February 3, 2011

"I don't care what people say about me. "

"Right now I care about my country, I care about Egypt."


Florida said...

I can imagine Barack (sans Mu) saying the same thing come January 20, 2012.

The country just won't be able to carry on without Barack and he will simply be unable to step down ... you know ... because of the chaos.

The Crack Emcee said...

I hate it when people say "I don't care". Don't they understand, when they say that, they're giving everybody else permission not to care either? By saying, "I don't care what people say about me", she's basically saying they can continue to dump all over her and - if that tactic works - it's her own fault!

Better to admit they're liars and let it go at that.

mc said...

How much conflict should I feel realizing that these rock throwing rioters (see--I didn't us the term "savages"!;) also hate journalists?

It's really true, you have some thing in common with all of humanity, you just need to discover what that is!!

I think I am a liberal now, a journalist loathing constitution loving liberal who still shivers at rock throwing.

er--nope. On second thought.

Still the same guy here. Am I less hetero if I imagined Anderson Cooper dressed as a female bunny rabbit while he got worked on? It made me laugh--but no tingle up the leg.


Carl Vero said...

When the going gets tough, the nobles get nebulous.
According to the grapevine – best wine ever made – the White House noble (Peace Prize for founding Hope&Change, Inc, with a little help from his friends) are teaming up with the Cairo noble (Mohamed ElBaradei, Peace Prize for keeping the nuclear weapons proliferation watchdog on a short leash, with …. his friends).Thus we should expect ElBaradei to emerge as Our Good Guy (soon to be Our Loyal Crook) in Egypt.
There may be a little problem with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is why the two nobles' spin-doctors (with …. their friends) are furiously painting over MB's black spots and translating their calls for 'Jihad on America' to 'Why can't I just eat my waffle?'
Meanwhile, the Nile and the crocs are waiting for Mubarak.

edutcher said...

If he cared, the country wouldn't be in this mess.

OK, he wanted to go after the crazies, all well and good, but he wants me to believe everybody in an opposition party is another Zawahiri?

Lem said...

"I don't care what people say about me"...

I read a subtle command/tacit approval to looters.

Roux said...

I thought he was born in Kenya...

Cedarford said...

It shows Americans were on the right track when we fixed one of the mistakes of the Constitution and imposed term limits.

Pity we didn't fix the "Senator for Life" problem, or the Boss Negro for Life of a major city/majority black Congressional District problem.

Honestly, a Clinton or a Bush +K Street lobbyists+ Corporatists Administration lasting as long as Mubarak would be as corrupt as the Mubarak Administration.

To add insult, it's worse than "Leader for Life" in the Arab World. As, (like the NORKs) they believe in undying Dynasties.

Lem said...

Whatever happened to the Rahm Mantra?..

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste"..

The Muslim Brotherhood is not going to let it go to waste.

OSweet said...

What no one will admit is that the only real solution is probably violence.

Florida said...

"What no one will admit is that the only real solution is probably violence."

Violence is already occurring.

MuBarack's public employee union thugs are already intimidating and threatening and beating people at the town hall meeting they're holding in Tahrir Square.

Reminds me of last summer when Barack Obama brought in his union goons to do the same thing to Americans so he could get his insurance tax passed.

Good times. Good times.

At least everyday Egyptians are getting in the faces and punching them back twice as hard.

Patriots all.

Establishing new guards for the defense of their freedoms.

Thomas Jefferson would be proud of them.

Maybe one day it can happen here.

David said...

Nice get with the interview, to say the least.

The American news media are being suppressed. Has BushHitler taken over in Egypt?

Revenant said...

It is time for Mubarak to go.

OSweet said...

I put my money on the side willing to kill.

jimspice said...

Has anyone else noticed AA is more and more again just posting quotes with links, with no analysis, and no response to comments?

Fred4Pres said...

In his own wierd narcissistic way, yes, he believes it.

But he is right too. Egypt would be better off under the Army than under democracy. Because democracy would be an illusion and would survive one vote.

But ultimately it is something Egyptians need to work out.

Fen said...

Christiane Amanpour, reporting on Egypt:

"Those opposed to change have clearly turned against the media."

See what she did there? She just couldn't resist.

Fen said...

"By George, these Mubarak thugs are just like those violent Teabaggers - opposed to Hope and Change and its agent, the Media."

And no, its not a stretch. Our MSM doesn't deserve any grace or benefit of doubt. Assume the worst of them, let them prove otherwise.

rhhardin said...

Less than a stone's throw from Gaza, as AP once wrote.

traditionalguy said...

Power is never surrendered without a fight unless there is a habit of submitting to the rule of law under a Constitution. We are blessed by the succession traditions that George Washington and the Constitutional Convention of 1789 set for us and that Abraham Lincoln determined was enforceable by military might 70 years later. That Constitution thingee sure comes in handy sometimes.

Florida said...
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Comrade X said...

He's like a river to his people. He gives and he gives and he gives. Hosni's greatest flaw is that he cares too much.

The Crack Emcee said...


She just couldn't resist.

Christiane Amanpour will never play a story straight, and Anderson Cooper was happy to call the only people who care most about what happens to an American overseas "Teabaggers", but now we're supposed to be all concerned for them?

Somebody really does think we're saps.

vet66 said...

The situation in the ME is too complex for simple solutions based on hollow "Hope and Change" rhetoric. It is also laughable that Obama, who acts like he is talking to some folks in a Chicago neighborhood, thinks he can use his Mau Mau tactics in Egypt.

Rocks and guns trump liberal utopianism every time. Obama is clueless when it comes to radical Islam because he won't, can't, go to the mat for what he believes.

When your eyes are gazing at the heavens you can't see what is happening on the street.

rhhardin said...

Sane volema kara rara kamelo venas.

That's an esperanto palindrome (=a sentence with one hump).

A healthily wishful dear rare camel is coming.