February 25, 2011

The Wisconsin Law School Forum on Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Bill.

The entire 2 hours of the event — which I blogged here and here — can now be streamed here.


William said...

Something for those housebound invalids who can no longer go out ice fishing A Law School Forum is a place for those with an abnormal ability to endure tedium, but two hours on a budget repair bill is for the true Olympians

TMink said...

Is it all lefty? I can watch CNN or MSNBC if I wanted to listen to lefties. Not that I ever do.


David said...

Someone will say "Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.............."

Not me though.

Three years of law school was not enough.

JAL said...

wv coeds

I don't have anything to say, but I like it when wv adds spice.

Were there any coeds at the Forum?

(The Dems must be winning. This is wearing me out and I don't even live in WI.)

On second thought I should tell y'all that things are getting hot here in our NC mountains as a teachers group in one county has been lying about the state budget and using children in videos produced on school time and with school equipment to scare the bazoogies out of parents.

The local press has ENTIRELY ignored it -- paper as well as TV -- but the local libertarian talk show guy is *all over* it.

Good for him. It is disgraceful. As usual when they are caught they backtrack like they've stepped in fire ants and equivocating like crazy.

traditionalguy said...

That was boring stuff. They need to put Charlie Sheen on their speakers list next time.

William said...

I think it would be kind of cool to wear a grass skirt and go, half naked, around the rotunda beating a bongo drum. We all have to be willing to make sacrifices to ensure the education of our children, but some sacrifices are just too much to ask.

Almost Ali said...

Hey, where'd everybody go?

David said...

Three years of law school was not enough.

Nor all the years of grammar, it seems.

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