January 21, 2011

More variations on the Gadsden flag: "It's For The Children" and "Shovel Ready."

From Omaha1:

(Click here to see all the Gadsden flag redesigns.)


chickelit said...

These really are becoming like "Wacky Packages."

I'm changing my mind about them.

edutcher said...

Nicely done.

Shovel Ready is quite apt.

PS I'm still waiting for a riff on the caduceus with the snakes smooching (one with a platinum bob).

lemondog said...

Will a couple more Shovel Ready wacks become Ben Franklin's Join or Die?

Lucien said...

Would the official US military caption for the Gadsden flag be "No Step"?

BJM said...

This pretty much sums up how the left and the MSM perceives the Gadsden and the Stars & Stripes.

The Gadsden flag caught on with TEA party last year, but now the Culpeper, or post-Obamacare the Gonzales Banner might be more apt for citizens under siege by their government.

1jpb said...

Is this the sort of Gadsden related incivility that Althouse supports? Or, is tough/obnoxious political speech a one way street?

1jpb said...

Couldn't one of the redesign contestants come up w/ a pot themed flag?

Modify the grass, add a joint, and come up w/ some stoner phrase.

Phil 3:14 said...

professor I sent you my feeble entry via email. It appears you have not received it

The Grand Inquisitor said...

"Is this the sort of Gadsden related incivility that Althouse supports? Or, is tough/obnoxious political speech a one way street?"


So boring.

Why do hard angry leftists never have a damn sense of humor?

Ann Althouse said...

I don't "support incivility." I call bullshit on the demand for civility. You can say whatever you want, however you want, and I'll judge your message -- form and content. The message from the govt that we should tone it down is a message I judge to be bullshit.

Omaha1 said...

Thanks Professor A!

dont tread 2012 said...

I would expect the desire to parody or change the Gadsden design would be a liberal construct.

I think the flag is fine the way it is.

Pretty much everyone knows that if you get into a rattle snakes' business, you risk a nasty bite, one that some might not survive.

I think that's a perfect parallel to what is going on today, what with the left's penchant to stick its nose generally where it doesn't belong.

I have no problem with anyone that chooses to display this flag. Its no more obnoxious than the SEIU t-shirts or the rainbow stickers.

Its (still?) a free country last time I checked.

abeer ahmed said...

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Geek Rex said...

Any sporting a Gadsden flag is a traitor. While they will claim it is about freedom the flag really doesn't represent the current movement. Sort of like the current Randian based Libertarianism isn't what Libertarianism has been classically. You don't want freedom, you want the black man out of "your" White House.