February 26, 2011

Lefty blogger loves the idea of restaurants refusing to serve people that their other customers express open hatred toward.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. I don’t generally consider myself a snob, but in this case I’ll make an exception — I’ll be happy to dine at an establishment that knows exactly which kind of undesirables should be kept out."

Swopa loves that a Madison restaurant asked Governor Scott Walker to leave when customers booed him. He/she links to a Madison blogger who deleted the name of the restaurant after the restaurant received threats. (Threats? Were they reported to the police?) Swopa notes that he edited his post to delete the name of the restaurant, but he leaves in his "via Howie Klein on Twitter" link, and the name of the restaurant is right there.

Idiot. Don't rely on Firedoglake to protect you. They care. They want to protect you. But they just can't quite pull off the protectiveness they'd love to give you.

And that's the problem with liberals. They care. They're here to help. They're here to help the people they've decided are the people who deserve to be helped. But they do a half-assed job of protecting even the people they care about.

And how about believing in principles that you are willing to follow at a high level of abstraction? You love the idea of restaurants letting the passions of their customers determine who ought to be seated (at least when they sympathize with those passions). What sprang into my head was: Ollie's Barbecue!
Ollie's Barbecue is a family owned restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, specializing in barbecued meats and homemade pies, with a seating capacity of 220 customers... The restaurant caters to a family and white-collar trade with a take-out service for Negroes....
Ah, but who remembers anything anymore? It's today that matters. The war dead are dead, and now their memorial is a handy place to tape your signs and back your table up against so all your stuff doesn't fall on the floor.

And who thinks about tomorrow? The state capitol is occupied right now and plastered with thousands of signs this week, and isn't that just great? You haven't give a moment's thought — have you? — to what free speech rights will apply to the next group that wants to appropriate the state capitol? Are you planning on advocating viewpoint discrimination to keep the signs you find loathsome off the walls?

No. I know. You have no plan. You haven't thought about it. Swopa began his post this way:
Sometimes, it’s good to leave detached, cerebral meta-analyses of politics aside and just get a taste of public opinion being expressed the old-fashioned way.
Sometimes! The whole point of principles is that you're supposed to follow them all the time — especially when you would find it most satisfying to violate them. Swopa's all: Let's not be "detached" and "cerebral" today when we're having such fun.

What children!

IN THE COMMENTS: There's some evidence that the story of the booing and ejectment was a hoax. Of course, nothing in my post depends on whether the incident really happened or not. I'm writing about the reaction to the incident, not the incident itself. If it is a hoax, I would like to get to the bottom of it. Did the owners of the restaurant seek to endear themselves to Madisonians with viral P.R. about their political faith? Or were employees appropriating their employer's reputation?


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gk1 said...

So is this a hoax or true and the restaurant is furiously doing damage control after the adults took over their shift?

Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

Thought: didn't conservatives snicker when Ben Nelson was booed out of an Omaha pizza joint over his ObamaCare vote?

I'll admit it, I did.

Is the lefty snickering here that much worse?

(Well, I think restaurants can refuse to serve whoever they want, so I guess I'm in the clear. They, on the other hand...)

A "Shotgun" Gold said...

You're right, there is no federal or state public accommodations protection for political belief. I haven't read every comment, but it appears that one fact has been overlooked: Madison's public accommodations ordinance DOES include political beliefs as a protected class. See Madison ordinance 39.03(1).

This ordinance was clearly broken a couple of times that I've seen. When there was a Nazi rally at the Capitol a few years back I saw a number of State St. business with "no Nazi's allowed" signs in their windows. More recently, at least one State St. store had a standing sidewalk sign stating no Tea Party people would be welcome in the establishment.

traditionalguy said...

Conservatives 4 Better Dental Hygiene...Today's was a great performance. As an irrelephant retro-publican, I salute you.

jelink said...

