You do want to express yourself, don't you?

alan markus said...

Pogo, thanks for reminding me of that movie, Office Space. I watched it when recovering from surgery - almost lost some stitches because of that.

office space - flair

Chris B said...

"We were born for this?" Sounds like that guy has had one boring little life.

vet66 said...

This macho display of launching cruise missiles accomplishes nothing unless Gaddafi is taken out. We have already signaled our intentions to not target him so the endgame is for Gaddafi to wait us out.

Of course Obama can either take credit for waging a politically antiseptic campaign that supported the rebels or blame Hillary for recommending a failed policy that will dispense with her ambitions for 2012. Either way, Obama hides behind the feckless U.N. and the reckless Hillary as he gets a "brazilian" from El Presidente in Brasilia.

He is keeping his powder dry using the Libyan rebels as pawns. Typical of a law professor with no idea of how to project strength with a state of the art military on the world stage.

Meade for SecDef and Althouse for Secretary of State.

lemondog said...

Any chance of an exclusive Walker interview?

re: protestors, this old lady is tougher than all of them put together.

In Japan they honor and care for; in the US we look to ration resources.

Jeffrey said...

BEWARE OF MAN whose clothes are still selected and laid out each day by his mother.

MOM: I put together a nice black and red ensemble for you, hon.

BIKER: Aw, Mom.

MOM: Now give us a kiss, bumpikins.


SGT Ted said...

Drama queens.

Harry said...

@ Pogo--hilarious

Who knew Tibetans couls spare time from their own nation's problems to concern themselves with the Wisconsin budget! Truly they are one with the universe.

DADvocate said...

"We were born for this?"

Standing on a sidewalk holding a cardboard sign? Talk about underachieving.

murgatroyd666 said...


edutcher said...

I wondered what Kerry did on his days off from the Senate.

Everybody's on a roll, I see.

vet66 said...

Meade for SecDef and Althouse for Secretary of State.

No, Ann's far more qualified than the Hildabeast.

President Althouse.

PS Good one, murg.

Robert said...

vote in support of Gov Walker, vote like a Dem, early and often.

PatCA said...

Have these people been hibernating since 1970 and only now been reawakened?

Phil 3:14 said...

The word for today in Madison:


MisterBuddwing said...

"Tibetan monk"?

Paging Alexandra Wallace ...

WV: raveouss

vbspurs said...

Beware of not eating enough protein, lest you end up with pencil geek-thin legs...

Don't Tread 2012 said...

@Phil 3:14

Consistently inconsistent?

murgatroyd666 said...

President Althouse.

Nah. Why limit her to eight years?

Chief Justice Althouse.

bagoh20 said...

Lately, Madison is like a flytrap for idiots. Seriously, are you guys releasing some kind of pheromones that attracts these goofs. Does it smell like bong water? Maybe there are some windmills around there, because they are attracted to the sound of them. It's inaudible to normal people, but irresistible to them. Check it out - that could be all this is about.

RuyDiaz said...

What is Evo Morales doing in Wisconsin?

bagoh20 said...

We used to get all the goofs out here in L.A. because of the weather, but the cost of living has gotten too high now. What if they stay there. They destroyed California, you know. There goes your neighborhood. If you are a net tax payer, then you are welcome out here. I suggest you get out, before you get accustomed to the smell. It's insidious the way it creeps into the area and pretty soon you don't even notice you live at the zoo.