January 9, 2011

Pictures from the regatta.

From the Madison Ice Boating photoset by "Lottery Ticket":


edutcher said...

You're really getting into this.

May you and Meade celebrate your centenary iceboating - on the canals on Mars!!

TMink said...

What a fine image! Really strong graphics and colors. Bravo.

BJM said...

Ahhh...a spot to chill...love the name "Cold Play".

I've always wanted to try an iceboat...I love gliding and it seems that iceboats have much the same feeling of release from the earthly realm.

Thanks for the videos...Meade's was exhilarating!

dt said...

Do us all a favor- go to Michael's, buy a few square inches of fake fur, and attach it to your camera's mic hole with some double-sided tape. It will virtually eliminate all that obnoxious wind sound in your otherwise pretty interesting outdoor vids.

Dan, a longtime reader