Restaurants generally have the right to exclude anyone they like, for whatever reason they like, as long as the person they would exclude is not a member of a protected class. Governors, are not a protected class under the law, so any restaurant could choose to deny a governor service. Legally, they're okay.

Wait a sec --- A person walking into a restaurant to be served who happens to be a governor but is not there in his official capacity is a protected person, unless he engages in forbidden behavior or is dressed inappropriately IN the restaurant.

Otherwise southern restaurants could have claimed that they weren't denying service to MLK because he was black, but because he was a PhD.

Don't Tread 2012 said...


"I would, if only one of those sides wasn't much more in love with its guns."

Sorry I missed you C4, you old bastard.

Freud once observed:

"The fear of weapons indicates both emotional and sexual immaturity."

So, are you afraid of weapons, or are you afraid of those that are not?


BJM said...

I can't wait for the left's temper tantrums when healthcare rationing kicks in and the uninsured have to buy insurance.

Pogo said...

"when healthcare rationing kicks in"

The rationing kicked in sooner than you thought.

As of the beginning of this year, Medicare substantially reduced its payment for dialysis, bundling all the components of care into one lower fee.

In less than 2 years, the payment will cover all medical care the patient receives with that same low payment. Not just kidney failure-related stuff, but everything, including unrelated surgeries.

That means no one will offer to provide dialysis to those over 65. Rationing.

AJ Lynch said...

I see a business opportunity here to sell signs that read "We reserve the right to refuse service to dumbass liberals" or "No common sense means no service".

Conservatives 4 Better Dental Hygiene said...

Lol, Deborah. Thanks for getting it.

Although I'm sure I'll retain my youthfulness well into adulthood. Already seems I have. ;-)

However, certain others are getting me to mellow out in the way that some of the goofballs here would probably welcome.

As for Don't Spread's invocation of Freud, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

It's interesting to hear a con quoting Freud, at least a hundred years or so behind the game. I'm sure there are gaping holes of accuracy in a lot of what he said by now, as revolutionary as it was for his day. Such is the progressive and provisional nature of knowledge, but don't tell it to his side of "true believers."

TG: I enjoyed it, too. ;-)

wv: sperimm

Don't Tread 2012 said...


"...sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. "

Its good that you continue to release your repressed thoughts, C4. Though you indicate a possible mellowing, no one here is asking you to change, au contraire, I for one rather your enjoy your imaginative recountings of your intellect.

I must admit, however, that your phallocentric use of the cigar as an example in this case is telling.

HT said...

AJ Lynch said...

I see a business opportunity here to sell signs that read "We reserve the right to refuse service to dumbass liberals" or "No common sense means no service".


You've obviously never been in bars in the Southeast or even a couple in Montana.

Now there are blogs. Before this, there was bar signage.

AJ Lynch said...


No I have not. Do they have signs like that there?

Hereabouts [Philly area] I have seen signs that say "no shoes, no shirts, no service".That is where I got my ideas.

former law student said...

pogo: are you really a doctor?

That means no one will offer to provide dialysis to those over 65. Rationing.

Medicare funds dialysis for everyone, irrespective of age, and has since the 1970s.

Marshal said...

"Conservatives 4 Better Dental Hygiene said...

Should I take the disrespect shown for caring in this thread to indicate a respect for carelessness, or for only caring about people who pay you back (i.e. prostitution)?

Either behavior seems to be quite in vogue among conservatards."

What is the deal with lefties whining about respect, who nevertheless use the word conservatard and whose very name is a gratuitous insult? Could it be this jackass lives in a fantasy where he's an adult?

Anyway, another troll to skip.

Blogger needs the ability to hide comments by author. That way the idiots who know the best use of their time is wasting ours won't waste as much of ours.

Naomi Houser said...

I suggest that if you want to get to the bottom of things, you speak to me, since I was the one who wrote the initial blog. If you have Facebook, you can reach me there for mailing purposes. You are looking for the Naomi Houser in Wisconsin, not Pennsylvania.

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