February 19, 2011

All the guys with cameras want to talk to the blowhard with the bullhorn and the jacket.




Walking alongside the anti-Walker marchers, he was having a fine time, shouting things like "How many of you are Marxists?" The sign says "Weren't you the anti-war protestors too?" Here's a video snippet.


Unknown said...

A minority of one.

Dose of Sanity said...

Nothing like an idiot to make either side look silly.

Lincolntf said...

"Nothing like an idiot to make either side look silly."

Let's leave Obama out of this.

Roger J. said...

Whenever someone has that many patches about POWs MIAs Viet Nam etc suggests to me they have never been in Viet Nam--rather the like character Walter (by John Goodman) in the Big Lebowski--

If the dude has served

then good--I am betting no. too much weed and swallowed too many bugs

ricpic said...

That's it? You don't like his jacket and he's a blowhard?

knox said...

Oh, he's a blowhard.

Anonymous said...

Roger J:

Your 2/19/11 4:57 PM nailed it re Mr. Bullhorn.

Mike H. said...

I know what you mean RJ. He has enough cojones to have served though.

vet66 said...

He might be a veteran who was spit on during Viet Nam, could be a Patriot Guard Rider who is a Veteran, he could be a Patriot or all of the above.

All but Mike H are pathetic in my opinion. I served during Viet Nam and was subjected to the depredations you heap on this stranger. I would buy him a beer anytime and we would raise a glass to our brothers and sisters who live in our hearts and may still remain MIA.

Freedom isn't free, many of us paid for it dearly. I ride with guys and gals like him whenever one of our own returns home dead or alive. I respect his patches and his life experience. You folks? Not so much.

Some wounds never heal. We never forget!

Unknown said...

He looks like a biker dude. Probably drove on his big bad Vespa.

Unknown said...

big bad Vespa.

A Vespa? In Wisconsin? I don't think so.

vet66 said...

Bella; Judging from the vest he is wearing over his leather coat, one can see that he is;

1. Army;
2. Rides with the Warriors Watch Riders;
3. Been to the "Wall" where his buddies signed his vest in solidarity with our slogan "We've got your back";
4. Would most certainly find your 'vespa' joke indicative of your lack of masculinity;
5. Certain to bring a few of his friends to his side to assist you in seeing the error of your ways.

Trooper York said...

Somehow I think Roger J nailed it.

Maybe he is that new Senator from Connecticut?

Unknown said...

As you well know, anyone can claim anything- especially serving in Viet Nam or anyplace else. Patches are a dime a dozen. You could buy a CIB at a surplus store and wear it. Big deal.

As a veteran and former police officer I could care less what patches anyone wears. They are meaningless. Guys like him float around all over the place. All flash and bullshit.

Unknown said...

Vet 66,
BTW, if his friends look like him- bring them on.

Uncle Pinky said...

I dunno,

saw a lot of guys kitted up like this for Rolling Thunder.

Harry said...

When I see a guy like this with all the Vietnam Vet patches on his jacket I figure it's a 50-50 chance he's a phony, based on my experience. He either didn't serve, or served in some REMF capacity.

theRightStuff said...

Yes he served in Viet Nam.
Yes he rides a Harley.
He is also the CEO of a trucking company in Illinois. He worked his way up from driver to CEO.
He has more integrity than most of the people I see commenting here.
He is a true American Patriot who cares deeply about the country he continues to serve.
I'm sure he doesn't give a rats a** what most of you think. He does more each day to make this country a better place for future generations than most of you will your entire life.

Unknown said...

@ Roger J,
The other possibility is that he is sincere. Many old vets know former POWs, and maybe some that didn't come back. If you really want to see if he's legit, just mention Jane Fonda.

Thud said...

Seems a decent chap (unlike some here) to this interested Brit

Anonymous said...

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